Crowder, Porter Wants J.T. Back

As speculation continues regarding the next destination of free-agent defensive end Jason Taylor, two of his former teammates are trying their damnedest to get him back to town.
They want him — and they think he wants them.
“I went fishing with J.T. two weeks ago; he wants to be a Dolphin,” linebacker Channing Crowder told Mason Kelley of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
“I would love to have J.T. back.  It would add a whole new dimension to a defense that, in spurts, looked really good last year.  He’s one of my closest friends.  He kind of brought me up in the league when I was a young guy, so I love him to death.”
Linebacker Joey Porter agreed.
“We’ve talked about it, but at the end of the day that’s all we can do is talk about it.  It’s still for the people upstairs to [decide],” Porter said.  “But I love Jason.  He can’t do anything, but help us.  If there’s a way we can get him back, we want him back.
“It’s kind of tough to talk about it when the front office really has to handle it.  I don’t like to go outside my coaches, because, at the end of the day, they’ve got to make the final decision and I’m with them all the way.   Jason, I talk to him every day, so he knows I need him.”

14 responses to “Crowder, Porter Wants J.T. Back

  1. He going to New England rest assured! He wants a ring not a vacation! Last year wont repeat itself!

  2. This just in: Parcells doesn’t give a sh*t what two hot headed (overrated) players want.

  3. MATT ROTH: Why don’t I get any of the man-love? You guys never ask me to go fishing?
    CROWDER: It has nothing to do with how you play, Matt, really…
    PEEZY: Naw, dude. It’s the lame whiteboy tribal tats…
    CROWDER: Yeah, Roth, to be honest, it’s the tats. I hear Jake is looking for a little buddy. Maybe he can ask you on a play date.

  4. “Crowder, Porter Wants J.T. Back”
    You didn’t happen to study English at West Virginia ?
    Oh yeah, that’s right they don’t teach foreign languages …..

  5. “He going to New England rest assured! He wants a ring not a vacation! Last year wont repeat itself! ”
    NE is all hype. Too many chinks in the armor at this point. Brady will still be hobbled, Moss is injury prone/getting old and the rest of the team is almost old enough to be collecting Social Security.

  6. If JT agrees to working out with the team, has reasonable contract demands and the Tuna can swallow his pride, I think JT would be a great addition for the young DE’s the trio have brought in to learn pass rushing skills from. Kind of the Pennington teaching Henne thing. As much as he wants a ring, I think being near his family is more important. Joey and Jason coming off the ends….pick your poison!

  7. That’s touching! The Pats are this and the Pats are that..
    Whatever they are, they aren’t finished…11 picks, Shawn Springs, Leigh Bodden, Fred Taylor and Chris Baker.
    If Brady is still hobbled, why they trade Cassel?
    Moss will be back to form with Tom’s return.. but NE is all hype!
    You want to know hat is all hype? The wildcat, is all hype!
    It worked in game 3 last year vs. the Pats. Not so much at the Fish house, later in the year!
    Sparano will have to come up with something else. Dolfans go back this year to reality! 11-5 minus the 3 or 4 wins with the wildcat. 8-8 yeah, that’s about right! .500 team.
    The Pats were 11-5 with Cassel. Fins 11-5 with the wildcat!
    Let’s see how broken down old farts still squish the fish!

  8. Wow, listen to the crybaby Patriot fans. Blaming the wildcat for their loss to the Fins. Gee I guess all the other games you lost that cost you the division title, those teams ran the wildcat too! The patriots were a good team in a weak division years ago when they won,proof is how they lost to the Giants in the SB. To their credit, they beat the weaker teams like they were supposed to, now that teams like the Dolphins are on the rise and the Pats are getting older and slower by the day the easy wins won’t be there anymore. Getting rid of Cassell wasn’t the best of ideas, you better hope Brady is 100% because if the Fins do sign Taylor, Taylor and Porter will harrass him all day long just as the Giants did to win the SB.

  9. let JT go to new england. i dont want him on the fins. the was a reason why parcells traded him last year. i hope he goes to new england and becomes another seau and hurt the pats.

  10. No way JT signs with NE. Just like Zach hes too loyal, not to mention the fact its cold as shit and the fans dont watch anything other than baseball.

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