Dispute Between Sheldon Brown And The Eagles Escalates

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the draft approaching and the servers exploding, the Eagles and cornerback Sheldon Brown continue to do battle over Brown’s contract, which has four years remaining.
And Brown is trying to drag some of his teammates into the fray.
Without a doubt there are going to be more problems,” Brown said, according to Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “I’m not the first guy and I’m not going to be the last guy.  What’s the incentive for guys like Trent Cole and Mike Patterson to play above their heads?  Everybody’s situation is different and everybody handles their business in a different way.  This situation could have been handled in a different way.  I was forced to put it out there.”
The rest of Brookover’s article contains a lengthy back-and-forth between Brown and Eagles president Joe Banner.
The bulk of the dispute?  Whether it’s about the money.  Brown says it isn’t.  Banner says it is.
“I saw that Sheldon said this wasn’t about the money, but I think it has always been about the money,” Banner said.  “We’ve asked the agent if there was anything else we could do for Sheldon and we were always told it was about the money.  I’d love to hear what it is about if it’s not about that.”
We’ll defer further analysis of the dynamics of the situation to one of the PFTV segments we’ll be shooting later today.  For now, though, we’ll leave you with this observation.
On the surface, it’s about the money.  At a deeper level, it’s about the respect Sheldon Brown commands in the locker room, where the size of everything matters.

83 responses to “Dispute Between Sheldon Brown And The Eagles Escalates

  1. “It’s not about the money….it’s about the RESPECT”
    “So how can we show you more respect?”
    “…give me more money.”

  2. If it isn’t one thing it’s another! C’mon Sheldon, let’s make this run at a championship and play team ball. Solidify your greatness on the field and you’ll be duly compensated.

  3. All of these disgruntled Eagles players have two things in common, hungry wallets and no rings.

  4. This is the same sheldon brown who came out and questioned why lito sheppard would make his contract problems so public… Such a hypocrite. You and your agent screwed the pooch by taking that long term deal so live with the consequences.

  5. I love it. This is what the Bills have been dealing with, with Peters. The eagles had no problem sweeping in and paying him. I hope the entire eagles roster wants to renegotiate their contracts. The eagles front office has shown they are willing to do it with Peters, why not with the other players playing above their contracts.

  6. Hey Sheldon, I think I’m underpaid at my job too but you know what happens if I act like a peckerhead everyday…..they can me.
    Message to all these D-bag players that are upset that the contracts they signed two years ago aren’t top dollar today……..suck it up and be a professional. Do your stinking job and shut your mouth and honor your decisions.
    Some of these players think the rules of society don’t apply to them. Grow up, that’s what men have to do.

  7. This is the problem with teams that give out big-money contracts to free agents before resigning their own to fair market deals. How do you expect a guy who you drafted and is committed to you to play for half of what you’re paying the guy across from him with comparable skills? It’s a bad way to manage a football team. This is the Anquan Boldin principle and it’s completely understandable.

  8. you know what sheldon screw you. you signed a very lucrative deal at the time in november of 2004. at that time you were a starter for a half of season. they gave you 7.5 million guarunteed and 30 mill total. for a cb that hadnt proved anything and was only half way through his first season as a starter..id say thats a pretty damn good deal and apparently so did YOU! now you want to call out the fans for criticizing you and name teammates, etc. I think the eagles f.o. is classless but honestly i hope they sign a vet like bly or lucas, draft a cb early and they give your ass the lito sheppard treatment until your “unfair contract” is done! How is giving you a contract like they did with your experience treating you like a “red headed stepchild” ? Shut the hell up and play!!!!

  9. These players dont make a sound when they get paid a lot of money and dont perform. The minute they outperform their salary they want more and more despite signing the contract.
    If theyre getting paid 8 mill and have a bad year does the player ever offer to give some of the bonus back etc ? Nope. They only restructure their contract as theres a good chance they’ll be cut after a poor year.
    Works both ways. Sheldon Brown wouldnt say a word if he was getting paid good money last year and had a poor season

  10. I get it….Browns not happy b/c there are othe DB’s on the team making more to him and he feel like now that Dawks gone he is the leader of the back field.
    Hey guess what buddy….just b/c there’s guys that are making a lager salary for this season then you doesn’t make you any less of a leader. By going public, complaining about money (b/c in the end that’s what will make you happy), and throwing your teammates into the mix (saying Trent Cole and Mike Patterson are not going to play as hard) is what make people loose respect and not see you as a leader.
    Out of all the years Dawk was here I don’t recall him once complaining about money.
    Be a leader Sheldon and wake up!

