All Sundquist Draft Needs Are Up

Well, they’re all posted.
Former Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist submitted them a while ago, but various distractions (including the Great Hamster Massacre of 2009, Part II) kept us from getting them posted.
All division-by-division draft needs are now up.
Here they are:
AFC East.
AFC North.
AFC South.
AFC West.
NFC East.
NFC North.
NFC South.
NFC West.

2 responses to “All Sundquist Draft Needs Are Up

  1. Florio:
    How can u say Ted submitted his analysis awhile ago and u were too busy/lazy to post them…..
    His NFC North picks say Detroit have already selected Stafford with their first pick…..that deal only happened last night…..We’re not stupid we can balance a paperweight on the F5 button….U can’t bullshit a bullshitter!!!

  2. Draft Day. When hundreds of prospects have their dreams come true, except for the ones that forget to put the Bengals on their call block list.

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