Peters Didn't Know He Gave Up 11.5 Sacks Last Year

Well, now we know why former Bills tackle Jason Peters thought he was worth $10 million per year despite giving up 11.5 sack last season.
He didn’t know he gave up 11.5 sacks last season.
“That’s the first time I’ve heard that stat,” Peters said Sunday during his first press conference as a member of the Eagles.   “I don’t recall giving up that many.
“If they charged me with that many, so what?” Peters said.  “I’m an Eagle now.  If I give up 11.5 sacks, I’m only human.   I’m going to give 100 percent on every play.”
Of course, that thinking could apply to anyone who is paid $10 million per year to play left tackle at the NFL level.
Hell, even I could use it.  Let’s give it a try.
“If I give up [insert total number of offensive snaps for the season] sacks, I’m only human.  I’m going to give 100 percent on every play.”
Yep.  It works.  Where’s my bonus check?
Peters also seemed to admit that maybe he didn’t give 100 percent on every play last year because he wasn’t happy with his contract.
“I was thinking about it sometimes,” he said. “If you get beat on a play and you think about your contract.  It doesn’t affect me that much.  I thought about it some early in the year but later on in the year it wasn’t a big deal.”
So, Philly fans, if Peters ends up being not very good at left tackle, remember this as the moment when you first wondered whether it was a good idea to trade for him.

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  1. haha well let’s see.
    If he gives up 11.5 in the AFC East, I’m pretty sure it’s just going to get worst now that he is facing Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and DeMarcus Ware all 2x each.
    And I’m sure getting a $10 million annual raise is surely going to motivate a 300 lb guy with that level of ignorance in his logic. Great trade Philly!!! aahaaha

  2. Sounds like he plays only for the money and doesn’t love the game? If you love the game then you give it your all no matter what and then when the season is over you address your contract. Sounds like he is out there for himself and not the team.

  3. That can’t be true. He’s just been proclaimed as the best LT in all of football. Those numbers are wrong… wrong I tell ya.

  4. And McNabb was oblivious to overtime rules…These two guys were made to be Albert Haynesworth’s tackling dummies!

  5. Don’t tell Andy Reid that Peter’s gave up 11.5 sacks;
    according to him, Peters in the best LT in the game…

  6. Stacy “Swinging Gate” Andrews will take care of the other side. McNabb will be on IR by Week 5.

  7. How Peters made the pro bowl over Ryan Clady is anyones guess. I don’t really remember Florio calling that out at the time but maybe you did.
    Clady gave up only a couple sacks all yr.

  8. This dude should have not made the probowl. Peters is by far the most overrated tackle in the game. He’s not bad at the run blocking… but pass blocking he is going to blow…especially since he got his guaranteed $$$$. The Bills won this trade easily…looks like The eagles will have to choose…moreno or pettigrew?!

  9. It’s worse than you make it sound Florio. He gave up 11.5 sacks in THIRTEEN games. He did NOT play the WHOLE season. Plus, no team in the AFC East has as dominant of a pass rusher as Haynesworth, Umenyiora, Tuck, and Ware. Looks like a bunch of D-linemen from the NFC East can pencil in the Pro Bowl early this year. Good thing Philly picked up a quality FB. He’s going to be spending a lot of time covering Peters’ ass by picking up the guys that blow by him. On the upside, McNabb will probably having his greatest season rushing – it just won’t be by choice.

  10. “I was thinking about it sometimes,” he said. “If you get beat on a play and you think about your contract. It doesn’t affect me that much. I thought about it some early in the year but later on in the year it wasn’t a big deal.”
    Aww, poor guy… couldn’t keep his mind on the task at hand because he was only making $200,000 per game.
    At least TO played lights out whether he was happy with his contract or not. How about a reality check?
    “I work at it. That’s what you play the game for, to get to Hawaii. It’s an honor.” – Jason Peters

  11. Peters just proving that once again, buyer beware. This guy has been complaining since he got into the league. Let’s see, “throw money at a problem and hopes it goes away”. The only guy right now, with a real beef is AQ. His deal should be re-worked. Oh, yeah, did anyone notice that no one knew who Albert Haynesworth was, until his contract year 2 years ago. Hmmmm. Yes, I know, besides for stepping on a due vicously in a game. Good luck Dan Snyder. Go Giants!

  12. So what if I sucked. The important thing is, I tried.
    Now, aren’t we supposed to go to Pizza Hut or for ice cream?

