Letter From Pat Bowlen To Broncos Fans

Dear Broncos Fan,
I am writing this letter today because I feel compelled to give our community and our fans an explanation regarding the Jay Cutler situation.
One of my directives to Josh McDaniels upon his hiring was that he consider everything possible to return the Broncos to the level which you and I both expect, and this certainly includes making a fair evaluation of every opportunity presented to us which might improve the team.   He and General Manager Brian Xanders have had my complete support throughout, and they have it now.   It is important that you know that at all times we represented ourselves to Jay with honesty and integrity.
I assure you both Josh and I made repeated attempts to reach out to Jay, and I can not speak for him as to why he chose to limit his response.  Ultimately, given his unwillingness to speak with either of us directly in the last 12 days — at the same time his agent clearly stating to us Jay’s intentions — it became very apparent to me personally that he no longer wanted to play for the Denver Broncos.   As such, we elected to trade him.
Understand this:   it remains about team.  Our franchise has gone to the Super Bowl six times, with three different coaches and with many different players.  It has never been about one player, and it never will be.   Coach McDaniels shares this vision, and everyone in the organization — players, coaches and staff — must understand and accept this unconditionally.   If anyone does not, that person will not be a part of this franchise.
I am extremely proud of our franchise, its accomplishments, and the region and fans that we represent.  We have an illustrious history, one which we are all anxious to add to, and if someone does not wish to be with us as we head in this direction, then we will move on, and move forward.
Over 96% of our season ticket holders have chosen to renew their tickets for the 2009 season.   This is once again a compelling statement of support and trust by the greatest fans in the NFL, and I assure you my only goal is and always will be to compete at the highest championship level.
The Denver Broncos will move forward in 2009 as one team, united with the most loyal and passionate fan base in football, towards the only goal we will ever pursue.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your understanding and continued support.
Pat Bowlen

17 responses to “Letter From Pat Bowlen To Broncos Fans

  1. “PS. If you don’t like the way I run my team, Bill Romanowski will come to your house and personally break your orbital bone…then spit on it.”

  2. I wish DannyBoy would write a letter to the Redskins faithful explaining his ridiculous actions through the course of this. Oh wait, he trotted out Vinny with an official statement instead.

  3. i know the broncos wanted to make the trade before the draft. but i think they should have waited to see if cutler showed up on april 17th. i think this was premature on their part. as quickly as the trade happened, they could have waited until april 17th to see if he showed. if not, then trade him. it still would have been done by draft time.
    also. why does mcdaniels always refer to cutler as “the player”?? didn’t romeo crennel always refer to brady quinn as “the player”?? is that a new england thing?? being a broncos fan i think this was a VERY BIG mistake trading him away. now i know all of you are gonna say “he has a losing record”. but he is 13-1 when the lame denver defense allowed 21 pts or less.
    we will pay for this for the next 3-5 years easily. now i’m sure “the coach” is hoping his buddy matt cassel falls on his face in kansas city. i haven’t looked into it, but did the chiefs sign cassel long term? if not, then mcdaniels will be hoping and praying that cassel is a bust, since he IS a product of the system, which mcdaniels has denied.

  4. PS. Sorry about hiring Josh, but I couldn’t really fire him after just a few months. If you guys are nice, I’ll bring back Shanahan next year.

  5. Nice try,
    A young Head Coach tryes to trade a Pro Bowl Quarterback for a 1-year wonder! I’m sorry but this was a huge rookie coaching mistake by Josh McDaniels. It’s that simple.
    Be a man and quit blaming it on Jay Cutler.

  6. Bowlen is right. Bowlen is class and Cutler is and has always been classless. It just got difficult for Bronco fans to justify his actions and play on the field and his character shown through. Good luck Bears, you’re going to need it.

  7. “It has never been about one player. By the way….This one’s for….John!”
    vegas42 – LOL! Great comment. One of the best I’ve seen on here.

