Did Philly Fleece The Bills?

Though it remains to be seen whether the Eagles’ investment in left tackle Jason Peters pays off, one league source with no connection to the Eagles or the Bills believes that the franchise from Philly fleeced North America’s team.
“Buffalo gave Peters away,” the source said.  “[Bills COO Russ] Brandon should be fired on the spot.  He has no clue as to what value means.  Philly made the best deal in the last 10 years of the NFL.”
We’re still skeptical as to Peters’ true value.  Undrafted as a tight end, he gradually became a solid left tackle.  Though getting a player like that might have been worth the picks from the glorified crapshoot job fair that is the NFL draft, $10 million per year is a lot of money to pay to a guy who gave up 11.5 sacks last year and didn’t know it.

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  1. I’m willing to believe last year was an off year. He’s 27 and in his infancy in the position became one of the dominant forces. He’s a proven commodity, and instead of paying that guaranteed money to an unknown (re: Andre Smith, etc), they are paying it to someone with credentials.
    So Florio, regardless of how clever you think the “he didn’t know about the 11.5 sacks” line is, he’s better than anything they could have gotten, as far as “predictable value” is concerned.
    Not to mention, it’s hard not to give up 11.5 sacks playing on a line as porous as the rest of that Bills front is. They don’t have the Andrews wall or a good, young core. 2 pro bowlers on one line? With a possibility of 3? Yup.

  2. He didn’t know he gave up 11.5 sacks because he didn’t give up 11.5 sacks. Show the film, almost half of the “sacks” he gave up were to guys he wasn’t assigned to block. You do realize what blocking assignments are, right? Mark my words, this guy will be a cornerstone in the most dominant offensive line next season.

  3. If a guy acknowledges that he coasted when he wasn’t getting the money he wanted, how will he play when he gets that money? If the incentive of earning more money couldn’t motivate him, what will? Compare Peters to Jared Allen. He was unhappy in Kansas City, but he played hard. He got the money from Minnesota and he played hard, even with injuries to his knee and shouder. You may not like Allen, but give him his due. Whether Peters performs up to his contract will be a big question mark.

  4. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say they fleeced the Bills, but I’m very happy with this trade. Bills fans can tell themselves whatever they want to feel good about the trade, but this guy is talented. And who cares whether he knew how many sacks he gave up? We aren’t paying the guy to count his stats out there, just take up space

  5. If he plays at 80% of his potential, he will still dominate most of the time. I believe this kid has the tools to succeed against the finesse guys and the bull rushers. He will also bolster the running game on that side which has been garbage for the past three years. I think it’s a good move that will prove to eventual O-line domination for years to come.

  6. Buffalo got value when they may have had to give a player away …
    To put Peters on the field and have a repeat performance from last year would be worse than paying him to “Marcus Allen his arse”!!!
    Next best option very well may have been to bench him or trade him for less …
    Deal is done … jury can stay out there as far as value, but won’t change what the Bills front office needed to do. They’ve got chips to play in other trades now and even if they don’t play them, they can concentrate on improving their team rather than dealing with Peters! …

  7. I would’ve liked to get Philly’s 21st pick instead of 28th but am happy w/the end result. Peters is a selfishh crybaby who does not give 100% and does not honor contracts that HE SIGNS!!! Brandon is doing all the right moves (Owens/Peters)for us Bills fans so far…
    Happy 420

  8. So the Patriots can draft a QB in the 7th round that threw less than 50 passes in four years of college and then turn it into a 2nd round pick and be called geniuses. But the Bills can get a 1, 4 and a 6 for an undrafted TE that while had 1 good season at RT and one good one at LT he is a malcontent that was going to remain that way until he got paid as the best LT in the league despite giving up 11.5 sacks in one season. And the Bills are incompetent morons. The person that made the comment is a incompetent moron. Peters has the ability to be a great LT but his only desire to do so is money and the Bills were right not to pay him, because who knows how well he will play once he has the money. And besides if people were knocking down the door for Peters don’t you think the Bills would have taken the best offer?

  9. No, they didn’t. This move smacks of desperation on the part of the Eagles. If Peters was that good, the Bills would never have let him go. If anyone was fleeced, it was the Eagles — a #1, #4 AND another pick in 2010?
    The Eagles lost BOTH starting tackles this offseason, they had no choice but to overpay for an experienced tackle because they are in a ‘win now’ mode with McNabb & Westbrook getting older. The idea of starting next season with 2 unproven rookie tackles (please don’t try to tell me Winston ‘turnstile’ Justice is a ‘proven’ starting tackle) was a rather unpleasant prospect for them.
    The Eagles had one of the best O lines in the NFL the last few years, they no longer do, or at least, this is now something that is not a certainty.

  10. How could the Eagles have “fleeced” Buffalo when everyone that are non-eagles fans on this site seems to think Peters isn’t good. People pick out an stat and then run with it, not taking into account all the factors like contract dispute, no training camp etc…

  11. ok maybe the eagles shouldn’t have upgraded. perhaps complacency with 2 first round picks and 49 mil in cap room was just too pretty to look at. God forbid a team upgrade at a skilled position and have 10 draft picks left over. System must not be working as they’ve only been to 5 NFC championship games since 2000. Albiet, no Lombardi trophy, but that said, sans Patriots and Steelers, who else has nailed almost every personnel move as well as the Eagles? Exactly.

  12. How many people knew he gave up 11.5 sacks until it was reported he gave up 11.5 sacks? Gimme a break. I’m no expert here, but tracking lineman stats doesn’t seem as cut and dry as it does a WR’s catches or a RB’s touchdowns…
    Some people really love to harp on players when it comes to his effort as it pertains to money. Understandable. But the dude is a proven commodity playing a premium position, and for what Philly only had to give up for him is astounding.

  13. A first, a fourth and one next year does not amount to a “fleece”. Especially when you consider the fact that the guy may have held out if he didn’t get a deal.

  14. He’s got six games against some of the best pass rushers in the NFL – Haynesworth, Ware, Tuck, & Osi. When matches up and beats them, then he’s legit. Until then, 11.5 in 13 games is pathetic.

  15. Helmet King:: You need to watch the game films again. Peters gave up everyone of those sacks. He wasn’t in shape because of the hold out. Again if you watch film, you will notice that each year Peters has regressed. From 2 sacks to 6 sacks to 11.5 (I think, I don’t remember 11.5 sacks) Philly will soon realize that they didn’t make out to good on this trade.

