L.J. Wants To Stay

Now that the Chiefs have successfully avoided $3.75 million in future guaranteed base salaries previously owed to running back Larry Johnson, the 2003 first-rounder wants a chance to earn the money.
Barely two months after a borderline bizarre radio interview regarding his desire to leave town, featuring inflammatory audio from the movie Scarface, Johnson has changed his mind.
“He’s excited about the direction the team is going in,” agent Peter Schaffer told the Kansas City Star.  “What happened today has no bearing on Larry’s desire to play for the Chiefs.”
It’s not surprising, since Johnson apparently now realizes that no one else will pay him the money that he’s due to earn this season in K.C.
But perhaps it’s a sign that Johnson has finally matured, and that he’s ready to be a good teammate and solid citizen, whether he plays for the Chiefs or someone else in 2009. 

28 responses to “L.J. Wants To Stay

  1. Johnson’s biggest problem has always been between his ears.
    “Good teammate and solid citizen”?

  2. LJ = scumbag
    He spits/throws a drink in a woman’s face then says he’ll kill her boyfriend…what a class act….where’s the Kansas City thugs that prey on athletes when you need ’em?

  3. I’m calling it right now – he ends up as a New England Patriot. It just makes too much sense. He’ll get cut, the Patriots will sign him on the cheap, the rest is history.

  4. What you people need to understand is the wording in his contract makes him inherently hard to trade. The “Spitting on Bitches” Clause has been a huge hurdle for teams to overcome, when attempting to trade for the disgruntled back. L.J. reportedly refuses to budge on the clause. Its even been reported that Washington’s Dan Snyder offered L.J. the right to “Spit on bitches, but only in the offseason” to no avail.

  5. LJ easilly tops Jay Cutler on the petulance meter. A news poll in KC last night resulted in 93% of the metro wanting him out of town.

  6. was Priest Holmes like this a few years ago? I don’t remember how he handled his situation toward end of his Chiefs career.

  7. I’m really surprised that Penn State turned out such a punk. Oh wait, their whole team is full of punks.
    And an old guy that craps his pants on the field.

  8. Who gives a damn about this woman beater?
    You never get a free pass when you assault a female.(however a free pass may be available if you assault yourself)
    Somebody should hire Gallooly to bounce a pipe off his knee then he can be relegated to the UFL.

  9. Sounds like Jay Cutler.In his case he flip-flopped after realizing his market value was much lower than his bloated ego would allow him to see.

  10. Soooooooooooooooo apparently it only takes 6 months to change from a whiny unproductive douche who spits in women’s faces at clubs to an individual who “has finally matured, and that he’s ready to be a good teammate and solid citizen”.

  11. actually, while I doubt his sincerity, I would keep him if I were the Chiefs.
    he now has incentive to keep his nose clean like never before. If he screws up, cut him in the middle of the season, it’s salary, right? although you may even want to keep him until the uncapped year and take the meaningless signing bonus hit then.

  12. I say keep him and put his butt on special teams!! make him return punts and kickoffs, make him earn his way back up the food chain!!!!

  13. of course LJ’s sudden maturity is a farce, but if the man can still run half as well as he did when not injured, he’s got to be taken seriously as an RB. everyone seems to forget how KC’s OL retired en masse — put LJ behind a real OL, and he could do some damage

  14. LJ has a piss poor attitude, he always has. Any player who can piss off Dick Vermeil to the point he makes a smart alec comment to the press about him needing to take the diapers off is a major a-hole. Vermeil gave LAWRENCE PHILLIPS a bunch of chances!
    I don’t think he should stay on the Chiefs especially because when a new regime comes in, one of the biggest hurdles they face is changing the culture and/or installing their methods and philosophies. Anyone think LJ will wait more than 3 nanoseconds before he starts whining in TC? Going from Gentle Herm to Haley will be NO PICNIC. Guys who are that level of malcontent need to get dumped by smart new regimes. They don’t want that poison in that fresh water.

  15. LJ has a few good years in him, he will get suspended for a few games then comeback and have a decent year, they are not going to cut him for Jamal Charles and they have too many holes to draft a decent rb high. If you watched him last year you would know he still has some talent, putting together good games with Herm at the helm. New system, Cassel and weapons is going to open up lanes for lj to run in. Similar to the Trent Green days when he ran wild not the herm days with 17 man fronts.

  16. “But perhaps it’s a sign that Johnson has finally matured, and that he’s ready to be a good teammate and solid citizen, whether he plays for the Chiefs or someone else in 2009.”

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