L.J.'s Probation Includes A Night Club Curfew

Most probation arrangements involve a commitment by the person who avoids jail to avoid alcohol for the duration of the probationary period.
As pointed out by the folks at BlackSportsOnline.com, the probation order applicable to Chiefs running back Larry Johnson also requires him to stay out of any Kansas City night clubs after 9:00 p.m. local time.
Johnson pleaded guilty last week to two counts of disturbing the peace.  He previously had been charged with two counts of assault arising from separate 2008 incidents involving alleged actions against a woman at two Kansas City-area clubs.

14 responses to “L.J.'s Probation Includes A Night Club Curfew

  1. Cue all of the “he gots a constitutional right to do what he wants” dumbasses that think Matt Jones got screwed. I say LJ won’t be able to stick with this one, authority has never stopped him in the past.

  2. Doesn’t most probation prohibit going to a place that serves alcohol?
    LJ breaks violates his probation in 3-2-1

  3. WOW……………. 9 pm? In New York we can stay out until 4am and some bars until the early morning
    Totally sucks for LJ!

  4. Just harsh. Cruel. Jeez what about locking him up for 20 days, doing community service and keeping him out of clubs altogether.

  5. L.J a couple of days ago restated his desire to leave K.C and stated “I dont feel comfortable here anymore”. Real reasons he wants out quickly…. He and his attorney Kevin Regan, both agreed to the probation stipulation on not visiting K.C. area bars because L.J. WILL NOT go to area bars any more because too many people want to hurt him. Trust me, I’m from here and know the scenes that L.J likes to frequent. The ladies he assaulted,spit,on,demeaned, both have a lot of friends waiting to see LJ…. he even moved from his last home because people found out where he lived.

  6. If they’re going to prohibit him after 9pm why not just make it a general prohibition can’t go to clubs at all ? Its almost like they’re setting him up for failure. LJ doesn’t seem to have the impulse control to go “uh oh, 8:59 time to leave”.

  7. It isn’t news LJ doesn’t “feel comfortable” in KC.. He’s been saying that since he was drafted.
    Never made sense why Chiefs fans have embraced him, as he seems to always rip the team and the community.

  8. I’m curious if that stipulation refers to just the bars in Kansas City, Kansas or includes the bars in Kansas City, Missouri.

  9. darth ringo;
    L.J. has not been saying he doesnt “feel comfortable” since he was drafted. He was pouting since the the first days of his first training camp cause Vermeil told him to take his diaper off.
    He only recently says he doesnt feel comfortable cause he has a lot of pissed off citizens wanting to get a piece of him.

  10. I don’t see why this womanwhupper has such a high opinion of himself.
    Take away the allstar ol he got his start behind, and he is less than ordinary.
    Also not a 3 down back.

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