Report: Redskins "Among The Leading Candidates" To Get Cutler

Yahoo! Sports published on Tuesday night a list of six teams interested in Denver quarterback Jay Cutler, whom the Broncos will trade.
The list didn’t include the Redskins.
But it now should.
According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Redskins are one of the leading candidates to land Cutler.
The move isn’t surprising to us; we’ve heard chatter for several weeks that the Redskins are interested.  Last month, executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato issued a carefully-worded non-denial denial of interest in Cutler.
Another key angle at play here is the status of former Denver coach Mike Shanahan.  The Redskins could be eyeballing a one-two punch that would involve getting Cutler now, and then getting Shanahan in 2010.
And maybe, as our pal Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio pointed out during our Tuesday night visit with him, the ‘Skins would pull off an April/May coaching change, swapping out Jim Zorn for Shanahan.
Of course, such a move would make it difficult to comply with the Rooney Rule, since anyone with any sense would realize that Shanahan is the target, if Zorn were to be fired so late in the offseason.  Barring an Art Shell-style sham interview, the Redskins would have to factor a hefty fine into the budget for buying out Zorn and acquiring Shanahan.

56 responses to “Report: Redskins "Among The Leading Candidates" To Get Cutler

  1. Naaaa…still not buying it….if anything this will rally the team around Jason Campbell. The team loves em’. Hail!

  2. Someone may want to inform Mr. Snyder that there is in fact a salary cap in the NFL.

  3. Redskins suck. there becoming the cowboys. they try and buy there team, they cant build it themselves. get over it redskins fans. and stop all your stupid little punch lines. its old.

  4. What happens to Jason Campbell and more over, Colt Brennan?
    I’d personally like to see Brennan in a Tampa uniform, I think he’ll be a solid QB in the NFL, if given a chance.

  5. If I wasn’t a lifelong Redskin fan, I would think that this was your first April Fool’s post. But knowing them the way I do, I would not be at all surprised if they pulled something like this off. What surprises me even more is I think I actually be happy if they were able to pull it off.

  6. I like the Rooney Rule, but it seems kinda silly to perform a “sham” interview just to comply with it, when you have one specific target in mind anyway.
    Maybe force teams to comply with the Rooney Rule if they interview more than one candidate? That way, if a team already plans on hiring a guy, they don’t have to waste everybody’s time with an extra interview.

  7. I call bullshit! This is coming from a hometown paper. The redskins have nothing to offer anyone. They have zero desirable tradeable players. Th
    at’s important if you’re going to attract a third party

  8. April Fools! And Peppers just got traded for a 7th rounder and the rights to Bill Belichicks sweatshirt…

  9. This had better be an April Fools Joke. If we wanted an erratic young QB who fades late in the season, we should have just kept Ramsey.

  10. Love the technique to start a story Florrio. Short, choppy sentences designed to grab our attention. Very dramatic. It works.
    For real writers.
    For you?
    Not so much.

  11. Bring em’ to the NFC East so we can demolish his a$$, u won’t be playin the chiefs and raiders twice a year Cutler!!!

  12. Yes! I hope the ‘Skins do get crybaby Cutler. Idiot dan Snyder with lil bi@atch Cutler would be perfect for the rest of the NFC East. Plus, an added bonus is that the “Skins play at San Diego this year. Cant wait to see Philip Rivers taunt Cutler till he starts crying. Rivers punked him before and called him out,, this year he just might beat him down on national television. HAHA, Jay Cutler = AKA I think Im better than Elway, how dare anybody even entertaining the idea of trading me! My parents and I are selling our homes, taking our toys and moving! i dont want to play for a team that doesnt respect my monumental accomplishments! i am bigger than the team! LMAO!

  13. I can see the Washington football team trading for Cutler–“Mr. Snyder” loves winning the offseason. But I don’t see Shanahan, for one reason. Shanahan would want full control and Cerrato will not let that happen. The last time a coach came in with full control and whose name was not Gibbs, Cerrato was fired. Schottenheimer lasted one season and Cerrato was rehired. He is now deeply entrenched (you know where) and will not allow competition. Washington fans had better prepare for another cockeyed draft, Cerrato-style, if there are any picks left after the Cutler deal.