  8. And thank you, Mr. Bowlen. Way to show some balls in the face of a major catastrophy. The sting of losing Cutler will take a while to wear off, but I understand why Pat stepped in. I understand the whole wait til 4/17 thing to see if he showed up, but when you don’t respond, or show that you care when the owner is reaching out to you, bad things are gonna happen. I don’t care who you think you are. It’s a shame that we’ll never really know how this all went down, but as a BRONCO fan, I have faith in Bowlen, and (gulp) McDaniels too. It’s just too bad Jay had to be so immature in this. Even if he thought McDaniels didn’t think he was cut out for the job, he shoulda showed up and proved him wrong. That’s what a leader would have done. That’s how any respectable member of a 53 man roster (especially one that wears a “C” on his jersey) should have handled it. On a side note, what’s with the system thing in Denver? With Shanny it was “plug anyone in the backfield and receive a 1000 yard rusher. Now, it’s plug any decent qb in there and watch him rip it up. Or maybe that’s just what I’m expecting.

  9. “Bowlen is right. Bowlen is class and Cutler is and has always been classless. It just got difficult for Bronco fans to justify his actions and play on the field and his character shown through. Good luck Bears, you’re going to need it. ”
    Thank God he is Denver’s Pay Bowlen. The man seems to have gone bonkers over the past couple of months. First , he skewers his grat friend Shannahan so that Bowlen canb retake control of the team. Then he hires two immature NFL personnel to run this team. The first thing the new management team do: they trade away the franchise. How anyone can defend Bowlen for being an absolute idiot is beyind me.

  10. It is one thing to have a Franchise young Pro Bowl Quarterback that was 13-1 when his D held the other team to 21 points or less that is a little inmature. And it is another to have a Head Coach that is inmature. Denver and their Fans have to blame Cutler now, he is gone.
    But it was Cutler that went to the meeting with the Coach to square away the matter, even telling the Coach he understood his conection with Cassel. It was the inmature Coach that went out of his way to make a bad situation worse at that time. I think it was at that point Cutler decided he wanted out for good.
    As for the picks Denver received, would anyone take Denvers last two number one draft picks in a trade for Cutler, I think not. Angelo in Chicago stated he has been trying to find a Cutler for his entire 29 years in the NFL.
    This will go down as the biggest blunder by any team in NFL history. Sure the owner sent out a letter, he is in a box knowing the move he made made little sence. But once he saw Cutler wanted no part of the new coach either had to fire the Coach or keep Cutler. Me I keep Cutler and get a new coach but the guy is light in the pockets and could not pay both Shanny and the new guy to be sitting at home.
    You cannot cry over spilt milk but this is all on the owner, he should have put it all to bed when it was still fixable. The rest of the AFC West are sending gifts to Denver in thanks.

  11. Our franchise has gone to the Super Bowl six times, with three different coaches and with many different players. It has never been about one player, and it never will be.
    I would give any amount of money to be there the next time John Elway has dinner with Pat Bowlen…

  12. @ big green monster
    It wasn’t about John. They tried that 3 times, with disasterous results.
    Then they got the right coach. Then T.D.
    It remains to be seen if this outcome is the right decision , but when the owner (which is his boss) reaches out to “the player” to work out the alleged differences he has with the organization and the owner is met with chirping crickets in reply..tell me something slappy.. What is YOUR next move? Sit there and take it?
    Excuse Bowlen having a little admiration and humility for a HOF QB after his last game in a Denver uniform when he said that quote

  13. I’m gonna be laughin my arse off if this whole thing works out well for the Broncos in the long run. I feel that Jay Cutler is gonna have a great career for the Bears and it’s a shame that we even let it get to this in the first place. The fact is that we (the general public) will probably never really know what happened for this BS to come to this point, but both sides have taken their fair share of the blame. Obviously Jay wasn’t willing to put forth the effort to begin discussions to continue to play in Denver after initially getting upset for being discussed in a possible trade, so Bowlen stepped in and said enough is enough. I commend that. But if McDaniels falls short of improvement over the last few years Broncos teams, he may be on a shorter leash than anybody.

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