Harvin Back On The Rise?

Though our gut feeling that the Raiders will make Florida receiver/return specialist Percy Harvin the seventh overall pick in the draft is a “longshot” (as a league source told us moments ago), we’re hearing that Harvin could still be taken in round one.
If the Jets don’t trade up for Mark Sanchez, they could use the 17th overall pick on Harvin.
If Harvin remains on the board through 21 picks, the Vikings could then take him at No. 22.
Our guess is that, if he falls beyond No. 22, someone will trade back into round one.  Desperation is the key here — many coaches and General Managers know they’re in trouble if they don’t win now.
Harvin comes with risk and baggage, but he could help guys like Mike Tannenbaum and Brad Childress remain employed.

5 responses to “Harvin Back On The Rise?

  1. A team that doesn’t pay too much attention to off-the-field, non-football issues (like the Vikes or Raiders) may look at Harvin and see the most talented skill position player in this draft. Most of the red flags for Harvin are non-football related.

  2. He’s not on the “rise” because he never “fell”. He’s always been projected between 7 and 30. Some speculated that his drug test could cause him to fall, but no one ever bought into that because that type of persona had ALREADY dropped him on many boards. It just confirmed what people had been hearing, which is why he was ever thought to be a mid 20’s pick. Talent wise he’s a top ten player. 171 yards in the national Championship! His injuries drop him and his personality drop him… So, rather than being drafted by a team like Jacksonville or the 49ers, he’s more likely to go to a team like Minnesota. This does NOT mean he is “rising”! Now if it turned out he didn’t fail his drug test, that could RISE his stock. but it’s stoooopid to think his stock is rising just because you talk to someone else with a draft board that has him where they’ve always had him. For the love Floria!! Get it together

  3. If the Raiders take Harvin at 7, I vow to make no disparaging remarks about lawyers until the next draft.

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