Bills Exploring A Trade To Land Andre Smith

In the wake of trading Pro Bowl left offensive tackle Jason Peters to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Buffalo Bills are contemplating moving up from the No. 11 spot to try to acquire Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith, according to Adam Caplan of
To do so, the Bills would likely need to work a deal to leapfrog the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are reportedly very interested in the Outland Trophy award winner, too.
Smith, who has drawn heavy criticism for the way he has mishandled the draft process, remains a strong prospect based on his size, body of work against top competition and his potential upside if he matures.
There’s also a fair amount of risk involved with Smith, too, given his weight issues and questionable litany of decisions.
Smith drew increased scrutiny when he abruptly left the NFL Scouting Combine early without informing league and combine officials.
“I’m convinced and I think that most of the NFL is convinced that what we saw from Andre Smith at the combine was more about immaturity than about him being a bad kid,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said during a conference call. “And he needs to grow up a little bit and take things a little bit more seriously and stay in shape.”

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  1. This is a great way for the Bills to improve their team. If they trade their first and second (#11 and #42), then they can get Andre Smith and pay him a little less than Jason Peters wanted. That way, they can still have pick # 28 and an unproven rookie. This is much better than had they paid the same or slightly more to Peters, in which case they would have had a Pro Bowl LT, the #11 pick and the #42 pick.

  2. I think he hypnotized them with his jiggling man-boobs. It was all planned…… Andre Smith IS Kaizer Soze

  3. Chris Brown, the team reporter on thinks that this is a smokescreen from Smith’s Agent. Doing this would mean, in essence, the Bills gave up Peters and a first for Smith and a fourth (assuming the Bills would have to give up 11 and 28 to move up).
    I don’t see any way this is true.
    I hope there’s no way this is true.

  4. What’s it going to be?
    Boohoo Crabtree’s coming off like he doesn’t want to be here, which guarantees he will be here if he’s on the board come #7 I love the talent, but there’s no one in our locker room to slap this guy and put him in place. He seems arrogant. We have a very young team. Even in times past when Jerry Porter was wild n out, it was due to the lack of leadership in the locker room. Porter wasn’t poppin off at the mouth or acting a fool when Rice, Brown, Romo, and the Woodsons were in the locker room! Yes Randy Moss was here and we say he took time off while playing here. Can we blame him? We had poor systems and poor leadership. Sapp busted butt while he was here, but retired early for some odd reason. He knows there was some wrong crap going on. No one wants to play for us. I think Cable’s efforts are legit. It concerns me for him to be a “yes man” to Davis, but maybe Davis is really giving his coach a legit chance to run the squad. He’s hired his people. Cable seems like a no BS kind of guy. This is why I feel Crab Tree will not be a Raider. There is no true leader to take control on either side of the ball. Garcia couldn’t even control TO. We need a WR and I have stuck by the trade the #7 pick.
    If we want to win now, Trade the #7 to Buffalo for there #11 and #28 picks.
    With the #11 Pick draft DE Brian Orakpo Texas Or Maclin if he slips. We need a solid DE to take on the pulling guards, tackles, and fullbacks when teams run stretch runs and tosses to the outside. He could drop into the flats with his speed to cover if we changed up some special schemes.
    DO NOT TRADE Burgess. He’s in a contract year, he will play for his new contract for the Raiders or more than likely, a new team next year.
    If Maclins there, we should take him. We could have a great young core of Wr’s. We cannot forget about Shields either. he’s young and talented!
    Send the #28pick this year, Andrew Walter, Fargas, and 3rd pick in 2010 for Anquan Boldin. The guy can play his but off. They obviously don’t want him. He’s stated he wants to stay there with a new deal, but it’s not going to happen. The trade for him and signing him to an incentive based deal would be great. He’s not a disturbance in the locker room. He was pissed off he wasn’t on the field when it counted. Any ball player in any sport wants to be in the game. Jamarcus needs this guy to get him the ball! Getting this guy who is still fairly young, but proven a deal is better than #7 money. We can also make a play for thr troubled Matt Jones…yeah I know the YAYYYY Area would probably be a bad place for his habits, but on the field, he can play and is a role player if they can keep his nose clean! He has height and solid hands. Having played quarterback, he knows how to run routes and where he needs to be when the balls thrown.
    AZ needs a Runningback and Fargas would be a good fit out there. I love Fargas, a true Raider, but he’s injury prone. Walter in Az, enough said. He’s be great in that system. Strong arm immobile kid with a target that all he has to do is toss it up. Fair Trade.
    Rd#1 Complete.
    Now RD2:
    Russell Allen SDSU or Clay Matthews OLB’s. We need one bad Our best OLB is resigned because he can pla special teams. enough said. we need someone with fair size and speed. a true hitter to take on the run.
    the rest of the draft
    DT sands(toughest hit of 08 was on lechler) and Kelly(needss to restructure) havent cut it. I like Warren but he’s not an every down DT. Then Safety find someone who can run and tackle, and OT with zone blocking experience
    I can’t wait. I hope we do not do anything stupid. it’s possible!
    But keep the faith and “Just Win baby”

