Report: Falcons Still Want Gonzalez

Though it remains to be seen whether tight end Tony Gonzalez wants out of Kansas City, one team that tried to get him in 2008 reportedly still wants him.
Michael Lombardi of NFP reports that the Falcons are “seriously interested” in trading for the veteran Pro Bowler, and might be willing to give up their second-round pick in the draft (55th overall) to make it happen.
We see several issues with this one:
1.  Do the Chiefs want to trade Gonzalez at all?  For now, the answer isn’t clear.
2.  Does Gonzalez want out?  Again, unclear.
3.  If Gonzalez wants out, would he be willing to play for the Falcons?  One thing we know is that Gonzalez wanted no part of the Falcons during the 2008 season, when the Falcons made a play for acquiring his services.  So has Gonzalez’s position changed?
4.  With two former New England colleagues calling the shots in Kansas City and Atlanta, would this be an impediment to getting a deal done, or would it help?  Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli was able to strike a deal with Pats coach Bill Belichick for quarterback Matt Cassel, but the second-round pick the Chiefs gave up for Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel prompted suspicion that Belichick handed Pioli a sweetheart deal.  So would Pioli and/or former Pats director of college scouting Thomas Dimitroff be leery of the aftermath of a trade for Gonzalez, and would they feel the need to drive a harder bargain in order to avoid being criticized?
We’re not saying the trade can’t happen.  But several hurdles would have to be overcome in order to make it so.

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  1. Perchance before writing about the Falcons of 2008 did you stop to consider that the franchise made the playoffs, and that maybe, just maybe they are a hell of a lot more attractive proposition than playing for a lot of teams.
    In fact I could name one of those franchises that he definitely will be playing for if he’s that fussy over who he is traded to.

  2. If I’m Atlanta I don’t deal my 2nd pick for a TE with that many miles on him… A fourth sure maybe a 3rd if they throw in a ribeye too

  3. As a San Diego fan, I kind-of care. A 2nd-rounder for Gonzalez would be a good deal for KC, and less bad for Atlanta than it looks, as a highly-skilled TE is a great tool t0 bring your young QB along. Still, I think Atlanta would be crazy to give up a 2nd-rounder for a player at the end of the line, HOF’er or no, or for a TE of any sort, except a star just entering his prime.

  4. People didn’t suspect that Belichick did Pioli a favor. Teenage boys on internet message boards suspected that Belichick did Pioli a favor. The idea that Mr. “He’d Do Anything To Win” – “He Sucks The Joy Out Of Football – He Runs Up The Score” – “He Won’t Shake Jesus Dungy’s Hand” would hurt his own franchise to “help a friend” is so absurd that only an internet knucklehead would type out the words. You can’t have it both ways, kiddies.

  5. I’d take two or three years from Gonzalez for a second-rounder. It’s hard to argue with acquiring a 33-year-old TE who caught 185 passes, gained over 2,000 yards, and amassed 15 TDs over the last two seasons. He also keeps himself in really good shape.
    Shannon Sharpe’s career seems like a good comparison for Gonzalez. Shannon retired after catching 62 passes for 770 yards and 8 TDs at the age of 35. Both will be Hall of Famers. The price of the second-rounder is the belief in a sure thing over potential.

  6. Cue indignant, angry patsie fans armed with rants…. how DARE you suggest anything untoward about BillGod.

  7. Florio, you are such a moron sometimes. You really think that Pioli and Dimitroff care about that trade with cassell and what morons like yourself have to say about this trade?> WHAT ARE YOU , KANYE WEST? come on Florio, get off your high horse, these front office guys could care less what you and the media say about their trades, because they know how the business works and you act like you do, which you obviously dont. Get off the Patriots hate train too, you are a writer, your supposed to be non-partial you asshole.

