Report: Giants Moving On From Possible Edwards Deal

The game of chess/chicken continues between the Browns and the Giants.
The Browns desperately have been trying to create a market for receiver Braylon Edwards, floating vague rumors that at least one team has offered a first-round pick and specific rumors that the Giants are close to acquiring the third overall pick in the 2005 draft.
But the Giants, as ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported Wednesday, aren’t budging from the offer of a second-round pick and a fifth-round pick.
According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, the Giants are now moving forward with plans to pick a receiver early in the draft.
Per Vacchiano, the Giants don’t plan to blink regarding their refusal to give up a first-round pick, and the Browns don’t plan to blink in their insistence on a first-round pick.  (I blinked like seven times while typing that sentence because I haven’t had my coffee yet.)
Vacchiano also mentions that the Giants might try to trade up in round one — with two second-round picks and two third-round picks, the Giants have the ammo to do it, if they choose to use it.

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  1. Coffee, shmoffee. We all know you were blinking so much because you’re auditioning to be the next Extenz girl. “That certain part of the male body…”

  2. Giants are right… screw Braylon, he ain’t no Plax. A second and a fifth seems fair to me, if I were Cleveland I’d jump at the chance. Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses…

  3. This should be of surprise to no one that Giant GM Jerry Reese will
    not give up a first round pick for Braylon Edwards. In a post a couple
    of days ago I wrote that the Giants were more likely to trade up using
    some of their many picks…..and so it goes. The Cleveland Browns
    are still clueless. They should just keep Braylon who dropped a few
    balls. He is a 26 year old talent that can be coached to focus on the
    ball. In Cleveland the mode of operation seems to be unloading
    talent. The Browns ownership and management chose to unload
    Kellen Winslow instead of dealing with his issues and now Braylon
    must go…….why?

  4. 1st year receivers almost never play up to their potential. Even guys that turn out to be superstars don’t do it as rookies.
    The G-men are dooming themselves to another year wasted as a mediocre team. I think Cleveland is asking too much for Braylon, but they need to get someone to throw the ball to this year.

  5. Good. Cleveland has no chance of resigning Edwards. He does not want to play for Cleveland and he’ll leave without no compensation for the Browns. The Giants can scoop him up next year.

  6. let them keep their late second rounder then…… as a Browns fan let Edwards play here have a monster year then franchise him….. the giants want a big receiver but they want him for free tell them go screw yourselves…

  7. I other words the Giants counteracted the vague rumors by whispering vague rumors to those two guys…

  8. They’re willing to trade UP and use a 1st and a 2nd or 3rd on a rookie WR- but won’t give more then a 2nd for Braylon Edwards? Clevland knows that won’t happen, just sit back and wait for Giants to blink- everyone watched Eli without Plax last year.

  9. So we’re going to use up a 1st anyway to draft a TOTALLY UNPROVEN WR that’s ranked maybe 5th or 6th talent wise out of the core group, and then sign him to contract that’s worth probably 60-70% at least of the value of what you’d give to Edwards, who IS a proven commodity in the league.
    Jerry would be wrong on this one. Big time.

  10. I am a browns fan, but I do not blame the giants for not giving up so much for a reciever that has trouble recieving. The browns will probably blink because they KNOW they need to rid themselves of this albatross. Most browns fan agree, though there are a few(actually michigan fans) that insist he is great. To bad they don’t make five hour hands in a can.

  11. Disappointing to hear, but not the end of the world. Cleveland may be overplaying this. The Browns are in rebuilding mode and Edwards wants out. You get nothing for him next year, so I guess according to ManKok, nothing is better than a 2 and a 5.
    Cincy could have had the 13th pick in this year’s draft and a #1 next year for Chad, but decided to prove a point (that they will forever suck). What’s the deal with the Ohio franchises?

  12. The Giants always low-ball.
    Because of this, they aren’t likely to move up either (unfortunately for Giants fans).

