Report: Bills Trade Peters To Eagles

The Buffalo Bills have traded Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jason Peters to the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Jay Glazer of
In exchange for Peters, the Bills receive the Eagles’ 28th overall pick of the first round as well as a second-day draft pick in this year’s draft and a late-round draft pick in 2010.
Peters has been unhappy with his contract and hasn’t been attending the Bills’ offseason activities after staging a holdout last summer at training camp.
Presumably, Peters will be seeking a new deal from his new employers.
The Eagles needed an offensive tackle after starter Tra Thomas left in free agency. Jon Runyan is a free agent and has been battling injuries.

171 responses to “Report: Bills Trade Peters To Eagles

  1. if true, (I haven’t seen it on any official website and ESPN says they are close to a deal) the Eagles O line should be a fortress this season!

  2. Peters is THE MOST overrated tackle in the NFL.
    Bravo Buffalo…
    Personally, I am estatic, and the Eagles will soon see just what a turnstyle this whiner really is.
    All talk, and good for at least two sacks a game all on his own.

  3. I like this trade, even better than a Bolden trade for Philly. Philly needs a LT more than it needs a WR.
    In addition, I think the biggest reason Bolden hasn’t been traded is because I don’t think Ariz wants to trade him within the NFC, and the best offers have come from NFC teams…

  4. Philly fans can finally kiss their WR dreams goodbye. No Boldin/Ocho Cinco trades for us this year.

  5. Is Peters better than the offensive tackles available in the upcoming draft? With the best tackles in the draft expected to go top-3, why weren’t more teams stepping up to make a trade on a proven tackle with NFL experience entering his prime? It’s not like free-agency where the disgruntled player has some input into his destination.
    Are late first round picks becoming the most valuable with their associated salary range? May explain Cassel trade a little.

  6. Awesome trade. That was a steal if all we gave up was the 28th and a second day pick(id guess a 5th round).

  7. Supposedly it’s a 1st and a 4th, plus next years late pick. Now trade the other 1st and 3rd for Boldin, use the 2nd rounder on a RB, and march on to a Super Bowl win!

  8. So ten years after drafting Tra and then getting Runyan as a free agent, we pick up Stacey Andrews as an FA and now trade for Jason Peters. That pick was from our trade of last years #1. Wow, great news. E

  9. YES!!! A FIRST ROUNDER!! I hate jason peters. 13.5 sacks less this year will be nice.

  10. I don’t even know what to think. I like the move but really want Boldin and a young running back.

  11. Nice pick-up for the Iggles. Now maybe they can package their other first round pick (#21) along with their third round pick (#85) to snag Boldin. Somehow I don’t see them doing it. I see them eyeing up Knowshown Moreno at #21. I hope I’m wrong and the Eagles can get Boldin, but I’m not gonna hold my breathe.

  12. Good deal. There is till a chance we could trade our other 1st and a 3rd for Boldin….

  13. The Eagles have been sniffing around this guy for some time. The move makes sense, but, this probably means that the move for Boldin will not happen. Interesting that they pulled the trigger on this after looking at the kid from Baylor just yesterday (which they would have had to trade up to get), guess they weren’t impressed.

  14. Way to go Bills…good young left tackles are real easy to come by. Trent Edwards is never going to be able to get the ball to T.O. now that he’ll spend most of the ground face down in the dirt.

  15. is a first and a third (if that’s what it is) enough for a franchise LT??? C’mon Florio, let’s see some analysis.

  16. just dumb, Bills knew what they had and traded it away to gamble on a rookie OT that they will have to pay.

  17. Excellent — and he’s only 27, too! Hopefully that means he’ll be here for 6 or 7 years. Now, if the Eagles brass would pull off that trade for Boldin — the rest of the holes on the roster could be filled through the draft. I’m beginning to like our chances this year…

  18. Ahhhhhh maaaaaan, I was looking forward to seeing Osi go up against Winston Justice twice a year. Bummer.
    Go Giants

  19. Certainly a good trade. Now the Birds still have that 21st pick, and there’s no chance of them moving up to take a fat lineman. They could still use that 21 to help get Boldin, and just watch most of the first day of the draft.

