Sanchez Situation Getting Interesting

At a time when much of the focus falls on the question of when and if the Lions will do a deal with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford as the No. 1 overall pick, the other big-name quarterback is continuing to stir things up.
According to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN, intrigue is developing surrounding USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.
Several teams are involved — the Seahawks, Browns, Redskins, and Jets, for starters.
One scenario involves the Redskins moving from No. 12 13 to No. 4 (a spot held by Seattle), drafting Sanchez, and then trading Jason Campbell to the Vikings, Bucs, or Jets.
The Browns also are supposedly interested in taking Sanchez at No. 5 and trading Brady Quinn, to the Bucs or the Jets.
Per Paolantonio, the Jets are the team most interested in Quinn. But the Jets also are inclined to try to beat the ‘Skins to Sanchez.
If Sanchez is on the board after pick No. 5, we’ve been told that the action is likely at No. 8, with the Jags trading down with the Redskins or the Jets.

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  1. Yea the Redskins have to many picks this year they should probably dump some of them like they do every year

  2. I think the Bucs will see how many below average or mediocre QB’s they can get on there roster, I think they can still be a decent team with a strong backfield but to think Jason Campbell would help them is silly

  3. It’s hard to tell if Sanchez is the real deal with only 16 games under his belt, but he sure does look the part. All game film that I’ve seen, shows a mature beyond his years quarterback with a strong (but not Matthew Stafford strong) arm, great accuracy and the ability to keep his cool under pressure. I’d love to see the Jets trade up to get him. Although I wouldn’t be too upset if the Jets acquired Brady Quinn

  4. HAHA… JC was the future in 07′ now is Trade bait.. NO worries JC, Zorn will be right behind you when the skins chase M. Shanahan.

  5. I really have a hard time thinking the Redskins are interested in Sanchez. My theory on it is that there using this as damage control on Jim Zorn when the Skins’ where rumored to have been making a link with a Shanahan return and a Cutler trade. Now it just seems like there just looking at different options and wheren’t just trying to get rid of Zorn.

  6. That’s awesome that the Redskins could trade the number 12 pick when it doesn’t belong to them. Snyder really CAN do anything. Sweet!

  7. If the Browns liked Derek Anderson and his big contract, they could get significantly better if they traded: Quinn, the #5 pick and Braylon Edwards each for first round picks.
    If they got the Redskins #13 and who knows what else, and the #17 from the Jets and #29 from the Giants, they could get Jeremy Maclin, Beanie Wells. And still have the #29, #37 and whatever else they could get from the Redskins.

  8. Doesn’t this essentially mean that Josh Freeman isn’t a first-rounder? All of these teams are his potential suitors. That means they aren’t comfortable waiting and taking him – uncomfortable to the extent that they’d give up picks and players.

  9. If I’m Jason Campbell, then I have to love this rumor. You know he’s praying to get the hell out of the Redskins organization, so he can have a chance to develop into a solid QB. The Redskins are a bigger QB Killer then Brian Billick ever was.

  10. I would like to see Jason Campbell in a Bucs uniform as well as Brady Quinn. The only problems are that A: The Bucs would have to get rid of either McCown or Leftwich and B: The Bucs don’t have that many draft picks to work with. Luke McCown can be this year’s Matt Cassel and probably even better. I really like McCown and I’d only trade for one of these guys if the price wasn’t too high.

  11. all this for a guy that I think is unbelievably overrated and will probably never be more than a mediocre qb in the nfl. as a 3rd or 4th rounder….sure – but top 5 pick? NO WAY.

  12. thethinker says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 12:20 pm
    Doesn’t this essentially mean that Josh Freeman isn’t a first-rounder? All of these teams are his potential suitors. That means they aren’t comfortable waiting and taking him – uncomfortable to the extent that they’d give up picks and players.
    That is exactly the way I’m looking at it. If this is the case, there is no way that Freeman will be picked in the first round if a handfull of teams are willing to give up picks to trade up when Freeman will more then likely be there for all of them.

