Harvin, Nicks, Britt Out Of Round One?

In the same radio spot during which SI.com’s Tony Pauline explains that he stands behind what his sources have told him regarding Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji’s positive marijuana test result from the February Scouting Combine, Pauline claims that three receivers whom many regard as being round-one prospects might not be drafted until the second round, at the earliest.
Pauline pegs Florida’s Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt of Rutgers, and North Carolina’s Hakeem Nicks as receivers who might not be receiving a first-round rookie contract.
Pauline describes Harvin as being on the fringes of round one, and Pauline says that Nicks will have a hard time getting in to the first 32 picks.  Pauline thinks that Britt will be shut out of the first round.
Last year, no receivers were taken in round one of the draft.
As to Harvin, Pauline points to “personality issues” that will prevent Harvin from meshing with a lot of coaches, as well as durability concerns, describing Harvin as the receiver version of Reggie Bush.
Pauline didn’t mention that Harvin reportedly tested positive for marijuana at the Combine.  The fact that neither Harvin nor his agent have responded to the NFLDraftBible.com report has prompted many league insiders to conclude that the report was/is accurate.
We’ll find out whether Harvin, Britt, and/or Nicks are first-round draft picks in two weeks.

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  1. how much of a difference is first round money compared to second round money?
    would a team still draft RAJI even with his weed problem? how far will he drop?

  2. @eddie d . . .
    multitasking. watching slumdog millionaire with the fam.
    here’s the trailer —

  3. ‘describing Harvin as the receiver version of Reggie Bush.’
    so he’ll catch 70 balls a year? wheres the problem

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  6. Why aren’t prospective coaches drug tested? Coaching in the NFL is a privilege.
    Why aren’t sports journalists drug tested? Reporting on the NFL is a privilege?
    Why aren’t fans drug tested? Watching the NFL on TV or at a game is a privilege.
    Why aren’t referees tested? Reffing in the NFL is a privilege.
    Why aren’t the owners tested? Being privileged is a privilege.
    Why isn’t Roger Goodell drug tested? Deciding what privileges athletes are allowed to have is a privilege.
    Why isn’t Florio drug tested? No privilege issues, but WVa sucks. If you’re all out, ask Florio Jr. Musicians can always get decent shit.

  7. @njeagle
    Did you have an AIM name NJBEagle 10 years ago? That dude was a good friend and we did online NBA and WWF sims together. It’s a long shot, but that kid was cool. I believe his name was Chris

  8. I would love to see Nicks or Brit fall to the Bears in the 2nd round.
    I would take Robiski as well.

  9. I will bet my unemployment checks for a month that at least one of those guys hits at least the twenties in the first round.

  10. @ Eddie Drycleaner:
    ….you should probly just go ahead and sit the next few plays out, champ.

  11. I am inclined to think that taking a receiver in the first round is not the thing to do. If that’s the case though, you need to see if your guy (being a player who fints your system, and has the skill set you desire) will be avail. later on, but is not necessarily the “elite receiver”.
    There have been far too many Troy Williamsons taken with high 1st round picks.
    I don’t think that there is a team out there who has just 1 need. Fill the other needs first, then look for a receiver later on.
    Too many punk receivers who will be nothing but trouble later on.
    I can’t see paying someone that much money to be a P.I.T.A

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