Dolphins Don't Seem Interested In Re-signing Jason Taylor

Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland doesn’t sound inclined toward re-signing six-time Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor.
Ireland raised the question of whether Taylor’s presence on the roster would block opportunities for younger players to develop, according to Omar Kelly of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.
“You have to look at every possible situation at this time of year,” Ireland said. “You have to look at all these things, but with players like Jason, who is going to be 35 in September, you have to look at whether veteran players are progress-stoppers for younger players. We have to look at that.”
Plus, money would be another issue to consider for the Dolphins as Taylor could be expensive.
“You never know what’s fallen off a tree, and there is an acorn down there, and we’re looking at it. I’m not going to say we’re not [interested],” Ireland said. “But the level of interest I’m not going to comment on.”
Ireland didn’t seem concerned about the past animosity between Taylor and Bill Parcells, which Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald recently reported was no longer an issue.
The Dolphins seem to want to institute a youth movement with the roster for the most part.
“There is no doubt about it, this team’s got to have younger players, and you want to build through the draft,” Ireland. “That’s a strategy and philosophy [the front office] has felt real strongly about since we’ve been together. So age does [make] a difference, and longevity, the more years a guy can play? Is the player ascending or descending.”
Outside linebacker Joey Porter has been lobbying management for Taylor to return.
“I’ve talked to him a few times and I know he wants to come back, and have an opportunity to be a part of what we are trying to do now,” Porter said. “We’re moving in the right direction and it’s not like we can’t use the guy. We can definitely use him.
“I feel like we got a raw deal the first year we played together. It wasn’t what he signed up for and wasn’t what I signed up for. But that’s behind us. If we get a chance to get him I hope we make the move.”
The New England Patriots are another potential destination for Taylor.

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  1. I think a normal person, someone like us who isn’t used to being pampered for life.. would be a little ashamed to go to our employer and ask for our job back after we dissed/gave up on them for money.

  2. You guys just LOVE recycling information and spinning it for your LARGE FONT BREAKING NEWS!!!! Im a Phins fan and this is old news…if he wants back in cheap and agrees to do what they say hes in…if he thinks he has a big contract and no offeason workouts in his future he can wear #54 for the Pats and we’ll just kick his butt 2 times next yr.

  3. forget the dolphins, forget the patriots, Jason Taylor is going to be a buccaneer… for one year.

  4. Give me a P, Give me an A, give me a T, give me a S, what’s that spell? PATS, PATS, PATS

  5. If they signed Taylor it would be after the draft. They want to draft another pass rusher high, so whether or not they sign a guy like Taylor depends on who falls to them in the draft.
    If they pick an OLB/DE in the first 3 rounds, they won’t re-sign Taylor.


  7. Taylor may be expensive, injury prone, unmotivated, and unwilling to participate in off-season workouts, a horrible example to younger players in the team concept, not a Parcells guy and is probably just looking for one last paycheck but you have to look at the positives. Boy can he dance, dance dance!

  8. IMO – Miami is not interested, because Jason is not interested. The deal with the Pats is a done deal. Just waiting on the Off Season to roll out so he can show in Foxboro and not get the heat of not being in OTA’s.

  9. “Younger, faster and cheaper” is what the Dolphins want for
    their roster.
    With the 25th pick in the draft the Miami Dolphins select Clint
    Sintim, LB, from Virginia …..
    Matt Roth’s days are numbered. Go get another tattoo.
    Another Saban player bites the dust, and the roster turns …..

  10. If Taylor takes a pay cut to play one last season, and try to get the Fins to the Superbowl, I will buy his jersey and support any of his post-football ventures. If he doesn’t, i won’t blame him. I just won’t show the same support if he plays for the Pats. I’ll still really like him, but you know… a lot less.

  11. Jeff unintentionally (or was it intentional) mirrors Jerry Jones reasons for dumping 35 year old TO.

  12. Once again, Jason Taylor will be a member of the New England Patriots in June. Jason Taylor will play 15-20 plays a game coming off the edge.Hopefully this year the Patriots have a better pass rush.

  13. JT is done as a Fin…He’d have to make two “sacrifices” to be a Fin again… (1) Play for peanuts he is 35 they are not goin to pay big money for him (2) show up for the offseason which he already told the Skins he would not do…Its team first now in Miami…a long ways from the Wannstedt ask the Captains of the team what to do crap.

  14. This simply comes down to ego. If Tuna can swallow his and JT can accept and follow the new rules Miami has, it makes a ton of sense to bring him back. 1) The PR of it would be great to build off last year 2)He was a consumate pro when he was here, both on the field and locker room, not to mention the community 3)His game preparation is exactly what those younger guys need to learn to excel so the line of he might hinder their development doesn’t wash. 4) With the Pats recvrs and now the combo of TO and Evans in Buffalo coupled with miami’s questionable secondary, the Fins need as much pressure on the Qb as possible, JT and JP will do just that. You can always cut him next year if he doesn’t have it anymore. Swallow the pride Tuna/JT, make it happen.

  15. Expect Cameron (Derek) Wake will make Fin fan forget all about Taylor after a couple of games

  16. “Expect Cameron (Derek) Wake will make Fin fan forget all about Taylor after a couple of games”
    From your lips to God’s ears !

  17. If it is true that Miami isn’t very interested then it is very likely he will end up in New England. Everyone knows this. Kraft has spoken about his liking Taylor. BB likes Taylor, and has the tendency to bring in players that have played against him and has caught his eye. Taylor himself has expressed the desire to play for the Pats. He has also expressed the desire to play in Miami.
    So ultimately the ball is in Miami’s court on this one. If they want Taylor, they will approach him. If not, then NE is likely his next stop. NE has the need. Not a great one, but Taylor would sure help shore up that part of the defense.
    I for one wouldn’t mind seeing him in NE. If he ends up here that means that BB thinks he has enough left to contribute, and he has been a beast in the past. NE needs a better pass rush now that they have addressed pass coverage (which helps the pass rush by giving the defenders a bit longer to get to the QB). If they sign Taylor, it not only would mean that the Pats are that much more dangerous this year, but that they can be in an even better position than they already are to draft the best available player on draft day instead of filling holes; always a position you want to be in!

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