Eagles Want Ochocinco?

Though it’s still unclear whether the Cincinnati Bengals are ready to ship receiver Chad Ochocinco to any other team, Michael Smith of ESPN (via philly.com) has suggested that the Eagles are interested in acquiring the veteran wideout.
I am hearing there is interest in Chad Johnson,” Smith said.  “Now there’s been some back and forth as to whether or not he is officially on the market.  I think everybody in Cincinnati has signed off on moving Chad Johnson except for owner Mike Brown.  The Eagles could be in the picture.  They have two first-round picks.  They need a receiver.”
Parsing through those words, it’s possible that one or more teams other than the Eagles are interested in Ochocinco, and that Smith is surmising that the Eagles might emerge as a candidate.
We’ve previously heard rumblings that the Raiders have interest, but it’s unknown whether the Raiders and the Bengals have engaged in negotiations.

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  1. I don’t understand what the Eagles having two first round picks has anything to do with it. Is this dude seriously implying that they would trade a first round pick for that loser??
    Smith should go back to “Around the Horn” where he can continue to be a Patriots and, in general, Boston apologist.

  2. if the BEAGLES get chad then the giants definitely have to go get braylon edwards or anquan boldin…eagles better hope the andrews injury prone brothers can hold that O-Line together.

  3. I think this rumor is a stretch. We’re still not quite over the whole Terrell Owens situation in Philadelphia; we’re not ready for another bad relationship like that.
    And as far as Michael Smithing pointing out that we have two first round picks – Yes, that’s true, but do you really think Chad Johnson, at this point in his career, is worth a first round pick?

  4. Johnson is no where near worth a #1 pick. Maybe a #2, more likely a #3. Regardless, there is zero chance the Eagles will meet the Bengals asking price – if they had interest, which they probably don’t.

  5. I’d rather them give up their whole draft for Anquan Boldin… then give a cheesesteak for Ochostinko.

  6. Wow. Cincy, Philly, or Oakland. I guess with T.O. in Buffalo ya had to lower your city-expectations a little bit.

  7. Not sure I want him if it means giving up a first round pick. If the price for Boldin is a 1st and 3rd/2nd, then I don’t want a player who hasn’t produced in the past couple years for anything more than a 2nd.

  8. # 28 for Chadetta Oucho Cinco Str8 up! We take A LT at 6 and grab Eric Wood at 28. A + Draft already!

  9. Obviously Ochocinco cannot be traded, since Reebok just printed up shiny new jerseys, and someone has to pay for them all. You gonna pay for all those jerseys Florio? Mike Brown certainly won’t.

  10. I woke up this morning, looked out the window, and was instantly in shock at what I saw. Dinosaurs roamed the landscape and pterodactyls soared the skies…no, it was impossible…had time somehow turned back to 2008?

  11. First TO, now CJ? The Eagles wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, would that? Really, what’s the difference between those WRs, except for the fact that Owens is better and doesn’t wear a gold grill? How good is Johnson? I don’t even know because I only hear about his on-field and off-field antics. I don’t hear much about his stats anymore. He can still make the occasional great catch, but so could Robert Ferguson…

  12. Another completely untrue rumor with zero basis in fact. Even if this were true the Eagles will never give up a number one pick for Johnson because of age, recent injury history, diva status, agent and the money he would want in a new contract. Anquan Boldin is the only reciever they feel worthy of a number one pick and I don’t believe Arizonia will trade him unless new contract talks fall completely apart. The Eagles organiztion is shrouded in secrecy and Michael Smith made this story up to have something to say. You tend to do that when your a bad reporter.

  13. Yes Mr. Smith you are correct. Everyone in Cincy has signed off on this guy. He has gone from the city’s favorite to the one person we want out of here. Everyone but Mike Brown. I think the non acceptance of the Redskin’s offer last year has to be one of the worst decisions ever made in pro sports.

  14. You have got to be kidding. If Philadelphia wanted a washed up diva, they could have kept TO. Yes, we need a receiver but not at the price of another drama filled miscreant.

  15. OK Florio open up the comments so we can hear from all the Eskin lovers about how they dont want this guy on the team… The Eagles have 12 draft picks since they are not going to draft wisely may as well use them as trade bait for a good wide receiver. I still would rather boldin but Chad would be a good replacement.

  16. Bungals basically don’t trade … but if they’re smart they’ll be quiet on this until Cleveland turns in their draft card at pick#5 …
    If Oakland wants him or a WR they’re likely to leapfrog Cinci to get their guy … in this case only Philadelphia is a trade option …

  17. They haven’t understand that the Eagles want an UPGRADE to the WR corps, and I don’t know if Ochocinco is an upgrade since he hasn’t played up to his level the las couple of years. If the Eagles do go for him I think they’ll offer something cheap like a 3rd or even a 2nd, or maybe I’m wrong…..