  13. I don’t know why sometimes I cant post, I am new to blogging here but have been an avid reader for a couple of years. Yesterday I tried several times to post and it never went through.
    One more try…I hope the Lions Take Stafford so the Jets will have to trade up with us and take our #7 slot to go after Sanchez.
    We have so many holes to fill 5 draft picks is not going to be enough.

  14. God, please let the Jets get Jason Campbell. I’d add Quinn in there but it could just be the new coach coming in and wanting to get rid of him and get his own QB….and considering that coach is “Mangenious” I’m sure Quinn will be a superstar.
    Heck, I wouldn’t even be that upset if the Jets got Sanchez. Considering Stafford and Sanchez were not even considered first round picks in a normal QB draft class only 3 or 4 months ago I can’t imagine he’s that good. Sanchez came out early because he knew he wouldn’t come close to the first round if he waited until next year. If he’s the real deal you’d think he wouldn’t mind showcasing his talent.
    My theory on Sanchez (and to some degree Stafford) is that he’s a product of a media hype machine that is only interested in making as much money out of the draft as possible. If there was only Stafford then they wouldn’t have much to talk about. Instead, they manufacture a race and have Sanchez moving up.
    Neither Sanchez nor Stafford will be a franchise QB. Any team that is looking for one should wait until next year when there will be some good QBs in the draft. If you draft either of these guys in the top 8 the contract is going to be so large that even if you pick #1 over all next year you will not be able to take a good QB by virtue of the enormous salary you paid an under talented player simply for the fact that he was the second best QB in this, rather pathetic, draft.

  15. Please Cleveland, please make the move! What could be better than having TWO overhyped USC QBs in the division — and there’s like a USC QB to do nothing in the NFL.

  16. That would be great. I would love to have Jason Campbell on the Vikings. He and Sage can battle it out, but I would think Jason would win out.
    yes, I would totally give someone else’s left nut to get Campbell here.
    come on people. It’s just football. I ain’t gonna give my own up…

  17. Tyler E,
    Really? Mccown is this year’s Cassel?
    Considering Cassel didn’t have ANY playing time before this year that doesn’t really work out. McCown has played in 12 games already.
    And who is going to develop him like they developed Cassel?
    And he’ll be throwing to Antonio Bryant and who else?
    And silver and black way to say “one more try” and then try to post four more. Tool.

  18. Tyler:
    I like your enthusiasm, but McCown has had plenty of opportunites to prove he’s the next Matt Cassel and has yet to do so…hell, we don’t even know if Matt Cassel is going to be the next Matt Cassel…
    and to your first point: getting rid of McCown and/or Leftwich wouldn’t exactly be a problem…not a bad one, anyway…

  19. As a Miami Hurricanes fan, New York Jets fan (and a person with a soul), I could never root for a Notre Dame quarterback, so I’d hate life if the Jets acquired Brady Quinn. As a person with half a brain, I’d hate life if the Jets traded for Jason Campbell. However, Kellen Clemens isn’t really what one would consider an “upgrade” over Quinn or Campbell, and the price for Mark Sanchez gets steeper by the second, so here’s hoping the Jets don’t do anything, well, Jet-like.

  20. Wait… everyone’s missing the best part about this… Florio mentioned the Browns for the FIRST TIME EVER without trashing them!!!
    Was that a flying pig I just saw?!?!?!

  21. Sooooooo… is Condon not trying replace Sanchez’s name with Stafford’s in all these discussions? Just watch, chances are the Lions are the only team in the top ten interested in Stafford as the first QB. In light of these facts will the Lions shy away from drafting Stafford? Nope, they’ll pay him to become David Carr the 2nd.
    Damn you WCF!

  22. Ok so here is what I am struggling with… seeing as how all of these teams are enamored with Sanchez. 16 games… how many of those games were against Pac-10 defenses? Pac-10 defenses look like they are playing flag football.Grant it, he looked good against my Buckeyes… but I’m not convinced it was him looking so good as it was my buckeyes looking so terrible.So if he only has 16 games under his belt… why is everyone crowning him to be the next John Elway instead of the next Matt Leinart?

