Bengals Begin Bluffing On Maclin?

There’s an interesting dynamic shaping up in the bottom half of the top ten in this year’s draft.
The Raiders, who hold the seventh overall pick, are believed to be interested in receiver Michael Crabtree — we’ve heard that it’s one of the reasons they articulated to support their decision not to pursue Terrell Owens.
Of course, this could mean that the Raiders actually are interested in receiver Jeremy Maclin.
The Raiders’ actual position in this regard could have a huge impact on the team that picks right behind them. 
At No. 8, the Jaguars are desperate for a high-end receiver after squandering first-round picks on guys like Reggie Williams and Matt Jones, and trading for a former top-ten bust (Troy Williamson) who has yet to do anything in the NFL other than drop passes.
The fact that the Jags have brought in Torry Holt for a visit supports the notion that, at a minimum, they’re considering taking a wideout at No. 8.
It the Jags decide they want the same guy that the Raiders covet, Jacksonville might have to leapfrog Oakland into the No. 6 spot.  To block such a move, the Raiders might be wise to flip-flop from No. 7 to No. 6.
The team currently in the six spot is the Cincinnati Bengals.  (Man, this is the longest setup we think we’ve ever had.)
It appears that the Bengals are priming the pump for a possible trade down by sending smoke signals that they are interested in one of the possible first wideouts off the board.
According to Carlos Holmes of the Dayton Daily News, Maclin will be visiting the Bengals on April 2 and 3.
And Holmes, intentionally or otherwise, does his best to sell the notion that the Bengals genuinely are interested in making Maclin the replacement for T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
At times, we were wondering whether Holmes has gotten the memo that the Bengals have signed Laveranues Coles.
Feigning interest in Maclin could give the Bengals a way to squeeze the Raiders or the Jaguars or both to try to make a move up.  If the Bengals don’t seem to be interested in a receiver, there’s a chance that the Jags decide they’d be thrilled with either Maclin or Crabtree, taking whichever one is left after the Raiders pick.
By sniffing around Maclin, the Bengals might dupe the Jags into fearing that both Maclin and Crabtree will be gone by No. 8.
Regardless of how it all plays out, we’ve got a feeling that the Bengals will pounce on Alabama left tackle Andre Smith, if Smith is still on the board.  The bigger question is whether they call his name at No. 6, No. 7, or No. 8.
That said, there’s a chance that the Bengals will assume an even lower position in round one, if someone decides to spring up from the teens in order to have first crack at Maclin or Crabtree, if both guys are left after the first five names are called.

35 responses to “Bengals Begin Bluffing On Maclin?

  1. You are giving the Bengals way too much credit. Mike B would never allow for this tomfoolery.
    Unless maybe Marvin is now running the show.

  2. History being what it is, you can probably count on Mikey going for Maclin. Our biggest and absolute necessary need is a lineman (preferably offense, but defense couldn’t hurt), so it makes a lot of sense that he would go for a WR with first pick. And maybe with luck, whoever our first round pick is, he will end up on the Top Ten list of worst draft picks…then we could have 4 entries on that list!

  3. What about the possibility of finally dumping Chad Johnson on a draft-day trade after they draft his replacement?
    Having a rookie like Jeremy Macklin learn professionalism from Laveranues Coles without Chad Johnson around to stunt his development is a smart move.
    Oh wait. It’s the Bengals. Yes, it must be a bluff to move back and nab Andre Smith or perhaps whoever tested positive for drugs at the combine.

  4. The only wide outs the Jaguars have shown any interest in at all are mid-roumd guys. I don’t see the new GM who wants to rebuild the roster by wasting picks to leapfrog the Raiders. They’ll probably just draft a QB.

  5. Matt Jones wasn’t that bad? He was a decent possession receiver who didn’t seem to care about his team or if he even played.
    Precisely because the Jags have been burned by picking Reggie Williams and Matt Jones, and because they traded away so many picks last year to move up and have so many holes to fill this year, I am pretty confident that:
    1) They are not trading up to draft anybody
    2) They are not going WR with their first pick.

  6. I completely agree with the Andre Smith analysis … I believe he’s the pick … I also believe that Crabtree still goes in the top 5 so he’s a moot point here.
    … but the bluff is only to smoke screen to cover that Cinci wants an OT. The Bungals don’t trade draft picks … period … they won’t go up or down – They let the chips fall.
    Give them a little credit for playing with the smoke-screen for a change, maybe more of Marvin’s doing than Brown’s

  7. I say we save the above article and see just how absurdly far from reality it becomes once the draft plays out. Trying to figure out the domino effect of what teams do on draft day is a total exercise in futility.

