Shanahan Eventually To Surface With 'Skins?

As the Washington Redskins continue to prepare for the second year of the Jim Zorn era, we’re hearing ongoing chatter that, come 2010, the head coach of the team will be former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.
Of course, the ‘Skins might not end up getting a clear shot at Shanahan.  With Cowboys coach Wade Phillips entering the final year of his contract and a new deal unlikely, Jerry Jones likely will be looking for a new head coach, too.
In the end, Shanahan’s final destination might come down to money.  Specifically, the question will be the extent to which any team is willing to exceed the $7 million that Shanahan is due to receive from the Broncos regardless of whether he works next season.
So maybe, just maybe, the team’s flirtation with USC quarterback Mark Sanchez has less to do with making an impact in 2009, and more to do with helping set the table for Shanahan in 2010.

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  1. I would think the Bears would have the best shot at Shanny in 2010. Especially if they don’t live up to Chicago’s expectations this year.

  2. I wonder if the Bears would be interested in Shanahan if Lovie doesn’t turn things around this year? Cutler and Shanahan re-united.
    Although I seem to remember Urlacher saying he couldn’t see himself playing for any other coach than Lovie. Could be interesting.

  3. Remember it was Shananhan that tried to bring Tony Romo to Denver before Romo took the Cowboys offer. Perhaps the Skins’ want a project that might interest Shananhan. Ultimately I doubt it’s that complicated.

  4. Remember it was Shanahan that tried to bring Tony Romo to Denver as an UDFA before Romo decided to take the Cowboys offer. I think there might be something to Shanny to the Boys’. That said I guess one might think the Skins’ would want a project for Shanny to be interest in…..but I doubt its that complicated.

  5. Don’t count out the Bears. I know Lovie is beloved there, but Cutler is gonna start throwing a fit late in the season, bitching to the press about the conservative play calling. If the front office wants to bend over backwards to keep the little prince happy, I could see them courting Shanahan.
    It makes too much sense to reunite him with Cutler, especially when you consider Shanahan played college ball in Illinois (and may hail from the state originally?).

  6. I would love to see Shanahan land back in the AFC West, but since that isn’t going to work, I will pull for Dallas to make the big mistake. And if he ends up in DC, that’s good, too.

  7. I would find it highly unlikely that the Redskins would be basing their decision in the draft on the “chance” that they might land Shanahan a year from now. I think their flirtation with Sanchez would be more to do with the fact that they are unhappy with Campbell. With that said, this is Daniel Synder we’re talking about, right?

  8. I don’t understand how the conclusion that it’ll come down to money came about, Mike, especially when he’ll be making free money anyway. Someone explain?

  9. I realize this is the rumor mill, but come on Florio…..this post has more speculation in it than Lebron talking about where he’ll end up 2 years from now. I know, the NBA reference sucks, but its the only analogy I could think of at the moment. Point made.

  10. who gives a shit.
    Until dumbasses like Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones realize that continuity is what wins in the NFL, it’s really a non-issue. It’s about team, not headlines.
    Look at the Steelers, Giants, Colts and Patriots. (aka 7 of the last 8 NFL champs). Those organizations aren’t constantly giving up on 2nd year coaches, 3rd year QBs, or shelling out $100 million contracts to guys that cleat stomp on a guy’s unprotected face.
    You win in the NFL with continuity, class, scouting and drafting. Just like it always has been.

  11. What the hell is ongoing chatter? Why would anyone that has any decision making power from the Redskins ever mention this possibility? They wouldn’t. They could have gotten him this year if they wanted, but they kept Zorn. They’re going to be better next year. This article is a joke.

  12. Shanny was nothing but Elway’s caddy. He didn’t do squat after Elway retired. He got so desperate he started signing bad actors and even had his own lie detector. He better get big money with his next gig because everyone will soon know the emperor has no clothes.

  13. But Florio… promised me three years ago it would be Bill Cower. I’m still waiting! Hey….John Madden is available….go ahead and start a rumor about John Madden being our next HC…go ahead….I dare you….I double dare you!
    Hey….keep throwing the shit….eventually it has to stick to the wall.

  14. I don’t think it’s going to come down to money. I think Shanahan wants the same control he had in Denver. And he ain’t getting that from Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.

  15. Shanny will most likely end up in Dallas due to the fact that if Zorn has a winning record this year (which is very likely due to schedule and subtractions from Dallas, NYG and Philly). Also Jerry Jones has shown that he can give up some controll to a great coach and in my mind has more young talent then most teams. People hate Jerry Jones but Dan Synder is viewed as a rat and a far worse boss. With the Bear its a possibilty but the Bears have never shelled out huge bucks for a coach that i remember, they had a hard time paying Urlacher and Briggs. I see a top 5 list like this …. Dallas, Jax, Philly. Buf and if Seattle falls on their face

  16. Are you sure he never negotiated a proper buyout with the Broncos? Something like “case closed” for both sides? I would think Bowlen would want something like that, and since Shanny called him a “friend” … Some things are more important than money in my eyes.

  17. If Phillips turns out to be warming the seat for Shanahan AGAIN, he may go postal.
    Remember, Phillips was the ad hoc head coach while Shanahan ran the Niners’ championship offense. Phillips even brought in Jim Fassel to open-up Denver’s offense (Elway’s best statistical year), but the Broncos’ defense couldn’t stop anybody. Sound familiar? Once Shanahan got his ring with Steve Young as his QB, Bowlen made his move to bring him back home.
    Quivering with anger, Phillips yelled, “NOT-A-FINGER,” threw on his hat and coat, and stormed out of Dove Valley.

  18. WTF is everyones fasination with Shanahan & Cutler? Geeez, look at the records.
    What has Sham done since Elway retired? Ahhhh, nothing except make a bunch of washed up FA rich. He can not win unless all the stars are aligned properly. And he has forgotten how to align the stars. Forget the genius crap.
    Cutler? Please. What has he done at all?
    Wake up people!

  19. TheRon says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 11:10 pm
    What the hell is ongoing chatter? Why would anyone that has any decision making power from the Redskins ever mention this possibility? They wouldn’t. They could have gotten him this year if they wanted, but they kept Zorn. They’re going to be better next year. This article is a joke.
    that’s the problem with always relying on the so called insider(jlc)who always has it wrong,because he has no inside source and just throw things out there and other people pick it up as if it’s fact.

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