Draft Fate Of The Underclassmen

Asher Allen, DB, Georgia:  round three, pick 22 (Vikings).
Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers:  round one, pick 30 (Titans).   
Eben Britton, T, Arizona:  round two, pick seven (Jaguars).
Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut:  round one, pick 27 (Colts).
Everette Brown, DE, Florida State:  round two, pick eleven (Panthers).
Carson Butler, TE, Michigan:  undrafted.
Jairus Byrd, DB, Oregon:  round two, pick ten (Bills).
James Casey, TE, Rice:  round five, pick 16 (Texans).
Jeremy Childs, WR, Boise State:  undrafted.
Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama:  round three, pick ten (49ers).
Emanuel Cook, DB, South Carolina:  undrafted.
Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina:  round three, pick 25 (Titans).
Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech:  round one, pick ten (49ers).
Andrew Davie, TE, Arkansas:  undrafted.
Nate Davis, QB, Ball State:  round five, pick 35 (49ers).
Vontae Davis, DB, Illinois:  round one, pick 25 (Dolphins).
Maurice Evans, DE, Penn State:  undrafted.
Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State:  round one, pick 17 (Buccaneers).
Mike Goodson, RB, Texas A&M:  round four, pick eleven (Panthers).
Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa:  round three, pick one (Jets).
Brian Hartline, WR, Ohio State:  round four, pick eight (Dolphins).
Percy Harvin, WR, Florida:  round one, pick 22 (Vikings).
Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland:  round one, pick seven (Raiders).
P.J. Hill, RB, Wisconsin:  undrafted.
Greg Isdaner, G, West Virginia:  undrafted.
Ricky Jean-Francois, DT, Louisiana State:  round seven, pick 35 (49ers).
Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri:  round one, pick 19 (Eagles).
Sen’Derrick Marks, DT Auburn:  round two, pick 30 (Titans).
Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State:  round one, pick eleven (Bills).
LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh:  round two, pick 21 (Eagles).
Andrew Means, WR, Indiana:  undrafted.
D.J. Moore, DB, Vanderbilt:  round four, pick 19 (Bears).
Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia:  round one, pick 12 (Broncos).
Cameron Morrah, TE, California: round seven, pick 39 (Seahawks).
Captain Munnerlyn, DB, South Carolina:  round seven, pick seven (Panthers).
Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina:  round one, pick 29 (Giants).
Kevin Ogletree, WR, Virginia:  undrafted.
Jerraud Powers, DB, Auburn:  round three, pick 28 (Colts).
Richard Quinn, TE, North Carolina:  round two, pick 32 (Broncos).
Mark Sanchez, QB, Southern California:  round one, pick five (Jets).
Andre Smith, T, Alabama:  round one, pick six (Bengals).
Sean Smith, DB, Utah:  round two, pick 29 (Dolphins).
Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia:  round one, pick one (Georgia).
Donald Washington, DB, Ohio State: round four, pick two (Chiefs).
Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State:  round one, pick 31 (Cardinals).
Brandon Williams, DE, Texas Tech:  round four, pick 20 (Cowboys).

9 responses to “Draft Fate Of The Underclassmen

  1. maurice evans should end up getting signed by someone pretty quickly. he was projected VERY highly (nobody would know who Aaron Maybin is if Evans didn’t get suspended, because Maybin got Evans’ job. Evans would’ve been Aaron Maybin last year and in this draft) before he got suspended last year. he’s got some legit talent, and since nobody would have to put out a draft choice to get him, it’s a no risk/high gain move to go pick him up. if he keeps his nose out of trouble, he’s a gem.

  2. Way to Forget Vaughn Martin, DT, Western Ontario……. he was the first and last CIS underclassman to be drafted in history. Round four, pick 13 (Chargers)

  3. surprised nobody took pj hill. i’d imagine he get some good fa offers, unless they feel he’s the next wisconsin rb bust.

  4. I think the Jets got a steal with Shonn Greene, he is 23 years old but only has 1 year of wear & tear. He will be great splitting carries with Thomas Jones. Good pick

  5. @ButchD
    Organized by last name.
    I wish more people would stay in school. All the guys that got drafted in the 3 round or later probably are regretting their decisions.

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