  13. SI is reporting the “smart money” is on the deal getting done in the first round of the draft. The report says the deal is contingent on Crabtree being available when the Brown’s fifth pick comes around. Other reports I’ve seen show the Giants to be more desperate than the Brown’s on getting this deal done. I think if it gets done, it will be for a second round or even later pick and defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka. We’ll see. If the Giants move in front of the Browns to get a receiver, it would cost as much and probably more.

  14. ManKok needs to hold their ground on this one.
    The Giants NEED a receiver.
    The Browns have Edwards for two more years if they tag him next year.
    The Browns aren’t in desperation mode with Edwards. Get the 1st or keep Edwards. It’s that simple.

  15. Maybe just a smokesscreen to protect the Browns who do not want someone to jump up in front of them in order to choose Michael Crabtree, then after the Browns do pick him then deal for Edwards will be announced.

  16. I hope the Browns keep Edwards too. I watch Browns games just to see how many he’s going to drop that day. It is pretty entertaining.

  17. “Report: Giants Moving On From Possible Edwards Deal”
    Good!!! Now call up Arizona and get the WR who can actually CATCH the ball.

  18. Seriously…the Browns can have him. The Giants do not NEED Edwards like some people here think they do. For that price, I much rather see them trade for Boldin. The Giants did not have time to redo their offensive scheme last year when Burress shot himself. They can draft one of these really good wideouts and get by with the other outstanding parts of their offense focusing on short and intermediate passes. Don’t be surprised if they get back in the mix for Gonzalez. The Browns are pathetic. People here are saying they can tag him and keep him for 2 years and don’t have to take the 2nd and 5th. Why would you want a player on your team and in your locker room that does not want to be there, will undermine the new coach and knows you tried to trade him. Yup…that sounds like the Browns. Keep him!! Mangina just does not want to look like he got fleeced. Take what you can you moron. Your going to lose him anyway. HE DOESNT WANT TO BE THERE! Who would really?

  19. Amusing…..the Giants not securing one player dooms their year?? Everyone seems to forget that if you have a good defense and a good punter, you will be competitive in every game. Last I saw the Giants still have a pretty fair running game, and a deep, talented defensive line. And it’s not as if the cupboard is bare at wide receiver with Manningham, Hixon, Smith, and Moss.
    On a different note, I feel for the Browns fans. They deserve better.

  20. deanzag says, ” Cleveland knows that won’t happen, just sit back and
    wait for the Giants to blink”.
    deanzag that’s the problem Cleveland does not know anything. Did
    they make the playoffs last season. Cleveland is confused as usual.
    The Giants still have a passing game, a running game and a defense.
    What does Cleveland have a New York reject named Mangini. Don’t
    expect any half time adjustments from Mangenius.

  21. I’m surprised Florio didn’t make the headline “MANKOC Standing Firm on Trade Demamnds”.

  22. I hate to agree with the G-men, but I wouldn’t give up a first rounder for this guy. I’m not even sure he’s worth a second and a fifth. If I were Cleveland I’d take what I could get.

  23. People need to realize that Edwards will be a restricted free agent (i.e. no one signs these players) not an unrestricted free agent.
    If the Browns do not trade Edwards, he is their property for at least 2 more seasons.
    In addition, Edwards has had 1 great season + 2 adequate seasons + his rookie season (500 yards receiving).
    A First round pick is a lot to give up in this league, when Marshall Faulk was traded for a 2nd and a 5th. Edwards has first round potential – but potential is a fancy way of saying they haven’t achieved anything yet.
    The Browns if they are serious about trading him (and if they are not they have a lot of damage control to do with their team and player) need to realize that there is not a big market for Edwards. If there were, they would have unloaded him by now.
    If they want a first rounder – put your money where you mouth is.
    3rd this year, + a 3rd next season, that can convert to a first rounder if:
    1200 yards receiving
    10 or more TDs
    Giants Resign Edwards.
    Probably the best offer they are going to get….