  16. I guess Andy Reid is an moron and Florio is a genius. We are talking the Bufalo stinking Bills here. That stat is completely bogus but if everyone wants to think this guy can’t play fine. Time will prove this trade to be a heist.

  17. Mike, your “league source” is a dope. If anything, the Eagles overpaid both in picks and in money. We’ll see if Peters decides to get a better attitude and work hard and if so, the deal could pay off. But at this point the Bills got the better end of things.
    Nobody got “fleeced” IMO, but the Bills made out ahead of the Eagles.

  18. I don’t know, Moss for like a 4th rounder was pretty one sided.
    Also Hershel Walker for….well I guess that was more than 10 years ago.
    If y’all like fleecing people say yeah…YEAH

  19. The true “winner” of this trade obvioulsy won’t be known for a year or two. That being said, Jason Peters seems destined to become one of those players that gets his big money contract and then fades into oblivion. One thing that can not be argued is that Peters #1 concern is getting as much money as possible for himself, evidenced by his holding out with three years left on a contract that was very generous at the time it was signed as well as his shameful lack of effort playing for the Bills last year. Only time will tell, but the Eagles could very well end up with another Jonas Jennings on their hands (another tackle asking for big bucks that the Bills were wise to walk away from).

  20. LOL all this talk about dominant Oline from philly fans, what does the oline matter when you guys wont have a qb worth protecting next year? Oline has never been the problem in philly, and mcnabb is already past his prime, he really is. I watched many of mcnabbs games last year and he is either really out of shape or just old because as the games go on he gets worse and terribly inaccurate.
    Also Brian westbrook turns 30 at the start of the season and mcnabb will be 33 before the season is over. Again the oline has never really been the problem for Philly, the problem has been offensive philosophy and personnel.. or lack of. Oline domination for years to come but no QB or RB to utilize it.

  21. I think both teams made out fairly well … and both can now concentrate on the draft and other trades.
    Peters play last year, whether you count 8 – 11.5 – 13.5 sacks allowed, was not even worth the 3+ million he was scheduled to make!!!
    He needed to be traded, paid or benched! My preference in that order … the Bills got option 1 for me, Philli got their target & Peters got paid … everyone wins!

  22. Bill IN DC, you act like the Bills are so smart. They signed the biggest headache in the NFL when they picked up TO. There was a reason no playoff bound teams wanted him. Good luck with that guy.How many games before he goes after your QB??

  23. Bill In DC: UH, desperation? The Eagles were not going to play Justice there. It would have been Herramins or Andrews. That would have worked fine and STIL been better than last year.
    Lets see how he plays with good players around him before we judge. Buffalo is not a good O-Line. Also, the Eagles only really gave up a 1st. All of the other picks are not needed. Not enough roster spots.

  24. Bill in DC, you don’t know what you are talking about. They signed Stacy Andrews and they have 2 guards that could have played tackle. Shawn Andrews and Herrimans were tackles that were moved to guard. Andrews was in the pro bowl. They were not desperate at all.
    With the pickups of Andrews and Peters and with Shawn Andrews back this year, the Eagles have one of the top O-lines in the league if not the best O-line. Time will tell but they will be very, very good.

  25. mdel1120 I can’t be positive but from the way he knows philly and his name “Bill in DC” I’d venture to say he is a redskins fan. Not really sure how you came to the assumption of him being a bills fan or how he acted like the Bills were so smart. In fact Bill really didnt mention anything at all about the bills, he focused his comment on Philly.

  26. Ok, lets think about this. Peters is a GOOD left takle in this league. Its yet to be seen if he is great. Now that being said. Left takle is one of the more difficult spots to play in the NFL. the Eagle have been somewhat lucky, in that they have had to good takles for the last 8-10 years in Runyan and Thomas. The fact that they are both gone had to go into them pulling the strings on this trade. Like another poster said. Mcnabb and Westbrook are getting older and they can win now. Yes Peters turned into a whiny little baby, but you cannot argue with his talent. I really do not know why people are blasting him for giving up 11.5 sacks last year. Thats less than 1 every 2 games. I would like to see what number the bills wouldve thrown out there for sacks allowed if he would’ve remained with the team. All in all I think both teams win. The Eagles solved there O-line problem with the addition of Peters and the other Andrews brother. The bills can use those draft picks to help a ailing defense and hopefully a receiver for Edwards.

  27. this was a win-win deal. Peters wasn’t worth the money in Buffalo and here’s why:
    Peters has all the potential in the world, but it remains to be seen that he will actually offer the kind of consistent production that a team should be getting for $10M+/season. not only are there question marks with regards to his pass blocking (as per the infamous 11.5 figure), but he was often downright lost when it came to run blocking. Peters not only gets manhandled on many run plays, but all too often he doesn’t even get on a body.
    even if he is truly a pro bowl LT, is it really wise to spend upwards of $11M-$12M/season on him at the expense of being able to develop the rest of the sub-par o-line that’s currently around him? with the salary cap there’s only so much money to go around. his contract demands would have eaten up 10% of the cap, which is actually more than 10% of the Bills payroll considering they don’t spend up to the ceiling. this would have handcuffed the Bills into fielding a below average o-line unit for years to come. what good is it to have a stud LT when defenses can game plan around him and attack the weaker players on the line? look at the stats–the left tackles that give up the fewest sacks often play on the o-lines that give up the most sacks as a unit. defensive coordinators aren’t going to have their pass rushers try to run through a brick wall when they can simply slide through a screen door.

  28. Too early to tell who fleeced who. The above post is right, because he came in after missing all off-season activites and traning camp, the Bills O-line was WORSE (especially running the ball) when Peters replaced the subbing Kirk Chambers.

  29. Agreed dan, philly has always had a good O-line, and there O-line losing thomas and junyan and then adding andrews and peters has gone worse, both of those guys combined have given up 21 sacks last year, peters defiently cannot handle ware/haynesworth/tuck/osi next year, noone got fleeced but philly fans you really need to start thinking like a football fan and not like a stupid homer.

  30. DanSnyder, McNabb set a franchise record for passing yards last year and you claim he is past his prime? You are clearly a little biased because you root for a division rival? I would rather have McNabb than Campbell any day.
    You talk about the Eagles O-line but forget to mention that McNabb had 1 year of TO then crap WRs for the rest of his years here. Last year is the best group he has ever had with a rookie and Curtis who only played half a season. I expect an even better season with Jackson in his 2nd year, an entire year of Curtis, Avant, Celek, and whatever WR we pick up in the draft/trade. I predict Ocho Cinco.

