Yanks B.J. Raji Report

Apparently, the specter of the Mike Price litigation has prompted to blink.
Brian Murphy of Athletes First tells us that has removed the report that Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji tested positive for marijuana at the Scouting Combine.
Indeed, the link to the story, which was included in our first blurb on the topic, is now dead.
Initially, Raji’s agents provided a non-denial denial of the story, which many interpreted as a concession that Raji had indeed tested positive.
“We will not comment on rumors from unnamed sources,” Brian Murphy told last Thursday.  “I do know that B.J. has been one of the hardest workers and nicest individuals that we at Athletes First represent.  There is no doubt that he will be an invaluable addition to an NFL team both on the field as a player and in the community as a role model.”
Then, after reported that another Athletes First client, USC linebacker Clay Matthews, had tested positive for steroids, the far more aggressive approach taken by the agency — including an express demand for a retraction — made the Raji response seem even more suspicious.
More recently, however, both Athletes First and Raji himself declared that he did not test positive.
In the end, something prompted to take the more cautious approach.

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  1. I wonder if another agent had something to do with this. I’d look at the list of players that nfldraftbible put out, find out which agent didn’t have a player on the list and start there. Or go with the kicker’s agent.

  2. Tyrant, when did announce that they were on a crusade to repair the league’s morals? Or did this originate in that beautiful mind of yours?

  3. “Tennessee_Tyrant says:
    The only thing more stupid than your comment is me wasting my time replying. has nothing to do with religion, morals, or Christianity. You’re a douche and a turd.

  4. should call it’s site the rumormill and then maybe they can sling shlit out there and get away with it.

  5. ? can we not call out the source when they do wrong Mike … I didnt believe that was ” bad ” enough to be removed … it was a complete contradiction to their belief and their “mission statement” . That would show bias toward one certain religion , which in today’s society Florio , is not acceptable to a public forum… heh … oh well I’ll save my speeches for us at Vandy …

  6. oh Timmy and the other moron , I guess you guys are a little late to jump on this train , as the statement that the head writer released on the 5th went over the subject I originally stated . They want to improve the morals of the game ( cleaning it up in their mind ) , and therefore they were standing by their original report . Whether or not the report is accurate is a different issue (its false, so that would be lying right ?), therefore they contradict themselves … SO… next time you guys post , dont just think of yesterdays headlines and try to piece something in … so yes Tim, they have aligned themselves in the “morals” game , and by doing so they are in the religious sector , even so that “” has a link directly from their site … odd for a christian run website to align itself …

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