  24. Cleveland fans – Do you hear that silence? That’s the rest of the NFL saying they agree with the Giants, he’s not worth the price. If he was, another team would have jumped at the opportunity to outbid NY and take him away. Count Dropula is so mediocre and his contract demands so ridiculous that Philly and Washington aren’t even feigning interest to drive up the price on NY.

  25. did someone seriously mention a Marshall Faulk trade? That was TEN years ago. It’s a completely irrelevant trade to mention.
    Giants should not waiver from their stance on this one. No way Kiwi gets traded and no way a 1st round pick is given up. Maybe throw in a 4th rounder this or next year. That should be enough for Edwards, especially considering he’ll need a new contract, and the G-Men can still spend their first round pick on a LB.

  26. Actually, to all those that insist Edwards wants out, he has explicitly said within the past week that he DOES NOT want to be traded. Everyone is ASSuming he does. Mangini/Kokinis have also repeatedly said that they will entertain any offer that improves the team. Trading Braylon for a 2nd and a 5th rounder DOES NOT improve their team. Those picks are both low in their repsective rounds too. It’s almost like a 3rd and 6th where the Giants are picking. So forget it. We’ll keep Braylon and you can trade all of you picks to move up and take a 2nd tier receiver behind Maclin and Crabtree. We’re good Cleveland, don’t blink.

  27. seatofmypants, I don’t think you understand what ‘put your money where your mouth is’ means. Not a bad idea to have the draft pick be contingent, but if he actually hit both of those numbers then he’d be worth a hell of a lot more than a 1st and 3rd

  28. Hold your ground Jerry. The Browns are blinking at the card table too and Im reading bluff.
    Two and a Five for Edwards are plenty unless the Browns want to send some a few million the Giants way to help pay for Edwards contract.
    Some organizations just dont seem to get it. Browns are one of them.

  29. Edwards is only going to be restricted FA if there is no CBA, which will get done. The owners will not risk a strike/lockout. And if thats (lockout in 2010) the case Edwards still only plays next year. This whole thing is a smokescreen. The Browns conveniently announce they are taking Crabtree off their board? The Giants are walking away from the trading table? C’mon. The Browns do not want another antsy team trading up in front of them to grab Crabtree. Once..he is drafted, the deal will be announced. Giants high 2nd and high 5th acquired from Shockey trade and maybe a cond pick next year (mid round) or a player like Moss or Manningham.

  30. Cleveland cannot look at Edward’s last season and say he is first round material. Just because Dallas got raped by detroit in getting Roy Williams doesn’t mean every other team is that stupid. The Giants should take Heyward-Bey. Almost as tall as Edwards and probably faster and they might not need to move that far up to get him.

  31. Florio……………….breaking news on Braylon Edwards……….. The Raiders are now considering trade their no. pick for Braylon Edwards if Crabtree is selected before they pick…………

  32. if you’re going to move up and draft a receiver, which will take a 1 and a 2 or 3 why not just give a 1 for someone who is 2-3 years older than the guy you’ll be taking and has proven he can be an elite #1…? not that i want the giants to have him but he’s worth a 1 if you’re already definitely drafting a WR in the first…

  33. Both teams have incentive here, but in the big picture the Browns are in a stronger position. Edwards isn’t a problem in the locker room, he’s a solid receiver and keeping him on their roster doesn’t hurt them at all.
    As for the Giants, without a “real” WR on their team, they are still good…but not great. I mean, honestly, would anyone consider them a favorite to reach the Super Bowl if some rookie is their #1 receiver going into this season? No way. Giants are a run-first team but they need more than a joke for a passing game, and right now their passing game is basically a joke and if they think *any* WR they are gonna draft is going to change that (THIS year), they are fooling themselves. I think Crabtree, Maclin, probably others will eventually (2-3 years down the road) be great receivers. But not as rookies.
    If the Giants seriously want to be Super Bowl contenders this year, they need to work a deal for Boldin or Edwards.