  18. The Iggles need someone to fill the pouting, selfish, “me, me, look at me everybody” WR void left by TO. Ochostinko fills the bill.

  19. “We’ve previously heard rumblings that the Raiders have interest, but it’s unknown whether the Raiders and the Bengals have engaged in negotiations.”
    So are you going to retract your half-page blast of BleacherReport.com? No I didn’t think so. The rumblings you have heard are the BleacherReport.com post.

  20. This isn’t even news. Seriously, the Eagles will never go after 85 after dealing with 81. Also, they would never surrender one of their first round picks for him, especially when they don’t think they need another receiver. You guys have to separate a reporters opinion from fact.

  21. Just a writer looking for something to fill in some dead space between the NFL draft and the NBA/NHL playoffs. Complete nonsense.

  22. Just because the Redskins were willing to trade two 1st rounders for Ochocinco doesn’t mean we should….
    Cant we go out and get a decent #1 WR that isn’t a headcase?? I mean, is Ochocinco going to try to choke Andy Reid at halftime if he doesn’t feel he’s gettting the ball enough?
    Lets get Boldin, Philly….. Just say no to 85….. Unless we can get him at a discount….. How old is he now?

  23. @Vox Veritas says:
    “The Iggles need someone to fill the pouting, selfish, “me, me, look at me everybody” WR void left by TO.”
    But isn’t that why they drafted Desean Jackson?”
    That was actually a really good one.
    Oh hell, it deserves a Zing!

  24. “The Iggles need someone to fill the pouting, selfish, “me, me, look at me everybody” WR void left by TO.”
    But isn’t that why they drafted Desean Jackson?

  25. No way this is true-
    Sounds to me like a made up story to fill air time. Don’t the birds get mentioned in every WR situation out there? It’s easy to do”oh the Eagles MIGHT have interest” – My guess is they want NOTHING to do with Chad Johnson…

  26. I’d bet against the Eagles trading for fear of another TO situation. If something does happen it would be a a fifth rounder this year with a fifth next year that couls go as high as a 2 if incentives are met and no disiplinary problems.
    As an Eagles fan I’d like to see it happen if he really still can get deep and run good patterns. This is the system that would give him huge stats agian. The fans will wear all kinds of gold teeth and love him for 2 years before he does something stupid. Then the Cowboys/Raiders can sign him.

  27. VOX,
    What the hell are you talking about?? we have no problem with Desean he is a team player

    He is a show off. (I can’t believe I’m defending Vox) He might be a team player, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a show off. He’s been one his whole athletic career.

  29. This would be TO all over again (over 30 receiver looking for more money and the eagles will not give it to him. Plus the DREW factor)
    I want 2004 not 2005 again!
    Give up the 1st 3rd and 5th for Bolden or 2nd and 5th for Edwards!!!

  30. I don’t understand how nobody wants Chad, yes he may spat off from time to time, but he never gets in trouble off the field. It seems he only gets mad when they lose. I take it as having a big competitive fire inside. Also, everybody is saying he has had all these down years of not producing. His only down year was last year when carson was hurt. Just look at the numbers for yourself. I think anyteam would love to have a receiver put up these numbers and he is only 31 not like TO who is 35.
    rec. yds. TDs
    2008 53 540 4
    2007 93 1440 8
    2006 87 1370 7
    2005 97 1432 9
    2004 95 1274 9
    2003 90 1355 10

  31. Congrats Florio! You found the one receiver Eagles fans don’t want.
    Oh yea, ShockAndAweD-LineNYG, I don’t see the Giants getting Boldin, sorry. That’s just a rumor started by the media who want star power in NYC.
    Lastly, why come one here to insult other peoples’ cities? This is about football, how many of you have ever been to Philly? Yea, there’s a bad section…because NO OTHER CITY has a bad section.

  32. wow the thought of cinco throwing to ochocinco has me feeling hispanic and craving tacos already.

  33. IF Howard Eskin is on the air blabbing about how the Eagles will NEVER sign Chad Ochocinco then you can bank on it that the Eagles WILL sign him. Anyone out there have any word on whether Eskin has weighed in on this yet? A few years ago he was on the air blabbing about how T.O. would NEVER be an Eagle. We know how that turned out. If Eskin says it won’t happen you can bank on it that it will happen!

  34. “What the hell are you talking about?? we have no problem with Desean he is a team player ”
    Don’t you remember him dropping the ball at the one yard line against the Cowboys because he was concentrating on his end zone dance? And that wasn’t the first time he did something like that.