  8. he wants to play for the giants…we’re going to trade for him also dont worry about it lol

  9. Gonzo might be old, but look at his production last year – and that was with Tyler Thigpen throwing him the rock and Dwayne Bowe being the only other option in the passing game.
    Matt Ryan at QB and Roddy White at WR would be a significant upgrade and would let Gonzo get the most out of his remaining years.

  10. Well … maybe a 2nd rounder from say N.E. would make more sense.
    Hey … we “GAVE” you Matt Cassel … now let’s balance this thing out for say pick #58 …
    Atlanta’s pick #55 is WAY-too high for someone who may question how much longer he’s going to play …

  11. OF COURSE Gonzalez wants out of KC. He doesn’t want to be know as the greatest TE that never won a playoff game….
    Seriously – is there another player in the Hall of Fame that never won at least one playoff game??

  12. First of all, I’m a huge Chiefs fan and I’m a huge Tony Gonzalez fan. That being said, if I’m running the Chiefs and Atlanta offers their 2nd round pick for him, I do that deal in a heartbeat and hope TG wears Chiefs gear when he gets inducted into the H.O.F. But I don’t do the deal for less than their 2nd round pick.
    On the flip-side, I think it would also be a great deal for the Falcons too. I watched every play of every Chiefs game last year (torture, I know) – Tony Gonzalez still has a ton left in his tank. He has 3 good years left, possibly even more. The guy has always taken care of himself and he’s never even had a major injury. To say he’s still playing at an elite level isn’t even doing it justice – he’s still the best tight-end in the game. So Atlanta trades an unknown quantity – their 2nd round pick – for at least 2 years with the best tight-end in the game. Sounds good for both sides – though as a fan, I have to admit it would be tough seeing Tony in any other gear besides Chiefs’ gear.

  13. “One thing we know is that Gonzalez wanted no part of the Falcons during the 2008 season”
    Nobody wanted any part of the 2008 Falcons.
    Until Matt Ryan played like a NFL vet, the coach brought a whole new attitude in and Michael Turner ran all over the place.
    The 2009 Falcons are coming off a playoff season with the NFL rookie of the year.
    they look a lot better in April of 2009 then they did in April of 2008.

  14. If Atlanta makes that offer, the deal will be done. Chiefs’ Brad Cottam will be an adequate replacement in an offense that doesn’t rely on the tight end to dominate the passing game. Pioli & Haley probably want nothing to do with Gonzalez’ primadonna attitude.

  15. 1. No
    2. yes
    3. Yes (Now that the Falcons are considered legit, whereas before the 2008 NFL season …)
    4. It can happen.
    But it probably won’t

  16. One wonders what world Hail2theChief and BradygothurtLMAO live in.
    Do you think they realize that Gonzalez has averaged 82 catches for 1000 yards and 7 TD’s the past 10 years ??? Or that LAST YEAR he had 96 catches for 1058 yards and 10 TD’s with a horseplop quarterback. Imagine what he’d do with a good (much less great QB) throwing to him ??? Oh yeah, he’s almost done.
    That why I wanted Packers GM Ted Thompson to make the trade last year for a #2 pick. That #2 pick is a total uncertainly. Gonzalez is not only a great player, but is the best TE in the game (maybe the best ever !), and is a good character guy as well.
    It’s just one of the many reasons why I feel Ted Thompson (now that Matt Millen is gone) is the wrost GM in all of football. This “genius” would rather have Donald Lee and a 2nd round draft pick that could be a total bust (just look at TT’s picks the last 2 years), than a Superstar. Not to mention he’s signed for the next 3 years, and with the Packers having about $28 MILLION in available cap space – it makes it a no-brainer, but when you have a GM with no brain, well …
    I’d make the trade with KC if I were the Packers GM in half a second, and would give up our #2 pick which is #41 overall, and just watch what opposing D-Coordinators would do with a trio of Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and Tony Gonzalez to defend against. Not to mention it’d help out Ryan Grant at RB as it would force safeties to play further off the line and defend the pass.

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