  13. Jake Long’s stat line as a rookie…2008 Mia GMs 16 16 penalties and yardage 5 40 sacks allowed and yardage 2.50 15.50
    Eagles should have just drafted a top guy

  14. Reading that made me feel a whole helleva lot better. That’s the real Jason Peters. Thanks for the picks Philly, good luck with that guy.

  15. and yet ..(Pete Prisco) – Eagles line is brutish
    Don’t mess with the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line.
    It is nasty.
    By trading for left tackle Jason Peters Friday,
    the Eagles might now be able to stake a claim as having
    “the best line in the NFL”,complete with brawlers and maulers.
    maybe if NFL football ,,was played on paper w stats ,, the Giants and Cowboys .. then maybe would win.

  16. He didn’t give up 11.5 sacks. It’s a bogus stat. A Bills fan recently reviewed and posted the game tape of each time there was a sack and the tape shows that he gave up only 5 or 6 sacks all year, most of which was during the early part of the season when he was still out of shape after missing the off-season.

  17. No, Clady only gave up .5 of a sack. He didn’t even get credited with a full sack the whole season!
    You’re right though, how this Peters guy made the pro bowl is beyond me, sounds like he had a pretty bad year for any LT.

  18. Its a BS f’ing stat people. You want to know why he doesn’t know about it BECAUSE ITS NOT AN OFFICIAL STAT. Some internet hack like you looked at the players he lined up against and counted how many times they got to his QB with ZERO knowledge of the blocking assignments, the play of the QB (hold the ball to long, running right into the defensive player for no reason), and the play of the rest of the line which flat out was terrible.
    Tra Thomas was only credited with 2 but got beat left and right last year and the Eagles gave him a ton of help while Peters was left on an island.
    Not passionate about football but only in it for the money? Really this guy went undrafted, played TE, special teams, RT, and LT but yeah he doesn’t care about the game at all.
    Oh Florio you want to know the difference between you saying it and him…he was the consensus best player at his position the TWO previous years (Rex Ryan said so the year BEFORE he went to the Pro Bowl) you have never been the consensus best anything EVER.
    Lets see in one hand you have Peters 1 off year but two years as the best LT playing vs. the 6th best rookie LT who is completely unproven, or giving up a lot more picks to move up get one of the top guys, pay him a similar amount of cash even though he’s completely unproven. Hmm what would you choose?

  19. No matter what the attitude, he’s still an improvement over Winstone “The Revolving Door” Justice, who gave up half of Peters’ sack total in that Giants game two years ago.

  20. Still stirring the pot.
    What’s more amazing, Mr.Florio, is that you didn’t already-know this.
    I’m surprised YOU never knew that stat!
    …I guess this is pretty convenient for you though, so we shouldn’t expect much better, hmm?

  21. You think the Bills didn’t mention that to him and his agent while they were negotiating a new contract before the trade?
    Peters is lying…

  22. His attitude sounds a lot like Lito Sheppard’s. Can’t play well when he’s not happy.
    Fortunately, new contract and change of scenery should do the trick– at least in the short term. The Eagles also have a good offensive line coach and a former college teammate to keep him focused.
    There are some red flags, but I think the Eagles have the potential to field the most imposing offensive line in the league this season. I’d love to see them draft Alex Mack to complete the overhaul.

  23. “If you get beat on a play and you think about your contract. It doesn’t affect me that much.”
    haha sounds like a guy worth $10 mil a year.

  24. Hey, maybe you Giant fans should stfu, considering your front office though it would be a good idea to try and snag Peters at the last second =).

  25. YAWN
    …and how many plays did Randy Moss take off when he was with the god awful Raiders?

  26. As someone from the Buffalo area, I can tell you a couple things: Losman was sacked 15 times in 3.5 games, and Edwards was sacked 23 times all season. They kept Peters out on an island all year.
    When he was referring to the play versus contract, he meant that when he gave up sacks he wondered if it was because he held out of camp and preseason due to his contract issue. Obviously the guy didn’t mean it in the sense Florio thought.
    The Bills ran for 1065 yards in the second half of the season, after Peters started getting into ‘football shape’. He gave up 7 sacks with Losman under center —- Losman, the first round bust who now is unemployed.
    I say it’s a good trade for Philadelphia. The Buffalo Bills draft another John McCargo, the Eagles get a guy that will be a huge upgrade from Tra Thomas. There’s a reason the Eagles stopped using the screen pass. It’s the age of the tackles. That won’t be a problem any longer.
    Also, Ogden led the league in sacks allowed in three of his all-pro years. That’s because he was so good that they left him out on an island, so if someone did an overload blitz and the QB was too inexperienced to audible protection toward that side —- Ogden gave up the sack on a 3v1.
    That’s why the stat isn’t official. If a QB (Losman, Edwards) can’t get a pass off in 4+ seconds, it isn’t the offensive line’s fault.