  35. Griffin. He has been nothing but a team player since he got here. If you call being good a show off maybe you have a point. Don’t forget he was coached up by one of the classiest wideouts ever to play the game

  36. TheCoop says:
    Smith should go back to “Around the Horn” where he can continue to be a Patriots and, in general, Boston apologist
    There is no need to apologize for greatness.

  37. Peatear, I didn’t say that he wasn’t a showoff , it was more about the ” Selfish, Pouting” part that I haven’t seen.
    And Vox JayPhilly said it Best!
    Vox, you’re a Cowboys fan, and you’re going to criticize someone for showboating??
    nuff said.

  38. I can’t believe these Eagles fans defending Desean Jackson.
    Yes, Desean is a very talented receiver, and yes he was a good pick. He’s good for your team and He can probably be a real number one receiver a la Steve Smith.
    However, you are KIDDING yourselves if you think Desean doesn’t have character issues. That was his biggest concern coming out of the draft last year. He had the same attitude problems throughout college that people give Ocho Cinco and T.O. so much hell about.
    I don’t remember what game it was this season, but he almost cost the Eagles a touchdown because he decided to be a showoff and flip the ball out of his hands before he crossed the goal line. Beautiful catch and run… would have been much nicer had he not intentionally fumbled it before scoring.
    All I’m saying is he may not be a problem now, and hopefully not ever… but give him a few years and see if people don’t talk about him the same way they do some of the other me-first wide receivers in the NFL.

  39. vox and pea tear griffin are douche bags.
    Hey Vox if you’re a cowgirl fan did you enjoy the 44-6 beatdown?
    hey Pea is that the size of your brain or your sack?

  40. @Exit Zero
    Dropping the ball on the one because he was already celebrating. Hey go back to his H.S. days when he flipped into the endzone but the ball hit the sideline and ended the play.
    I’m not saying he isn’t good. I actually like him. But he is a showoff (most good players are).

  41. “Vox, you’re a Cowboys fan, and you’re going to criticize someone for showboating?”
    I didn’t criticize him for it. I pointed out that he already fills the “look at me” WR position. I don’t really mind it when players celebrate after scoring, but you and Desean Jackson should pay particular attention to the phrase “after scoring”.
    It’s not surprising that the Eagirl fans don’t get the point. Desean Jackson is pretty good, but he’s also pretty stupid, and on top of that he’s a showboat… in fact at this time he’s a rowboat, he’s only got two career TDs under his belt… and if he can’t get his head on straight he’s going to do something ELSE really, really stupid.

  42. Vox,
    Desean had a third TD in the playoffs….oh wait, you’re a Cowboy fan, let me explain:
    The “playoffs” refer to the games played after the regular season in which the elite teams compete and win.

  43. Please.
    Michael Smith is the mouthpiece of the McNabb camp. Hasn’t everyone figured that out by now?
    Clearly, Donovan wants Chad and is trying to create some buzz and pressure. But it’s a waste of time – Reid will never trade for a player with attitude, and management would never pay for a talented player at the position.
    Ownership doesn’t care about pressure, and they don’t respect McNabb enough to listen. McNabb always squawks in the off-season but is a company man come training camp. He needs a little (very little) Jay Cutler in his personality if he ever wants to see a weapon of Chad’s caliber.
    Sorry, it’s all on Westbrook yet again – he has to be 70%+ of the offense yet again. And the defense. Just like every year, just like next year, just like 2010.

  44. sahoman said: I don’t understand how nobody wants Chad, yes he may spat off from time to time, but he never gets in trouble off the field. It seems he only gets mad when they lose.

    Only gets mad when they lose? Didn’t a former member of the 2005 Bengals team confirm that Ochocinco punched Marvin Lewis during halftime of their 2005 playoff game against the Steelers? The Bengals were winning at the time.

  45. I want Chad Johnson on the Eagles, but not for a 1st rounder. And only if he changes his name back.

  46. Chad J is a good receiver who is on the downhill slide of his career.
    They’d be a fool to go after Chad.
    My guess is they’ll offer a HUGE deal to AZ for Boldin. I wouldn’t be shocked if they end up offering both 1st round picks. Noting that the only way they pry Q out of AZ is with both 1st’s.
    Warner wants Q and so does the rest of the team – so it’ll take a lot to get the deal done.
    Philly fans know better than to get Chad – all about me – Cinco. He’s not worth the problems you’d have. Imagine giving Chad all that press in Philly – he’ll drive you crazy. Whereas Q will just make plays and make everyone around him better.
    I don’t want to lose Q, but if 2 first round picks are in the mix, it’s a deal.

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