  14. God I hope its a joke. It’s not that I wouldn’t be intrigued by his play, he can at least throw touchdowns, something campbell doesnt seem to be capable of. It’s that I don’t have anyone on the team that they are interested in that I would want to be traded. I remember reading somewhere of a rumor that involved cooley or laron landry. Cooley is a probolwer and landry was a probowl alternate this year in only his second season plus the fact we spent the #6th overall on him just 2 years ago. While we do have depth specially at TE (team feels Fred Davis could be a stud in this league) Davis is apparently even more dynamic at TE then cooley. But cooley is a probowler and even more so a fan favorite. He was just signed to a new contract which led me to believe he would be here for awhile so I bought a cooley jersey (I havent bought a new jersey since I bought a champbailey as he was my favorite player only to see him get traded)
    I hope this is an april fools joke, even if it just cost us the 13th overall pick which i Doubt, there is still a ton of talent left at the pick and with a draft deep in OL and LBs the 2 positions we need the most I worry that this would be a mistake.
    I’d rather they give campbell this last year since its the last year of his rookie contract and if he stink its up let colt play the rest of the season and then depending on how he plays go after a qb next year in the draft or FA or trade.

  15. I bet Cutler is glad he’ll have some REAL receivers to throw to instead of all those bums he has in Denver, not to mention the upgrade he’ll have in Left Tackle once he gets to Washington.

  16. I bet Dan Snyder is busy researching whether there’s a “pick better than a first rounder” that he can trade two of away for Cutler.

  17. It would not surprise me at all if Cutler goes to the Jets. He and his agent BUS COOK engineered this faked outrage from the gitgo. That’s right Favre whose agent is BUS COOK came there after a different dispute with his team’s management as well.

  18. He will end up going to the Jets. We”l strengthen our OL and give Campbell a chance to see what he can really do with protection. Hail!!

  19. “such a move would make it difficult to comply with the Rooney Rule”
    THE “rooney rule” REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN!

  20. How much of that $100 mil is Haynesworth going to give up to land Cutler? Since the answer to that is $0.00, I think the chances of landing Cutler are slim.
    But, I would love to see the Broncos just squat on Cutler. Give him 2 choices, play for the Broncos, or sit on the bench as the emergency quarterback for the next 2 years until his contract runs out

  21. The Redskins remind of that kid in the neighborhood that always got the new toy but NEVER could figure out how to get anything out of it….Seriously, how many valuable assets does that team need to ruin.
    Do everybody a favor and grow your own for a minute and see if actually can build something. Instead of acquiring other peoples work
    …hmmm who do they remind me of lately…who could that be.. oh that’s right the Yankees.


  23. flyeaglesfly1933,

  24. Bringing the Redskins up has to be a ploy by Denver to gain some sort of leverage in negotiations with teams that can actually trade for “Baby Jay”. I thought the same way when talking about Albert Haynesworth and was wrong, but this has to be the case in regards to “Baby Jay”. Why? Because the Skins have dick to offer. And little cap room left for much needed depth at Linebacker,D-Line, and O-line not to mention “Baby Jay’s” big contract. Just can’t see this one going down.

  25. A bit off topic but your comment about an “Art Shell style sham interview” seems ignorant. Why would you reference Shell since he was the first african american head coach. A minority candidate that was hired and broke a barrier seems like the wrong person to reference.
    Anyway, I think the Broncos will get Brady Quinn in some sort of a three team deal. Where Cutler lands… who cares?

  26. Why would anyone want Cutler.If being mentioned in trade talks makes him take his ball and go home do you really want him leading your team?He isnt close to being as good as he thinks he is..No Thanks on Cutler.

  27. “Anyway, I think the Broncos will get Brady Quinn in some sort of a three team deal. Where Cutler lands… who cares? ”
    No way! If anything the Browns send Anderson to the Broncos, the Broncos send Cutler to the Lions and the Lions send the #20 pick to the Broncos and maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder to Cleveland.

  28. I feel bad for Redskins fans….seems like Daniel Snyder can’t stick with a plan long enough to see if it’s going to work. Additionally, he hasn’t quite figured out that you need to build from the inside, and can’t win by throwing hoards of money at it.