  27. Since Winston Justice gave up 7 in a game, does it surprise anyone that Reid thinks that 11.5 in a season makes him the best LT in the NFL?

  28. What’s even funnier is that one of those sacks (if it was counted as one) actually cost us a game last year. I’m sure you all remember that Jets game where all we had to do was run out the clock, but our OC called a Losman roll out late in the 4th on which Losman got absolutely hammered from behind and lost the ball. The Jet defender’s “blocker” on that play–none other than Mr. Peters, who seemed to not know the snap count on that play.
    Careful what you wish for, Philly fans…..

  29. Sacks conceded is one of the many stats that need to be taken with a grain of salt, though. Sometimes the tackle does a good job turning the DE round the back of the QB and the QB shows bad pocket awareness and steps back into the sack, or tries to step up but gets forced back into the DE because one of his guards is being shoved back into him by a DT.
    I didn’t watch any Bills games last year, so I’m not specifically trying to make excuses for Peters, but sacks allowed is one of those stats where you really have to watch all of them for the numbers to have real meaning. Some sacks charged to the tackle really are more somebody else’s fault sometimes.

  30. All the players on the Eagles are the best in football at that position. How do you think they’ve won so many Superbowls?

  31. Not knowing your stats is actually a good thing I would rather have a player that doesnt pay attention to that………Now as to not taking the game as serious because you are pissed about your contract you deserve to get your ass kicked

  32. The sack number is irrelevant because of the offensive systems ran by each team, The last time I checked Buffalo didn’t run the west coast system, have a mobile and probowl/franchise (had to throw that in for you Cutler fans), and not generally suck. Peters will be fine… Hey does he play WR ? Maybe we can use him in the slot positon….

  33. LOL, so it looks like the Eagles (who have never won a SuperBowl) have signed themselves a great player.
    1) No idea how many sacks he surrendered
    2) Admits he ‘takes plays off’ if he’s not happy about something
    I think there’s a reason Buffalo got rid of him. It also looks like Buffalo should have worn a mask when they took a #1, #4 in 09 and another pick in 2010 for this guy.
    Hope McNabb survives when he takes some plays off.

  34. “If they charged me with that many, so what?” Peters said. “I’m an Eagle now. If I give up 11.5 sacks, I’m only human. I’m going to give 100 percent on every play.”
    in other words…
    “I’m RICH B****!!!!!!!!”

  35. I have been a bills season ticket holder for the past 10 years. Sadly I even dvr the games so I can see things I missed at the games. I believe that it sucks that it has come to this with Peter’s, but the bills had to let this POS go. He is far from the best left tackle in football. He was only 2 years into a 5 year contract (which was also renegotiated). I am sorry for those Philly fans, especially the ones that pretend they are from buffalo and bash the bills. He played in only 13 games last year. He was injured the last 2 years. Those 11.5 sacks allowed were legit. In week 15 when the Bills were winning and in a crucial game for the playoffs against the jets, Peter’s blew it again. This is just a small sample of someone blowing by Peter’s. He’s screwed when he plays dallas, wash, and giants twice a year. Check this out

  36. He sounds just like the guys at AIG who sucked so bad they helped run the economy into the ground and then expected bonuses from public money. What a bag of used douche juice. Hope Donavan likes looking up at the sky from flat on his back.

  37. Ayyee, again we see a possible disconnect between performance and pay. When will it get fixed? Would rather watch a league where a undrafted free agent has an opportunity at that kind of pay via mandated incentives. Would football be more or less exciting where no name players potential pay is more gratuitous on performance instead of watching these free agent honeymoon/big name burnouts? Could the players union decided that 30% of pay has to be tied to performance incentives? So a big name player would still get paid in one year more than the rest of us likely in life, but if the performance definitions were the same then a backup player on defense could still get 100k per sack? I know it’s a team sport and some players contributions don’t show up on the stat sheets as much, but just like the idea of some incentive for the underdogs.

