Peters Passes Physical

Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jason Peters has passed his physical with the Philadelphia Eagles following his trade from the Buffalo Bills today, according to Adam Caplan of
Per the report, Peters is at the Eagles’ training complex.
Citing a team source, Caplan reported that the trade terms were agreed upon this morning and has been in the works ever since the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Arizona Cardinals.
The Eagles’ fallback plan if the Peters deal hadn’t been executed was to shift right offensive guard Shawn Andrews to left tackle, according to a team source.
Of course, the success of the trade will hinge upon whether Peters performs to an optimum level. Sometimes, Peters’ desire and work ethic have been questioned.
“If he’s motivated, the Eagles got a steal,” NFL analyst and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski told “The guy is really talented, but he didn’t play at the same level last season that he did previously.”
The Eagles are still working on a new contract for Peters as talks have begun with his Indiana-based agent, Eugene Parker.

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  1. So the Eagles offensive line is going to be Jason Peters at LT, Max Jean-Gilles at LG, Jamaal Jackson at C, Shawn Andrews at RG and Stacy Andrews at RT. That’s a pretty strong line for a division known for very good pass rushers.

  2. Awesome! Now use this year’s #21 to draft a RB or Pettigrew and trade next year’s #32 for Boldin.

  3. Did part of his physical include getting owned by mediocre D-linemen multiple times per game, and then making excuses and cite how well he performed all the other snaps?

  4. Solid move needed to strengthen the offensive line and hopefully make Westbrook a dominant playmaker again if he can stay healthy. Would love for them to pull the trigger draft day and get Boldin in here. He would be a great addition to the team, and I do not want to see the Giants get him.

  5. if everyone is so down on his work and play ability then how did this guy make it to the probowl the past 2 seasons? jason you better not peter the eagles.

  6. Welcome to town. Maybe Mike will treat you to a cheesesteak while you’re both here.

  7. Peters is the most over rated lineman in the NFL. Check out how many sacks he allowed last year. Buffalo absolutely raped Philly.

  8. Re: “Jaworski told “The guy is really talented, but he didn’t play at the same level last season that he did previously.”

    EXACTLY! In fact Bills o-line was even worse after he came back to the team.

  9. Peters blew the season off last year, that’s it. As a guess, probably to protest the lack of a new deal. And Buffalo comes along and pays 2 other free agents OLs more money than him. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. From Buffalo’s perspective it’s a bit of a weird situation. They would have wanted to see him play at a high level in back to back years at LT before they inked another contract. And that’s the crux of the problem – they weren’t convinced. Signing those 2 other players though probably indicates that Buffalo had already made up its mind about shipping him – that’s as clear a slap in the face as you can get. If he is a top 5 young LT you don’t make him the 3rd highest paid player on the OL. You sign him long term and then bring in the other pieces. So either the Bills are really smart evaluators of talent, or they’re incredibly obtuse and stubborn idiots. Time will tell.

  10. Andrew brothers and Peters, well that should keep McNabb upright for a while longer. Now they better spend the picks they have left on RB 1st round, TE or tall WR with 2nd and use the rest of the 6 or so picks on safeties and DE’s.

  11. Peters isn’t gonna help keep mcnabb upright…he allowed the most sacks in the NFL by any left tackle last season, and he missed 3 full games and 3/4 of 2 others. You notice the Bills started to go in the tank shortly after this guy got back on the field? He’s ridiculously overrated. I know the 28th pick is no sure thing, but you don’t have to pay that pick 10 million plus. He’s had one good season, two mediocre seasons, and one awful season since he’s been a regular. I’d hardly call him a top 5 tackle…a top 5 talent for sure, but not a top 5 tackle. There’s 3 taken in last years draft alone that were better than him as rookies (Albert, Long, and Clady). What a waste of a pick for philly.

  12. ahstoosu82: It’ll be Todd Herremans at LG. MJG will probably miss a good deal of the season due to injury, and with Andrews out, Todd was the Eagles best o-lineman last year.

  13. As a Cowboys fan, it’s good to know that the Eagirls brought in a guy like this. I mean he only gave up a league-worst 11.5 sacks last year. In 13 games. OMG, the Eagirls’ starting tackles gave up a combined 21 sacks last season! Quick, somebody check if Lurie took out a life insurance policy on McNabb. No way he makes it through the season.

  14. good luck Iggles! Once you pay this fool he will balloon to 400lbs and be out of the league in 3 years! Not thay my Ills will do anything good with the late 1st round pick, but at least this bumm is gone. The Ills were going to be 4-12 in 2009 even with Peters so no big loss here!

  15. Herremans will be the LG and he’s a damn good one. I really think that if the starting five Oline remain healthy they are talented enough to be the best line in the league.

  16. “Elaw6 says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 4:56 pm
    Albert Haynesworth is gonna abuse this guy. ”
    You do realize tackles line up against ends, right?

  17. I’m not sure what the Eagles are thinking with either of their tackle acquisitions. Both Peters and Stacey Andrews are overrated and gave up a lot of sacks last year, in fact more than the guys they’re replacing. Sack stats don’t tell the whole picture but at the same time it does have to be a concern, particularly in the case of Peters. And anybody who quits on their team the way he did I don’t want on my team. Garbage.

  18. Do you, honestly, believe the Eagles are going to let Albert go one on one against Herremans ??? He’ll get chipped by Jackson or help from Weaver in the backfield…

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