Eagles Offered No Higher Than A Three For Boldin

Now that we’ve got an open texting thread on the Sprint phone with WIP’s Howard Eskin, we’ve got a quick and easy way to find out what he’s actually reporting about the Eagles (or what he’s saying about “blogs” . . . it sounds like Eskin is dry heaving when he says that word) after we get an e-mail from a reader telling us that Eskin has just said something about the Eagles (or about “blogs”) on the air.
Friday, Eskin told us that he reported the Eagles indeed made an offer to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin, and that it was no higher than a third-round pick.
He also said that, contrary to other reports, the Eagles have not offered a second-round pick and a third-round pick for Boldin.
It remains to be seen whether a team can work out a deal with the Cardinals for Boldin this weekend.  Unless the Cards have given Boldin’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, the green light to negotiate a new deal with a new team, it might be difficult to get the planets aligned in time to pull the trigger.
One source with intimate knowledge of the thinking of one of the teams reportedly interested in Boldin tells us that the asking price of $9 million or $10 million per year could be scaring some folks off, given Boldin’s age, his lack of high-end speed, and his history of injuries.

32 responses to “Eagles Offered No Higher Than A Three For Boldin

  1. No more than a 3rd for a TOP 10 WR? The front office of the Eagles is rediculous! I sorta feel bad for Eagles fans….

  2. Unbeleivable… As an Eagles fan I don’t know what to say other than we should have known better. Did they really think the Cards would bit on this or is it just so they can say “We made an attempt to get him…”. As someone earlier said as an Eagles fan we just need to hope he goes to an AFC team. Good luck Titans looks like Eagles have no chance here.

  3. Is this the same Howard Eskin who on April 1st, reported that the Eagles were trading a 1st and a 4th for Boldin. And i quote…” The deal is as good as done”…That Eskin? I don’t know he can text with his head so far up Banner’s ass anyway….

  4. Just think, we drafted Freddie Mtchell with a one. Reggie Brown with a 3. We drafted McCoy with a 2. Yeah, a 3 is too much to giveup you jackasses.

  5. Im not an Anquan hater or anything, but here’s a alternative perspective for people to toss around in Philly. I’m sure you guys will rip me, but here goes:
    As an Eagles fan, I want nothing to do with this guy. I think he’s too injury prone. out of the 96 games hes been on their roster, hes only started 77 games. He’s missed 19 starts in his career. He’s missed a total of 16 games in his career. And I can’t tell you how many times he’s played less than 100%. 5 out of his 6 years he’s been playing opposite LFitz. To give up a 2nd rounder for a 28 year old WR with these types a injury problems is dumb, if u ask me. I know he has put up really good numbers, but all but one year he’s been a #2 since he plays with Fitz. As for his rookie year, no one game plans for a late 2nd round pick as a rookie like Anquan was. You game plan for a Larry Fitz, who was a top 5 pick. AND this guy makes the majority of his catches between the line of scrimmage and the 5 yard line. Not Donovan’s strong suit. I can’t tell you how many times I almost broke my TV bc McNabb over throws BWest in the flat. Anquan is NOT a good fit for this team.

  6. Look, a second for a proven WR isnt that much at all. Philadelphia fans must be going bonkers.

  7. Right, because Boldin’s age, lack of high-end speed and history of injuries have prevented him from accomplishing anything to date.

  8. If this is true (and Eskin is usually right), the Eagles are idiots. They won’t give up a 2nd round pick for a Top 10 WR (Boldin) or consistent Pro Bowl TE (T-Gon), but they did give up a 4th round pick last year for LORENZO BOOKER. I am sorry, but there is just no comparison to the players and the difference in round is minor. Stop being trival Eagles, fills your definite needs, and get Mcnabb some help!

  9. Come on, pull this off Mike Reinfeldt! I’ll be thrilled if we get him and only have to get rid of our 1st and Chris Henry (rumors are that they would rather have Henry than Lendale because he fits the one cut system better). Our offense would be scary now with teams not being able to stack the box against Chris Johnson and of course, Boldin on one side of the field.

