Rumors Fly That Seahawks Are Focused On A Quarterback

With the draft little more than three weeks away, the rumor mill is whizzing (or is it whirring?) with talk that the Seattle Seahawks are locking in on a quarterback with the fourth overall pick in the draft.
(Our most recent mock draft — yeah, we need to do a new one — has them taking USC’s Mark Sanchez.)
Regardless of whether it’s a smokescreen, the burgeoning belief that the Seahawks are leaning that way could prompt some teams perched in lower positions to try to trade up.
The question, of course, is how high they’ll try to go.  The Lions hold the first overall pick, but that specific slot entails a huge contract — and requires extra trade consideration.  Thus, the Rams at No. 2 or the Chiefs at No. 3 could be the more likely targets for a trade offer.
As we pointed out in the way of the Jay Cutler trade, the Broncos might be looking to package the No. 12 and No. 18 picks for a shot at moving to the top of the round in order to get Sanchez or Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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  1. First off, the Hawks will get Stafford with the #4 pick because the Lions and Rams will pick OT, and the Chiefs already have Cassell.
    Second, even if the Lions (or Rams) took Stafford, Tim Ruskell will never draft Sanchez due to character concerns (rape allegation, etc). Ruskell is big on character, academics, etc.
    I hope Stafford goes early so the Hawks can get one of the two OTs.

  2. To save money, I would bet the Lions would take less than the “extra” trade consideration to allow another team to move up to No. 1 overall.

  3. obviously the Hawks want to trade down, and want Denver to part with 1.12 and 1.18. Otherwise why leak the rumor.

  4. I can’t see Denver trading up to get a qb. They need to focus on defense for the foreseeable future…

  5. The Chiefs would be the most likely trade partner if Denver decided they want to jump up and grab Sanchez. The Chiefs need a lot of help and two first rounders would help.
    Given that, I am not totally convinced that the Broncos will draft a QB in the first round this year. They may decide to go with Orton this year as their starter and wait on the 2010 QB draft class. They will have their first and the Bears first next year. They both should be mid first round picks. I don’t see either the Bears or the Broncos making the playoffs this year. The Broncos would be going with Orton at QB and the Bears still suck, even with Cutler. Those two picks may be numbers 10 and 12. That would give them enough ammo to move up early in the first round for a QB next year. They can get by one year with Orton at QB and use their two picks in the first this year to get some defensive help.

  6. I think trading both 1st rounders to get an unproven commodity kind of defeats the purpose of trading Cutler for two first rounders– if they’re using two to replace what they got.
    That leaves them with a net gain of the second rounder and Orton for a rookie qb whom they’ll pay more and could easily be a bust?
    That sounds like a good way to get fired if you’re a GM– especially since both of this year’s top prospects appear deeply flawed. I think the Broncos would be better off patching up their defense with some young talent and seeing if they can grab another guy to develop behind Orton later in the draft.

  7. Actually Kevin from Philly, I think the rumor mill can be whizzing while whirring, but it is a misdemeanor in Minnesota if it uses a wide stance and is whizzing in a public facility.

  8. they could be trying to get another team to trade up to the #3 spot so that aaron cury falls to them

  9. I think they are trying to get another team to trade up to #3 and draft a QB. That way, if the Lions take Stafford, Aaron Curry will fall to them at #4 because the Rams will take an OT

  10. if the broncos were seriously going to try to get a quarterback, why would they not have just traded jay cutler to the lions for the lions first overall pick and taken him there without the threat of then having another team jump in and try to steal him ahead of them? the idea that they will trade the first round pick they received this year for jay and their own first round pick this year for a quarterback (presumably stafford or sanchez) seems proposterous to me. in essence they would have traded cutler and their first round pick (middle of the round) this year for stafford or sanchez and only received a toss up first round pick next year does not seem like a good move in giving up arguably one of the few franchise quarterbacks in the game today.
    we all know the broncos are in rebuilding mode but they would have received practically no dividends this year in trading cutler. it is rare that first year qb’s come in and get off to a good start with the few exceptions in roeth, peyton, flacco and ryan.
    attn: broncos. STAND PAT AND USE YOUR PICKS TO DRAFT PLAYERS AT WHERE YOU STAND. no first round picks are locks, so the best gamble would be to throw darts with your 4 1st rounders the next two years rather than to throw 3 darts. specially with not knowing where that pick you received from the bears is going to land in the round next year

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