  11. I don’t know what bothers me more. A player such as Sheldon who signs a long-term deal and with 3 years left decides he doesn’t like his contract anymore. Or is it the fact that the Eagles cannot go one offseason without a player being unhappy about his contract situation and takes it to the media.
    Florio, can you do some research and find out how many players under contract with Eagles and Joe Banner running the show, have been unhappy about with their contract.

  12. Shut up and play, Sheldon.
    You know his didn’t work out for T.O.. What makes you any different?
    You signed the contract. Your agent said it was a good deal at the time.

  13. Yea if you read the article, Banner says that that Sheldon was given the contract with the signing bonus to guarantee him money regardless of health which was a big concern in that draft class. And then Sheldon confirms that all other d-backs from that draft year are out of the league already, confirming Banner’s point lol. He’s not even the #1 corner on our team and only had 1 pick last year! What a dumbass I really hope he doesnt drag other guys like patterson and cole in this….

  14. The Eagles should have had a plan in place to address this situation when they decided to pay an undrafted nickel cornerback more money than Sheldon. Even though Sheldon is under a contract he agreed to you can’t expect him to be OK with this. I agreed to my salary at my job, but if they hired someone less-qualified to do the same thing part time for more money, I’d demand a raise. Who wouldn’t?

  15. Sheldon is a smart guy, he knows how and when to through a wrench in things. That being said, have a nice time on the bench, or maybe out in Denver with that other “Not about the money” d-face!! If it was about the “respect” then you would realize you HAD the respect of the fans, before you opened you mouth. Seriously Sheldon, you PLAY football for a living. Invest your millions that YOU signed a contract for, and SHUT UP. You’re dead to me Brown.

  16. Let’s see what kind of job and salary Sheldon Brown would have if he wasn’t playing football. My guess is, it would be about $35K selling shoes at FootLocker, so yeah…, it’s about the money.

  17. Sheldon has no leverage. He’s an above average corner that lacks speed and athletic ability. He should probably be playing safety but is undersized for that position. If they cut him, he would not get much on the open market and probably be a nickel for most teams being that he’s almost 30 now.
    Philly likes to throw big bonuses at players at a young age and give them low yearly salaries to look good under the cap. Years after the contract is signed, players forget that big pay day and cannot except the yearly salary they make.
    If Sheldon thinks he’s getting paid he’s crazy, how many players have the Eagles payed when they cry out. Westbrook is one of the only players that comes to mind. Most are cut or traded and than two to three years later they end up back with the Eagles. Trotter, Hugh Douglas, AJ Feeley, and soon to be Dawkins. He will be terrible in any other defense because of his deteriating cover skills and will want to comeback and finish his career an Eagles.

  18. 4 years left on a contract.
    how stupid is Sheldon Brown?
    not being a Iggles fan i gotta side with Joe Banner this time
    if you signed a deal and you have 4 years left. STFU and play
    Sheldon Brown.
    and dont make yourself appear even less manly by dragging teammates into
    your sad little episode.
    STFU and play some corner. try covering someone sometimes and maybe they
    will revisit it with 2 yrs left on your deal.
    Heres hoping that he holds out during training camp and he gets fined the MAX every day he misses.
    They gave you financial security FOR LIFE when you were really just a kid.
    show them you are worth it instead of making them regret it

  19. Wow . . . when will some of these players learn. Do players really not pay attention when these things have happened in the past? The Eagles have been down this road before, and with players as good if not better than Sheldon Brown. They will not renegotiate the contract. Maybe someone (his agent, cough cough . . . or his teammates, cough cough) should give him a history lesson about the players who have pulled this before and not gotten what they wanted.
    Furthermore, way to make comments to Philly fans have piss off an entire city. I’m reading that article i’m reminded of Ricky Waters’ infamous “For who? For What?” Yea, the fans are gonna be real excited and pulling for him to get a new deal after those comments about not caring about what people think. Shut-up, play football, win games, make the playoffs, and Philadelphia will love you forever.

  20. I am getting so tired of this crap. I would do anything to wear midnight green and there are these ignorant pieces of garbage running their mouths because they want a little more money to piss away. These guys can’t get their life together and put their salary in laddered bond portfolios so they never have to work again. If I could play one season with a torn ACL just to get my 3 million, I would be happy.

