The Search For The Next Cliff Branch Continues

As the draft approaches, the word on the street continues to be that the Raiders will pick receiver Troy Williamson Darrius Heyward-Bey with the seventh overall pick in the draft.
The logic is simple.  Al Davis loves speed.  DHB has it.
And, really, Davis has been looking (in vain) for the next Cliff Branch ever since Branch retired.
They’d be better off targeting the next Fred Biletnikoff, in our view.  Or maybe the next Tim Brown.

21 responses to “The Search For The Next Cliff Branch Continues

  1. Oakland needs the next Tim Brown more. Jeremy Macklin has enough speed. The Raiders should draft this playmaking wideout at #7.

  2. You would think Davis would figure out that his speedy draft picks aren’t panning out. But no, he thinks it’s the coaches fault.

  3. … and the cycle of futility continues for Oakland. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  4. it makes sense for dhb to go to the raiders at #7, that’s the same spot the vikes picked troy williamson

  5. I’m a MD fan and I love DHB…I would like for my Ravens to take a shot at him.
    But come on…#7 overall? WAY too high…I feel sorry for all Oakland fans who have to wait for Al Davis to move on to the afterlife before they will have a competent front office.

  6. The word on the street may work with another team but has little worth with regards to the Raiders. Many that work in the Raiders offices have no idea on what they are going to do and that is the way the Raiders like it.
    My take is the Raiders will go for a big man in round one DT/DE or OT and pick up a WR later. We will know soon. I love your site and visit more then any other regarding the NFL, keep up the good work.

  7. Lance Zierlein should get a lot of credit. He broke this about a month or so ago. The Raiders are better off going with the next Tim Brown – Maclin.

  8. Every year all these analysts have the Raiders taking the fastest athlete in the draft, but show me one time in the last 20 years Al has taken the fastest athlete with his 1st pick?
    Not once. He does loves speed and tends to gamble on these players after the 4th round.
    If that were the case he would’ve drafted RB Chris Johnson over Darren Mcfadden last year.
    Speedy picks that have panned out recently: Trevor Scott & Chaz Schilens, two players picked last year in the last two rounds.
    Everyone talks about the speed because Al Davis is the reason the NFL has speed all over it. He changed the game in the ’60s and ’70s with the various speedy players he brought in and until he’s in the grave these rumors will always circulate.

  9. I hope not, and I hope jeremyb91 is right (what he says makes sense though). Al loves speed, but at skill positions, he loves big-name playmakers too – Crabtree, Maclin and Harvin tick that box, DH-B doesn’t.
    Oh, and I wouldn’t rule out Harvin either. Take away the off-the-field (mostly non-football) issues, and he is the second best player in this draft after Curry.

  10. DHB???? yeah right. Davis decides to tip his hand just this once…to sponge face square head florio no less. Al Davis decided to share his innermost secrets with mike florio, the owner of a 20 dollar blog on the internet…this is the real story, not who davis wants to draft.
    if indeed the raiders leaked something about DHB its because the team wants other teams to think just that so that don’t leap frog the raiders and get the target player the raiders really want.
    sorry sponge face, i don’t buy it.

  11. Better chance of Al and young Lance watching the draft together than taking DHB at 7. The Pick is Smith, Crabtree if he’s gone.

  12. I’m going on the record and saythat Florio is merely another hooked fish. No way it is DHB. Florios completly skewed, east coast knowledge/view of the Raiders is comical.

  13. It’s almost as absurd as the notion the Raiders will take Maclin because of his return skills
    Honestly, anyone who buys into this simply doesn’t pay attention. It’s a shame that many people write off the Raiders because of their last few years of terrible luck in the draft, and a lot of failed free agency moves. Every franchise (even the great ones) has hit a wall at some point. And the rebuilding process is always trial and error.
    They don’t need a return man. Johnnie Lee Higgins and Justin Miller are a dangerous return duo – they proved that last season. And if any of the “draft gurus” who think the Raiders are retarded for DHB were paying any attention, they’d know the Raiders don’t need a “pure speed” receiver. Again, JLH fits that mold, and 2nd-year player Chaz Schilens has plenty of speed as well.
    They need a possession receiver to help them convert those all-too-frequent third and long situations, and help them put points on the board when they get in the red zone. They need a WR who demands attention from defensive back, so Higgins sees more single coverage and can get deep.
    But this DHB connection is pure nonsense, perpetuated by people who obviously aren’t paying too close of attention, and are content to peg Al Davis as a guy who only pays attention to 40 times.

  14. I think it’s a great pick, my man “mr. cable” knows what he’s doing the silver n black is coming back look out folks!!!!!!!!!!

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