  20. I like the trade, but wonder if that kills any potential deal for Boldin. At least the tackle position is taken care of. We can stop talking about Britton, Smith, ect…

  21. Seriously?
    The Eagles have 9 OL on their roster.
    4 definite starters in Andrews, Andrews, Jackson, and Herremans.
    3 solid backups with starting ability in Cole, MJG, and Justice.
    2 mid round guys from last years draft that can play any interior spot.
    Andy has been right way more than he has been wrong in the last 10 years but if guys like Boldin and Edwards are available for roughly the same package, it seems like that would have been the bigger impact deal. Hopefully Peters isn’t the bum I keep hearing that he is from all my Buffalo friends because he won’t last long in Philly if he doesn’t come to play. Fingers crossed on this one.
    Maybe they have plans for Ocho Cinco with their 2nd or 3rd rounder and Reggie Brown? I’d do that one in a heartbeat.

  22. So glad his fat, over-valued, lazy ass is out of Buffalo. Have fun with the 11.5 sacks he gave up Philly. He completely sucked in 08. Was amazing in 07. Who knows what you’ll get.

  23. Looks like they won’t have to trade up after all. My only concern is “2nd day pick” might mean a third rounder. Still, good job, guys!

  24. Better trade for Eagirls, but the Bills needed to get something. Hopefully, Arizona will see this and not be to greedy with Quan.

  25. Atleast now Eagle fans can quit their wet dreams of trading one of their first round picks for Boldin

  26. So are the Eagles officially out of the Boldin hunt, now that they are without a 1st round pick?

  27. so basically they gave Peters away after not wanting to trade him… why didn’t the vikes get in on this….
    kinda reminds me of Pau Gasol trade.. highway robbery!

  28. yeah great trade eagles. I now know for sure you won’t be trading for boldin.. 2 big trades within a year will never happen in phili

  29. Can the Iggles still afford to trade for Anquan Boldin? If so, what an off season!

  30. Ok Andy Reid, you got your lineman… again…
    Now go get Boldin for Donovan already… PLEASE!!!

  31. This dude better be a stud! A first round pick + two others? Sounds like we could have picked up Boldin for the same picks…

  32. I like the pickup first of all, he’s a monster. But I also like that he’s another familiar face for Shawn seeing as how both went to Arkansas. Granted he didn’t play on the line then, but it could hopefully help Shawn nonetheless

  33. So this is my third post. I haven’t seen the other two yet. Probably will with this post. But gauddamnit, great pickup. Picking up Andrews and Peters, wow, like Tra and Runyan 10 yrs ago (Ray Rhodes only good draft pick ever and then Reid’s best FA pickup). I still like Andy Reid. Would you rather have Rich Kotite, or Ray Rhodes… Now next years first and a second from this year for Boldin… Then with 21, RB or TE… I love football and most importantly, BEAT DALLAS! E

  34. Nice trade.
    Now we STILL have the ammo (#21 in the 1st, and a 3rd rounder) to get Boldin (or Braylon), which would leave us a 2nd rounder to pick up Donald Brown, RB from UCONN….OR…we could just use #21 on Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Wells, or package w some other picks to move up and grab a receiver or TE

  35. This makes the ravens even more of a front runner for Boldin. Will the eagles trade both their first round picks this year?

  36. I guess I owe ‘PJ From Philly’ an apology.
    950ESPN is reporting that Sal Pal, and John Clayton have confirmed it. Eagles 28th pick, Eagles 4th rounder and pick next year. ESPN’s Eagle’s beat reporter is also confirming.

  37. Nice trade.
    Now we STILL have the ammo (#21 in the 1st, and a 3rd rounder) to get Boldin (or Braylon), which would leave us a 2nd rounder to pick up Donald Brown, RB from UCONN….OR…we could just use #21 on Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Wells, or package w some other picks to move up and grab a receiver or TE.

  38. Holy shit…..A pro bowl OL for the 28th pick and a few special teamers……..not a bad deal……

  39. Def a good deal for the Eagles, as long as they do not over pay this oversized primadona.
    The real question is does this take them out of the Anquan Boldin sweepstakes? if there really is one?

  40. highway robbery?
    for a guy who has had one great season? (2 years ago) and who was truly average last year, and who holds out on his contract with 3 years remaining?
    enjoy him eagles….

  41. this MIGHT give us the best O line in football! If Peters decides to play for the contract he believes he deserves, and Stacy Andrews levels off Shawn, we might have the best line in the game. But I’m still for throwing a 1st and a 3rd in for Anquan! That’d be four picks used this year on 2 pro bowlers (sounds good to me) and we’d still have 6 picks left to find someone to spell B-West as necessary!

  42. So much for the Falcons landing Pettigrew with No. 24. I just hope we don’t draft one of the “White Nation” juicebackers from USC. Here’s to hoping we land Louis Delmas somehow.

