Bills Still Looking To Deal

Left tackle Jason Peters is gone, and receiver/kick returner Roscoe Parrish could be next.
But there’s more.
Defensive end Chris Kelsay is also on the market, according to the Buffalo News.
Kelsay is signed for two more years, at salaries of $3 million in 2009 and $3.7 million in 2010.

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  1. So… dump all long term contracts/expenses, and sign TO to boost short term ticket sales. Sounds like this team will be playing somewhere else permenantly in the near future.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Kelsay!!!! Not the cornerstone of our defense!!! Not the man who singlehandedly wins us games! Not the …
    jeez… I couldn’t continue that with a straight face…
    In all seriousness, though, I like the guy. I was standing by him when he was talking to his family after the KC game last year. He’s really pretty funny. That being said, being funny and sacking the quarterback are two different things. Two VERY different things. I’ll miss his attitude, not his paycheck.

  3. I would imagine teams are lining up for the opportunity to overpay an
    average defensive lineman….

  4. inside TO’s head:
    I’m only here for a year
    I’m only here for a year
    I’m only here for a year

  5. Toronto will love all of the draft picks they are going to accumalate and with the current value of the dollar… Free agents are going to love to go to Toronto.

  6. WorldChampionBears2008 says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 11:37 am
    what’s with all of these fire sales?
    Roscoe Parrish – The Bills have 7 or 8 receivers on the roster and Parrish is mostly a punt returner who makes more than all but Evans and T.O. He’s a great punt returner, he is not a very effective receiver. We also have a few other very good return men on the roster including Leodis McKelvin, Terrance McGee, and Fred Jackson. Though only Jackson has done much punt returning.
    Chris Kelsay – very overpaid and not a good pass rusher at all. Ok against the run. Still pretty young and has been at least respectably productive. He might fit better in a different defense where he’s not relied on to get much pressure. He provided none for us last year when our only decent pass rushing end was out for the season.

  7. It shows with not having a true GM all these “possible” trades are out there. Can you imagine a Belichck,Pioli, Parcells teams allowing these rumors to float. As a Pats fan, I have always respected Chris Kelsay when he played against us.
    I think this info does not bode well for the Bills as a team.

  8. @WorldChampionBears2008 says: “what’s with all of these fire sales?”
    I definitely don’t see much of a fire sale … Peters is the only name that could fit that description and the contract B.S. vs. performance/attitude meant he needed to go.
    Parrish and Kelsay are both in numbers games where they can or already have been replaced. Bills are simply looking to wheel-and-deal a little.
    If it were Marshawn or Kawika … Stroud or Evans … then we’re talking fire-sale.
    I like the idea of trading a 4th rounder or Parrish for John Henderson … not sure how much of him being in DelRio’s doghouse is really true, but I’d love to see him lined up with Stroud again …

  9. I’m not understanding the connection with unloading an overpaid player (Kelsay), an under productive, overpaid wanna be (Peters), and how that points to the end of the Bills franchise in Buffalo.
    Getting two higher salaries off the books for younger talent at a cheaper price isn’t a moving out wholesale, it’s a standard move in professional sports.
    Kelsay’s production can be replaced, even with a rookie, or even some talent off the bench. 2006-2007 Peters will be tough to replace, 2008 Peters will not. It was evident that money was the issue last season, and it would have carried into this season, so thankfully that’s off our hands.
    I’m not a big fan of a Parrish trade, he’s by far the Bills best returner, and I’m not sure a 4th round choice is worth losing a top of the line punt returner, but with Bobby April running special teams, and McKelvin and McGee’s stats in returns, losing Parrish may not end up being as bad as it sounds.
    Back to the point, unloading high price tags for younger talent at a cheaper price is a buisness move, and a smart one. The Pittsburgh Steelers (with the exceptions of Roethlisberger and Harrison) don’t overpay players to stay, and look at their success. I like the model, so if the Bills scouts can take a page from the Steeltown book I think we’ll be in a bit better shape.

  10. “Why the fire sale”
    1.) Jason Peters and the Bills could not get a contract done, only 1 other team showed any interest so it appears the Bills wern’t the only team to shun his price tag.
    2.) Chris Kelsay is making an average 6 million a year and has been good against the run and a good leader but terrible with the pass rush, we run a Tampa-2 and need sacks from the DE position.Number 1 guy Bills fans would replace if they could.
    3.) Roscoe Parrish is the best PR in the NFL, but an average reciever and at this point behind Lee Evans, Terrell Owens, Josh Reed and Steve Johnson on the depth chart, we also have last years 2nd round pick James Hardy.
    We have elite returners in Terrence McGee, Ledois McKelvin and Fred Jackson, thus Parrish is a luxury and for a 3 straight 7-9 years team expendable.

