As Many As 25 Names To Appear On Combine Positive Drug Test List?

At a time when plenty of attention is being paid to reports regarding a handful of players who supposedly tested positive for marijuana or steroids at the Scouting Combine, a league source tells us that some teams are bracing for an extremely large number of positive tests to appear on the final list that the teams soon will receive.
The source speculated that the number of names could be as high as 25.
The reason for the feared spike in positive tests isn’t known.  The source predicts that most of the positive tests will arise from marijuana use.
And the source explained that the teams generally don’t care if a guy smokes pot.  They only care if the player could end up being suspended, since that’s the kind of thing that can get the folks who draft or sign such players fired.
Indeed, the source estimated that half of the players on the source’s team smoke pot.
Only half?  What a bunch of prudes.

41 responses to “As Many As 25 Names To Appear On Combine Positive Drug Test List?

  1. i dont get these morons, you cant stop smoking pot for a few months to cash in on the greatest payday of your life, these guys are dumber than i thought

  2. I’m hoping that Florio posts the list. Will be interesting to see which agents are telling the truth and which ones aren’t. Hard to believe that an agent would lie?

  3. And how much do y’all want to bet that they give about zero dollars to marijuana legalization movements, a cause they probably care about?

  4. I smoke pot. Will I be included in the report?
    It seems like these “sources” are doing this for a story, so why not mention me? “Foxylettuce tests positive for marijuana, e-coli and PED’s”.

  5. Say what you want about herb, it’s far less detremental to society than alcohol. You don’t ever see marijuana traffic deaths or any domestic violence issues.

  6. Meh, a huge percentage of my generation that is going through college and high school are smoking marijuana. It’s going to be legalized eventually.

  7. So, now we know Florio has a source on the Bengals. Fifty bucks says it’s Susanna Hoffs.

  8. 25 out of how many? 100? 200? Be interesting to see what percentage of the prospects didn’t know the combine was coming up.

  9. See, the League puts too much emphasis on minor “character” issues, though finally they’re starting to beat the inverse of that criticism, that they don’t focus enough on the big stuff. Steroids: bad, because they affect the integrity of the sport. Pot: bad in the reg season, but between a player and his team. In the offseason, who gives a $#!‡?

  10. Q: Could they be more stupid than that??
    A: Sure! Going pro, they can even shoot themselves on the leg!
    — Plastic-O Burress

  11. I imagine with what football players go through in terms of pain after a game, that pot smoking would be fairly common.

  12. If these guys stopped smoking for like a week or two before the combine and still worked out a ton and sweated a ton and drank a ton of water and took over the counter vitamins filled with B vitamins they would not test positive as long as they arent the type that smoke everyday. There are also tons of things you can take to flush it from your system you can find at head shops or GNC. So i dont think that many of them will test positive for weed.

  13. these posts are hillarious… but the big story here is what Goodell is going to do… if the list really is 25… i mean everyone knows that most of these NFL players smoke pot, and it just kind of gets overrlooked… but now it seems these rookies have caught wind of this and now 25 of them show up dirty for the draft. Not a good image…get high and you’ll get drafted… that’s what the worst of the loud mouths are going to say if Goodell just kind of lets this slide.
    hell i’ve got no problem with smoking pot.. i know ALOT of people who would probably benefit from it,.. but you cant have that kind of label on your professional sports league… especially not created by the rookies.

  14. you know the best part about winning a copy of QBF?
    —-Free paper.
    light them if you got them!

  15. Who the f–k cares? I mean honestly.. Michael Phelps smokes pot. Does it make him any less of an athlete? No. Does it enhance his performance? No. So I honestly don’t see the problem.

  16. Everyone reacts differently to pot-smoking. It affected me in the wrong way in my freshman year of college. After I quit, my grades rose to high honors again.
    But now I’m a happy, unemployed beer-drinker right now, so I digress.

  17. The fact that this is an issue and the league and society in this country is bothered by this at all speaks to the lack of intelligence and level of closed-mindedness of the majority of the populace. If you disagree, go to an NFL game and look around, it’s no Mensa meeting.
    I would go into the debate of alcohol vs. cannabis but it’s obviously over the heads of most, so keep on drinking, support the beer sponsers that advertise for the NFL, and keep your heads in the sand. Then, after the game, get in your cars, sometimes with your kids aboard, and drive home, risking their lives and everyone else on the road and continue to be disgusted at the report of an athlete testing positive for cannibas.
    It’s mind-boggling, but then most have little to be boggled.

  18. Is this site going downhill or what? come on dudes….this blog, site, whatever you want to call it has really gown south. Time to find a better site that actually does some NFL research

  19. I can’t figure out who is more dumb… the players for smokin dope before the combine – knowing they will be tested… or the NFL for testing for marijuana use when it has zero impact on a player’s capability and is increasingly becoming an acceptable social aspect of life that generally harms few…

  20. Only half. Hmmm, we finally found something that the NBA does better. They have to be pushing 95%.

  21. When you have guys fighting to get an edge over the competition through working out and preparation. Guys go through the combine to show they can run a little faster, lift a little more weight, jump a little higher or further, etc. Football is a game of inches. It’s difficult to see how marijuana doesn’t matter. It destroyed Charles Rogers career.

  22. Yesterday on the NFL Network, Charlie Casserly (or maybe it was Mike Lombardi…. all the former GM talking heads look the same to me) said the exact opposite – he seems more willing to overlook steroids and get upset about pot, since a player who tests positive for pot when he KNOWS the test is coming is a bigger red flag. I’m surprised that there is such a varying opinion across team “sources”. Regardless if it should be or not, pot is illegal and the NFL has it listed as a banned substance. Why should it rate any higher or lower than a nutritional supplement that can be purchased at GNC? The league says you can’t use it, you know a test is coming, don’t freaking use it 30 days before the combine. Some of these “sources” have questionable integrity.

  23. @ LionsfaninClev
    It’s easy to blame ones crutches in life for their failures, but the reality is that it was Charles Rogers who destroyed his career, not marijuana.
    The same can be said for our beer drinking poster, Talons. It wasn’t pot keeping him from getting high honors in college, it was only himself.
    Blaming ones crutches in life is to avoid the true root of the problem. Drugs can be an issue within the source of a problem, but in the end, the blame has to fall on the individual.

  24. Florio, get off your high horse and realize about 60% of America, at least, smokes pot. AND alcohol blows it’s doors off as far as being damaging.

  25. Raiders757:
    “The same can be said for our beer drinking poster, Talons. It wasn’t pot keeping him from getting high honors in college, it was only himself.”
    Good point and in retrospect, you’re probably right. However, I became very complacent when I smoked. My point is that it affected me differently. Some people can handle smoking regularly. I couldn’t.
    I have no problem with people who choose to smoke, but I’ve learned I cannot.
    As far as being a beer drinker, how many posters here don’t love a couple cold ones from time-to-time?
    As far as being laid-off, it’s attributable to the economy. The company recently went under after laying-off 400 people.

  26. Smoking in some states is just as illegal as forgetting to put coins in a parking meter. Its not a big deal, who cares. Next story please.

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