  34. lol, keep him Cleveland
    You guys with the restricted FA/franchise tag crap need to get real…
    Nothing like a bitched up whiny receiver for the new coaching staff to bring a team together.
    He doesn’t want you. If not the Giants you still should trade him.

  35. I think the browns are crazy if they don’t accept the giants deal. a fifth and a secound round pick isn’t bad for a player who drops the ball 80percent of the time.

  36. as an eagles fan what scares me is if the Giants do move up to get Crabtree. He could be Fitzgerald in a couple years and torture us for years to come. I’d rather them have Edwards or even Maclin.

  37. The Giants are just afraid they will “shoot themselves in the foot” and look stupid.

  38. Its amazing how uninformed some fans are. Especially Cleveland fans. The 2nd and the 5th offered are the ones the Giants got from the shockey trade, not the ones the Giants own from their record placement. Those 2nd and 5th are mid to high in the round therefore are not like a 3rd and a 6th. Get a clue before you open your mouth. By the way…Edwards is worth that. He has had one good year out of 4.

  39. Agree with kardiac here.
    A 2nd & a 5th are NOT enough and I’d be shocked if Kokinis excepts such a paltry offer.
    I really don’t think you’re going to see the Browns “blink”. We’ll keep Edwards if need be.

  40. Hey Giants, the Browns will keep Edwards (who is much better than 2008, please see 2007) and you can keep. Oh never mind, he’s gone!

  41. “urbusted says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 10:00 am
    Hey Giants, the Browns will keep Edwards (who is much better than 2008, please see 2007) and you can keep. Oh never mind, he’s gone!”
    lol haha poor us, the Giants still win 10+ games… something Cleveland has only done twice in the last 20 years.

  42. It’ll happen on draft day. #45 (NO’s 2nd), #129 (NYG’s 4th), and a conditional 2010 pick that tops out at a 3rd-rounder.

  43. KEEP HIM ALREADY!!! Cuz he has done so much for your teams success already. This story is ridiculous now. Half of Cleveland thinks he sucks and the other half thinks he is worth 18 first round picks. I’ll put my money on the Giants making the playoffs without Edwards and the Browns sucking @ss with Edwards anyday of the week.

  44. SoDev says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 10:18 am
    “urbusted says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 10:00 am
    Hey Giants, the Browns will keep Edwards (who is much better than 2008, please see 2007) and you can keep. Oh never mind, he’s gone!”
    lol haha poor us, the Giants still win 10+ games… something Cleveland has only done twice in the last 20 years.

  45. cheeseheadpete says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 7:59 am
    How many passes did Edwards drop last season? Too many to be worth a 1st round pick.
    I keep hearing this, and I do respect the post. But who would you rather have as a starting WR next year: Braylon Edwards or Hakeem Nicks?

  46. The Browns are shooting themselves in the foot. Now the Giants will move up ahead of the Browns and Swoop up Crabtree. Browns fans remember who the coach is for the Rams.(#2 pick) The Rams are also rebuilding and could use more picks. The Browns could of had a number 2 & 5 Pick. Now they’ll get nothing but a disgruntaled Edwards. He has already voiced out and said he does not want to be in Cleveland.

  47. The Browns are IDIOTS if they take a 2nd & 5th from the Giants for Edwards.
    For all of the “we’re overpaying by giving a 2nd & 5th” people, what makes you think that the Eagles, Bears or Vikings, who probably have BETTER 2nd & 5th’s to offer, won’t throw their name in the hat if they find out that will be the asking price?
    I don’t think the Browns will do this for BOTH of the Giants 2nd’s unless they throw in a Hixon or Mannigham.