  43. yay eagles made a good trade instead of wasting a draft pick on a 50/50 bust or success
    next up
    draft Darrius hayword-bey

  44. with the 21st pick the Philadelphia Eagles select Chris “beanie” Wells, running back Ohio State University.


  46. As a Viking Fan I was hoping the Bills would take Bryant McKinnie straight up for Peters, but I am kind of a dreamer.

  47. There goes the Peppers to Eagles draft day trade. I guess we will have Peppers for one more year.

  48. one down, one to go…Might as well get out of the high priced 1st round & get Boldin. At least you know what you’re getting with the two players you traded out for-

  49. We still have the ammo (#21 in the 1st, and a 3rd rounder) to get Boldin (or Braylon), which would leave us a 2nd rounder to pick up Donald Brown, RB from UCONN, OR, we could just use #21 on Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Wells.

  50. So if the Eagles give him a new deal how long til he bitches about that? Once a douche, always a douche.

  51. Ouch … it’s a 1st/4th and a late pick next year? I’m sure the Bills took the best deal they could get … but I’m stunned that Peters couldn’t net more, particularly in this weak draft.
    Excellent deal for the Eagles. This still allows them to make a Braylon Edwards/Anquan Boldin deal by shipping off a 1/3 and allowing them still have a 2nd rounder perhaps, along with, IIRC, 7 more picks in day 2?

  52. Now trade #21 and the 3rd rounder for Boldin, draft a running back in the second round, pick up a blocking tight end and we’re set.

  53. Terrible trade for philly…they’re still gonna have to pay him 10 million plus per season. I have a feeling he’ll become a pretty average player after he gets paid.

  54. Sweet! I haven’t checked lately, but Philly must have the heaviest OL in the NFL at this point!

  55. great move for the birds. i like it. now just a 1st and a 3rd for mr boldin and watch out.

  56. The bottom line with JP2 is that he just didn’t want to play for Buffalo. He wanted out and forced them to make a trade. I’m calling that he signs a deal with the Eagles worth no more than an average $9 million/year. He will not and does not deserve to be the highest paid LT in the NFL. And, he knows it.

  57. The Bills also get one pallet of unsold “Quarterback of the Future” books that Florio was just hocking in Philly this week.

  58. Nice trade. Hey Bills, if you want a shot at one of the top two tackles, I bet you could probably trade like that 1.11 and 1.28 for the 1.1.
    I’m just sayin’.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  59. Wow. Well, that means the Eagles will probably not trade for Boldin. Although they trade completely out of the 1st round before.
    What’s interesting is that the 28th pick was one they picked up from Carolina for trading out of the 1st round last year. Carolina signed Jeff Otah with the pick they got from the Eagles, who is also a left tackle.

  60. Nice Move. Wonder if we still can still pull off a Bolden trade once Peters gets his new deal?

  61. Nice move by the Bills. Franchise left tackles are a dime a dozen anyway. It’s not like you’ve got a developing young QB who will be throwing to a couple Pro Bowl WRs or anything.

  62. Ok, ok, now if we land Boldin or Edwards, I KNOW FOR A FACT, a Super Bowl is coming to Philly…. home sweet home….

  63. That’s a fire sale price for the Eagles. Bills must have just given up on making the guy happy. Now, what will the new contract cost?

  64. I still think the Eagles could’ve done better with that draft pick. McNabb STILL has no weapons.

  65. sooooo, i guess that mean’s no anquan boldin! i doubt they would trade both 1st round picks. ahhhh thanks philly for killing me again!!!!

  66. Eagles robb them w/ this pick. Give up their later 1st rounder and 2 2nd DAY picks (1 enxt year). Eagles might have the biggest and best O line in the league, when they are healthy. Kinda a lost cause if Andy Reid runs the ball 16.6666% of the time.
    Guess we out of the Anquan Boldin running now

  67. This should solidify our line. This should make McNabb a little more secure in the back field. Now let’s get Moreno.

  68. Is it true that Peters played with Shawn Andrews in college? Along with the addition of his brother, this should be one of the best O-lines in the league.

  69. Now just Get Anquan and we are ready for the draft. it narrows down our needs. Welcome to Philly Mr. Peters.

  70. Love the trade. They were likely going to draft an O-lineman with one of the first rounders anyway – why not get a proven Pro-bowler? Those other 2 picks in the trade are chump-change.
    And they keep that earlier first-round pick to draft Knowshon…..

  71. Bills can’t get Evans or TO the ball if they can’t block. Do the Bills select Michael Oher at #11 or do they package #11 & #28 to move up ahead of the Bengals and get Andre Smith? As a Browns fan, I’m hoping we get those two picks.