  31. Ever notice that all of the people posting about how Peters is going to be a bust, had 11.5 sacks blah blah….are disproportionately, Redskin, Giant and Cowboy fans….LOL. We’ll try not to run up the score, stop crying the season hasn’t even started yet!

  32. mdel1120: Owens (biggest headache)can only help the Bills. Evans & Owens will give headaches to opposing defenses as I see it. Besides, T.O. is on a 1yr deal and is historically a model citizen in 1st years w/new teams! All he cares about is winning…when did that become so bad??? Peters only cares about his $$$$$$.

  33. I think it’s probably a fair trade. That’s boring, but probably accurate. A 1, a 4, and a 6 is a lot of picks and give the Bills a lot of flexibility and get rid of an ongoing headache. However, Peters can be as good a tackle as there is in the game. He hasn’t been yet though. Played lousy for most of last year and has never been dominant in the running game. It’s a bit of a gamble for both sides, but makes sense for both sides.
    Personally, I don’t think you need a 10 million dollar a year tackle to win in this league. When’s the last time a Superbowl Champion had one? Ogden in the 2000 season, I think. And they won on defense.


  35. I just found out this morning that Peters was Shawn Andrew’s roommate in college- so not only did the Eagles get a stud left tackle, they got another person to help Shawn with his depression issues. Great moves bringing in his brother and now college roommate, we get 1 solid tackle 1 pro bowl tackle and what should amount to the return to pro bowl form for Shawn Andrews.

  36. Got fleeced? They turned an undrafted tight end into a first and fourth round pick! Sounds like sour grapes to me . Brilliant move. This guy was a locker room cancer and would not have re-signeed anyway. And I am just following my former G.M.’s advice and “rooting for the Bills”

  37. can you put this number of 11 1/2 sacks in proportion to me? What are some other production numbers from better guys, and who else is around 11 1/2?

  38. He had an off year against the D-ends in the AFC East???hahahah thats a joke! he allowed 11.5 in one season,shit he might allow that in one game in the NFC BEAST!wait until we has to play the Giants and Cowboys twice a year and he has to face Osi,Tuck,Kiwanuka,Chris Canty,and Demarcus Ware coming off the edge for the cowboys! LMAO this guy is worth the picks only because of such a monsterous need philly had but the contract is a joke, hes not the best tackle in the league…

  39. I see that there are a lot of NFC East fans (who are not Eagles fans) who really, really, REALLY don’t want this to be a great deal for the Eagles. Too bad for them, that it is, as Florio’s source admits, a “fleecing” of the Bills.

  40. #
    # Westbrook_36 says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 10:29 am
    “DanSnyder, McNabb set a franchise record for passing yards last year and you claim he is past his prime? You are clearly a little biased because you root for a division rival? I would rather have McNabb than Campbell any day.
    You talk about the Eagles O-line but forget to mention that McNabb had 1 year of TO then crap WRs for the rest of his years here. Last year is the best group he has ever had with a rookie and Curtis who only played half a season. I expect an even better season with Jackson in his 2nd year, an entire year of Curtis, Avant, Celek, and whatever WR we pick up in the draft/trade. I predict Ocho Cinco. ”
    Um it has nothing to do with being biased. And yes I know everything you said, no need to remind me. The passing yards didnt mean crap. I don;t see how thats relevant to what I said. Read my post over again, I said Mcnabb gets worse as the game goes on. Its simply a fact from all the eagles games I have watched. He also gets very inaccurate under pressure specially when it is late in the game. I asked a question if it was him due to being out of shape or just old.
    Yes I know the eagles receiving corps too, in fact if you would have read what I said I sort of implied that the eagles problems all these years have been the lack off personnel and I mainly meant WR.
    This signing did nothing to improve the eagles from last year, if anything it just brought them back to par. Yes the eagles we finally have a DECENT, not great but decent group of wideouts this year. The problem is its 10 years a little too late. Mcnabb will be 33 before the season is over and we have all seen a big decline in his play the past 5 years. He may have set a franchise record but he still averaged 6.9 yards an attempt which is very poor, I think campbell is a terrible QB but if campbell would have thrown another 70 passes to match mcnabbs attempts their numbers would have been pretty close.
    Also notice Mcnabb was only sacked 23 times last year. Again my whole point from the beginning was the eagles problem was never the oline. It was offensive playcalling/philosophy and personnel at skill positions. What I was saying is its really getting a little too late now. Mcnabb soon to be 33 and westbrook 30 before season starts. In a year or 2 Mcnabb will be gone, he does choke regardless of what you think, he has proven it and we all know how eagles management loves to cut aging players before they are done with their careers.

  41. ” $10 million per year is a lot of money to pay to a guy who gave up 11.5 sacks last year and didn’t know it.”
    Not only gave up a lot of sacks but didn’t seem too concerned about it when he was informed.

  42. east96st says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 10:06 am
    He’s got six games against some of the best pass rushers in the NFL – Haynesworth, Ware, Tuck, & Osi. When matches up and beats them, then he’s legit. Until then, 11.5 in 13 games is pathetic.
    How many sacks did those guys have against the Eagles last year? And, Tra and Runyan were not exactly setting the world of fire. They played good but certainly not close to probowl level. Haynesworth will line up against Herramins and Shawn Andrews.

  43. Obviously, this source is an Eagles fan with no connection to any NFL team. Nice one, Florio.

  44. “Florio you ignorant slut!” Sack totals that Florio has decided to pimp is just shameful. Please don’t go down the road of another drama filled/inflammatory media type.
    Bills fans arguing re: JP as a malcontent is just hypocritical. Eagles fans claiming that we just got the 2nd coming of Ogden is setting the bar a wee bit high. 4th round pick means little, but provides Bills w/another player, usually a back up. Eagles solidified their line and have depth now.
    Eagles knew that “finding” a stud LT that deep in the draft is not realistic. Plus, they didn’t have a lot of depth along the line. They can now focus on the infamous “best available player.”
    Now on to more importanta things: who each of these teams will draft in their current positions? Bills can draft qb w/first pick or tackle and pick up the other at #28. Eagles now have an outside chance that Moreno will fall to them at #21.
    Eagles: 12-4 playoff team
    Bills: 5-10, but get high pick in next year’s draft

  45. What is wrong with you people? The guy made 2 straight pro bowls and he is new to the position. He even made it last year when he didn’t play as well. He is extremely athletic and is so big Reid looks small next to him.
    All the other rival NFC East fans are just acting out because they are jealous. The Skins sign the most expensive players every year and then still suck. The Giants, got owned at home in the playoffs. Dallas has no heart and underachieves every year… what is it, 11 or 12 years without a playoff win? They got spanked that last game of the year.
    Go away, Eagles haters. I don’t mind objective discussion but you guys are just hating on a division rival. Peters was a great sign/trade and the O-line will be the best O-line I have ever seen the Eagles have.