  8. People need to lay off the Bengals draft. Since Lewis became the HC, here’s the draft run down.
    2003 – 3 starters
    2004 – 6 starters
    2005 – 2 starters (with Pollack breaking his neck, unlucky draft)
    2006 – 3 starters (with a 4th now starting for SF)
    2007 – 4 starters (assuming Santucci is the C, which right now he’s in line to be)
    2008 – already 4 starters in Collins, Rivers, Sims and Caldwell.
    Give em a little credit. This is probably right in line with most NFL teams if not BETTER than most NFL teams. And if anyone had a brain about football, they’d realize this Cincinnati team is a sleeping giant right now.

  9. I thought legally/officially, it was Chad Ochocinco now? Can we please get these player names right? This is supposed to be one of the 50 best websites out there. A little effort.., c’mon.

  10. I hope they can get someone to trade for that pick, hopefully even lower where they can get Oher. Please don’t take Andre Smith. There is not enough professionalism on the team to get him to work hard and attain his potential. I do like the scenario of trading Chad and taking a WR, but the concensus seems to be that the Bengals aren’t smart enough to pull something like that off. I agree with that assessment.

  11. “(Man, this is the longest setup we think we’ve ever had.)”
    Florio – there are two kinds of people who have the right to use the royal “We”; kings and queens, and people with worms. Unless you’re suffering from an infestation, it’s “I think.”

  12. Another factor is money if Cincy can get their guy at 7 or 8 they will save a few bucks, and this is the Bengals. But to piggyback on another comment this is what makes the draft frustrating and interesting at the same time, its nearly impossible to figure out which direction teams are going in and the reality is that even if things were clear its easy to get-unclear on draft day thanks to another team moving up/down etc.

  13. @ hitdog042:
    Of all those players that the Bengals drafted and are now starters, the real question is how many would start for any OTHER teams in the NFL?

  14. First of all, the Jags are not going wideout in round one. No chance–this isn’t the Lions. Second, they are not going to trade up from the 8th spot–Gene Smith knows they are way more than one player away. Third, and perhaps most importantly, if the Jaguars truly had their sights set on a round one receiver, I think the team (not to mention the fans) would be more than thrilled with Percy Harvin, rather than blowing extra draft picks to grab a glorified punt returner (the next Ted Ginn Jr.) or a guy with a screw in his foot who can’t do the biggest thing the Jags need from a wideout (stretch the field) even when healthy.

  15. High Spider –
    Thats insane. These guys are NFL players. If you don’t think Keith Rivers and Pat Sims are not NFL starters in this league, I don’t know what to say to that.
    Or Jon Joseph, Leon Hall….. you are talking pretty decent players here.
    and some of them start for other teams now, a la Landon Johnson, Justin Smith, and Ahmad Brooks (although Brooks sucks).
    They do a fine job drafting. Everyone bases their jokes on pre 2003. The jokes on guys like Akili Smith set the tone for today’s conversations, because people are too stupid to realize that was 10 years ago.
    Marvin’s only dumb pick was Chris Perry, and unfortunately that set them back a ton. They counted on that clown.

  16. Andre Smith? You are joking. You must be. Andre Smith is off the Bengals’ board as his interview with Paul Alexander was awful. Pay attention to media reports already posted by actual news outlets.
    Some people say that you can actually trade with more than one team. If the Jags need a WR and the Raiders need a WR, then whomever wants one of Crabtree/Maclin has to jump both.
    Then there is that little thing called due diligence, which calls for a team to work out the elite prospects.

  17. @tomcous
    We trade draft picks, just not all that frequently. Remember, we traded up for the overall #1 to get KiJana Carter (trying hard not to vomit right now), and we traded down…TWICE (passing up Steven Jackson – TWICE) in order to get Chris Perry (getting very difficult – chunks in the back of my throat). The take away message here is that if we trade up or down, it’s because we’re drafting Beanie Wells (aargh! too late – vomited all over my computer).

  18. The Bengals are looking at Maclin for only two reasons.
    1. In order to entice teams to trade down
    2. If they get a good trade offer for Chad, they will need to replace him
    Barring any of those occurring, the Bengals won’t pick a WR with their 1st round pick…

  19. Oakland should just stay put and see what falls to them. Crabtree and Maclin aren’t worth moving up for, and as it stands now Davis is already sitting out rounds 5 and 6.

  20. Bengals will take Wells, as Mike Brown doesn’t pass up on OSU backs with his talent…unfortunately.

  21. I take Holmes’ stuff with a grain of salt. He was adamant about so many things last year – and most of them, he was wrong on.

