Condon Refutes Report Regarding Cushing

The office of CAA agent Tom Condon has released to us a statement regarding the recent report from that USC linebacker Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids at the Scouting Combine in February.
“There is no truth to the vicious and false rumor regarding Brian Cushing’s drug test at the Combine,” Condon said.   “Brian, in fact, has been informed by league representatives that his test result was negative for any banned substances.  Furthermore, neither the League office nor Brian’s representatives have been contacted regarding a positive test.”
Condon’s statement is the most clear and unequivocal denial issued by any of the agents for the players whose names have surfaced in the past two days.

15 responses to “Condon Refutes Report Regarding Cushing

  1. Where’s the story about the lawsuit being filed? Oh, there isn’t one? Must be some truth to it, then.
    -Roger Clemens

  2. If someone refutes something, they conclusively proved it false. I don’t think an agent saying something bad about his client isn’t true quite qualifies.
    He did offer a rebuttal or denial though.

  3. this whole story is a bunch of crap y would they ALL test positive it makes no sense usually there is one guy or 2 not 5

  4. sure we believe you Tom, in the same way that we believe
    reggie bush never took money in college, and that Todd
    Marinovich never used drugs.

  5. All I know is that someone’s going to have egg on their face. Not sure yet which side, nfldraftbible or these people coming out vehemently. Murphy is a solid football guy, though, and they have a solid cast there that I find it hard to imagine they’d make a call to publish something without feeling good about their sources. That said, sources can be wrong, and it is the silly season, when folks try to say stuff to get their guy. Maybe nfldraftbible got snookered?
    I don’t know. All I know is that someone’s gonna have egg on their face.

  6. I would like to hear the agents comment on whether or not their players have ever taken steroids from their knowledge. Maybe it is time some USC players comment. Anyone notice how none of their teammates have said anything in regard to this? I’m sure they know whether or not Cushing or Matthews have ever taken them.

  7. @ Alfie:
    If this is all nothing but bull crap then why is CAA and this Condom guy not suing for defamation on their client.

  8. Wasn’t Clay Matthews also listed in said report?
    I’m not saying Matthews is a drug user, but no one denied it. (I really hope he’s not, because I think he could be an excellent 3-4 OLB)

  9. Someone accusing Brian Cushing of using steroids, wherever did they get such an absurd idea? One accusation can be ignored, but there is all kinds of smoke around this guy, so there is probably some fire behind it. So, the flames are either the steroids he has used or his first round pick status going up in smoke.

  10. If I had to pick one first rounder who I thought was on the juice, it would be Cushing. Given that he bulked up like 80 pounds at USC raises a red flag for me.
    So Condon, if your client is clean, why say anything at all? Clearly the official report that is viewed by the people who matter will exonerate him. Do NFL teams actually use sites like Draft Bible, or even PFT (no offense, Florio) to assist in their personnel decisions? No, they have armies of people to dig out this dirt.

  11. MauMontaV5, how are you supposed to sue someone over the weekend? It takes a good amount of work to prepare a lawsuit, and nobody would rush to court unless it is an emergency situation.
    Cushing was big when he came in to SC from high school. The picture of him looking small and out of shape was from the offseason after his freshman year. He had rotator cuff surgery for an injury he suffered his freshman year. He thus wasn’t working out for a good bit of time.

  12. It’s pretty well known to those who grew up in his area that Cush has been using steroids since HIGH SCHOOL. He’s a great athlete but he’s always been on the smaller side with a tendency to get hurt. If Cush has already been informed by the league that the test was in fact negative, there’s no reason for his agent to even make a statement. He doth protest too much, I think….

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