Redskins To Bring Back Philip Daniels

Well, there soon will be another guy in Washington who can water the plants during practice, only to have it memorialized on a video posted on the team’s official site . . . only to have the video removed once it’s pointed out that the player was watering the plants during practice.
Veteran defensive end Philip Daniels says he’s coming back.
We’re working something out,” Daniels told David Elfin of the Washington Times.  “I’ll be a Redskin this year.”
Daniels, whose contract was dumped in February to create cap space for the pursuit of King Albert, reportedly will sign a one-year deal.  Daniels will be paid $845,000; under a CBA provision aimed at encouraging the retention of veteran players, the contract will carry a lower cost in actual dollars and cap dollars.
He missed all of the 2008 season by tearing an ACL on the first snap of training camp.  The injury contributed to the team’s decision to send a second-round pick to Miami for Jason Taylor after previously taking the position that they would not pursue him.
With Taylor now gone, it made sense for the ‘Skins to reunited with Daniels — and to protect themselves with a low-money contract, relatively speaking.
“With my age and my injury, I understand where the Redskins are coming from,” Daniels said.
The Redskins also have brought back Renaldo Wynn.  If the team adds a defensive end in the draft, don’t be surprised if Wynn or Daniels ultimately get the boot, again.

2 responses to “Redskins To Bring Back Philip Daniels

  1. According to JLC @ The Washington Post on 2/20/09:
    “DE Phillip Daniels, meantime, has a contract for the next two years, but it voids automatically prior to the start of free agency, meaning the veteran will in fact be an unresticted free agent when the market opens on Thursday.”
    exactly, If Florio (aka – “gloryhole”) ever did any actual research – fancy journalism word for “looking stuff up” – he would know that the skins made no secret about voiding Daniels contract BEFORE FA even began. So if they did this before they even knew Haynesworth was going to be a FA, then how do you explain your contention that they do it to clear room to sign him?
    they did it b/c they never had any intention of paying a 35 year old $2mil for a season (just like Haynesworth will never get EVEN close to $100mil)
    But saying that would actually require you to work instead of your special brand of “cut and paste” journalism – and Mel Kiper isn’t accountable?

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