Raiders Didn't Reach For Mitchell?

The biggest shock of the first day of the draft, according to the folks who supposedly know the draft inside and out, is that the Raiders selected Ohio University safety Mike Mitchell with the 47th overall pick.
But, as it turns out, Mitchell wouldn’t have otherwise plunged to round seven.
According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears had planned to take Mitchell two picks later.
Mitchell said Saturday that, at the start of round two, the Bears claimed they’d be drafting him at No. 49.
“When [the Bears] did that, I was like, ‘I’m going to be a Chicago Bear,’ ” Mitchell said.  “That’s what I was thinking.”
And so, with Mitchell gone, the Bears traded out of the spot.
“Unfortunately the players we targeted at 49 did not fall to us and we weren’t in a position that we were able to move up,” G.M. Jerry Angelo said.
So take heart, Raiders fans.  Your front office doesn’t consist of idiots.
Unless Angelo is an idiot, too.

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  1. Yes! I knew it! The most historic and storied rivalry in all of sports adds yet another chapter in their epic feud! the Raiders did whatever they could to thwart the Bears. Touche’ says George Halas!
    After all there is so much history between these two teams, that wasting the #7 pick is mere cannon fodder to get one over on their arch-enemy Monsters of the Midway!
    I mean just think of all the epic battles these two teams have had, all the heated words on and off the field, the —–what’s that? excuse me? You mean the Bears and Raiders have only played each other a couple of times in the past hundred years in uneventful games, and there are no other connections between these teams in any way whatsoever? …
    Yeah, just like I thought, Al Davis is just a plain old idiot …

  2. Considering the moves mad by the Broncos this draft, I’m thinking Angelo isn’t as smart as I thought when the Cutler trade went down

  3. The guy is big and strong (as well as, duh, speedy). Apparently SD had him on their board as well.
    Not saying he’ll be the steal of the draft, but he does appear to have realistic potential.

  4. Thanks a lot, that makes me feel a lot better about passing on crabtree for a guy who can run fast that caught 12 carrier touchdowns, your right that was move a wise sage.

  5. Florio’s man crush for Al Davis still has him blindly defending the senile old fart. Yea maybe, and it’s still a big maybe, they Raiders didn’t reach too far for Mitchell but you still cant look past their 1st round abortion of a pick.

  6. yeah right, and if not Bears, Pats or Eagles would’ve drafted him. Also, Lions were 99 % sure they will get him as a first overall. BS.

  7. I may not think much of the Raiders, but I disagree that they or anyone needs another team targeting someone to validate their pick.
    Pick who you pick, don’t apologize for it, and move forward.
    It’s a damn dice roll. All you guys could talk about last year was Ghoslton.
    Now everybody claims they knew he was overrated.

  8. watch the man’s highlights!!!!!!!!!

    watch the man’s highlights!!!!!!!!!

    watch the man’s highlights!!!!!!!!!

    watch the man’s highlights!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dont know how the 73rd ranked safety visited with oak, cle, cincy, ind, hou, green bay, det.. official visits!!!!!!! lol @ mel kiper, thats why espn brought in todd mckshay
    o and crabtree fans, google rashaun woods!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Last year all of the draft “experts” called the Titans stupid for taking Chris Johnson in the 1st round… I believe that worked out ok for them though

  11. here’s a clip for you so called experts on here that can’t find video of mitchell and the raiders so called reach of him. since over a quarter of the teams were interested in him and has been compared to ronnie lott and jack tatum. the guy has knocked out 3 people on the football field. i hope he can transition to the next level and if they did reach for him well i remember in 2003 when they reached for a safety/cornerback named nnamdi asomugha in the first round and the “experts” laughed and called it puzzling pick and now look at the guy he’s one of the best shut down corners in the league if not the best so if that is reaching then i’ll take it all day long.
    so what if mitchell came from a small school that doesn’t have a big time budget or program, i can think of MANY hall of famers from small schools, howie long came from villanova not exactly a power house.
    so for your enjoyment here’s mitchell’s highlights.

  12. Mitchell came on strong late this past year and started turning heads.
    TIME will tell, not the so called “experts” that screw up all the time, without ever looking back at their mistakes.

  13. After watching his highlight reel on youtube, I really like Mitchell for the pick. The boy has a very good read/feel for where the ball is going, has excellent closing speed, and is a big time headhunter (claims he knocked out 3 players). He probably shouldn’t of gone that high however. However, the experts also said that Nnamdi Asomugha was a reach and a 3rd rounder at best (1st rd) and Howie Long should of been a 5-7 rd pick (2nd rd).