  46. Florio, you uncharacteristically forgot to mention how McNabb’s unhappiness at no longer being the butt of all the ‘I can’t believe he didn’t know that’ jokes will lead to a demand to be traded.

  47. trusting the philly o-line coach over random interent guys= best comment so far.
    as a bills fan, i can only hope that they use the picks wisely, then we can measure the trade appropriately in 1-2 years.

  48. That GM is obviously brain-dead, or works for Detroit so…brain-dead.
    Best deal in the last ten years? Just off the top of my head, what about Phillip Rivers for Eli Manning? The Chargers give away a player everyone knows doesn’t want to play for them and planned to hold out, and they get a Pro Bowl QB, a Pro Bowl LB (Juiceimus Merriman), a Pro Bowl Kicker (Nate Kaeding) and several other draft picks.
    Hell, what about the Ricky Williams Fiasco? One and a half complete drafts or something crazy like that for a RB who was traded two years later? That was in ’99, so that is technically within the last ten years, right?
    I just hate internet buzz words. Best prospect ever. Once in a decade player. Best to come out in his position. The next Lawrence Taylor. NFL spin doctors, meh.
    And sorry Andy Reid, easy to miss since he’s playing on a Arena quality football team, but Joe Thomas of the Browns has been the best LT in the NFL the past two years.

  49. why does this florio guy write nothing but negative stories?
    sacks given up is always subjective to one’s opinion. he also
    completely blew Peter’s comment out of proportion. When he was
    talking about getting beat on the play he was thinking about
    missing the training camp, and not about how his contract
    was related to his play. Sounds like florio looks to find
    drama in every story. I thought this was a football website not MTV.

  50. Bottom line Philly fan, you overpaid for a good left tackle. If you think he is a player that will dominate you are wrong. You got one of the top 10 or 12 tackles in the game. If you feel your team needed to overpay for that position it is a good move. There are times you need to overpay for guys – maybe this is it. I would respect your opion on a guy you watched for 3 years so trust this Bills fan when I say you got a talented left tackle that when he had something to prove like he did for his first 3 years he played well.

  51. Everyone is harping on the “11.5 sacks”…yeah he did play poorly in pass protection last year and gave up sacks…but the most concerning part is that the left side was terrible in THE RUN GAME! and Peters was unable to open up holes for Lynch. Look at the film and watch how Peters and Dockery couldn’t give Fred Jackson or Lynch room to run. Running plays to the right side (Walker/Butler) had a higher YPC average then plays to the left (Peters/Dockery).
    The problem with Peters is that he believed all the hype that was said after his 1 full year at LT. He continually believes that he can rely soley on his athletic ablility. This will be his downfall as he only gets older.

  52. Reasons why Peters should play well and the “sack stat” should not come up again:
    1) no hold out – in shape from training camp
    2) will not be put on “an island” as in buffalo – Philadelphia has pretty complex blocking schemes where the linemen, te’s and backs are “layered” to protect the qb in passing situations.
    3) Leonard Weaver and Brian westbrook are two of the better passing blockers, chippers in the NFL unlike lynch
    4) Peters will be part of a much better offensive line –
    5) Satisfied with his deal, now needs to earn it because unlike most contracts in the NFL this 6 year deal takes him to age 33, which is reasonable that he can earn every penny
    6) Donovan mcnabb is one of the hardest qbs to bring down and moves well in the pocket unlike inexperienced Trend edwards –
    7) MOST IMPORTANTLY – this is andy reid and juan castillo – if not much else these guys know their offensive lines and lineman and will ride this guy so that he maxes his full potential – When was the last time the Eagles had a bad offensive line under Reid?
    As an aside what is this sack number? Has anyone here actually verified that number and compiled a video of these so called sacks allowed? More importantly, does anybody here understand that there is more to being a lineman than not giving up sacks?
    Finally, Peters could have been bombarded with double rush and the bills probably left him hanging out there trusting he could do the job. As he said he is only human.
    He isnt the best tackle in football….and they did overpay in the contract….but he is very very good, and will be pushed hard, and taught well under reid and castillo
    This trade was a steal (if you look at the look at the alternatives)

  53. Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game in 13 games, may I add.
    but in all fairness, your O-line has always been good, and really this did nothing but make your o-line the same, or even worse then it was last year, the eagles have done nothing this offseason that the redskins, OR giants have done, the cowboys losing T.O may hurt but atleast there a more concentrated team now, also if any of you eagle fans have any respect for the game and wouldn’t be such homers you’d know osi/tuck/ware/haynesworth WILL unleash hell on McNabb next year.

  54. I can’t wait to be reading this site in 2 years when Peters hasn’t shown up for Eagles’ OTAs because he wants a new deal for $15 million/year.
    Buffalo had to make the deal b/c Peters was NOT going to play for them, regardless of what they gave him. They knew his heart wasn’t in it for them, so they made the best move they could. They were lucky to get what they did for him b/c most teams probably knew the Bills were over a barrel in this case. It is fascinating how much man-love has gone on for Peters. As some have pointed out, trading an undrafted TE for a first round pick 4 years later is pretty damn good.

  55. “Other than Anthony Munoz, this is the most devastating blocker and pass-protector I’ve ever coached,” said the retired and well-respected former NFL line coach Jim McNally, who mentored Peters from being a college tight end to one of the premier tackles in the game. “He’s a terrific player and a good kid. What happened to him in Buffalo, I think, is he saw two linemen come in and make a lot of money [Derrick Dockery, Langston Walker], and he looked at them and said, ‘I’m better than they are; why aren’t I making that money?’ And it really affected him. I think he’ll be a dominating player in Philadelphia, and I don’t think the money will affect him.”
    As cited in Peter King’s column. It seems like people who know football think Peters is a stud. I’ll trust them over Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins fans on this site any day. While I don’t agree with everything Andy Reid does, he knows lineman. He LOVES lineman. He wouldn’t make this trade unless he absolutely thought Peters was the real deal.

