Bills To Chase DeShaun Foster?

As ESPN’s John Clayton recently pointed out (via the Red Zone), the Buffalo Bills could be revisiting the possibility of signing free-agent running back DeShaun Foster.
The problem for the Bills is two-fold.  Starter Marshawn Lynch has been suspended for the first three games of the 2009 season (we think it will be reduced on appeal to two games), and backup Fred Jackson is an exclusive rights free agent (i.e., not a free agent), and he’s not under contract.
So if Jackson skips the entire offseason program before signing his one-year, $460,000 tender, he won’t be as prepared for the 2009 season as he otherwise would have been.
Even if Jackson shows up next week and signs the offer, the Bills will still need someone else to help carry the load during Lynch’s absence.
The options for the Bills remain limited.  They can pursue a veteran like Foster or Warrick Dunn or Michael Pittman or Franco Harris, or they can draft a guy who’d be starting his career by being thrust into the rotation on the first Monday night of the season, when the Bills go to New England.

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  1. There is really no need to go out and sign a veteran. Pay Fred Jackson something similar to what Denver just gave Buckhalter (4 yr, $10M) and let a rookie or first year player back him up for 2 weeks. Week 1 is not just going to be a loss, but the Ills will be demolished by Belicheat. No way Dick Mauron has a chance as he is outcoached by Belicheat when he only has a week to prepare, much less an entire offseason. 4-12 in 2009!! Maybe TO goes Sprewel on Mauron by week 4!

  2. The Bills need to hold the line with Fred Jackson. They have offered to make him the lowest paid player with two years in the NFL and he does not even deserve that.

  3. Fred Jackson reported this week and is working out with the team. He’s not signed yet but local reports have him and the Bills negotiating. It’s been said he took out insurance on himself in order to participate.

  4. Really doesn’t matter, the Bills aren’t going to win their first game no matter who they have at RB.

  5. question for bills fans, why is that fool mauron still head
    how did a business guy like russ brandon get named gm?
    why don’t they wear the throwbacks permanently?
    why do you guy put up with this mediocrity?

  6. 1. dick is still coach because we jumped the gun and resigned him when the bills were 5-1 and on top of the east. and our owner didnt want to admit his blunder and cough up all those millions
    2. russ brandon has actually done a decent job bringing in talent.
    3. i have no idea, but they should
    4. we dont put up with it. we’re all sick of it , but what can we do. if we show our disappointment and stop filling the stadium, we become the top candidate to relocate.

  7. They don’t wear their throwbacks for the same reason that the Jets could only wear them for 2 weeks last year: teams are only allowed 2 weeks a year to wear throwback uniforms.
    Jackson is totally worth every penny he’s going to get; he was just as good as Lynch, but didn’t get a chance to really prove it. They’re only trying to sign Foster because they know they’re going to lose against the Patriots and don’t want to get Jackson hurt. Hopefully, Foster only signs a one or two game deal.

  8. pay fred !!!
    Secondly, (we) up in here in Buffalo do not just like our team when they play well. Yes they are borderline crap since Kelly retired. However, (we) don’t just jump on the bandwagon for teams like people in other places.
    “If the Bills are not in Buffalo then I will not even care about pro football.”
    Oh and I am a season ticket holder.
    I wonder where “reddog” was when his Pats were struggling with mediocrity for oh say 8 years when they didn’t make the playoffs 87-94. That’s about the same time the Bills were dominating the AFC. oh and during that same time the franchise was to be moved to St. Louis. Probably having his diaper changed?
    And also the patriots changed there name from the Boston pats to new england in order to expand there marketplace.
    So to everyone who wants to talk trash about the Buffalo Bills go ahead. Right now they stink and they may move to Canada or L.A. But as long as they are the Buffalo Bills I (we) will love them no matter what.

  9. I am a long suffering Ills fan and not sure what “buells” has been smoking (must have been a gift from that THUG Lynch), but here are answers to truwarier’s question:
    1)Mauron is still the coach b/c that cheap SOB Wilson refused to fire him and eat the new contract.
    2)Brandon sucks and he got the job b/c the cheap SOB Wilson refused to both hire a real football guy and to sell the team until he dies!
    3)The throwback uniforms suck!
    4)We continue to suffer, but hold out hope that Ralph Wilson is 90 and will soon be forced to sell the team to a real owner!
    Ills will be 4-12 in 2009! Hopefully TO will implode on Mauron by week 4!!!!!

  10. wow , edwards was my franchize qb. last year. the first few weaks i was doing real good then that game down in miami. what a smell that turned out to be. maybe a good start again & who knows?

  11. As has been stated, Fred Jackson reported (and really, what choice does he have?). And Lynch’s suspension should be at most 1 game, using Brandon Marshall as the precedent. And I agree that the first game should be a loss, but the Pats aren’t what they once were, and struggle in openers because they don’t have illegal videotape of teams yet.

  12. Hey “nickel-city”,
    Sorry, but I have been a Bills fan for over 30 years! I hate the Pats. I also hate Ralph, Mauron and the rest of the Ills pathetic mgmt team. I am fed up. I no longer live in Buffalo as there are no jobs, but I get the Sunday Ticket so I can endure every painful game!
    This team will suck in 2009 and will not improve until Ralph is no longer the owner and we both know that is only going to happen when his estate sells the team!

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