  38. JB3610 says:
    “Hey, maybe you Giant fans should stfu, considering your front office though it would be a good idea to try and snag Peters at the last second =).”
    Hey, we’ll do that just as soon as you Eagles fans STFU because your team has never won a Super Bowl, except, of course, during the off season when all you jackasses say that “this is the year” for the 44th straight year. And then proceed to say during the season that Andy and McNabb suck as soon as you lose two in a row.

  39. Granted Peters played worse in 2008 than in 2007, both due to his hold out and because he felt he was getting screwed by being paid one third what top LTs get. Still, anyone who thinks he is not an elite LT, due to a high number of sacks, just does not know what they are talking about. There is no NFL statistic that measures the sacks allowed by an individual (by a team yes, but not by an individual). This is because it is not possible to attribute a sack to an individual O-lineman, without sitting down and reviewing each play with the coaches. This is true, because people outside the team do not know how the blocking scheme was designed. How can outsideres know when a player making a sack was the responsibility of the tight end, the left guard or Peters? They can’t, which is why there is no NFL statistic of sacks allowed by an individual. If Jason Peters really was such a terrible LT, then after reviewing hours and hours of game film Andy Reid would not have been so happy to get him. The Eagles have picked up one of the best LTs in the NFL and the scary part is that he has only played LT for two years.

  40. All im hearing is one of the biggest choke artist teams of the ’90’s try to justify losing their best OLineman.

  41. As an avid Buffalo Bills fan, I never would have thought that we would have received such compensation for an over-rated, out of shape, what have you done for me lately LT. JP was released from the Bills, and re-signed to the practice squad when he was a TE. The Bills converted him to LT with one of the best O Line coaches in the league at the time. He flourished after proper guidance, and after one pro bowl year, with three years remaining on his deal, he holds out? What a punk, his ego needed to lay down, not the QBs he should have been protecting. JP got beat on several occasions, it was painful watching him last year. Philly fans I have mixed emotions… I am happy for my team that we got some great draft picks for him, but I’m sorry that you’ll have this narcissist on your team to deal with for the upcoming years.

  42. Thank you to Clouded comic and gibsonplayer. You guys get it.
    By Florio’s own admission this board is teeming with idiots who don’t think before they speak.
    Because the Eagles are so incompetent and love to give out huge contracts that they trade for a guy there’s a ton of film on in this League, who they are not pretty sure is gonna be as good or better than what they had.
    Seriously…From a few words these geniuses can tell a guys talent. But somehow the men being paid millions who know what they are looking for who spent unslept nights researching this, is wrong.
    Damn you people are dumb!! Sheep to the slaughter.

  43. Everyone who is rooting for Peters to fail is going to be deeply disappointed in the near future.

  44. Hmmm…that’s ALOT of sacks given up for being “the best LT in the game.” FYI Philly fans, it doesn’t matter what your sorry team does to “improve” you’re still Philly and you still have that losing gene. Besides, you can beef up that o-line all you want but McNabb needs help at receiver. They give him the bare minimum to work with every year except one…they made it to the Super Bowl that year. DeSean Jackson? LOL. He’s just another No. 2 along with Brown and Curtis.

  45. blah , blah , blah
    If football was played on paper .. maybe this would mean something.
    So .. the guy came in late,,and didnt want to be there.
    He is a happy-camper now.

  46. >>>>>>
    So, Philly fans, if Peters ends up being not very good at left tackle, remember this as the moment when you first wondered whether it was a good idea to trade for him.
    I didn’t like the trade even a couple months ago when it was mere speculation, so this isn’t the moment I’ve first wondered whether it was a good idea or not. I liked it less when I saw the picks it cost. The comment doesn’t bother me too much but we could have re-signed Tra for much less and used the picks to get Boldin. And no, I’m not a TATEr.

  47. This is to all of you fools out there that said I must not know anything football because I didn’t think this trade was a good idea and I though the f.o. screwed up. these comments right here that Peters made validates every thing I said about this guy. So it looks like this guy dosent play 100 percent all the time. he got his money so what does he have to play for now. looks like all you guys who thought this was a great trade might be the idiots who don’t know anything about football.