  56. DanSnyder,
    Okay, I see what you are saying but the O-line was only good at pass blocking last year. They could not run block at all and we lost several games because of that. They were a problem in the run game and I think it is solved this year. Also, the Eagles didn’t have Shawn Andrews last year who was our best lineman.
    McNabb is better than people think. He is a streaky passer where he will be deadly accurate for a few drives, then very inaccurate others. Not sure it’s an end of game thing. In the loss to AZ, he opened the 2nd half with 3 straight TD scoring drives to take the lead. Had the D held AZ, all you would be hearing about is how McNabb brought them back and how good he is. A 4th second half drive is a lot to ask.
    I think Jackson is a poor man’s Steve Smith. Similar style of play and size. I think the kid is going to be really good. Curtis is a great Wes Welker type of WR and Avant is a very good clutch 3rd down WR. I rate them as above average to good. Not very good or great for sure.
    If the Eagles add a RB (which they will) to compliment Westbrook, who played the entire season injured, they will be in great shape next year. The O-line will be able to run block which will open both the run and the pass game. I think they will be scary on offense next year. We will see.

  57. The Eagles would have likely had to give up the same if not more to move up into the top 5 to get one of the premier tackles in the draft and would have had to pay just as much if not more to an unproven rookie. Would that have made more sense than making a deal for a 27 year old, 2 time pro bowler?

  58. Westbrook_36 it aint hating man, there is 2 points to our arguements. #1 The guy couldn’t have cared where he went he justed wanted to get paid, THAT IS FACT. He signed a solid conract only a couple years ago, not a rookie contract. He honored it for 2-3 seasons then demanded a new one all while giving up 11 and a half sacks in just 13 games. He also played in the afc east which doesnt exactly have great defenses, solid yah but not great.
    The NFC east teams all placed in the top 10 in total defense. Eagles #3 Skins #4 Giants #5 and Cowboys #8.
    #2 is that the oline has never been a problem for the eagles. It has never been the reason or came close to it of having a bad season. It has always been their inability to run consistently, and pass consistently. This comes from playcalling and skill personnel, sorry but andy reid is not a genius at play calling nor is westbrook and everydown back. I love westbrook but he is just over used.
    And I had no interest in talking crap but since you want to make fun of the skins about how about Franchise record passing yards in a season QB throwing no tds in either game against the skins as well as losing both games. Oh and guess what? In the 2 losses against the skins Mcnabb was sacked a total of twice. Again I rest my point that the oline has never been problem.

  59. Eagle fan is the most blinded, delirious fan in the NFL. some of ya’ll probably still believe you’ll win a Super Bowl in your lifetimes

  60. I’m a Bills season ticket holder, and yes, the Eagles completely “fleeced” the Bills. Peters’ ability is unmatched at LT. He had a down year, which was 100% due to the fact that he held out and had zero offseason work against professional opposition. It takes weeks to get into playing condition, regardless of what kind of physical shape a player is in, and thus he struggled in pass protection early on in the season.
    Nevertheless, he’s a dominant LT when he’s at his best. And for those that choose not to remember, he played his best football the season after he got his last contract extension, so I wouldn’t worry too much about him slacking now that he’s been paid.
    Eagle fans, take it from me, you’ll be thrilled with this guy. If you don’t believe that, go watch the first half of the Bills-Giants game in December 2007, in which he manhandled Umenyiora. Then he sustained a season-ending injury, and the Giants defense ran roughshod over the Bills’ front 7, forced 3 turnovers the rest of the way, won the game, gained momentum, and went on to win the Superbowl. Or just ask Jason Taylor, who said (in 2006) that Peters was the best offensive lineman he’s ever seen.

  61. Dan Snyder,
    What’s funnier, Eagles fans talking about a dominat O-line after picking up a Pro-Bowl tackle or a Washinton fan critiqueing other teams personnel moves?

  62. TheBandit27, thanks for the insights and backing it with examples. It seems a lot of Bills fans are pissed at him and just bash him. The experts think highly of him and they don’t put LT in pro bowls for no reason. He sounds like a real beast. We will need him in the NFC East. I think 4 of the top 7 defenses in the league were from the NFC East based on end of season stats. We will find out soon enough if he is as good as advertised. He’s got his work cut out for him.
    Anyone see him on TV last night sitting next to Eskin? Howard looked like a child sitting next to him.

  63. The pro bowl votes mean nothing. It’s a popularity contest. Who else on the Bills was going to play in the pro bowl. This guy let 1 good year go to his head. He was given a good contract for an undrafted free agent. He let his agents greed get to him. He will get fat. He is already lazy. He does not care about the team and winning. It’s a good thing that Philly “only” guarenteed 25 mil. They will be regreting this decision for years.

  64. Eagles are going to take a bath with Peters contract. Peters is going to get abused by Ware and Osi. He hasn’t seen pass rushers like this in Buffalo.

  65. I also want to point out that Mcnabb had 13 of his 23 touchdowns in 5 games against the rams, 49ers, seahawks, cardinals, and browns.
    You could say his 4 Td performance against the cardinals might be credible but what people dont realize is the cardinals score 427 points and gave up 426. I heard things about them having a good defense but it didnt make any sense. The cardinalds had the #28 ranked scoring defense. Only the chiefs, broncos, rams, and lions gave up more points last year.
    That means he only scored 10 tds in the other 11 games. Anyways im done, time for class.

  66. DanSnyder, the Skins kicked our butts last year in both games. That’s not trash talking, it’s a fact. They played really well and the Eagles played terrible in those games. The Eagles had a few terrible games last year and some great games last year. They were very up and down.
    Pass blocking is only part of the O-line’s job. They have to run block too and the line was very weak in that area. The O-line did get better because Shawn is back and is a beast in the run game and both tackles we got are expected to be good run blockers as well. Don’t take my opinion, read what the experts are saying about our o-line. Prisco wrote an article saying we have the best O-line in the league now.
    Our O-line last year, in addition to not having our best lineman in Andrews, featured Tra playing with back issues and missing some games and Runyan playing in extreme pain. Also our Andrews replacement Max Gilles got hurt and they went deeper in our bench for starters. The O-line is definitely better this year.