  21. The Eagles organization has handled this really unprofessionally. If they believe that Brown is acting out over money, they should have taken the higher ground instead of taking shots at him through the media. Stupid.
    This is exactly why they don’t have and never will have a Superbowl. FAIL. Say hello to 6-10 next year.

  22. @ jaybatt79,
    Yeah, you’re right about paying Joselio Hanson more than Brown…
    So what the Eagles should do is start Joselio opposite Assante and bench Brown’s ass!

  23. How could Eagles management ever have forseen that the yearly signing of players, whose only motivation was to be the highest paid player at their position, would cause the present “good soldiers” to question their own value. Smells like Joe and the Fat Man stepped in a big pile of poo.

  24. I was always a bigger fan on sheldon than lito, but, he’s starting to piss me off. Who asks for a new contract with five years (he started asking last year) left? Another rich football player, who was lovin’ the deal when he received the security in his guaranteed bonus, but, after playing a quarter of the contract, wants more.

  25. As a lifelong diehard eagles fan, heres a big middle finger to you Sheldon. If it’s “just business” why don’t you and all the other cry-babies in the NFL act like you know it’s a business and honor your contract. I hope the Birds stick it to him, hard….

  26. Did anyone notice the pic that the paper ran next to Bob Brookover’s story??? It’s a pic of Fitzgerald catching a TD pass (with Sheldon Brown trailing two steps behind) in the NFC Championship game.
    Great pic choice for the article! Love it.

  27. “What’s the incentive for guys like Trent Cole and Mike Patterson to play above their heads? ”
    Um, because it’s your job and you’re supposed to be a professional.

  28. Hanson signed to a long-term deal. Ikegwuono is coming in and looking good. They’ve been bringing in CB’s all offseason. Sheldon Brown knows the writing is on the wall and he’s out of Philly in the next season or two, and he wants to grab what money he can while he’s still useful. Smart business move, but come on, it’s not about the money? Give me a break.

  29. Where were all these hypocritical eagles fans last week. All this crap was said by bills fans about peters. Loving it. I am thinking of starting a pool as to what week eagle fans stop talking about the super bowl and start hating on McNabb.

  30. Freakin’ awesome. The Eagles will go nowhere this year. The heart of their defense was thrown away over a couple million dollars. Sheldon is pissed so he won’t perform. He’ll probably drag down other players. The newly anointed “best offensive line” has yet to play a down together but contains an overpaid Peters who yielded 11.5 sacks and is a cry baby. Meet Mr. Uminyura and Mr. Ware idiot. It also contains a “head case” in Shawn Andrews who needed the eagles to bring in Stacy Andrews to make sure he didn’t jump off the upper decks of the Linc.

  31. Karma is a female canine. Not only do the Eagles have Peters, a well-known malcontent who WILL start female canining again at some point when he feels “disrespected” at only making $10M/year, but Brown is following suit, likely looking at how well it worked for Peters. And next-up will probably be Shawn Andrews, who’s only made the Pro Bowl more than Peters, and who is making $3.55M/year and reportedly was depressed about his contract. Maybe Peters can introduce Shawn to Eugene Parker?

  32. Seriously…you signed the contract and it was fine. You don’t get more money for playing good football when that is what you are supposed to do. I understand wanting to renegotiate the deal, but that can’t be done with 4 years left on the deal.
    Sigh…I was really looking forward to the year too. SHUT UP AND PLAY!!

  33. spoonman you are just a giants or cowboys fan, no need to hatefully blabber having done no reading about the players you are talking about. shipped away dawkins because he couldn’t cover and will ditch Sheldon in a heartbeat because he is only taking up space. Why don’t you wait until the season starts and then start judging how this O line is playing, I see no other team investing so much in their line.

  34. All he’s trying to say is that it’s not about the actual dollar bills, it’s about what the dollar bills say about how much you value him.
    I can live without the crappy 5% raise our CEO may give me this year, but I want the raise because it reflects the fact that he acknowledges that I’ve performed above my salary.

  35. said it the other day about Sheldon that he’s a “talker”. He needs to STFU because Hanson can easily replace him, its just that no one yet can replace Hanson. I smell an early draft pick of a cornerback.
    oh and Giants33,
    how’d you guys handle the Plax situation? He missed how many of Tom’s mandatory meetings? 50??? He slept through how many WR meetings??? maybe you should worry about your own house that’s made of glass before you start throwing stones. For all of Tom Coughlin’s supposed “rules” they allowed Plax to break a TON of them and even said they’d be willing to take him back before they bowed to media pressure to release him.

