Grossman Still Looking For A Gig

So with a first-round pick from the 2006 draft the quarterback of the present/future in Chicago, a first-round pick from the 2003 draft undoubtedly is yet another of the Bears quarterbacks of the past.
Rex Grossman has been an unrestricted free agent since February 27, and by all accounts he has generated no real interest in his services.
But he recently has changed agents, from Eugene Parker to Drew Rosenhaus, and Rosenhaus says that he aggressively is marketing Grossman.
“There is interest and I should get him a deal soon,” Rosenhaus told us via text message today.
Rosenhaus declined to identify the interested teams, just as he did when receiver Terrell Owens was on the market.  The agent’s silence prompted some league insiders to conclude that there were no interested teams.
And, the next day, Owens signed with the Bills.

34 responses to “Grossman Still Looking For A Gig

  1. Rex Grossman WILL NEVER TAKE A SNAP IN THE NFL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’ll join the ranks of other NFL QB’s that have come to Chicago and never done anything but flip burgers for the rest of their life (except Jim Miller who has a ring for holding a clipboard for the Pats).
    You’re the sole reason the Bears have only one championship in the last 24 years!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rex will still be looking for a gig until the lions have a few QBs injured half way through the season and there’s no other choice

  3. Florio’s getting text msg’s from Drew Rosenhaus….dam…que the Jefferson’s theme song…..’movin on up’…dum dum dum

  4. If not Mickey D’s is hiring. Although he would definitely have to toss fries better than he does footballs.

  5. Probably the 49ers. Their logo will go with how many turnovers he’s expected to have.

  6. Grossman is the QB of the Future? Some future. Maybe Rosenhaus should use the Florio marketing tactic: “Don’t sign my client”.

  7. Rex may not have panned out in Chi-Town, but he still should get another shot. He QBed an offense with mediocre supporting talent to the Superbowl a couple of years ago. Give him a decent set of receivers and he likely would be a Hasselbeck kind of QB–rarely flashy, but good enough to win you some games.

  8. They should change Grossman’s name to “The Patrick Ramsey of the Future.” Bet you he ends up either in Tampa or J E T S.

  9. Yes, of course, there should be a PLETHORA of interest!!
    I´m a glass half full guy and I guess Grossman could be one of the top 10 passers this season for any team playing…………… in the CFL!!
    I felt sorry for Chicago for having such a bad QB for so long… Ok, maybe I didn´t!!!
    No worries… Cutler or Grossman… Bears still suck!

  10. There’s interest.He probably won’t get signed by anyone until after the draft or before training camps rev up…

  11. Rex will settle in as a backup somewhere. Considering how much ridicule he has suffered, he has played in some pretty big games. The 2000 SEC Championship Game, the 2001 Sugar Bowl, the 2002 Orange Bowl, 2003 Outback Bowl, NFL playoff games in 2005 & 2006 and finally the Super Bowl. Not a bad career and soon he will get game checks for holding a clipboad.

  12. I guess he had too many whip-it balloons.
    Maybe he can go back to UF and slang some yah-yo just like the old days.

  13. Grossman is a Super Bowl QB. Call me when Cutler, Culpepper, Garcia, Cassell, Brees, or Romo get to one. I would sign Grossman to a 5 year, $100 million dollar deal if I were still GM.
    Matt Millen

  14. You people are dilusional. Maybe this guy isn’t a number 1 quarterback in the NFL, but I wouldn’t mind him holding a clipboard on my team. He’s a guy that might be able to get you through a game or two if your quarterback goes down… isn’t that essentially what you want to get out of a backup?

  15. you gotta feel at least a little bad for anyone who has been forced to be part of Chicagos offense. One can only hope Cutler can break the cycle.

  16. i’d sign rex, he is up and down. remember when bears fans loved him at the beginning of the superbowl run season. a solid back up.. Lets face the facts, the bears have never had an offense that could be qb happy in years

  17. Hey, my kid’s Pop Warner team is looking for a QB – maybe that’s why my call phone is “blowin’ up” with calls from a Miami area code.
    By the way, Drew, the Newport (Tiny-Mite) Tigers are going to take a pass on your client.

  18. So you and little Drew are texting each other. Is he your BFF(best friend forever) thanks Martellus.

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