  67. So…Florio goes to philly for a couple of days, and comes back with sources. Hmmmm, I don’t think the half wasted guy sitting at Harry the K’s,in Citizens Bank Park, singing “High Hopes” is a credible source…..But anyway, they needed a LT and they got one, but the best deal in 10 years?….That has Dave SPINdaro written all over it….Oh, and WestBrook, Eskin looked like a child cause he is one…

  68. Peters didn’t have a good year last year, but he’s still an excellent young blindside tackle. The value of a blindside tackle that is in his prime, and that has had success before, should be more than what the Bills got. Peters is far less risky than Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith, the latter being more raw than people seem to be acknowledging.
    In saying that, I think the Bills took the best possible deal, so a lot of the questioning should be on other teams, such as
    1) Detroit – They are rumored to want to add another young OL guy this offseason.
    2) Minnesota – Maybe they are gearing up for a Brady Quinn trade, but they definitely could’ve used another OT, and it’s possible that they ponder a Phil Loadholt or Eben Britton at 22.
    Other teams that I think should’ve pondered Peters – Pittsburgh, St. Louis. Probably a few more.

  69. Kevin from philly, what does being a redskins fan have to do with anything? Skins may be my team but I follow many teams very closely, even a few outside the NFC east. And since when does Probowl mean anything anymore? Chris samuels went this year and had an average year at best. He started off dominant but was really playing poorly by the end of the season and even finished on IR, yet he still got voted to the Probowl.
    I’ll be the first one to tell you haynesworth will make an impact but wont be anything worth noting. He definately is not worth the money but at least it didn’t cost us any draft picks. Oh and yeah, peters and haynesworth may both have similiar interests in that it was all about the money but the difference is we got the best DT in football while the eagles got a good OT but traded 3 picks just for the replacement of a good player.
    Skins were #4 on defense and havent lost anyone, infact the same DTs are still on the team with hayensworth added to the mix. He didn’t cost any draft picks and he was added to the pool of talent. Peters cost a pretty solid amount only to replace a guy considered on the same level. Even if peters is slightly better it won’t help the eagles, the line has never been their problem for the past 10 years. They have had one of the biggest and best lines for many years yet teams with lines far less talented have better run games.
    People talk about how great Andy reid is with drafting and producing offensive lineman. What no one mentions is how many tops draft picks the eagles have used on oline when WR has always been their biggest issue. If you are so great at developing or drafting olineman and already have a great oline, why not draft some skill positions when your team is in dire need of them and draft the OL later in the draft.
    Redskins up untill the second half of this year had a pretty good oline the past 5 years or so, yet we havent drafted an a guy on the OL higher then the 3rd round since 2000 when we took samuels with the #3 overall.

  70. Pittsburgh would never sign Peters, the teams that win superbowls frequently don’t overspend. Peters asking price would be overspending for teams like the steelers or pats. Has nothing to do with being able to afford them. They just don’t do that.

  71. Smush Rodrigez says:
    “How many sacks did those guys have against the Eagles last year? And, Tra and Runyan were not exactly setting the world of fire. They played good but certainly not close to probowl level. Haynesworth will line up against Herramins and Shawn Andrews.”
    First, Osi didn’t play last year. Second, when the Giants played Philly, their whole D-line was badly hurt and there were no backups. That’s changed dramatically this off season. Third, as much as I despise the Cowboys, it’s ridiculous not to view Ware as a threat. The guy is coming into his prime. Finally, that’s how the Titans used Haynesworth. I would not be surprised to see Washington shift him around. Every team in NFC East moves their D-lineman around to exploit mismatches and based on down/yardage. While Washington MAY keep Big Al right in the middle all game long, I think all teams will game plan for the possibility that he may move under certain down/yardage condition. Washington’s D was slightly better than Tennesee’s last year (Skins were fourth overall, Titans 7th) and now with Haynesworth on the Skins, it’s a safe offseason bet that Washington will be better. As I said in my first post, let’s see what happens on the field.

  72. And, if you want to know how well Osi did playing the eagles the last time he played you guys, he had 6 sacks on McNabb, overall we had 12 sacks on you, k thanks and goodbye.

  73. To DanSnyder…you must actually BE Dan Snyder. Of Course Fat Albert didn’t cost you draft picks…he was a FREE AGENT! While we’ll be concerned about Peter’s ability on the field, Deadskin fans should be concerned about Fat Albert’s conduct on (foot stomping)field and off field (DUI). I would much rather spend money on a 27 year old than have to spend more guaranteed money on an unproven rookie 1st round pick. And as someone else questioned, why am I debating about personal moves with a Deadskins’ fan. Just line up all the successful trades and FA aquisitions the Deadskins have made and see how unsuccessful they were and how short their stay was in DC. And while I’m at it, FEDEX Field is a joke. Dan, spend your money and get rid of that 25 inch color TV you’re using as a video board and upgrade to HD that fans can actually see!

  74. “Peters’ ability is unmatched at LT.”
    Regardless of anything else, the posts here are always good for a laugh! The guy gives up more than 10 sacks in 13 games, but yeah, his “ability is unmatched at LT”, uh huh, right.
    You iggles and bills fans are funny.

  75. The media comes up with more illogical and useless stats every year, but this 11 1/2 sacks given up thing has got to be one of the dumbest. I suppose if you add the 9 1/2 sacks that Stacy Andrews gave up, plus those that the interior lineman, poor Donovan can expect to get sacked about 40 times next year. Anyone with knowledge can see that the Eagles actually now have one of the best O lines in the NFL. Here’s the problem with your logic, as alluded to by several people here: 1) None of these stats experts have any idea what line call was made, they have no idea about whether a back was supposed to pick up a blitz 2) they have no idea about whether a combo call was made; that is sometimes the guard and tacle are both supposed to double team a pass rusher 3) they don’t account for a QB’s mobility; to that media moron Trent Edwards and JP Losman have the same mobility as Donovan McNabb 4) they don’t account for the amount of steps into the drop that the QB throws the ball, if the play calls for a 3 step drop and the QB takes 5; it’s his fault if there’s a sack or turnover. I’m probably leaving other factors out here, but suffice it to say that people that publish this stat don’t exactly show an encyclopedic knowledge of the game.