  5. Smith could be the most dominant tackle in the draft but what is it gonna cost to jump up to get him? If it involves the 2nd rounder, count me as thinking it’s a terrible idea. We need more talent than just a tackle – we have 3 picks in the first 43 and need to make good use of all of them.

  6. What…you don’t think the Browns would go for pick #11, Roscoe Parrish, Chris Kelsey, that 4th rounder they got for Peters, plus Ko Simpson and OJ Simpson for the the #5 pick? COME ON! Dreams can come true! Tommy Modrak, you’re my hero!!!

  7. Didn’t the bills learn the first time w/ Mike Smith?
    Shouldn’t his name alone trigger memories of that mistake?

  8. FLORIO READ THIS!! If the bills moved ahead of the bengals. say 4th…wouldnt the Bills be more likley to draft eugene Monroe? It just makes more sense cuz he doesnt have the question marks and is top 2 tackle in the draft. Florio respond to this, it makes sense doesnt it?

  9. Now that his name has come up I wouldn’t be surprised if Oakland took him. They could shuffle the line around somehow to replace Cornell Green.

  10. Just wait till T.O. gets to work on this kid. Sit-ups in the driveway? More like Jelly-rolls in the driveway

  11. hmmmm, so they are swapping out a lazy pro bowl tackle, with a lazy rookie…sounds like a plan to me. Why wouldn’t they do this? If they didn’t have an epic fail on draft day, I would think something was wrong with the front office.

  12. The whole Andre Smith situation reeks of him becoming another Mike Williams. I am OK with picking him if he falls to 11 – but trading up would be a bad move.

  13. Poor Poooor Bills ,,, All this work ,, just to endure a more suck season than last year.

  14. Nooo!
    So they go from Jason Peters, #11 and #42
    Andre Smith & #28. So they traded Jason Peters and our 2nd round pick for Andre Smith and the Eagles 1st round pick? Very questionable.
    That’s NOT good! And who says it won’t take #11 and #28 to move up?
    In THAT case, we traded Jason Peters and two first round picks for an unproven but questionable ROOKIE!! That’s insane.
    The Bills need #11, #28 AND #42. They have many holes, not just one!

  15. Trade with the Bengals. Cincinnati has too many picks (11) and the word is that some in the front office are worried about Andre Smith.
    Let the Bengals drop back a few slots and give Buffalo some of the late round selections in exchange for Buffalo’s 2nd round pick.

  16. Not sure who they’d trade with. There’s some chance that all of the top four teams would take an LT. If either KC or the Lions do take Curry after all, there’s still a chance that Andre Smith would be gone by the Browns #5 pick (they’re the first team I’d say would be unlikely to take an LT).

  17. The bad news: This guy has bust written all over him.
    The good news: He can use his blubber to stay warm throughout the bitterly cold Western New York winter.

  18. Wow – you mean the Bills aren’t concerned about him having changed agents? Wait, PFTC says the guy is in free fall. His jiggling pro day workout knocked him back to the middle of the first round. What about the combine, wahhhhh!
    Just goes to show that when it comes to the draft – some folks still go by the video tape.
    OMG – he might drop to #5! People are willing to trade up to get him??? How is this possible.