  29. Given Washington’s track history with draft picks, I honestly believe a trade for Cutler is in the works.
    Washington would probably offer something along the lines of this years 1st (13th ovr), and Jason Campbell, and some sort of compensatory for next years. Or this years first, third, and next years first with Jason Campbell being cut in the process.

  30. This years 1st + Jason campbell and a 3rd rounder next year. I doubt anything higher then that.

  31. bshazzar says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 8:17 am
    I bet Cutler is glad he’ll have some REAL receivers to throw to instead of all those bums he has in Denver, not to mention the upgrade he’ll have in Left Tackle once he gets to Washington.
    Obviously bshazzar is a Soccer fan and knows nothing about football.
    One quick look at last year’s stats would tell anyone that the Denver receivers were much better than the Skins. Marshall is far better than anyone on the Skins roster, Royal is better than Randle El, Scheffler & Graham who split playing time had better stats than Cooley. And the comment about Right Tackle, yes Samuels is good but Clady had a great rookie year and Samuels might be a slight improvement, but not much. Cutler was sacked 11 times last year, Campbell 38, so much for the Redskins O-line blocking.
    The Skins receivers are mediocre at best. And before anyone suggests I’m a Redskin hater I’m not. I’ve been a Skins fan since the 60’s.
    I’d take Marshall, Royal, an aging Stokely, Scheffler and either Nate Jackson or Graham over the Reskins receiving corps any day.
    If the Skins get Cutler it will be a significant improvement over Campbell, and he has a lot more upside potential.

  32. Brewster,
    I read bshazzar’s comment to sarcastic!!? If I’m right, you wasted a perfectly good insult on a guy who was undeserving of it!! Further, if I’m right, wouldn’t it make for a better site if we all weren’t so quick to shit on other posters?

  33. The idiots are out today. Even though Snyder has shown in the past a complete lack of common sense, this is just a ploy by Denver to up the ante. Any available big name is instantaniously linked to the Skins and rightfully so but I seriously doubt it in this case.

  34. Ok, comrades, enough is enough. All the talk about Jay Cutler becoming a Washington Redskin or that the mere working out of Mark Sanchez is an indicator that he is a legitimate candidate for drafting need to be laid to rest. #17 will be the starting quarterback come opening game. And this isn’t simple speculation either. In the same fashion as last off-season, head coach Jim Zorn shot down any possibility of a quarterback controversy, reassured fans and players alike that the team is devoted to Jason Campbell as their starting quarterback. In the Washington Post last week, Coach Zorn put an end to questions that arose from circulating rumors of Jason Campbell’s ousting. Smart move, coach.
    More importantly the player in question has remained seemingly unflappable. If Campbell can repeat his off-season-trade-rumor-coolness on the football field, trade rumors and contract extensions wouldn’t be an issue down the line.
    But what is expected of the 5th year player, 2nd year starter from Auburn? Deep playoffs; conference championship game perhaps? The ‘Skins, with Campbell, add another year of team meshing which has been a rarity in Washington the entire decade. Now is not the team to throw a new personality in the mix. Like a fine wine JC simply needs to come of age. It will happen.

  35. bonecity7 says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 12:48 pm
    I read bshazzar’s comment to sarcastic!!? If I’m right, you wasted a perfectly good insult on a guy who was undeserving of it!! Further, if I’m right, wouldn’t it make for a better site if we all weren’t so quick to shit on other posters?
    Bonecity7, I read it as well as his other post re: Cutler for James thrash, which I did take to be sarcastic. But the post re: the REAL receivers alluded to a quality LT, Samuels, which is not sarcastic, Samuels is good. So I took it at face value, as opposed to sarcasm.
    As for blasting other posters, that is part of the enjoyment of this site when you disagree with another poster’s comments, as long as you don’t take personal shots at the other poster’s intelligence. (Which seems to be somewhat difficult for many posters on this site, I see the word moron quite frequently.)
    Let’s see if bshazzar comments on either of our posts and clarifies his comment.

  36. How would this be a bad idea for Washington? Anyone who has watched Campbell cannot honestly say that he is anything more than a mediocre quarterback. He is extremely accurate on dump passes but who isn’t? He doesn’t have the guts needed at that position to make the big throw and win you a game. Sure he won’t lose you many but don’t count on J-Cam to give you that passion needed to be a franchise QB.
    I say give the 13th pick and Campbell and enjoy your franchise QB.

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