  72. wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bills trade down again out of 28, in order to keep the number of 1st round picks to just one. Ralph Wilson throws nickels around like manhole covers.

  73. I am so happy that he is gone. Now we can atleast get a good draft and sign Fred Jackson. Good call Russ Brandon. Get Fred Jackson signed and be smart on draft day. We’re FINALLY making some moves.

  74. I guess this eliminates the possibility of the Eagles trading up in the first round for a top-tackle.
    Good deal for the Eagles, they get a proven tackle vs. an unproven draft pick, and give up less than they would’ve to trade up and take the said unproven tackle.

  75. according to an espn report by sal pal, the 2nd pick this year is a 4th; the 2010 pick is described by glazer as late round. sal pal report also notes that it is likely that the deal is agreed to in principle, contingent on peters passing a physical and the negotiation of an extension before announcing the deal.
    if the front office hasn’t misjudged whether they can make peters happy with his deal, then he’s much better than what they could reasonably expect to get at 28, and with the four 5th round picks, the 4th was expendable.
    wonder how this affects effort to obtain Boldin, since he’s better than anyone they can get at 21, unless moreno turns out to be a stud.

  76. woohoo! now I wonder if we are going to offer our 21 overall and our 3rd rd pick for boldin. then we can package up our 2nd rd pick and 3 5th rounders to move back up in the 1st rd…maybe just maybe. just a thought.

  77. i will not miss him. he harps for a new contract and acts like a whiny baby….then has a horrible season where he gave up more sacks than any other left tackle in the league…and he lets everyone know he wants to be the highest paid tackle for doing so…good trade for both teams. enjoy paying him money he doesnt deserve(and we’ll do the same with our first round draft pick)

  78. hopefully this is good, but he’s about to be paid the most for a tackle. damn i really wanted boldin though. i though our line might be in ok shape so we could get a WR. oh well he better be good

  79. highway robbery Ammo?
    I’ll take 3 players for Peters any day. I wanted a 1st & anything for him. He has zero motivation beyond $$$ – he doesn’t even want to get better as a player! He’ll sign a new contract with Philly & hold out halfway through it. He destroyed the O line chemistry in Bflo last year and he’ll do it at some point in Philly too. Tons of talent but an absolute zero in work ethic & has no interest in improving his technique. Just wait until you watch him get bull rushed ten times against the Giants & you’ll be wondering why & how he went to the Pro Bowl. He also has not managed to finish a complete season because he has no guts. (I am assuming you are a Philly fan – if not we can laugh together when it happens)

  80. terrible deal for the bills. absolutely terrible. now we have to take either oher or andre smith IF they’re there at 11 then develop and pay them. then turn around and take michael johnson or pettigrew at 28, IF we’re lucky. all that for an extra 4th and some mystery late pick next year we will use on another bum who won’t even make the roster.
    we are officially a farm team: nate clements, pat williams, antoine winfield, angelo crowell, willis mcgahee…
    by the time poz, leodis and youboty are good players they’ll be on the vikings or eagles.
    i’m officially a colts fan.

  81. he was average last year…11.5 sacks given up last year. Didn’t deserve the pro bowl.
    Man has mulit-million dollar talent with a dollar menu head. Good luck motivating him once he gets his HUGE contract.

  82. Welp, guess the Bills will just have to rely on Derrick Dockery to anchor the offensive line this year.
    Oh, wait…
    Hopefully Trent Edwards is paid up on his dental insurance.

  83. As a Dolphins fan…Jason Peters did not play well against the Fish…he had a mediocre year. I think the Eagles should have went after Boldin.

  84. This doesn’t technically take us out of the running for Boldin. If anyone here remembers, the Eagles traded their lesser 1st rounder and still have their best pick available to trade. The past two seasons, the Eagles have traded out of the first round. So, it’s not unfathomable to think they won’t do it again…

  85. 13.5 sacks…I am kind of stunned at this move for the Eagles…setting themselves up for dissappointment.

  86. 2 time probowler and 2007 All Pro Selection! For a 1 (28) and a 4 (121)?! No brainer!! I don’t care how much he cried about a new contract. Eagles will have one of the best O-lines in the league. Now grab a RB with the 21st pick!! GO BIRDS!!!!

  87. Prime Time,
    You want to know who the Eagles are? We’re the ones that got you that 44-6 Christmas present last year. Hope you liked it, ’cause you’re getting the same thing again this year!

