Massaquoi To Bears?

University of Georgia wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi has been projected as the Chicago Bears’ second-round draft pick with the 49th overall selection, according to Mike Mayock of NFL Network and Mel Kiper of ESPN.
During a conference call today, Mayock, citing league sources, told reporters that Massaquoi is one of the fastest-rising prospects in the draft.
Massaquoi is scheduled to visit the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday.
He has previously visited the Tennessee Titans and has had private workouts for the Bears, New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions.
A few other possible landing spots for Massaquoi are the San Francisco 49ers’ No. 43 overall selection and the Patriots’ No. 47 overall pick.
At the NFL Scouting Combine, he conducted formal interviews with the 49ers, Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens.
An All-Southeastern Conference selection and four-year starter, Massaquoi caught 58 passes for 920 yards and eight touchdowns last season. His career totals are 158 receptions, 2,282 yards and 16 touchdowns.
The 6’2,” 210-pounder ran the 40-yard dash in 4.49 seconds at his Pro Day workout.

14 responses to “Massaquoi To Bears?

  1. Aaron Wilson needs to stop quoting Kiper’s mock draft like people care about what Kiper thinks. Also, I’m sick of his stupid headlines so and so rising, (insert team here) interested in (insert player here). Boring!

  2. Jay Cutler drops back to pass….
    Massaquoi is wide open streaking down the sideline…
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jay Cutler is picked off and the ball is going the other way for a touchdown!!!!
    Get used to it Bears fans, this scenario will take place once or twice a game.
    Pat Bowlen & The Denver Broncos Fan Base

  3. You tell ’em Abe! When armchair QB #234,529,045 says it, it’s as good as gold. Believe it. Word to ya mutha!

  4. betcha dollars to donuts these league sources are the voice’s in Mayocks heard saying “if you throw enough sh_t on the wall, some of it will stick”

  5. You lost me at “Mel Kiper.” I love how this site has evolved to a site that just restates what other sports sites say. And Vandizzle is right on the money! I’m more excited about the draft but its not because I wanna see who goes where… its because these ridiculous stories will finally end.

  6. I love how players’ stock rise a fall suddenly from January until draft day. Does what they did during the actual games even matter?

  7. FumbleNuts says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    Cutler to Massaquoi= TOUCHDOWN!
    Posts with equal signs in them = STUPID!

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