  10. “Not Donovan’s strong suit. I can’t tell you how many times I almost broke my TV bc McNabb over throws BWest in the flat. Anquan is NOT a good fit for this team. ”
    Yet, the coach/coordinator make this a major part of their gameplan. Shouldn;t they play to McNabb’s stregnths? That is what I find annoying. I cannot comment about how close to the line of scrimmage that Boldin catches the ball. I do know that I like him, his toughness, and I also know that he has sucked against the Eagles (dropping balls, etc.). But, I would like him even though the team needs more help at RB, TE, and the entire defense. Since the defense is what loses us every playoff game and SB – not the offense (except the Ricky Manning Jr. game).

  11. You freaking Eagles fans who cry about the FO not doing are dolts. We’ve had more movement this offseason than in almost any other and you’re still crying. Pathetic. You’re not fans, you’re window lickers on the short bus.

  12. You have some good points Gallaghedj3, but seriously, look at past draft picks. We gave up a 4th rounder for Lorenzo “I fall when hit by wind” Booker last year. Your telling me T-Gon or Boldin isn’t worth a 2nd round pick? The Eagles FO always tries to low ball teams with pathetic offers (with the exception of the Peters deal), keep their picks, and draft bad players with those higher round picks. I will trade a pick for an established player any day over a rookie who I hope will make a difference.

  13. While a 2nd round pick does not sound like too much to give up, you guys need to realize that they would have to give him $10 million a year over the course of a likely 5 or 6 year deal. So not only are they losing out on an opportunity to find a TE in round 2 which they desperately need more than a receiver, they’re also sacrificing $10 million a year. They just gave Jason Peters that kind of money and we all know the Eagles aren’t big spenders. I guarantee you that they’re worried about his injury history and the above commentor was right when he said that McNabb does not throw a good short ball which is just what Boldin excels at, making short grabs and getting YAC. Just like they refused to run a fade route because donovan doesn’t like to throw it, they’ll avoid having a guy that is limited in the plays he will regularly make.

  14. “CtownBleedsGreen says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 9:07 am
    You freaking Eagles fans who cry about the FO not doing are dolts. We’ve had more movement this offseason than in almost any other and you’re still crying. Pathetic. You’re not fans, you’re window lickers on the short bus. ”
    You’re missing the point Ctown. None of us (I should say most of us) are not disputing the fact that the Eagles have been active. They usually are, it’s just frustrating to see a player like Boldin out there which we may be able to get for a second and a little more and all we offer is a 3rd. Who do you think we can get in round 2 that will make a bigger difference than Boldin on this team?

  15. Ctown – For years, what have been the constant needs for the Eagles offense? WR and TE. The one year they got an actual #1, they went to the Super Bowl. The argument isn’t that the Eagles aren’t doing anything to help the team, because they are. They just don’t “do enough”. Do you forget the years we lost in the playoffs because we had the likes of Charles Johnson and Torrence Small? Because Andy thought they were great. Or how about our defense being garbage once we let Trotter go and replacing him with Kirkland and Gardner? Or what about a missing fullback (that cost us 2 games last year) or a kick returner the previous year (that cost us 2 losses) Again, we never have “all the pieces” in place. Andy and company never fill all the gaps when they have a chance. I am no Mcnabb lover, but I really think Reid has ruined his career. Can you imagine how good Mcnabb would have been with Wayne/Harrison, Holt/Bruce, Boldin/Fitzgerald, etc.? It doesn’t take a complaining, bad fan, to realize the obvious facts about Reid and the FO.

  16. they give up a first for an uninspired lineman coming off a horrible year who has a money first attitude but wont give up even a second for anquan bolden? where are all those delusional philly fans that were praising how great management did last week.

  17. If people are going to call something ridiculous make sure you know how to spell the word ridiculous or you are the one that comes off as ridiculous.

