Bengals Claim Russell Off Waivers

The Cincinnati Bengals claimed running back Gary Russell off waivers on Friday, according to The move comes one day after the Steelers cut ties with Russell.
Russell ran 28 times for 77 yards and three touchdowns for the Steelers in the 2008 regular season. He added two more touchdowns in the postseason, including their first touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII. Russell also returned 16 kicks for 371 yards.
That kick return experience may appeal to the Bengals. Wide receiver Glenn Holt, last year’s leading returner, signed with the Vikings as a free agent in March. Andre Caldwell, a 2008 third-round pick, had 13 returns for them last season and may be another option.
If the Bengals were looking to add depth behind Cedric Benson in the draft, Russell’s acquisition may indicate that they’re looking in a different direction. Russell joins James Johnson, Chris Perry and Kenny Watson as potential backups for Benson.

19 responses to “Bengals Claim Russell Off Waivers

  1. He is doing what Jeff Fisher useto do . Grab up former Steelers and try to learn everything they can in hopes of one day beating the Steelers again lol ………….

  2. He’ll be #2 behind Benson by the time the season starts. The kid showed promise, I still don’t know why they cut him. They should trade Parker while he’s worth something…

  3. first the bengals when healthy usually split with the steelers.
    second their are no teams named bungles.
    third you patheic steeler fans should stick to your own team page.

  4. With the typical Pennsyl-tuckian six rings would still leave room for “one for the thumb”. Go Ravens!

  5. This seems to confirm the rumors that the Steelers would only cut him because they found him in a hotel room with a crack pipe, a prostitute and a midget.
    As it was the Bengals that picked him up would seem turn this rumor into pretty much a fact.

  6. The most annoying thing about YOU Steelers fans is that you Honestly think you had something to do with the fact that the Steelers won the Super Bowl.
    I guess that is all you have to hope for in a scum ridden piece of shit blu collar city.
    Primanti Brothers and Steel City Beer, Poor people and piss water!

  7. I had heard that they cut him today and the very first thing I thought of was, “Hey Russell, how would you like to go punish your old team twice a year for cutting you?”.
    Then I heard that they actually signed him?
    Anticipation is building…………….

  8. If Russell was smart, he would have signed with a team that actually has a real chance of making the playoffs. Instead, he signed with the Bungles. Oh well, good luck, Russell, because you are going to need it. I wish you could have stayed on the greatest team and franchise in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  9. @DownWithTheClowne
    Great stuff, love reading the hate for the greatest team of the modern era that appears in every Steelers related article on this site, no matter how small they may be. But hey, I don’t understand a lot of things…the class bashing even though Pittsburgh is mostly populated by white colar professionals and students these days…the comparisons to a far away state that make no sense…
    Are you the guys that made Florio close the Jets/Titans comment board?
    Stay classy. I know you will.

  10. Has Russel been arrested? I must have missed that police blog. Wait a second! Did the Bungles just sign a clean guy? I don’t believe it!
    Reap what you sow. Tank (spank) and Ced has-n-never will be Ben what a way to “build” a team. People need to be fired…

  11. The Bengals got a solid backup RB and quality special teamer. Good luck to Gary Russell. I am glad to see he was not without a team for long.

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