  48. Let me get this straight. The giants need a number 1 receiver. The browns are willing to trade there number 1 who was a pro bowler in 07. So the giants say they are going to stand pat and draft a wr in the first round any ways. Lets say Edwards was in this draft. Where would he go? Early in the first? What would it take to move up early in the first? Lets say edwards was there when they picked would they pick him then? Sure they would so basicaly if it coast a 1st and 3rd and your going to take a wr in the first anyways. Doesnt that mean it only coast you a 3rd? Seems like a no brainer to me

  49. Let me ask you this. If Edwards was in the draft would the giants draft him with there 1st pick? I am sure they would. So we know they are going to pick a wr who is not as good as Edwards in the 1st round. So to me it seems like all your giving up is a 3rd rounder since your wasting your first pick on an unproven wr anyways..Is that right? Does this seem stupid to any one else?

  50. People who are saying “let’s get Boldin, he can catch the ball!” don’t understand football. Boldin is a great possesion receiver who can go over the middle and get nice YAC. While he would be an obvious upgrade to the Giants’ receiving corps, he doesn’t do what Edwards does, and what the Giants NEED, and that’s SPREAD THE FIELD. The fact that AZ has Larry Fitzgerald is a huge factor in Boldin’s success. Edwards doesn’t need a strong counterpart to succeed. He’s never actually had one (Winslow doesn’t count, the only big play he’s ever had in his career was the one he didn’t make, which was against the Cardinals in 2007 I believe). He demands full attention at all times. Opening up the offense.
    The Giants’ first rounder is essentially a second rounder. If we had the 10th pick in the draft, I’d agree a 1st and a 3rd may be too much. In this case it’s a steal. 1st and Kiwa is a stretch, but I’d think long and hard about that one too.
    The other option is to take a WR at #28 or move up (which would require more than a 3rd rounder + #28 anyways) and take a WR with no track record and that has less than a 50/50 shot of becoming above average.
    We Giants fans want something for nothing, and it simply isn’t going to happen. Just give them a 1st and a 3rd and let’s win another SB…

  51. Wooooooow (standing up clapping) you and I are on the same page both die hard giant fans and bot realist. If the giants are going to draft a wr in the first any ways then who cares if we give our first for a proven wr….LOL

  52. Hey I am jerry I am not willing to give you my first for your proven wide receiver but i am willing to spend my first on a unproven wr….LOL That is border line retarded.

  53. urbusted says:
    If that’s what you consider an amazing season, you’re more pathetic than the team you root for. All that game got you was picking 5th instead of fourth. What an accomplishment!!! Giants won the Super Bowl 14 months ago ON NATIONAL TV. Remind us – when was the last time Cleveland even played in a Super Bowl??? Not asking for an actual win, just when was the last time they were on field??? THAT WOULD BE – NEVER!!!!!!!! No wonder Pittsburgh has six rings. They start the season with four guaranteed wins every year, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

    Please get this deal done so I don’t feel obligated to read all these irrational, uniformed comments coming from each fanbase.

  55. by all means, move on from the Edwards trade, the Browns will see you at #5 when the Giants are begging them to give up that pick for Crabtree.
    Clearly the Browns control this situation, I just hope that THEY know that they’re driving this car. Unfortunately, being a Browns fan for as long as I have been, I’ve seen some STUPID moves in the past.
    GMen, if a #1 isn’t in the talks, the trade is out of the question, and you know that you need BE, he’s Plax without the gun wound and attitude.
    honestly, I’d just as soon keep Edwards, focus can be trained, he’s got mad skills, check 07 if you think I’m crazy. If he catches the balls he dropped last year, he’s a pro bowler again.

  56. Yeah. You guys are right. He isn’t worth a a 1st. He only toasted your Superbowl Championship defense for 154 yards and a touchdown on national tv. I can understand why you guys didn’t get very far in the playoffs. With a defense that was still recovering from having their backsides handed to them on a certain Monday night in Cleveland, it is understandable. Oh yeah, and again, Braylon can’t get it done.

  57. That’s ok G-girls. We can still get a deal with Philly and he can continue to do what he did to you last season on Monday night, except he’ll do it to you twice a year. I guess if you really don’t want him it will be nice to see you NOT make it back to the Superbowl because of the guy you could have had torches you twice a year.

