Report: B.J. Raji Tests Positive At Combine

Tony Pauline of reports the Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji tested positive at the Combine for an undisclosed substance.
Pauline points out that the official list of positive results has not yet been circulated to the 32 NFL teams.  Thus, the fact that Raji’s name has been leaked represents a serious breach of protocol.
As a league source told us when the rumors were making the rounds that two first-round prospects had tested positive before the information made its way to the teams, “I have a hard time believing the information could have gotten out.  It’s like stealing the Mona Lisa.”
Pauline also reports out that Raji had tested positive for marijuana while at Boston College.
Brian Murphy of Athletes First provided Pauline with this response:  “We will not comment on rumors from unnamed sources.  I do know that B.J. has been one of the hardest workers and nicest individuals that we at Athletes First represent.  There is no doubt that he will be an invaluable addition to an NFL team both on the field as a player and in the community as a role model.”
That’s all well and good.  But if this information is false, Murphy needs to be issuing a statement that contains the names “Mike” and “Price.”
Actually, the company’s experience with the former Alabama coach, who sued Sports Illustrated for defamation, likely means that was very careful about this one.
Either way, the truth will likely come out soon enough, once the list makes its way to the 32 teams.
And as we’ve previously said, anyone who tests positive in connection with a urine test that they know is coming either has a problem, or is incredibly dumb.

20 responses to “Report: B.J. Raji Tests Positive At Combine

  1. Maybe he could sink to the Packers…
    …whereby he could become acquainted with Johnny Jolly !

  2. The Mona Lisa was stolen twice. And there is no such thing as a true secret. As long as this is a big deal (which it should be), it will be leaked.

  3. He’s Warren Sapp all over again.
    Take him high, uhhh….
    Take him high in the draft anyway.
    He’ll be a great player!

  4. Florio gets one 100 percent right here. If you fail a drug test at the combine, you are either a regular user, or you are really stupid. Either way, you don’t want that guy with a top 10 pick.
    I think marijuana should be legal FYI, I just don’t want my No. 1 draft pick burning tree every day. (Leave that to me.)

  5. Marijuana oh no!!! Is that the killer drug Dan Marino and Warren Sapp tested positive for prior to their Hall of Fame careers?. Aside from their play, I think they turned out to be pretty good guys and great leaders too. Don Shula was no dummy. He probably was the guy who leaked Marino’s test results.

  6. This must be a coincidence that this news comes out the same time as the biggest offseason news of the year? (Cutler trade) You have to appreciate agents “chess” moves this time of year.

  7. You got to be some kinda stupid to test positive at the combine. You know the date of it! Pass on this kid.

  8. You really hit on the main issue here at the end. As someone who would like to see Raji on their team, I’m very concerned that he would let himself test positive for weed at the combine. Even C. Rogers only got flagged for a diluted specimen.

  9. The point is not that he smoked weed (whether you you think its cool or its breaking the law). The point is some team in the NFL is willing to pay this dumbass millions of dollars for having done nothing yet. And ALL he had to do is not smoke weed for a month or two period to make a big payday. I liked the kid’s interview on NFL Total Access but obviously he is going to need somebody to hold his hand on his journey in life or he will be mopping floors soon.

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