Titans Finagle Faggins

The Tennessee Titans have moved to replenish some of the depth at defensive back that was lost when Chris Carr signed with the Ravens.
According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, the Titans have agreed to terms with Texans cornerback DeMarcus Faggins.
Faggins, a sixth-round pick in 2002, appears to have been the last remaining “original” Texan on the team.
He appeared in every game each of the last two seasons, starting a total of 13 times.

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  1. Chester Pitts is an original Texan.
    And Texans fans everywhere rejoice at the possibility of burning Faggins instead of getting burned by him.

  2. Since when was Chris Carr this valuable defensive back? He was awful when he had to take the field when we got hit with injuries and he had to have 3 guys get injured in front of him to get the #2 spot. Honestly, in terms of defensive ability, I’m going to miss Eric King (went to Detroit) much more. He is going to be a decent starting corner if he gets a chance, while Chris Carr should just stay at kick returner.

  3. lol… Faggins
    poor guy, it’s a good thing he’s a giant black athlete, I couldn’t imagine growing up with the last name faggins as a 5 foot 4, 130 lb nerd

  4. “Faggins, a sixth-round pick in 2002, appears to have been the last remaining “original” Texan on the team.”
    Not sure why you make note of this if you’re not even going to attempt to research it. Chester Pitts, Kris Brown…both were Texans before Petey.

  5. haha yes, after years of watching this guy get beat it’ll nice to get back some of those yards twice a season

  6. Good pick up by Tennessee, Faggins adds solid depth.Besides,I always have supreme confidence in the free agent defensive backs that Coach Fisher brings in. He knows all about what it takes to be a successful DB in this league, and he knows hot to utilize each players individual skill set. He drafts DBs well too. Griffin and Finnegan are good examples… If Adam “Pacman” Jones would have stayed out of trouble, he could have been phenomenal under Coach Fisher and his staff…don’t let the Dallas days fool you folks, Pacman was on his way to being the next great corner back before he missed all that football.

  7. What about Kris Brown? He technically was drafted before Faggins (lol!) in the expansion draft.

  8. Kris Brown was a free agent acquisition, March 25, 2002. Pitts was a second round draft pick and Petey was a sixth that year.
    I haven’t used the term ‘solid depth’ to describe Petey since ’04 maybe…

  9. The 3rd DB position filled by Faggins is nice , he is good insurance in the case Nick Harper doesnt regain his form from the surgery, henceforth we do not have to worry about a rookie stepping in right off the bat . Soild pickup . Now I wonder who will actually fill the Nickel slot as I tend to believe Faggins a better overall back than Vinnie Fuller, not taking anything away from him . Now I wonder if we will get either Samurai Samari or Hit-or-Miss Chris Mc as both are near the end but will provide solid games provided they arent required to match up with Andre Johnson every down . Now, what can we do about our linebacking corps as I’m not sold on Tulloch or Fuller to fill the 2nd most important role on D in the middle . What do you think ? Tulloch or Fowler or do you agree its time to get some speed in the middle .

  10. the Texan haters are just down on a player who had to defend over 160 passes thrown his way without consistent line pressure therefore giving the offense an advantage . No matter how good you are , you cant stick with any man just as fast as you are cutting and pivoting for 6 – 10 seconds every down and have fantastic stats , of course you are going to get beat . If you dont believe that , just take a look at Champ’s stats last year in Denver and then his first 2 seasons in DC , without d line pressure the corners are just containment control because they cant gamble on the ball as much because they’re solely responsible for that much area that the reciever just created … then get bltched out by the coaches and the fans for looking bad …

  11. I never thought Faggins was terrible. He certainly wasn’t pro-bowl caliber, but not a bad guy to have in your DB rotation.

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