  48. I can understand him now knowing…I didn’t know I drank 11 1/2 beers last night. (I spilled half of one on my lap while shifting gears from reverse to 3rd)

  49. The guy who broke down his sacks admitted that Peters clearly gave up 6 sacks, and had 8 other sacks that were questionably on him. It looks like he gives-up that now well-known 11.5 sacks, as he’s responsible for some full and even half-sacks on many of those plays. That’s not good, people.
    And what some may not know is that Peters shredded his groin at the end of 2007, so badly that he couldn’t play in the Pro Bowl, which was a month and a half later (and remember, Peters plays to get to Hawaii!). That groin injury probably robbed him of some of the athleticism that made him look so good in 2007. I sided with the Bills last year in wanting to see Peters perform in OTA’s and mini-camps, if not pre-season, before giving him a huge deal, because I was concerned about his injury. He never showed. And then he had his poor season, got slightly better as the season wore-on but nowhere near as dominant as 2007, and got injured again and AGAIN couldn’t play in the Pro Bowl.
    Now he makes these idiotic (the guy got a 9 on the Wonderlic, BTW) comments and it just adds to the red flags. What will a fat contract do to his motivation? Word is that when the season is over, he just checks-out and works on his clothing line startup. I don’t believe that he even likes football.
    He also said that he couldn’t believe the Bills would trade him. Gee, you don’t show until the day before the season starts, demand to be the highest-paid LT in the game after a poor season, and don’t budge despite the Bills giving you a nice raise after your 2nd year and before you showed dominance, and you’re surprised that you got traded?
    Good riddance to that asshole. I hope he gets eaten alive in Philly, and then has to deal with the media, who will be brutal, and the fans, who will be worse and probably send him death threats.

  50. I don’t think anyone is motivated by anything other than money these days. The Bills obviously didn’t want to pay the guy, sure he may be the best, but it really isn’t hard to find a quality LT any more, and with 2 first rounders, easy as pie.

  51. He is not that good and they need someone like Boldin to get them over the top. He is going to underachieve and will be magnified by his new contract and all they gave up in the deal.
    Without Boldin they will fall short again and their window is closing fast. Two years from now Mcnob and Westbrook will be done, peter will be cut and they be rebuilding without a ring.

  52. Wow I can’t believe you guy think sacks given up is a real stat, hint hint it’s not. If big red says he’s the best left tackle in the game then obviously they have looked at all of his game tapes and decided he was worth the draft picks and the new contract. Great trade for the Eagles and if the Bills draft well it can be a good trade for them as well.

  53. Ask all of the Bills fans how many sacks Peters gave up last year. Peters is an above average left tackle, but not worth that kind of money.

  54. cowhorn you can keep posting that youtube clip but if you knew anything about football then you would understand that the sacks given up stat is a joke, so on a rollout to his opposite side where the defense overloads the blitz and a strong safety with a running start sprints around him that was his fault wow, there isn’t an offensive lineman on earth that would have made that block.

  55. anebriated says:
    April 19th, 2009 at 2:53 pm
    All im hearing is one of the biggest choke artist teams of the ’90’s try to justify losing their best OLineman.
    THERE’S the pot calling the kettle black!
    That made my day….

  56. Did anyone notice that when Brady was healthy and w/Manning in Indianapolis the OL are all studs and give up little sacks? Most are overrated to a point. Awareness factor of the quarterback.
    Trent Edwards is the next Frank Reich minus a historic comeback, and Losman was a first-round bust. Judge him after a year in Philadelphia.
    We were a 4th down conversion (SNF) away from sweeping the Giants 3-0 last year. Gave up zero sacks with two 34+ tackles with tin foil knees and an android-like back. I think every NYG fan in America knows that without Edwards, your team is in much more trouble than Philadelphia.
    I’d mention Dallas, but Tony is a bigger choke-job than McNabb.

  57. Based on Peters’ 2007 season, he WAS the Bills’ most talented player. But there was a lot of concern after the injury at the end of 2007, the way he handled the 2008 off-/pre-season, how he played during the 2008 season, and then again how he handled contract negotiations. And after seeing his press conference, there are even more concerns about his character, drive, and intelligence.

  58. Well first, after the 2007 season he had sports hernia surgery. You would need that time to rehab with your team, and then go to minicamps, TC, and preseason…get back into game shape. He held out of every team related activity so he could get a better contract to be paid like he deserved. Whether he only cares about money…it’s irrelevant because he got paid now.
    Before that in 2007 he was a really good LT, and then the two previous years probably the best RT in football before being changed in Week 7 in 2007. So probably the most important and one of the toughest positions to play, he was thrown into the fire right in the middle of the season…and played well. Instead of having ANY time to prepare the next year, he didn’t go to any type of minicamp or TC.
    He’s 6-4, 340, and has the athleticism of a big TE (he was one)…reminds you of Jason Smith.