  36. If you manage to get your players to take below market deals (and I realize nobody held a gun to their heads to make them do this) eventually it causes problems. It points out that it isn’t necessarily a good idea to not pay a guy market rate just because you can.

  37. “All of these disgruntled Eagles players have two things in common, hungry wallets and no rings. ”
    Kinda like Eagirls management all have misguided principles and no rings in common.

  38. “You know his didn’t work out for T.O..”
    Debatable. TO wanted to be released and guess what. He got released.

  39. “I am thinking of starting a pool as to what week Eagle fans stop talking about the super bowl and start hating on McNabb.”
    Start a pool about when Cowboys “fans” start acknowleging 44-6. I take NEVER, because you dopes don’t know squat about football.

  40. “So what the Eagles should do is start Joselio opposite Assante and bench Brown’s ass! ”
    There ya go! Then piss a lot of other players off by starting an inferior player over a superior one for political reasons! They’ll see that and think that if it could happen to him, it could happen to them.

  41. I think the most interesting part of this drama is how the locker room will respond. This is the 1st time in over a decade that there is problems in the Eagle’s locker room and they don’t have Brian Dawkins there to pull everyone back together. This is the teams 1st test of the post Dawkins era, and I wanna see how they respond. In my opinion I see it not turning out good. Mostly because Sheldon Brown was dubbed the new leader in the locker room and on the defense. So if hes the leader who’s going to be there to lead the guys away from Sheldon that he’s trying to pull into the situation ( Trent Cole, Mike Patterson etc.). I have a feeling that the Front office is going to regret letting Dawkins go a lot more then they thought they were in the upcoming months .

  42. maybe instead of getting players to take below market deals earlier in their careers before they’ve totally proven themselves maybe we should overpay for every high priced free agent on the market, the moment they hit the market and be in salary cap hell every year and have nothing to show for it? How is that working for Mr Snyder?
    wait, no I’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

  43. Let me first say that I agree with Banner’s position regarding Brown. The Eagles stepped up at a time when it was not necessarily needed and gave Brown and his family financial security. The players seem to quickly forget about what the team did when they didn’t have to. The player seems to look at what is in it for them at this point from a guaranteed money standpoint and a salary — and forget about the past bonuses and guaranteed money.
    That being said, what I found interesting is that Banner says that the Eagles and others simply do not re-do deals with players who have 2 or more years left on their contract. Yet when he waid it in response to Brown’s demands, he had just renegotiated a contract for Jason Peters (who they traded for) — who had 2 years left on his contract with the Bills. Peters was paid like Brown and then wanted out like Brown or a new deal. The Eagles gave him the new deal. I can see Brown saying how come people not on the team get redone deals by the Eagles, but not players who have bled for the team.

  44. contractually, the eagles hold all the cards. and if they decide to live with the negative collateral damage created, theres nothing anyone can do about it. the reality is, however, that there is definitely collateral damage created. last year when lito was raising the same issue, the eagles took an equally legalistic approach, and the result was that lito’s play, and therefore the team’s play, suffered.
    this season, when the eagles decided to cut the loss, they couldn’t get much for him (a 5th this year and between a most likely a 4th a year from now).
    if the eagles continue this approach with sheldon, who has been a steadying influence over the past years, they will end up with a similarly negative outcome.
    to the majority of the locker room, joe banner comes off as the smart nerd in school who snookered one of his less astute but more popular and respected classmates and then rubs his nose in it. when i saw banners smirking interview, i thought the only thing missing was the pocket protector. since football is a sport which requires the cooperation of the entire team to succeed, such contractual victories are self defeating. thus far, the eagles haven’t seemed to get it. losing dawkins over a couple million dollars over two years was equally short sighted and will cost them over the next two years.
    sheldon’s signing bonus proration for the 7.5 M is completed as of this year. If the eagles were to add a Mil to each of the following two seasons in the form of a roster bonus, it wouldn’t kill the eagles financially, would allow them not to modify a contract so far out, and would allow sheldon to come back to the locker room without his tail between his legs, which is a win-win to me. if sheldon plays lights out, you add more incentive, and if it turns out he’s got nothing left, nothing going forward is guaranteed.
    as an eagles fan, i fear joe banner enjoys winning the cap management game more than the football games.

