Sanchez At No. 4 Or No. 8?

Though the Rams supposedly are now interested in USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the second overall pick in the draft, a league source tells us that the current buzz in league circles links the Seahawks to Sanchez at No. 4, or the Jets or Redskins to him at No. 8.
In the latter case, a trade with the Jaguars would be necessary, since they already hold the eighth overall selection.
There’s also a chance that the Chiefs would dangle the third overall pick to the Jets and the Redskins in order to block the Seahawks from getting Sanchez.  But, for now, it looks like no one is willing to give up enough to make the move to the top five.
We continue to think that the Seahawks are blowing smoke about Sanchez in order to keep someone from trading up to No. 3 to get tackle Jason Smith, since it’s more important (in our view) that the ‘Hawks replace left tackle Walter Jones than to replace quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

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  1. Of course it is more important to replace your ‘trench’ guys than it is to replace your skill players. However, some teams never realize this, like my Brownies from 1999-2005. Some teams do realize this, however, but still fail to have decent enough skill players on either side of the ball to make a team win, like my Brownies from 2005-2008.

  2. smoke screen they want to trade down because top ten picks command too muck $ hasslebeck and bulger are top ten proven QB’s the rams pick the LT they like and the seahawks pick crabtree also the 49ers probably take sanchez.

  3. No blowing smoke…..Seahawks to Sanchez at No. 4, Hasselbeck and that bad back won’t last forever and Sanchez can sit for some time to get acclimated to the system and position.

  4. The Redskins need to stop playing games and let the QB they have start. No, I am not talking about Jason Campbell, but COLT BRENNAN!!!!!!!
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  5. It is extremely plausible that the Seahawks are interested in Sanchez.
    Walter Jones, 35, was selected to his 8th successive pro bowl last year.
    Matt Hasselbeck, 33, missed most of the year due to a back and knee injury.
    How often do you think the Seahawks plan on drafting in the top 5 over the next couple of years? They have an opportunity to groom a future franchise QB and allow him to really develop.
    If the Seahawks took Smith or Monroe, they would get a solid LT, but where does it leave them at QB? Either way whoever they draft will most likely sit behind their current veteran. Who would you rather groom?

  6. Sanchez is just another Matt Lienhart (clip board holder) but I am hoping the Jets will trade with (The almighty himself) Al Davis and get our #7 spot to draft Sanchez and we can trade down.

  7. All this talk about Sanchez and Stafford is way past stupid. If Bradford had come out this year, no one would be talking about either of them in the top 5.
    This is an intangible but remember that the Seahawks are bringing in a new head coach this year. New head coaches tend to want their own guy in there at QB, and even if Sanchez sit a year he’s a better back up option than Seneca Wallace.

  8. The Browns really have a chance to get rich with Quinn and Edwards and the 5th pick all worth 1st round picks. If they wanted to keep DA and his big contract, they could Draft Crabtree at #5, and pick up 2 defensive starters they could get with trading Edwards and Quinn. The eagles/giants/ravens seem like the most likely spot for Edwards. The Lions/Jets seem like the most likely landing spots for Quinn. If the Browns got Crabtree and Beanie Wells and a linebacker, they could really begin to do something.

  9. Maybe Florio’s book ‘Quarterback of the Future’ should’ve had quarterbacks drafting teams.

  10. No matter who Seattle drafts I have to give Ruskell credit for smoking everyone out… and I don’t mean the kind of smoke out Percy Harvin enjoys. Nobody has any freakin’ clue what the Seahawks will really do… even the people who follow them.

  11. If you go by straight track record.. the smart money would be on Seattle selecting Crabtree or Sanchez and not an OT (either Smith or Monroe) because he has shown that he is not a believer of drafting offensive linemen high.. as he believes in the zone blocking scheme you do not need a franchise standout on your line (something I disagree with but thats besides the point).
    As for Sanchez.. the move makes sense because the franchise is going into a transitional period right now, and Holmgren’s guys are slowly being replaced by Ruskell/Mora guys..
    However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Crabtree is the pick.. because he would be more of a contributor from day one.. and Ruskell is said to be on the hot seat this year as the team has not done anything really all that impressive since their Super Bowl run in 2005-06.
    So basically, it’s between Crabtree and Sanchez at #4.

  12. jkr says:
    April 22nd, 2009 at 10:59 pm
    HA HA HA HA HA dirty sanchez is gonna suck just like stafford will suck
    How about you take your ignorent comments somewhere else!!! (dirty sanchez) OMG GROW THE FU** UP! That “dirty Sanchez” you speak of has made something of his life. Maybe you should instead of making ignorent comments. I don’t know why PFT even let your comment through!!!!!

  13. Sanchez = another USC bust. Honestly, why all the hype on this guy? Can Pete Carroll really hype his own players up this much? He had a mediocre season in the “what’s defense???” PAC-10 conference. I guess even a mediocre USC QB can be a top 10 pick, but I still just don’t understand it.

  14. Wouldn’t a team rather trade with Oakland because the Jags could easily draft Mark Sanchez for themselves. I know Raiders want Darrius Heyward-Bey so they would love to move down. I think its going to be Washington that ends up drafting Sanchez. Campbell’s career is over in DC he doesn’t fit the scheme.

  15. The Seahawks already have the heir apparent to Walter Jones: Sean Locklear. He was signed to a 30-something million dollar contract with the intention of moving him to the left when big Walt retires. There are actually performance clauses in his contract for playing left tackle.
    However, I do think the Seahawks would consider Jason Smith at 4. He’d be an upgrade over Locklear on the right, and he’s athletic and nasty enough to play guard in a zone blocking scheme.
    Monroe…not so much. I can’t see them too interested.

  16. imo their better off taking Sanchez
    -It’s the start of a new Era under mora and Matt Hassleback is 33
    -They can take a Offensive Tackle in the second round or trade up for one this is a deep Tackle Draft
    -More then likely they’ll win the division next year meaning they won’t have a shot next year at a top QB
    -Once again It’s the start of a new Era,If I was a headcoach I would want to pick my Future QB the first year let him develop under a very good player in Matt Hassleback vs waiting year or two and putting my job in a rookies hands…

  17. I tended to agree that Seattle’s interest was being used as a smokescreen to ensure that either Crabtree or Smith would slide to them at four, but I’m hearing more and more from the talking heads that the interest is serious. Reports are that OC Knapp wants Sanchez after working with him at the combine, while Mora wants Crabtree after seeing tape of his downfield blocking.
    Personally I would prefer a trade down to nab either Everette Brown, Orakpo, or Moreno, but it doesn’t look likely to happen. These pretzels are making me thirsty…

  18. Seabags cannot draft an OT at 4 because they are already paying four linemen left tackle money (one now plays guard). They just paid for TJ Howsyourmomma, so I don’t expect a Crabtree pick, but I wouldn’t rule it completely out. Sanchez or Orakpo make the most sense to me assuming the Leos take Stafford at 1.
    As for the 8 hole… assuming again that Stafford is off of the board at 1 I’m not completely sold that the Jets or Bucs will be willing to pay the price to move up this far. I think the Jags might get stuck with the pick and Sanchez could wind up in Frisco at 10.
    The interesting thing in this whole discussion is that if the Lions don’t go QB at 1, then all of the QBs could go into free fall ala Brady Quinn. In that scenario I could see the Jets and Bucs standing pat and walking away with their QBF anyway.

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