  11. I love Roscoe but with the excellent skill set of McKelvin he is not longer needed. Roscoe is electric but McKelvin is bigger and as electric!! The only thing Parrish has going for him is his return skills and those skills are arguably evenly matched my Leodis and McGee. No need to worry about relocating, not with the fan base and with the support of the NYS Governor!!! Bills will be in Buffalo now and in the future!!
    As for Kelsay this is not a bad move either. Get rid of their salaries and stockpile the picks. Like mentioned in a post above that we run a Tampa 2 defense. We need fast DE that cause problems in the backfield and sack the QB. Kelsay does not do this. He is decent against the run but does not get the sacks a DE should be able to get in this D. I am excited about this year and the moves the bills are making. The trade of Peters was the best move I have seen come out of buffalo’s front office in a long,long time. This was a smart move and will set us up great for the draft this weekend!!! Brandon has made a splash and has everybody looking forward to the season….All we can do until then is sit back and hope like hell its not another 7-9, 8-8, or even for that matter a 9-7 season!!! We want a 11-5, 12-4 type season guys!! Now make the moves and get us even more excited for 2009!!!

  12. @rockhead “We don’t need Kelsay. Chris Ellis is going to step in as a starter this season. ”
    agree on Kelsay … disagree on Chris Ellis … hope I’m wrong, but I think the Bills wasted that 3rd round pick they spent on him

  13. This reminds me of the giant garage sale the former Buffalo Braves of the NBA had. Chris Kelsay can go, but Peters and Parrish? This is why the Bills have been bottom dwellers to mediocre at best for nearly a decade

  14. Parrish is awesome. Moving a guy who can change a game for you every time he touches the ball is incredibly dumb.

  15. You sound like Billy Mays:
    How much are you gonna give up for Parrish a second? No way! A third? Lower! That’s right a fourth round pick for Roscoe Parrish!
    But there’s more!
    Call in the next 15 minutes and we will through in a Defensive End.

  16. I’d prefer to keep Kelsay, trade for Waters, deal Parrish for a 4th, draft a DE @ 11, draft a center @ 28, and get a TE in rd2….
    Rootabada- If only it were that easy. One, you have to have trading partners, two, you have to keep your roster under the cap. Three, the DE, center and TE all have to be there when the Bills pick. You can’t just take a guy because you need someone at that postion. He as to be worthy of the pick, hopefully. Otherwise you end up with crap just to fill your roster spots.

  17. gorilla_monsoon says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 12:17 pm
    The Lions need a return man and could use Parish’s WR abilities too. Unfortunately, no fourth or fifth rounders. I wish that could work it out.
    – The Lions will continue to suck with or without Parish. Good luck. Somebody please relegate the Bills and the Lions to the CFL.

  18. It really upsets me when I hear people talking about the Lions or the Bills. So much sadness…so much sadness.

  19. “The Lions will continue to suck with or without Parish.”
    You’re probably right, but I have Stockholm Syndrome. I can’t help it, I sympathize with my tormentors!

  20. Hey WorldChampionBears2008 –
    Shouldn’t you get a new moniker? Something more like:
    “Didn’tEvenMakeThePlayoffsBears2008” ?????

  21. @PhillySportsDisappoint
    Relegate the Bills and Lions to the CFL huh?
    I would rather lose 4 super bowls in a row than 4 NFC championship games in a row…. enjoy Peters allowing McNabb to get crushed from his blindside all year for $60M…
    Welcome to the PFT club of: “I have No idea how to discuss football so lets make a funny comment”

  22. No problem for TO – he doesn’t care about winning anyway… just collect his $$$, try not to be a complete turd and hope someone else pays him next year.

  23. I think the Bills are unloading all these expensive players because they don’t want to pay the customs duty on them when they bring them across the border into Canada.

  24. I think both moves are good considering the Bills have guys that can easily replace Kelsay and Parrish. As for Kelsay, Ryan Denney is basically the same player, maybe even better at getting pressure on the QB. Parrish can be replaced by McGee, McKelvin or Fred Jackson. Why would you not dump 2 big salaries and get the same thing from other players on the team?
    P.S. I would love to see the Bills trade for Henderson, putting him back next to Stroud would be a great move.

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