  45. “Start a pool about when Cowboys “fans” start acknowleging 44-6. I take NEVER, because you dopes don’t know squat about football. ”
    Just admit it. In your eyes, that 44-6 game is the best thing the Eagirls have ever accomplished. You’re pathetic. The Eagirls have been on the receiving end of lots of beatdowns like that. Holy shit, it’s the fricking Eagirls, a team that hasn’t managed 5 winning seasons in a row since your grandpa was a little boy.

  46. “This is the 1st time in over a decade that there is problems in the Eagle’s locker room”
    Yeah, that TO thing was nothing.

  47. Pretty obvious that the objective at Eagirls HQ has shifted from winning a championship to making Lurie’s wallet even fatter. How far under the cap are they, again?

  48. Sheldon, go out and get 12 picks this year, 4 for touchdowns, and then maybe you’ll get a new deal in the next offseason. Or at the very least, you’ll increase your trade value.

  49. Vox what are you talking about? 2000-2004 five winning seasons in a row. And when was the last time the Cowgirls had a playoff win? 12 years ago?

  50. Hmmm… if Sheldon is not the number one CB on this team, why was he asked to be the leader and why does he cover the other teams best WR every game?
    It is because Jim Johnson does not do matchups just left and right. This tells me that Sheldon is the best CB on the team (maybe co-best?).
    The team thinks of players as assests and does not realize that their good business practices are good except when people and emotion get involved. It is BS to see Reggie Brown walk away with 30 million. He is terrible.
    The Eagles should be called on the carpet for these deals. If the Philadelphia medi wants a good story – they should chronical every long term deal that the Eagles have made with draft picks and see what their success rate is. A failure is a Sheldon/Lito/Trotter/Reggie Brown. They should alos look at what happens to all of the people who do not take the deal: Michael Lewis/Gaither/etc.
    If Michael Lewis was so bad, why did they want to resign him. Why was a strong safety covering the other teams best WR anyway? Yes, he got beat by Joe Horn but how many SS are asked to cover the best WR one on one?
    Yes, the defense looked better when Gaither got benched. I wonder if this had anything to do with getting Dawkins out of the secondary – since he was such a liability on pass plays. That change was made at the same time.
    As a fan, we see good players disgruntled and bad players walking with pockets of cash. Why do people care about Sheldon getting more money but not care about Reggie Brown stealing it?
    Joe Banner should be removed as the face of the organization. The guy has no people skills and talks like he is trading commodities. Have some empathy. Let Sheldon save some face in the locker room in which you want him to lead. How about making the rest of his year garaunteed. Because, you know, he will never see the last two years where there is money…. Look at his age. Sheldon has a point (and he should have not signed the deal).

  51. Vox Veritas says:
    April 22nd, 2009 at 11:11 am
    Holy shit, it’s the fricking Eagirls, a team that hasn’t managed 5 winning seasons in a row since your grandpa was a little boy.
    2000-2001 Division Round Playoffs
    2001-2002 Championship Game
    2002-2003 Championship Game
    2003-2004 Championship Game
    2004-2005 Super Bowl
    Holy Shit! How old is your grandpa? He must be 4 years old b/c that was the last time the Eagles managed 5 winning seasons in a row. You idiot.

  52. can people PLEASE stop comparing Brown to Peters? Peters was GROSSLY underpaid by everyone’s admission and Brown is not. Peters has been to multiple Pro Bowls and Brown has not. Peters had 2 years remaining on his deal, Shedon has 4. Peters has made less than $8 million in his career while Sheldon’s contract is for $25 milllion. Peters is 27, Brown is 30.
    They’re completely different situations and I’m sorry Bills fans are bitter but get over it.

  53. If I were Brown I’d fire my agent. What kind of strategy is this? Let’s have a medicore, undersized CB with average speed complain he’s underpaid.
    Real smart.

  54. A lot of people are presently out of work,myself included but Brown has the balls to bitch about a 7 figure contract?!!Who twisted his arm to sign the contact?I’m sure he was pretty damn happy when he put his signature on it.If he wants Asante Samuel money,then he should have taken the chance Asante did and played out his option.But if he did that,he could have wound up like Byron Evans who turned down an extension in 1994 and shortly after had a career ending knee injury.Sheldon was one of my favorite Eagles but not anymore.Now to me he’s just another spoiled,whining,little bitch!I hope the Birds trade him to the Bengals or the Lions!