  59. “I’m going to give 100 percent on every play”
    The apathetic tone in the rest of his comments I think assures that he won’t.

  60. “Seriously…From a few words these geniuses can tell a guys talent. But somehow the men being paid millions who know what they are looking for who spent unslept nights researching this, is wrong.
    Damn you people are dumb!! Sheep to the slaughter. ”
    Tell Jevon Kearse and Winston Justice I said hi.

  61. Duane Brown has a real future ahead of him. He gave up almost that many sacks, playing 60% of the offensive snaps.

  62. As a Bills fan, I’ve watched every game Peters has played in his entire career. In 2006 and 2007, the guy was amazing–potential off the charts. The best lineman I’ve ever coached, said his coach at the time Mouse McNally (who had previously coached Anthony Munoz, BTW). Last year, however, he was a shell of his former self. Perhaps it was the lack of conditioning from sitting out camp, maybe it was never having healed from his groin injury in 2007, but he just didn’t play all that well and there were times that we looked better with Kirk Chambers or Walker playing LT. Both his actions and his statement also clearly indicate that he’s a “Me first” guy rather than a team guy, make absolutely no mistake about that. Whether the Eagles made out on this trade all depends on which JP you all get–the 2006-7 version with huge upside, or the loafing 2008 version. Now that he’s been paid large, I personally wonder how well he’ll play and how much he’ll try. I’d wager it’s less than a 50% chance that Eagles’ fans are loving this trade a year or two down the road. As a Bills fan, my view of the trade will depend on what we do with the picks and, just as importantly, the freed up cash–if we get a quality TE, DE or OT with 28 and then pick up another decent player or two in FA with the money saved (Freddie Keiaho, Henderson (via trade), Kendall Simmons or some such) I’d be happy that we’ve made the best of a bad situation…..

  63. Great LT never get traded or allowed to leave via FA in the NFL. It is probably the most important position after QB. That was the first thing that came to mind when he was traded. If he is one of the best in the NFL, he would have been resigned by the Bills at any cost. Not to mention they took a late 1st round pick and two lower picks for him. Dallas gave up more for Roy Williams. If he was that good another team would have jumped in with a better offer.

  64. 1.Rich Hoffman was pretty plain in his feelings about the trade saying “Anybody who says they don’t like this does not watch the sport.”
    2.Paul Domowitch calls the deal “highway robbery” and says the price the Eagles paid wasn’t very steep.
    3.The Buffalo News doesn’t understand how the BIlls would strengthen their offense by adding TO, but then weaken it by trading Peters. I have to admit I wonder the same thing, this is why I never thought Peters would be dealt. Adding TO is “all in win now move,” while trading away Peters is clearly not.
    4.Good left tackles are like elite quarterbacks; they are very hard to find. When you get one, you better do everything you can to hold on to him.
    I found it interesting that the Eagles, a perennial playoff contender, thought Peters was worth the big contract while the Bills, who haven’t sniffed the postseason in nine years, didn’t. I don’t get it.
    5.Mike Florio thinks the Bills made a miscalculation by trading Peters now rather than at the draft.
    6.Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News says the Bills have lost their best offensive lineman and most talented player, but also their biggest offseason headache.

  65. lol you eagle fans are hilarious. you are discrediting the fact he gave up 11″5 sacks because a bills fan watched his own tapes and said it was only 5~6 sacks. who cares what some bills fan says when these people are paid to check stats. And to whom ever said Jake Long gave up 40 sacks is smoking something. Pennington wasnt even sacked close to 40 times this year, so how could one guy give up 40 sacks??????

  66. Who cares, the Eagles are never going to be better than second best anyways. Way to go Philly, garbage just like the city.

  67. Well then,, the Giants / Cowboys / Skins .. better not WHINE,,when they come in behind the Eagles.

  68. Roachk1lla says:
    April 19th, 2009 at 5:29 pm
    lol you eagle fans are hilarious. you are discrediting the fact he gave up 11″5 sacks because a bills fan watched his own tapes and said it was only 5~6 sacks. who cares what some bills fan says when these people are paid to check stats. And to whom ever said Jake Long gave up 40 sacks is smoking something. Pennington wasnt even sacked close to 40 times this year, so how could one guy give up 40 sacks??????
    Jake Long gave up 2.5 and was a dominant run blocker. Clady gave up .5 sacks. And although Peters was named to the pro bowl, he did not have as good a year as either of them.