  76. both teams win.
    the bills picked up valuable draft picks in exchange for a guy who would have been a locker room disruption and potential liability on the field. the fact that they are receiving picks in exchange for an undrafted guy they scouted out and developed is a big win for them. they are receiving picks and getting rid of a headache for nothing, basically.
    the eagles need proven OL players who can step right in. the window for the mcnabb/westbrook era is closing. they got burnt on a few high level OL draft picks in recent years (winston justice) – so exchanging a few of their numerous picks for a proven and experienced OL is worth it to them.
    the eagles signing a couple veteran OL this offseason should come as no surprise. everyone expected them to take otah last year, but when they traded down and took an offensive weapon who could contribute immediately, you could tell their strategy for the time being is “win now” and not that of “develop/rebuild”.

  77. I’m not really sure what the Bills are doing. They should have just paid the guy after his ’07 season. Stud left tackles aren’t that easy to find.

  78. lol @ the Eagles haters and the Buffalo fans who think letting your best player go was smart..
    ill save you guys a seat at the Linc in January while your teams will be watchin us play!

  79. and how come NOONES mentioned he might not have played to potential cuz he was in BUFFALO!! who wants to play their??!? thats why TO ONLY signed for 1 year even he knows that place stinks!

  80. Can you imagine anyone stupid enough to take on the screen name of “Dan Snyder”? It’s like calling yourself “Bozo the Clown”. Maybe Vinny Ceratto. That being said can someone explain why Jason Peters made the pro bowl both years after becoming the starter? It wasn’t by reputation because he is a converted tight end who started for only two years. I guess his peers thought he was worthy of making it. Two types of people are the ones with negatives. Buffalo fans who are pissed and jealous rivals like Dan Freaking Snyder AKA Bozo “The Clown”. I prefer to take the opinion of Andy Reid and many other NFL people when they say Jason Peters is a great player.

  81. Akshun says:
    “ill save you guys a seat at the Linc in January while your teams will be watchin us play!”
    Where they will proceed to lose – AGAIN. BTW – very smart that you didn’t say anything about playing in February.

  82. East96th (and others): Peters HAS played against NFC East teams with the Bills. The Philly papers broke down his games: 1 sack allowed against Osi, one against Ware. Not great, but acceptable given that the rest of the Bills line was unremarkable.

  83. Y’all know that you’re conspiring (willingly or not) with Florio’s evil plan to put puppet strings around NFL GM’s right?
    So much emotion from rumors and mixed information … wow …
    Eagles fans hate the rest of the NFC East fans … Bills got the better? vs. Phili got the better end? …
    They both made out … Phili’s got a talented LT and Buff. got rid of a whiny bi@tch …
    everyone wins … including Peters who gets paid, so I’d say the biggest winner is Mrs. Peters

  84. smush, i just read that sheldon brown is indeed whining about money. he’s signed through 2012 though he can raise a stink and sit out games. he has some leverage as the eagles are a bit think in the secondary with lito gone. maybe he can get more $ out of them. the eagles could also play hardball and not trade him like they often do.

  85. Philly had to give up the picks and sign him to a pretty hefty deal. Seems like the only fleecing that could potentially happen is him being a total dud. Otherwise, the Bills have many needs and can use those draft picks, and the additional money, to address those.
    Article also exaggerates a bit much. I would say the Pats getting a first rounder for a mediocre WR (Branch) is a far better example of a fleecing.

  86. Hey nygiantsftw1… how many sacks did your pussy gmen get in the three games last year when you went 1-2?

  87. TO NYGIANTSFTW1says=> Deadskins is a nickname that’s existed for many,many years, long before Sean Taylor was a member of that team.
    For you to suggest my reference had anything to do with the murder of person is ludicrous to say the least. Let me repeat, the Deadskins has absolutely NOTHING to do with the murder of Sean Taylor. I ask you find somewhere in my previous post that draws any connection to the late Sean Taylor. It’s not there, so like many people these days, you’ve taken it upon your righteous duty to insinuate that’s what I meant. You are WRONG!
    In fact, the DEADSKINS should be ashamed for continuing to use the name Redskins as every Native American group has spoken out against it as a racial stereotype. As for going to hell, I’ve already been to New Yawk!

  88. Wow…Have you all lost your minds? First of all im going to come out and say im a Buffalo Bills Fan. That being said, no one got fleeced. Florio is retarded. As is the case with most people who cover large-market teams, he knows nothing about the Bill’s situation. The Bills took an undrafted overweight TE from arkansas abd turned him into a good left tackle. he had one pro-bowl year (were the bills played the NFC East, mind you) but ended up hurt and unable to play in the pro-bowl. the bills rewarded him with a great contract for a undrafted free agent. But after the pro-bowl year, he thought he was worth even more even though he had just signed said deal.So he held out. didnt come back in football shape and the bills line digressed after his return. He had a bad year. The stat that he gave up 11.5 sacks. i agree that there are many variables included in saying someone gave up a sack. i hear you iggles fans here saying that stat is made up and thatYou wonder what stat bills fans would have used if Peters Stayed. As a bills fan, that number is the number we use. Trust me. 11.5. Now using that stator any other like it, could we rationalize paying the guy the 10+ million a year that he wanted? No we cant spend money like that when we have other holes to fill. Especislly on someone who doesnt want to be there anyways. we offered him 9.5 a yr. and he wouldnt sign. so it was apparent we had to move him. We cant afford to have a lt holding out for ten games. So we turned a disgruntled, undrafted te, into 1st, 4th and a sixth in 2010. We got back draft flexability, and a way to free up money and provide better starters on a team that is constantly rebuilding. From the eagles side, You got a good deal. SOme of you thing that J.P. is the second coming of Walter Jones. He isnt. What you got is a solid pass protecter and a more then adequate run blocker. He has Potential to be dominant if he wants to be. He is a top ten tackle, not a top five. If Andy reid can make him reach his max, then awesome. if not then he will still be a solid starter for the next 8 yrs. The eagles had a lot of draft choices and only a few holes to fill, and they traded to fill one of their holes and now can get a rb and a wr and be looking at a serious play-off run. The Bills Had a 340 lb, Headache and many holes and got rid of the headache and have more options in the draft. No-body fleeced anyone. To Philly fans. Good job on the trade, i hope you guys get your money’s worth. J.P. is good and i wish the bills could have kept him.

  89. I dont understand this trade at all for buffalo, they just got TO and they need to protect trent edwards to help get him and Lee Evans the ball. How is this trade at all gonna help them out if they want to do this. Now they’re gonna put langston walker as their left tackle and from being a raiders fan, you never want to hear your team say that because he was for a couple of games the left tackle during that awful raiders season in 06 with art shell as head coach and he was just terrible. I still don’t understand why they gave TO a 6.5 million dollar guaranteed contract but they don’t pay the money to one of the best left tackles in football. The Bills are gonna be a mess this year and say goodbye to Dick Jauron.

