Whitner Is Formally Charged

As expected, Bills safety Donte Whitner formally has been charged with aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest as a result of a Saturday morning incident in Cleveland.
Whitner found himself on the wrong end of a Taser during the arrest, and he vowed after being released from custody on Saturday to sue the police.
No court date has been set, but Whitner is expected to make an initial appearance within the next two weeks.

9 responses to “Whitner Is Formally Charged

  1. I’m waiting for mr. winter’s lawsuit against the police, bet he’ll be singing a different tune when he’s begging commish not to suspend him

  2. Lost in all these reports is that we still don’t know what Whitner got Ted Ginn for his birthday.

  3. Gee, wasn’t Cedric Benson “formally charged” twice last year?
    I hate it when people jump to conclusions about a guy, kind of like that cop in Dallas who jumped to some conclusions about Ryan Moats.
    You just never know until everything shakes out.

  4. Method to help ensure that you get arrested for an incident: tell the press that you were inappropriately handled by the police but provide no evidence of this such as video in the Moats case.
    That said, I agree with a prior comment that being formally charged is not the same as guilty at all, there have too many times shocking news comes out about an arrest but the charges are later dropped.

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