  19. Good thinking Buffalo – trade a proven commodity at LT because you don’t want to pay him like an elite player at his position, and then trade up, spending more in draft picks than you got for Peters, and about as much in terms of salary, for a guy with questionmarks who’s never played in the NFL.

  20. The Bills should trade their 2 first rounders to the Browns to get Smith. Then the Browns can go and waste the two first rounders in a manner similar to what the Bills would’ve done. Perfect situation, right?

  21. I have been an Ills fan for over 30 years. If those Maurons do something like this, I hope Smith is at least as big a bust as Mike Williams not just a minor bust like John McCargo or JP Loserman! Wasting 2 top picks to trade up for an uproven player with lots of red flags vs. paying Peters is rediculous. I thought the “braintrust” had a “plan” (albeit it an awful plan) to move lead footed Langston Walker to LT where he will be clearly overmatched just like Peters seemed to be last year. Pick the best player available as this team will not be competitive in 2009!

  22. That doesnt make any sense. Our biggest FA acquisition of the year was TO’s one year deal, and most likely he won’t be back for another, so why then did we trade our all-start LT for a potential round 1 bust(think Mike Williams)? Picking up TO would make you believe that the bills are trying to compete thisy ear, but instead we’ve invested half our resources into making this years team a competitor and the other half into the future, which most likely adds up to a few more years of mediocrity. It sounds to me like the front office of my team needs to assess their situation, develop a plan, and stick to it.
    Wishful thinking.

  23. I just gotta feel that if Buffalo REALLY felt that the tackles they have on the roster couldn’t do at least an adequate job, they wouldn’t have let Peters go. Trading up just doesn’t make any sense. If they land Pettigrew, and its more likely given the Falcon’s trade for Tony G., then the blocking on the left side should be okay. And if the Bills are in a win now mode, they need an improved pass rush; a DE and/or OLB that can rush the passer. For the Bills, any two for one trade on their first round picks is suicide.

  24. I agree that trading up, sans not giving away the #28 or #42 pick, is a bad idea. The Bills have many much holes to fill. It might be wishful thinking, but if it worked out that these players were available, I’d like to see them draft Oher/Andre Smith with 11, Pettigrew with 28 and, if he’s available, Michael Johnson with 42. At this point you really have to hope these guys all contribute in their first year (highly unlikely) to have any shot at the playoffs.

  25. So the Bills trade a Pro Bowl left tackle to get a first round pick, now they’ll use that first round pick to trade up and draft a tackle. And probably pay him as much as they would have paid Peters.
    Great thinking.

  26. I think it funny how everyone says that Andre was so out of shape for his pro day. He was actually over 30 lbs lighter than his playing weight at his pro day. So in fact that shot with him running with his shirt off is the newer sleek model of Andre

  27. I think the Bengals would trade down with the Bills. I don’t think they want Andre Smith.

  28. I think Andre Smith is this year’s “Smoke Screen Guy.” Everybody’s acting like they want him, but nobody does.

  29. Don’t you EVER get tired of repeating yourself? How many more time can you mention Andre Smith’s combine in the next 24 hours? I’m betting it will be several.
    Also, your sarcasm and pathetic, attacking attempts at humor make me wonder if you aren’t really a teenage girl.
    Once in a while, you are worth reading. So often, though, you make me just want to smack you. I’m also betting that you’ve been slapped a time or two.
    Stick to the facts, at least as you’ve them heard third or fourth hand, and forget the lame (jokes). If you were ever funny, I might let you slide. Not the case at all, though. Just do what you do a little bit well and leave humor to those who have a clue what is actually funny.

  30. What happened to all the experts who said this guy “cost himself millions” at the combine and pro day workouts ? Let’s face it, if a guy can play, the NFL will make room for him….just about any behavior except killing dogs is ok

  31. Wow.. i feel bad for the Bills fans..
    why didn’t the just pay him a little more… they’ll have to pay Smith that much anyway.. oh well, we stole him!

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