  23. Im a huge S.C. fan, but if I were Cleveland I would, oh I dont know, give Quinn a freakin shot. Why take Sanchez when you have a talented q.b. who has at least been in the league, albeit not starting a whole lot. Mangina is retarded…He is, and has been, enamored with himself without justification…..That whole Cleveland situation smacks of Detriot from the early 90’s

  24. Year in and year out the Redskins have the highest payroll in the NFL, but have not been to the Super Bowl since the early 90’s. The skins always go after has beens or take draft choices that don’t pan out. They never attempt to beef up their OL and DL, which is where football games are won, in the trenches and this year is no exception. It does not matter who is playing quarterback, be it Jason Campbell or John Elway, without a good quality OL, which the skins don’t have, then they won’t score. Look at Gibbs 1, he had Joe Theisman, Doug Williams, Mark Ripen, all just average quarterbacks, but with a great OL and they went to the super bowl with those quarterbacks. Face it skins fans, until dan snyder and vinny cerato leave this organization, the skins will continue to be a medicore team.

  25. Revolution,
    How about Kellen Winslow, Jeramy Stevens, and Alex Smith as our TE’s? Each of those guys are really good pass catching TE’s. Plus, like you said, Antonio Bryant, not to mention the running game of Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham. I think Luke will have no problems when it comes to his supporting cast.
    I get where you’re coming from. I don’t think Cassel will play as well as he did in New England. Don’t forget though that McCown was playing for the stubborn Jon Gruden. How long was Earnest Graham on and off the team before Gruden HAD to use him. It took the “Offensive Genius” about three and a half years to before any of us got to see what Earnest could do. Every game that McCown has played in he has done well and that was in the West Coast Offense. Now, with a more vertical offense, McCown is sitting nicely with the offensive additions during Free Agency. I do think that getting either Campbell or Quinn would be a good move but like I said only if the price wasn’t too high.

  26. TYLER E.,
    You’ve got to be kidding me…he’ll be traded to the cards on draft day.

  27. i would love to see cleveland take sanchez at 5 and bucs trade for quinn. i dont know why manginni is such a idiot as to not declare him a starter and move forward and draft what they need . rb,de,dt,mainly defense.quinn has much more talaent and playing time under his belt than sanchez,he is going to be a bust mark my words .

  28. Hogskin,
    This is the second article I’ve seen where you tout Brennan. Are you serious? Did you even watch him in the Sugar Bowl? Or are you just a relative?
    Silver and Black,
    It usually takes about 15-20 minutes for posts to show up. Patience, dude.

  29. Redskins send a 5th rounder to the Browns and JC to the Jets for Brady Quinn
    Jets send their 2nd rounder to the Browns
    Browns draft Sanchez at 5.
    It’s really not that difficult, but these horrible FO’s will find a way to screw it up.

  30. ManKok could not be handling this better… I LOVE the intrigue and guessing game they’re putting you all through! No one has any idea what they’re thinking and it drives you all crazy! That has been they’re plan the entire time. I know, I twitter them.
    Glad they’re on my side…

  31. Hosstyle,
    You don’t think Smith is a good pass catching TE? I just don’t think he was given enough opportunities to catch the ball. I could see him being traded to AZ which would be good for him because there is no way that he will be a starter again this year with the great reciever Kellen Winslow now on board. But seriously, Alex can catch when the ball is thrown to him, his only problem is that every now and then he’ll fumble.

  32. I’m a lifelong Skins fan and I’m certainly in the minority on this one, BUT Sanchez looks like the real deal to me.
    Pull the trigger Danny and get us a real QB!

  33. ron, i know its a stretch to believe,but you would think there would be something in place should tampa aquire quinn. i think they are going to come out of this draft far better at qb than people think.i would think that the bucs would have greise in place to go somewhere in this trade and alex smith is in the mix too. either way its going to be quinn or jc. i hope they finally get a qb at tampa that can be a franchise qb that we desperatly been needing for years!!!!!!!!!!!! raheem PULL THE TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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