  88. I like this move. The bird’s line should be really good this year. This doesn’t take us out of the running for Boldin, but I’d say the odds don’t look good. Besides I want them to have a pick in the first round. It’s been since 2006 that they’ve taken anyone in the first and I want something to watch the draft for.

  89. Screw a wide reciever… Flash doesn’t win in the NFL… Tell me the last flashy reciever that won a superbowl in New England ??? Pittsburgh ??? Hmmmm…
    The Peters move is fantastic… Just what this team needs to win… Get off the wide reciever bandwagon Philly, I wanna bitchslap every single person that whines and says, ” we need Anquan Boldin “… You’re an idiot and know nothing about football… You win from the inside out…
    Next is to sure up the “D”…
    Of the last 10 superbowl winners, who have the Eagles had a better defense than ??? One and that was the Colts… Get on it Reid…

  90. this is what drives me crazy-
    the lions have the 1st pick overall and cannot decide between tackle and qb- they need both
    they could have went stafford with 1st pick and use the 2nd for peters.
    they could had a good base

  91. This certainly doesn’t hurt my hopes of a new Purple and Black #81 jersey this year. And I don’t mean Marcus Smith.

  92. simon sez says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 7:06 pm
    “this is what drives me crazy-
    the lions have the 1st pick overall and cannot decide between tackle and qb- they need both
    they could have went stafford with 1st pick and use the 2nd for peters.
    they could had a good base”
    You know what drives ME crazy? People not knowing jacksh*t about player management in football. So you want the Lions to deal their 2nd 1st round pick and other picks they desparately need for Peters, pay Peters in excess of $50 million, AND use the number one overall pick on Stafford, whom they are going to have to spend around $70 million on? This isn’t a game of Madden or some delusional version of fantasy football. Think first, then type.

  93. joshrm says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:52 pm
    Screw a wide reciever… Flash doesn’t win in the NFL
    I do agree with you but, Reid pases SO much and refuses to run a top flight tough WR is really needed as is a TE who can block and a RB.
    However, defense does win and there are major problems with the Eagles D. Speed and scheme, if you ask me. A good QB beats Jim Johnson EVERY TIME. This is the real reason that the Eagles loose SB and championship games. McNabb brings them back and the defense gives up another. Defense needs to be shored up at EVERY postition – and the includes middle linebacker. Sorry Bradley fans.

  94. I can’t believe I had to tread through 7 pages of assinine comments to get to two good ones.
    @joshrm: I agree. All the boneheads screaming about skill players are ignoring that we picked up the best available FB, two of the best 3 available OTs (both young!), and even if you’re crying about Dawk, that kid from the Browns is young and talented (and will be less of a liability in coverage).
    @smush: I think you’ll see your desire for defensive draft picks. AR pulls some good ones and some bad ones, but he knows to succeed in the NFC East you need a fast, aggressive defense. He now has impressive guys in the trenches on both sides. I gotta disagree though, I think CB is set…. add DE/LB/S all day, but they have an armful of good DTs and CBs. Also, I think Warner pretty much played out of his mind in the NFCCG5, it’s tough to say a good QB beats JJ _every_ time. Some people voted that clown in Dallas to the Pro Bowl and he lost 44-6….. then puked
    I can’t for the life of me see them drafting an RB early, it just doesn’t fit with their history. They’re going for RB at 53, someone in the Shonn Green league. The question is what to do with that 21…. It seems like there’s a fire sale to move up, but Maclin and Crabtree are the only guys really worthy of it….. Pettigrew seems like a bit of a reach at 21, maybe the boo-birds are on to something with this Boldin business…. Never hurts to dream.

  95. Does anyone also realize who Peters played next to last year? Dockery!
    That man sucked terribly last year and that’s the reason why Dockery got cut.

  96. Smush Rodrigez says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 9:32 pm
    I do agree with you but, Reid pases SO much and refuses to run a top flight tough WR is really needed as is a TE who can block and a RB.
    However, defense does win and there are major problems with the Eagles D. Speed and scheme, if you ask me. A good QB beats Jim Johnson EVERY TIME. This is the real reason that the Eagles loose SB and championship games. McNabb brings them back and the defense gives up another. Defense needs to be shored up at EVERY postition – and the includes middle linebacker. Sorry Bradley fans……
    Completely agree with that… Bradley isn’t what this team needs… The Eagles believe they can draft with anyone in the NFL and, unfortunately, over the last couple of years, this is proving to be a weakness for this team… Reid needs help in talent evaluation… He’s great for the offensive line, but other than that, he needs help…

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