  69. Peters played like garbage most of the year last year and didn’t deserve to make the pro bowl. A year prior though he was one of the best tackles in the game. Unlike what some of the comments are saying, he’s actually a much more dominant pass blocker than he is a run blocker. We’ve struggled to run behind his side of the line for years. Most of his sacks last year were a product of his attitude (holding out and not being ready to play for the first half of the season) – which is both good and bad thing.

  70. Jason Peters is a great story of the underdog, this man
    is made for Philly he is a Rocky Balboa type figure. Peters
    went from an undrafted tight end who was only used
    on special teams and occassional pass plays, then moves
    to offensive guard, then to right tackle, then to the blind
    spot and left tackle and become a pro-bowler, then all-pro.
    Isn’t this the “AMERICAN DREAM”, yet people now want to throw
    stones and Jason Peters and bring him down? why that negativity?
    Americans always brag about how great the country is that
    you can overcome your obstacles to make something of yourself,
    yet when one becomes successful people want to bring
    negativity to the situation and bring drama into it. People
    should be proud of Peters and his hard work to make something
    of himself. Who are you to cast stones at another man?

  71. Most fans in the NFL would be sad to see their All-Pro left tackle leave via a trade, or for any reason. I can say though, for a majority of us Bills fans, so sad we aren’t.
    Jason Peters had an amazing 2007 season, and in Philly, he may have some more amazing seasons. In a horrible hold-out season in 2008, Peters put on display his larger than life, selfish attitude.
    One good season, and then the high expectations of a huge paycheck. I can see if the man had several good seasons strung together, and was entering the last year of his contract, but he wasn’t.
    Going from undrafted at one position to a Pro Bowler at one of the anchor positions in football is quite an accomplishment, and it was a good story to see a Bill do something like that. For him to request the type of money he wanted, and only after one good season, is quite rediculous.
    What’s worse is that when he didn’t get the money, he finally ended his holdout as the regular season began, and showed up over weight and out of shape. He gave up a league high in sacks that he says he didn’t know about, but then again, with his head so high in the clouds and worrying about the green in his wallet instead of the green turf his quarterback(s) were laying on, it’s not hard to see why he didn’t realize this “stat.”
    His comments about this past season aren’t surprising. Playing like that over money makes it obvious he didn’t want to be in Buffalo, and that’s fine. We’ll take guys who want to be there, or at least play like it when they are there.
    Thanks Philly, we’ll put the extra picks to use.

  72. Ha! it’s hilarious to see these delusional Eagles fans calling the 11.5 sacks given up a bogus stat. I guess the stat keepers are wrong and Eagles fans are right, huh? Typical Philly douche bags.