  58. Hey…if you guys don’t want Braylon we’ll be more than willing to take your first, both 2nd’s and more so you can move up to #5 and grab the WR with a pin in his foot (Crabtree)…LOL

  59. 1st off, the Bears don’t have a 1st round pick. If all these other teams are interested in Edwards, why haven’t they made an offer? Because he too (Edwards) is an unproven receiver. He had 1 good year. Same gamble as picking a WR in the draft. But he wants way more money.
    Edwards isn’t going to, all of a sudden have a great season. Same quaterback throwing to him. He had a great game against the G-men , because it was his audition for where he wants to play. He will be a Giant!!! Not a Dookie Brown!!
    If it was Calvin Johnson then you get a 1st and 2nd and maybe even a 3rd. The Giants have made some good pick-ups in the last few drafts. Look for them to do it, again. Remember the Giants want another WR, dont need one.

  60. The thing that most of you are not talking about is that BE wants $10 mil per year. The Giants have < $5 mil in cap space. Don’t forget that they have to reach an agreement with Edwards too, not just the Browns.

  61. nygwhat says:
    “People who are saying “let’s get Boldin, he can catch the ball!” don’t understand football.”
    Wrong. You’re an idiot that can’t get his facts straight.
    “The fact that AZ has Larry Fitzgerald is a huge factor in Boldin’s success.”
    Boldin’s ROOKIE stats BEFORE Fitzgerald was with Arizona 101 recs, 1,377 yards, 8 TDS
    “Edwards doesn’t need a strong counterpart to succeed”
    Really, then how do you explain that for three out of his four years he’s averaged slighty more than 50 yards per game and FOUR TDs a season. That indicates he needs A LOT of help.
    “The Giants’ first rounder is essentially a second rounder”
    If that was true then Cleveland should have no problem taking the 2nd that NY offered. Clearly, two NFL GMs disagree with you strongly on that point.
    “take a WR with no track record and that has less than a 50/50 shot of becoming above average.”
    Since Edwards has only had ONE good year out of FOUR, 50/50 is better odds for NY.
    Thanks for playing.

  62. jlsnova73 says:
    “We can still get a deal with Philly”
    See, the problem with that is Philly has NO interest. In fact, NO other team than NY has shown interest. But you keep living in that fantasy world where Braylon is great and the Browns actually win. Reality will come soon enough when Pittsburgh and Baltimore blown you clowns out and you’re picking in the top ten of the draft – again.

  63. BE A FOOL!
    There is no way the Browns are going to budge. If the Giants don’t want to pay someone else will. Having Braylon stay with the Browns is another possibility I personally favor. Big, Strong, Healthy, Young, Pro Bowl, Wide Receivers don’t grow on trees. So he had a bad year…so did the whole team most notably Mr. Anderson.
    Ely needs Braylon desperately. We all know what Ely will be like without a BIG strong Wideout to throw to.
    The Giant fans expect their team to contend this year. Braylon could be the guy to take them over the top for years to come. Or they can watch this season slip away before it even gets started.
    Be a FOOL…don’t make the trade…you’re not hurting us as much as you are yourselves.

  64. browns fans must be kidding themselves. exactly where is your leverage here? what teams are knocking down your door to get braylon? everyone knows you want to trade him and get crabtree but no one is going to trade up to steal him from you either as the only reason for doing so is to get sanchez. the giants are the match and you can’t risk the giants being serious about ending discussions only to turn around and trade for boldin leaving you with a receiver you don’t want and who doesn’t want you along with continuing to be a laughing stock of the league.
    the giants have a lot less to lose here than the brownies do.

  65. hell yeah trade up but im tired of here were trading up for DHB! if we do only trade up 5 picks but im hearing like all the way to 14th and thats just ignorant!if we get that high up we have to HAVE TO take Hometown Boy Brian Cushing ,Rey Maualuga,or even maybe Malcolm Jenkins.

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