Scratch Peterson From The Madden Curse Watch List

Again, we don’t care much about the question of who’ll be on the cover of the Madden game.
But some of you do — especially those of you who think that the Madden curse is real.
Vikings fans wearing the latest line of tin foil Helga horns can relax:  Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, one of nine finalists for the “honor,” won’t be on the cover.
Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Peterson rejected an offer to appear on the cover several weeks ago.
It’s unknown whether any curse or other such voodoo applies to those who say “no” to Electronic Arts.

27 responses to “Scratch Peterson From The Madden Curse Watch List

  1. Florio-
    You are not Jerry Seinfeld or Steve Carrell, as much as you may love them.
    Give it up you witless twit

  2. I really find it odd when people come to this site and bash Florio – yeah, his sarcasm can be annoying sometimes, but if you REALLY don’t like him, why do you keep coming back? It isn’t like there isn’t a huge amount of football websites out there. I don’t get it.
    A lot of the Florio-trashing smacks of jealousy. Get over it. Or start your own site.

  3. Florio….shut these idiots up who are all over you……That sense of humor is one of the many things that got this site that award in the top left hand corner of your screen.

  4. @jcdavey
    Actually LT denied the 08 cover and still rushed for 1500 yards and 15 tds. Not sure how that’s a curse..

  5. Iheartjesus, Gtechfan-
    Shut it, I just signed up. But I’ve been around long enough to know when Aaron Wilson is posting in the comments section. Come on buddy, you’re better than this.
    You can get off your knees, I don’t have it out for Florio. Love the site.
    learn how to take a rib, nerds

  6. Peterson doesn’t want to be associated with such an utterly worthless product.
    Anyone who buys the new Madden every year clearly has a few extra chromosomes.

  7. Why is this still news? It was reported several weeks ago that Fitzgerald and Polamalu will be on the cover.

  8. I nominate Benard Pollard for the cover. And yes I am one of the fools that buys a new verison and last year I bought the anniversry edition…ugh..that was a waste.

  9. I think that EA intentionally chooses established stars whom they know are nearing the end of their prime (see Eddie George, Ray Lewis, Marshall Faulk, Shaun Alexander, Donovan McNabb) or players whom they suspect might be flukes (Michael Vick, Vince Young) so that when the player predictably begins to decline one or two years later, the game will seem “out of date” and the consumer will want to go out and purchase the version that doesn’t have an old washed-up has-been on the cover. Shrewd marketing.

  10. Why is it so hard to spell Belichick right?
    I’d laugh so hard if Cassel throws for 5000+ yards 50+ TDs and all kinds of other near records or records while actively on the cover.

  11. “I’d laugh so hard if Cassel throws for 5000+ yards 50+ TDs and all kinds of other near records or records while actively on the cover. ”
    I laugh at you for even suggesting this. You’ll be a very somber person this upcoming season, because Cassel isn’t going to even get close to those numbers. Brady only hit 50 TDs because Belichick wouldn’t show mercy. And that was on the best offense the league has ever seen. The Chiefs don’t have anywhere near NE’s offense.

  12. Screw all these over paid glory hogs…Put a punter or a long-snapper on the cover…These people need love to.

  13. Only Brett Favre has been tough enough to to resist the Madden Cover curse.
    Well, by the great Brett Favre standards it was a down year but not by NFL standards.
    291 consecutive starts so far and only 1 season below .500.

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