  55. “a team that hasn’t managed 5 winning seasons in a row since your grandpa was a little boy”
    haha. says the guy who’s team hasn’t won a playoff game in 12 years.

  56. Next step will be Brown putting a fish in the duct work at Eagles HQ…Smell what Sheldon is cookin!

  57. vox, u guys havent won a playoff game in how many years?? winning records dont mean shit if u choke in december. bro, we ended ur season last year. ur great cowboys. all u had to do was beat the eagirls. what happened??? did u watch the game??? u got embarrassed. stop worrying about 15 years ago. shit changes bro. its 2009, all u cowboys fans bring up the past. thats what u hicks live in.
    44-6 end of ur season, wah wah

  58. Vox, might wanna check your facts before you shoot your mouth off. 2000-2004,
    Granted, we have yet to get our Super Bowl ring, but Cowboys fans have a lot more reasons to hide their heads in the sand than any other team in the league.
    In the what “have you done for me lately” world of sports, I ask you Vox, what has your team done for you lately?

  59. Vox,
    get a clue.
    not that your rants matter much but here goes:
    I know it may be tough for you to count but that’s 5.
    oh and i guess since you Cowboys fans don’t recognize any year past 1993 maybe it doesn’t count. or maybe its because you SUCKED during that time? Quincy Carter anyone?
    You know my favorite number? It keeps growing by one every year. Its now 13. Last time the Cowboys won a playoff game. Its changing to 14 this year.

  60. “Just admit it. In your eyes, that 44-6 game is the best thing the Eagirls have ever accomplished. You’re pathetic. The Eagirls have been on the receiving end of lots of beatdowns like that. Holy shit, it’s the fricking Eagirls, a team that hasn’t managed 5 winning seasons in a row since your grandpa was a little boy.”
    The Eagles worst record between 2000-2005 was 11-5. Aside from the one year without McNabb, the Eagles haven’t had a losing season in quite a few years.
    Do research next time, you wont look as foolish.

  61. The Peters contract is a complete non-issue to comparison to Brown.
    Peters signed a 4 year contract EXTENSION on top of the 2 remaining years on his original contract to make the agreement a 6 year, $60 million dollar deal.
    Banner gets to state that they do not renegotiate contracts with current players with more than one year left on their deal yet get Peters the desired money. This process is similar to the process Brown went through to sign his current deal and with so much time left on his current deal, Brown does not have the opportunity to approach the Eagles from this perspective. Unless the Eagles decide to open the floodgates and attempt to redo his deal (unlikely),Brown is stuck.
    While I agree with the “he signed the contract, he should play it out” side, the business approach the Eagles take is flawed. These long extensions tend to create winners (Eagles, Reggie Brown, etc.) and losers (players who at some point in the contract begin to outperform the deal in place). The Eagles should attempt to provide a mutually beneficial solution – focus on providing good players, reasonable contracts in dollars and length. The players who have long term talent and are valued by teams will get paid as their contracts lapse and those who are not talented will not get resigned.
    The Eagles need to understand the better they are at identifying good players and locking them up to long extensions the greater these issues will become in future years. The Eagles will become a victim of their own success and the team will eventually decay from within.

  62. What incentive is there to play over your head? Umm…you’re paid a king’s ransom to play a game?!!! That’s it, I’m going to talk to the Nestle’ CEO and tell ask him how he’s going to get me to work over my head. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hail!
    P.S. I hope the Eagles stay strong on this one.

  63. Smush, good point. People saying we should bench brown for hanson have no idea what they are talking about. Brown is a lot better than people realize and pro bowls are not a good measure for success on the field. Its a glorified popularity contest where the biggest names always get in, not necessarily the best players of that season.

  64. jdiak, you are correct. Broderick Bunkley will either sign a long term deal this year or will begin to get phased out.

  65. Haha
    Sheldon Brown is way smarter then you Eagle fans think. With the loss of Brian Dawkins on D he realizes he is going to be exposed as the Pilon he is and he will never have a chance at the big money again. Seems smart to me. Call his bluff let him play for a year more. When he gets schooled all day long he will shut up. Seems simple to me

  66. Vox, what’s TRULY pathetic is a fool in denial. The Cowboys haven’t won in the post-season since the first time your Mom told you to move out and get a job. Deal with it.

