Part Two Of Mock Draft Is Finally Up

We flew through the top half of our current round one Mock Draft the other day, and then forgot about the back half.
So here’s the second 16.  Right here.
And in the event you’ve forgotten, here’s the first half.

9 responses to “Part Two Of Mock Draft Is Finally Up

  1. Not only do you have Mel Kiper Jr.’s bad hair, but you also have his “pin the tail on the donkey” analysis of the draft…….Well done…

  2. I would assume this is an appropriate time to use slapdick. Tyson Jackson slips to 32. Any reasoning?

  3. Most if the mock drafts have the Vikes taking a WR in the first round. I hope that is not the case. Knowing chilli maybe he’ll draft a FB in round 1 . . .

  4. I still think the Lions look at Rey Maualuga with their second first round pick. This gives them a solid starting linebacking core. They can always surf the waiver wire or look for a NDFA to help fill Reddings spot.

  5. i agree, Tyson jackson will be gone by the 15 pick at the latest. Probably alot sooner. There are so few somewhat good d-tackle/d-end types in this draft and alot of teams need them.

  6. 12. Denver Broncos: Malcolm Jenkins, defensive back, Ohio State.
    Now that new coach Josh McDaniels has run off the leader of the offense, he can lay the foundation for ditching the cornerstone of the defense.
    Florio, is there something in the water in WV or are you on mind altering drugs?
    It’s a very funny comment, perhaps even true, considering what has transpired already with McDaniels.
    But there is no way Denver takes a DB at #12. If Raji is still there it’s him, if not a DE or LB.

  7. v. davis looked real good he should be gone in the top 2 dozzen or s. smith in the top 48 why didn’t we use some sort of tag on our c.b.

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