Saints Bring Back Harrington

As the seven-year anniversay of his much-hyped entry into the league approaches, quarterback Joey Harrington has landed another new contract.
The Saints have announced that Harrington has re-signed with the team.
Harrington bounced on and off the Saints’ roster last year, his first season with the team.  He made no game appearances.
Harrington started at least ten games in each of his six NFL seasons before signing with the Saints.
The third overall pick in 2002 spent four years with the Lions before being traded to the Dolphins.  After one year in Miami, Harrington spent a season in Atlanta.
Harrington’s return coincides with the launch of the offseason program.  Though terms weren’t disclosed, Harrington presumably signed a one-year deal for the veteran minimum.

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  1. He got such a bad rap in Detroit. He is the perfect example of an extremely talented rookie getting forced to start on a terrible team. David Carr, Akili Smith, Joey, Alex Smith, etc. Draft a QB in the first round and sit him a minimum of 1 year. No ifs ands or buts.

  2. If they really needed another training camp body that bad, I would have taken a leave of absence from work to help them out. Sheeeet, I would’ve done it for $100K less than the veteran minimum too!
    Hey, in this economy, every penny counts!

  3. @akuehn713: for every David Carr, Akili Smith, Joey, Alex Smith, etc. there is an Aikman, Manning, McNabb, Palmer, etc. drafted by an equally bad team that succeeds.

  4. Good for him. He always seemed like a too-nice, too-smart guy who got forced into the worst possible situation for him. I hope he (finally) catches on as a solid #2 down there.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  5. aikman, manning, mcnabb were drafted by teams that were well run, and palmer’s bengals were talented or awhile.
    smith blew chunks, carr was a tackling dummy, detroit was badly run and still is after jo-ey, and frisco had no sustained decent coaching for smith.
    i saw harrington play a lot for detroit, and it was far from being (just) his fault. i bet he has a real second act.

  6. I hope Joey does well, as other posters have said he seems like a genuine good guy and it’s obvious he loves the game & puts the team first.

  7. Good for him! This guy got so much flack for Detroit sucking, even though that was management. The problem is that people in the league have a bias against him because he’s almost exclusively positively minded. Couple that with the fact that he’s a very talented pianist and a-hole meat heads think “soft!”. It’s unfortunate the league is so homophobic (NOT saying Joey is gay. I play football, piano, and keep a positive disposition as well and i prefer my porn to be solo girls, or girl/girl). Such is life, and in time meat heads will catch up with the people who work out their minds, and the judgmental behavior will fade.
    If the Fins started Harrington from the start instead of Daunte they’d have been in the playoffs that year. Joey fights hard in games. Put him (or Jeff George?) on the Vikings this year and they are a formidable opponent for ANY team.
    I will say this about the GMs and coaches in the NFL. If their team is full of homophobic players who are judgmental then their hands are tied when it comes to decisions regarding players with an unfair reputation for being “soft”. The locker room IS important.
    Make no mistake about it: This current culture in the locker rooms MUST change, and it will… in time. Too bad meat heads are so slow.

  8. For serious? even the lions wouldnt resign joey….. No Shit Sherlock! The Lions ALMOST destroyed his confidence, he is a VERY talented QB and with a GOOD O-Line he WILL be just fine. Make Oregon proud Joey.. we believe in YOU!!

  9. if Drew Brees gets hurt, kiss your season goodbye Saints fans. i don’t see the Saints defense keeping them in any games next season.

  10. In Detroit, Harrington was on an offense where he had no support whatsoever. The offensive line sucked. RB James Stewart was injury prone. WR Charles Rogers was utterly useless. Sometimes the team’s leading receiver was Bill Schroeder! The defense frequently allowed opposing teams to score over 30 points, but were blaming Harrington for losses.
    He was always behind the 8-ball, being forced to try to make something out of literally nothing.
    In Miami, he was suddenly thrown into a situation where he had to run an offense designed around Duante Culpepper — a completely different style of QB.
    In Atlanta, he was suddenly thrown into a situation where he had to run and offense designed around Michael Vick — again, a completely different style of QB.
    He’s been thrown to the wolves pretty much everywhere he’s went, and has never played in a situation that was stable – where he had reliable teammates and time to learn the system.

  11. “even the Lions wouldn’t resign Joey”
    When a team has no Superbowl appearance, no playoff wins in 50+ years, and the only 0-16 season in NFL history, nobody should assuming any of the decisions they make are intelligent. GrabbinPills, your comment is as much of a joke as Charles Rogers collarbone.

  12. @akuehn713
    I agree, if old school guys like Terry Bradshaw were drafted today, they would be out of the league after 2 years. IMO it takes some time to develop a QB. Manning, Ryan are the exceptions, not the rule.
    “Aikman, Manning, McNabb, Palmer,”
    Aikman didn’t start every game his rookie season. Manning is the exception, not the rule, McNabb started less than half the games during his rookie year. Palmer was essentially redshirted.
    Harrington was the unquestioned starter day one on a talentless team. (Same could be said for multiple other 1st round busts at QB) He does have a ton of talent, but once you lose confidence, it’s all over and so very difficult to get that back.
    Who ever takes QB’s in round 1 this year should think long and hard (that’s what she said) about playing them at all in year 1.

  13. I wish Joey well. He is a class act. He had no chance in Detriot and showed promise in Miami after being thrown into the fray to save an underachieving team while running an offense designed for Culpepper. The guy just needs a legit chance. He may not get one to be a starter, but he is one of the most capable and team-oriented back ups in the NFL. Good signing, Saints fans rejoice.

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