  18. I have to agree w/ Ctown on this one. I would love for them to get this guy, but I’m willing to acknowledge that the people working in the front office know a hell of a lot more about this kind of stuff than I do. They keep the team competitive every year while teams like the redskins go out and spend huge money on every name player in sight and still suck, so let’s give them some deference.
    Smush, so by your logic is the #1 overall not worth anything b/c it was once used to draft tim couch? Freddie Mitchell and Reggie Brown may have come from a 1 and 3, but we also got McNabb in the first, Dawkins in the second, and Westbrook in the third.

  19. boldin will be a chief by the end of the day. Glenn Dorsey will be a Falcon for the #24 overall. Brian Waters or Larry Johnson will be a Cardinal.
    Waters or Johnson and the 2nd from the Falcons in the Tony G trade to Arizona for Boldin.
    Dorsey doesn’t fit the 3-4 and the falcons want to take a DT anyway.

  20. This doesn’t surprise me. Watch us trade out of the 1rst round and then trade for Boldin. HAHA

  21. Hell if I’m the Falcons I dump my 24th pick for Boldin.
    So what you gave up your 1 and 2 but gained an older TE who still outperforms everyone in the league and about on par or step below Gates. Plus you pick a top 5 WR in the league.
    In fact any teams like Tenn., Balt, Jags, etc. that are in desperate need of a WR would be foolish to not dump a number 1 for Boldin. I don’t care who you take in the 1st round they will not out perform Boldin for many years and in most cases will never even come close. Maybe a 10% chance at best any of these WR’s in the draft equal out to a Boldin 5 years from now. So how can you justify not trading a 1 for Boldin???
    This is what is wrong with so many GM’s. They never want to put enough value on stud players. They always nickel and dime there way in free agency 90% of the time when dealing with true pro bowl player that have lots of tread on the tires left. Yet there all willing to take all the chances in the world with draft picks or players that are at there declining point.

  22. I don’t think this is entirely a dumb move, or bad offer on the Eagles part. It seems that Arizona doesn’t have the cap space to sign Boldin to the long term extension he desires. I would guess that the other teams have all seen their cap space and think they can get him for less than their asking price.

  23. Why is making an offer that the seller thinks is too low so despicable?
    When you buy a home, do you try to see whether someone will take less than their asking price? Or do you try to make them an offer they can’t refuse?
    Do you bid against yourself? Or do you say this is my offer, keep the house if you don’t like it?
    Do you pay any attention to whether the house is old or new? Leaky? Moldy?
    Lastly, do you pay attention to the taxes that you have to pay and/or the condo fees you are responsible for when you set your price? Or do you think that your responsibility stops and starts with purchase price?
    Picking up Boldin is not without risk. Picking up Boldin is not the end, any price you pay to the Cards must be followed by paying Boldin an exorbitant amount of money that can’t be used on anyone else.
    A 2nd round pick isn’t a known commodity, but you can’t compare it to a 4th. A 2nd round pick can be a DeSean Jackson; a Trevor Laws; a Victor Abiamiri; a Sheldon Brown. Are any of these guys Boldin quality? No. BUT they cost less. They give you a greater opportunity to fill the holes on your squad that are created by picks that don’t pan out. And they are available to you for more years at that lower cost.
    WR isn’t the hole on this team that it once was. Why pay like it is?

  24. how come when the Eagles want to trade one of their players, they ask for #1 picks but when they try to get player from another team they low ball them????

  25. It could be true but its impossible to believe….. Howard Eskin makes up so much crap everyday I cant believe a word he says…….. His ego is so big that he has to come up with a story no matter if its true or not……. Same goes for Sal Pal no one in Philly can stand these guys and they certainly take every thing they say with a grain of salt

  26. celephaiz says: “WR isn’t the hole on this team that it once was. Why pay like it is?”
    That’s absolutely the issue: Money. All of the other nonsense is secondary. He’d make any team better. The only problem is with the kung fu death grip teams have on their pocketbooks right now.
    For all of the talk about risk management in the NFL, how can you value a draft pick over such a proven commodity? Even the number one pick in the draft is referred to as a coin flip. Make your team better. Flip Boldin some coin.

  27. I agree with a couple of other posters – I don’t think Boldin is a good fit for the Eagles. They’re better off without him.

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