  22. There are some incorrect comments here:
    Tomcous, The Bengals traded down in the first round of the 2004 draft to the 26th pick and selected Chris Perry. The Bengals DO occasionally trade draft picks.
    Hitdog042, Landon Johnson started ZERO game for the Panthers last season. And Ahmad Brooks was actually inactive for 15 of the 16 games and on the practice squad of the 49ers at one point. He finished with 0 tackles in 0 starts.
    Also, Jonathan Joseph has had 5 career interceptions in three seasons. Compare that to what other notable corners have done in three seasons: Dry Bly – 12 ints, Chris Gamble – 16 ints, Charles Woodson 10 ints, DeAngelo Hall – 12 ints. Joseph just isn’t as good as you claim.
    Also Justin Smith has proven to be a draft bust. His highest sack total for a single season was 8.5 in his rookie year. Hardly the type of production you would expect from the fourth pick in the 2001 draft.
    It is very possible the Bengals will trade down. Their biggest need is offensive tackle and should Eugene Monroe and Jason be gone by the sixth pick they could afford to trade down significantly and still be able to pick Oher, (Andre) Smith or Beatty for a much cheaper price.

  23. Also I’ve come to realize that Carlos Holmes must be someone’s nephew because he is the worst writer ever to be employed at the Dayton Daily News. Read his article on Beanie Wells. It will bring back memories of what your teacher said was good writing in the 5th grade.

  24. [quote]Also, Jonathan Joseph has had 5 career interceptions in three seasons. Compare that to what other notable corners have done in three seasons: Dry Bly – 12 ints, Chris Gamble – 16 ints, Charles Woodson 10 ints, DeAngelo Hall – 12 ints. Joseph just isn’t as good as you claim.
    Also Justin Smith has proven to be a draft bust. His highest sack total for a single season was 8.5 in his rookie year. Hardly the type of production you would expect from the fourth pick in the 2001 draft.[/quote]
    Jonathan Joseph is better than DeAngelo Hall and Dre Bly. Look up his pass breakups rather than INTs, because he can’t catch worth sh*t. His problem is staying healthy. When out there, he’s better than Leon Hall, who is DAMN good in his own right.
    And you can’t hold J. Smith’s 4th overall pick status against him. He’s an above average DLineman, just shouldn’t have been picked that high. Anyway, the original point was made about how many Bengal draft picks would actually start for other teams, which he already does. So his draft status has nothing to do with that.
    Anyway, Bengals do draft well in early rounds (1 – 3), but they don’t do so well from 4 – 6, although they have gotten Domata Peko and Robert Geathers.
    Andre Smith or Maclin will be the pick.

  25. #1 – Nice theory Mike but this is in clear violation of the “too savvy” rule.
    #2 – @hitdog042: you are drinking bungle koolaid son. Yeah, they drafted a bunch of guys who start on LOSING TEAMS! A successful draft would result in a consistently good team on the football field. I could throw darts at the draft board and pick guys that start then call it a success, provided you don’t measure success by the objective and undeniable results posted every week in the win/loss columns.

  26. theres only one error in your logic
    if the bengals want a receiver and so do the raiders then jax should move up to #5 not #6

  27. here is what is going to happen on draft day the bengals will trade chad for a O lineman and a bag of chips and then they will get either crabtree or maclin everyone will be happy in bengal land again and with the 2nd pick cincy takes a center

  28. With 10 minutes in between picks, Mike Brown can’t move fast enough to make a decision to make a draft day trade, especially if it might cost him money.
    Beware of the Bengals’ 1st round Smith curse: Akili, Justin, and now Andre or Jason.
    Mike’s biggest weakness in the past with high draft picks is telegraphing who he wants really badly. That puts in him in a poor contract negotiating position. which starts the player’s career off with a hold out. See Akili Smith.

  29. And Florio has yet another entry for’s “worst predictions” list. Andre Smith to the Bengals at No. 6 overall? I think Florio is the only one that hasn’t heard Smith’s draft stock has plummeted and he won’t be taken in the top 10. Michael Oher from Ole Miss is the OT that the Bengals are thinking about reaching for with the No. 6 pick.

  30. I don’t think that they will draft a WR with this pick. They need to protect Palmer if the don’t then it will be another losing season. Which is why I think they will draft one of the four OT’s. If they had been smart and gotten rid of Chad last season when the Redskins offered them two first round picks. Their first round pick last year and their first round pick for this year they would be drafting with the 6th and 13th picks in the draft. Then this smoke screen would become a reality. Not only could they get Maclin at 6 they then could get Oher or An. Smith at 13. With that said they will found some way to shoot themselves in the foot.

  31. Who would have been starters for the bengals on other teams? TJ, Chad, justin smith, Willie, cory dillon, rudi johnson, carson palmer, j. joseph , Leon hall, theres alot of players past present that would have and are starting for other teams.

  32. Justin smith, was not a bust, sacks is one stat look up tackles pressures ect…. Joseph compaire d to guys in the nfl for 10 years? bly? I think only hall has been in the nfl about as long as him. I do think hall is better right now. But you do seem to only attack one stat per player, normally the better cover corner will mot have many Int’s they wont throw his was as much, you cant throw to a guy when hes blanketed..

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