  73. I doubt many Eagles fans follow the Bills, so they really have no point of reference to Jason Peters. He was an undrafted tight end that the Bills picked up in 2004. He was on the practice squad until near the end of his first season, after which he basically played special teams until the start of 2006. We put him on the right side of the line in 2006 not only because we recognized his talent and brought him along as an o-lineman, but because the Bills were desperate for lineman. Peters replaced Mike Williams, a 4th overall pick that was also a monumental bust and the highest paid player on the team at the time. Before the 2006 season, the Bills renegotiated a contract with Peters and gave him what was at the time a pretty generous 5-year deal.
    Peters played very well on the right side of the line and was switched to Left Tackle around halfway through the season, replacing Mike Gandy, who now plays for Arizona. He generated a lot of excitement in Bills fans for his play, which extended through the 2007 season. So the guy pretty much deservedly made the Pro Bowl in 2007 and, as soon as he sees some personal success, decides to play hardball with the Bills for a new contract. His HUGE mistake was to sit out for the entire off-season; nobody even saw his fat ass for around eight months. Now, the Bills aren’t shy about renegotiating players’ contracts if they think the player deserves it…but the player has to show up and show commitment to the team and go along with the program. Not only did Peters not do that whatsoever, all reports were that he pretty much was not answering his phone…no communication at all. Why should we commit to someone that doesn’t commit to us? All this after ending the season with an injury and having 3 years left on his contract. This is NOT the way to renegotiate. Instead, stick with the program and the money will follow.
    I think part of his beef was that the Bills picked up Derrick Dockery and Langston Walker in free agency in 2007, both of whom were making more money than him and both of whom he was outperforming. The Bills were not going to give him more money before last season though, and I didn’t think they should YET at the time. He had to show that he could keep up the good work. There was never a doubt he was going to see a lot more money, but he had to prove a couple of few things first. Raw talent alone is sometimes not enough. And it wasn’t as if he was starving, either. He was making millions.
    Then came the 2008 season, where he under-performed. It doesn’t matter if he under-performed because of the sit-out; that was his own fault and part of the whole package that is Jason Peters…he didn’t even start until week two. While he sat out, the Bills had gotten a new offensive coordinator as well as a new offensive line coach, replacing the only coach that Peters had ever dealt with at the position in his entire 2-year career as an o-lineman. This caused problems. By his own admission, Peters didn’t get back up to speed until about week 6. Well, in week 6, the Bills were 5-1; after Peters “got his legs underneath him,” the Bills went 2-10, and Peters STILL made crucial mistakes and gave up game-changing plays…he also committed 8 penalties. He made the Pro Bowl from name recognition alone, I believe, and it went to his head, joining the cobwebs in there. It should be mentioned that he was injured at the end of the past two seasons. If the Bills had made the playoffs, they would have had to play without their so-called Pro Bowl Tackle both years in the post-season.
    Also, if you are ranked dead-last in sacks given up after only having played 13 games, that is not an anomaly, especially when you consider the fact that the 23 other teams had more passing attempts than the Bills. Tinker with that 11.5 sack total all you want, but it still doesn’t paint a pretty picture. I don’t fully trust the stat, either, but I did watch the every single snap of the 2008 season, and what I saw was far from the best LT in the league. I believe my own two eyes. He’s pissed off quite a few people with his unreasonable behavior and demands…not to mention the fact that he totally treats the team that basically made his career with very little respect.
    Finally, and like I said before, raw talent is not the only thing to consider. I always wondered why the Bills cut Travis Henry, for example. Not that Peters fathered 11 different children from 10 women and deals cocaine, but he does have some character issues IMO. It blew his peanut-sized brain that the Bills traded him? Last I heard, the Bills offered him $8.5 million a year and he dismissed it out of hand and was not very willing to budge from his demands to be paid as among the top two LTs in the league, which he is not. He has the potential to be great, but he just came off a pretty poor season. I watched every game at least twice last year, so I have a point of reference. He’ll probably do well enough for the Eagles, but I no longer like the man at all and have a hard time rooting for people I don’t like. I’m glad he’s gone from Buffalo…cured my headache.

  74. JB3610 says:
    April 19th, 2009 at 2:08 pm
    Hey, maybe you Giant fans should stfu, considering your front office though it would be a good idea to try and snag Peters at the last second =).
    Haha..typical philly fan, listen kid..unlike you guys, we have a SMART gm..and he went to the bills last minute scare you filthy fans into thinking we were going to get him, single handedly getting you guys out of the Wide Receiver hunt..yeah, pretty smart GM reese is isn’t he?

  75. No one is going to know what he will be like until he actually plays a game here, actually a few games here. Till then it is all speculation. so all the haters and speculators stfu.

  76. Eagles seriously screwed up with this move. This guy has injuries and the retirement of Jonathan Ogden to thank for his Pro Bowl appearances. If we got a REAL LINEMAN like Ogden, maybe you get excited. I have been a Iggles fan all my life but cannot stand this obsession of Andy Reid’s to pick-up lineman in the draft and free agency and never RUN THE FOOTBALL. This guy will just be another average pick-up who will not help the Eagles get any closer to a championship because the offense is average and besides Westbrook doesn’t have a game-breaker to spread the field and make us more effective in the RED ZONE. We will give up how many draft picks and pay this guy how much but you won’t go out and get a Tony Gonzalez for 2nd/3rd rounder last year or Boldin this year? I wonder what color the sky is in Andy Reid’s world?
    Andy Reid is a joke. The man has lost it and the fact that he and the front office continue the same “line” about the offense being good enough to win is absurd. WAKE UP! He has more misses than hits in his drafts and has a play-caller is TOTALLY predictable. If you are going to have McNabb throw all the time, give him quality guys to throw to – Curtis and Jackson are decent #2 and #3 options and Celek as a #2 tight end is alright but Jason Avant, Hank Baskett, Reggie Brown, Matt Schoebel, are you KIDDING ME?

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