  90. I think florio’s source is probably correct; conventional g.m. wisdom would view securing a young pro-bowl LT for a first and a fourth this year and a sixth next year as an inexpensive price. and that may turn out to be the case.
    However…..despite all the blow by blow back and forth, the truth is that no one knows for sure who got the better of this deal. that will play out when we see how peters plays and who is available to be drafted with the picks obtained.
    i would say that getting rid of this young guy for the terrible sin of wanting to get paid as much as possible on one hand while shaking hands with terrell owens with the other reminds me of captain renault in casablanca being “shocked” that gambling was going on at Rick’s and closing the joint (at the behest of major strasser) while being handed his winnings….
    maybe it speaks more to the buffalo cash flow situation than it does to the ability/lack thereof of peters

  91. I watched all 16 Bills games last season, and yes, Peters had an off year because he showed up out of shape after his holdout.
    But I’m skeptical of this “11.5 sacks” figure. Pass protection is a group effort, due as much to the scheme as to the individual players. One thing I know for sure is that Buffalo’s offense suffered considerably when Langston Walker and Kirk Chambers stepped in at left tackle.
    Philly fans, ignore the noise and evaluate Peters with your own two eyes. Chances are you’ll be happy with him, especially as a run blocker.

  92. Great we’ve got a qb who doesnt know there are ties and now a lt that doesnt know he gave up 11.5 sacks.

  93. Kevin from Philly says:
    “East96th (and others): Peters HAS played against NFC East teams with the Bills. The Philly papers broke down his games: 1 sack allowed against Osi, one against Ware. Not great, but acceptable given that the rest of the Bills line was unremarkable.”
    That’s TWO games – neither of which was a division game for his opponents. Now he has SIX and they are ALL division games. Big difference. As I’ll now say for the third time, we’ll see how he does on the field. BTW – Enjoy the resulting salary controversies his signing has caused. He may end up costing Philly far more than $10 mill a year.

  94. Raidersfan2k4,
    Who says we are starting langston walker at lt? we have the eleventh pick, who say we arent going to get A. smith or m. oher? The one thing i dislike about thses sites is tha fact that people try to use one little factiod or piece of knowledge they have read somewere without thinking about it. the bills have many options. This trade makes a ton of sense for the Bills. if you read my earlier post then you would know that A. the bills offered Peters what they thought was fair market value (9.5) for a guy who has had 2 season ending injuries and who has given up 17.5 sacks in two years.
    B. Peters wanted to become the highest paid lt in the nfl, and was likely to hold out again, like he did in 08 were he came back out of shape. Peters, didnt want to be in Buffalo, thus he wouldnt budge on contract negotiations and therefore the bills had no choice but to get rid of him. They had to do it before the draft, so they could adjust their draft board accordingly. So they exchanged an undrafted lt for a 1st, 4th and a sixth in 2010. They got more flexibility, opened money up to sign other fa’s. Peter’s got paid, and moved out of Buffalo. Philly filled a gaping hole on the left side with a player who will be solid for years to come. So everybody is saying well he made two pro bowls. One he deserved and one 08 he didnt. the pro-bowl is a popularity contest, not an actual barometer of talent. so why again would this trade not make sense?

  95. The author of The Iliad says: “Great move by Russ Brandon! Now we’ve got two great draft picks! Way to wheel & deal! I’m excited about the upcoming season!”

  96. Eagles are paper champions every year, to their fans. We’ll see how this “best” “dominate” and whatever other titles you want to hang on them turn out.

  97. The only thing we can say right now is that the Bills definitely made out on the deal. They turned a former UDFA TE into a LT worth trading for a 1st, 4th, and conditional pick in 2010, despite coming off a poor season. And sorry girls, but the 11.5 sacks number is very real. As are the 8 penalties he had last year. And as has been said, he didn’t exactly face great DE’s last year.
    Now I know he missed all off- and pre-season, but you’d think that after say, a month, he’d have returned to his dominating form. He didn’t, which leads me to believe that he’s damaged goods, thanks to shredding his groin at the end of 2007 (courtesy of Osi Umenyiora, who he’ll face twice a year and who will likely give Peters nightmares before Giants games for years to come). And that is the major reason, along with his lack of character in the way he handled his contract situation last year (and which he proved with his embarrassing press conference yesterday), why the Bills would go no higher than $8M/year in a heavily backloaded contract with a low amount of guaranteed money.
    Frankly, I’m glad it’s over, glad he’s gone, and am glad that my team won’t be finding out the hard way whether Peters IS damaged goods or not, and what a fat contract will do to his already-questionable desire. It’s not like the Bills will miss his crap performance from last year. And before anyone talks about how great the Eagles are at acquiring players, I’ll leave you with 2 names: Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse. But at least those guys left it out on the field every play.
    Another thing to consider/worry about, is that while he’s getting $10M/year, Jake Long is making $11.5M/year. So when Peters gets beat for sacks this coming year, he can go back to the bench and say to himself “I’m only making $10M/year and Long is making more.”
    Didn’t know he gave-up 11.5 sacks my ass! He knew full well. That’s why he skipped the Pro Bowl this year,claiming he was still injured. He just didn’t want to get dressed-down by true Pro Bowl players and thus hurt his leverage.
    Good luck Philly. I harbor no ill will against you. But it appears that Shawn Andrews, a former teammate and roommate of Peters, is next up to pull a Peters and get all pissy because he’s a 3-time Pro Bowler and making just $3.55M a year, compared to Peters’ $10M/year. Now THAT would the definition of irony!
    Oh and I’ll be sure to vote Peters into the Pro Bowl this year, regardless of whether he deserves it or not. That way the Bills get the highest conditional pick, and Peters’ ego gets even more inflated. Because that’s why he plays: “to go to Hawaii!”

  98. What is very telling is this…
    Andy Reid claims Peters is the best LT in fottball..
    How come nobody else was calling the Bills to aquire his service. Four good plays, one penalty. Three more good plays, one serious pressure that causes a sack.
    Then the all out a$$ whoopin someone puts on him to cause a sack, interception or a RB to be dumped in the backfield.
    It’s all coming to Philly now….

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