  67. How unfortunate the whole money grab has become. Sheldon must be friends with Reggie Theus…now why mention Theus you ask? He signed an extension with the Bulls on a Tuesday and on the same Friday he wanted to renegotiate! LOL
    Everybody involved is greedy beyond belief! The players, the owners, NFL and it’s Network, COMCAST!! Perhaps not in my lifetime, but sports as we know it will either end or be only for the wealthy (see stadiums – Jerry Dome).

  68. NYGBigBlueWall says:
    April 22nd, 2009 at 3:15 pm
    Sheldon Brown is way smarter then you Eagle fans think. With the loss of Brian Dawkins on D he realizes he is going to be exposed as the Pilon he is and he will never have a chance at the big money again. Seems smart to me. Call his bluff let him play for a year more. When he gets schooled all day long he will shut up. Seems simple to me
    You are an idiot. Sheldon gave up 0 tds and 0 penalties with absolutely NO SUPPORT from the FS Dawkins. Dawkins was a liability in pass coverage – he was TERRIBLE for the first 8 games. Sheldon lines up against the best WR on the other team one on one 90% of the time. 90%. Know something before you speak. This is not 6 years ago.

  69. Smush Rodrigez says:
    April 22nd, 2009 at 5:43 pm
    You are an idiot. Sheldon gave up 0 tds and 0 penalties with absolutely NO SUPPORT from the FS Dawkins. Dawkins was a liability in pass coverage – he was TERRIBLE for the first 8 games. Sheldon lines up against the best WR on the other team one on one 90% of the time. 90%. Know something before you speak. This is not 6 years ago.
    LOL no need to be rude. Just shows you are just like the Eagles FO..no class. No need to argue either. Guess we will see this year. It’s fact Dawkins set that guy every play. Watch and see. He is overrated …period! Give him 16 games to run your secondary if he proves his worth shut up and pay him. If not, he shouldn’t get paid. Once again seems simple.

  70. shut up sheldon no one cares, millions out fo work and you want us to feel sorry for you becasue YOU signed a contract and now want more money. i hope they make you play most of it out and then trade your ass to the lions. freaking crybaby.

  71. And i love how these cowgirls and giants fan chime in. retards, let see there was me me me shockey and big mouth tiki, and mike i want more money maybe i will retire, maybe i wont if they pay me strahan, and the cowgirls with romo crying “t.o is being mean to me and jason” and the two roys crying one wants out of town the other is a joke, with the lame duck coach who cant win a playoff game and medleing owner and countless drug convictions of players. give me a break, dont act like you stuff dont stink too.

  72. “…in the locker room, where the size of everything matters.” What does that mean, Florio? Is Sheldon Brown the Kenny King of Philly?

  73. I’m a fan of Sheldon, I met the guy and he really seems like a solid person, but he’s coming off as a hypocrite here. When Lito was looking for more money, he pulled Sheldon’s name into it and Sheldon basically told him to keep his name out of his mouth. Now that Sheldon wants more money, he’s pulling other players into it too, who I’m sure won’t be thrilled about it.
    I think Sheldon is underpaid and deserves more money. I don’t think the Eagles have any incentive to give him the money, so they won’t, and they don’t have to. I think Joe Banner’s responding to all of this like a complete scumbag, though. The bottom line is that they’re both acting childish about it. Asante Samuel makes the money he makes because he waited and took the franchise tag knowing that eventually he’d get his money in free agency. Instead, Sheldon decided to take the waaaaaaaay long-term deal that will pay him less but give him financial security well into his 30s. He could’ve been out a couple years ago and could be getting paid more, not Asante money, but a good amount more, but he didn’t. Whether that’s his fault or the agent’s, I don’t know. He really just has no leverage in this because he signed the contract and he’s obligated to pay it out. Considering the Eagles have 40 mill in cap space, they really should just pay him a little more because he truly is underpaid. At the very least, they should talk to him rather than continue to blow him off. But they choose to handle their affairs the way they do, so it’s whatever.

  74. NYGBigBlueWall
    Hey, sorry to be rude but it does get annoying hearing Giants fans talk like they know what is going on with the Eagles. You see them a few times a year and read websites and watch highlight films. I have had season tickets for over 10 years and have watched every game and I am pretty sure that I know what Dawkins role on the defense has been and how it has changed over the course of the years. Your argument actually works against you because Sheldon will be better with a better pass covering FS back there.
    The Giants fans all think Westbrook is a god because he kills the Giants. Well, he does have flaws too.
    Just like I would not assume to know everything about the Giants – especially good solid role players on defense – you should also not assume.

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