  14. “Last year all of the draft “experts” called the Titans stupid for taking Chris Johnson in the 1st round… I believe that worked out ok for them though”
    Ummm.. lets see .. last year Johnson was considered a fringe 1st round pick and was only a questioned selection by the Titans because they had Lendale White and Chris Henry already…
    Completely different story when you take a safety that’s so off the radar, no draft expert heard of the guy and ESPN/NFL Network didn’t have one highlight reel to show.
    Face it Raider fans, you guys continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL. Enjoy it.

  15. Thank you, Al Davis.
    I just watched one of those Youtube videos from up above. Michael Mitchell is outstanding. I don’t know if he’ll continue to be outstanding in the NFL, but, man, the guy is like a one-man destroyer. Look out for this guy.
    If not for Al Davis, the Bears would have got him, and my team, the Vikings would have suffered.
    Thank you, Al!

  16. Decades of following the Raiders have left me less than surprised at any pick they make. But still, some of you guys put way too much stock in the opinion of draft “experts.” These guys are like meteorologists on your local news, looking at their doppler radar and satellite pictures, trying to guess what the weather is going to do so they can justify their paycheck. Draftniks are no different. The weather doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the weatherman thinks, and teams don’t give a rat’s ass what the draftman thinks. They exist to fill time and provide entertainment.

  17. I don’t hate the raiders……..Fact is, I could care less, but when you consider that in the last 6 years, they have had the 2nd,23rd.7th.1st,4th,and 7th pick in the draft….And they never get any better, doesn’t take a “so called expert” to realize……

  18. Say the youtube video yesterday great ball hawk excellent speed, my only knock on him is didn’t see any wrap up takleing and with the stronger RB and WR in the NFL that style will only work 10% to 15% of the time

  19. Mel Kiper and all the draft experts are such a joke.
    The guy gets work-outs with half the teams in the league and Kiper acts like he barely knows him.
    If the Raiders didn’t pick him the Bears would have.
    Kiper is wrong most of the time, it’s just easy to look like you know everything when they don’ t review how your “picks” pan out.

  20. That highlight reel looks almost as good as Micheal huff’s, he has been really good. Everyone’s highlight reel looks good, that’s why the call it a highlight reel.

  21. Mel Kiper: Mike Williams is the best player in this draft (2006).
    Mel Kiper: Alex Smith has the highest grade for me in this draft (along with all the other experts).
    Mel Kiper: Michael Huff is better than Laron Landry of the Skins. I have him rated as the best safety in the 2006 draft (along with all the other experts).
    However, he actually said the other day when evaluating the Raiders, “They missed on Michael Huff,” although this was the pick you’d have made if you were in charge.
    Mel Kiper: Asomugha, that’s a reach at 32, he should be taken at least a couple of rounds from now.
    mel Kiper: Why are the titans taking Chris Johnson right here, this is a reach (along with all the other pundits).
    Getting the picture? When you don’t have any accountability for “making” picks, who gives a shit about your opinion really. All of these guys will tell you over and over again about how much they loved Matt Ryan last year because they got it right, but they don’t say shit about when they missed on Alex Smith, David Carr, Joey herrington, Tim Couch, Mike Williams (both the tackle and the receiver), Charles Rogers, etc., etc.
    Watch Michael Crabtree turn into another one of those big receivers who dominated in college but saw a whole different game in the NFL just like Mike Williams, to Freddie Mitchell to Peter Warrick to J. J. Stokes to you name your favorite bust.
    Plus, if you’re doing your homework on teams like you say you do, you know that Jeremy Maclin closely resembles a player already on the Raiders’ roster (Higgins).
    I don’t expect casual NFL fans to know shit like that, but so called “experts” should be in the know since it’s their job.
    I don’t know if the picks will work out for the Raiders or anyone for that matter, but neither do these so called experts….it’s just one huge gamble. You go with your gut feeling on these players.

  22. Riaders fans DON’T take heart. Your front office, which consists solely of a one man brain(dead) trust, is full of idiots.
    Forget this one pick, or this one draft, and look at the body of draft work over the past 5-10 years and the only conclusion you can come to is that it is full of an idiot (Al Davis) who consistenly makes bad draft decisions.
    There is a bright spot though. Next year you’ll be picking in the top 10 again, perhaps the top 5 so you can waste more good draft picks.

  23. Put down the keyboard and get to work, Brewster. There’s a splash in the women’s restroom you need to get on. Don’t forget your name badge.

  24. mitchell’s highlights on youtube are pretty damn impressive. he displays great range, and he throws his body around like a madman. he also ran a 4.4. there are very few safeties in the nfl that have that type of speed. that’s probably faster than any of the cb’s in this draft. not saying he will be a player, but he definitely has talent that is 2nd round-worthy.
    the packers took a little known safety in the 2nd round, back in 2005. i remember the expert, mel kiper, ripping the pick, saying he had him going in the 6th or 7th. that safety is nick collins who made the pro bowl last year and is one of the most athletic safeties in the league. anyway, don’t trust the guys who are paid to talk. trust the guys who are paid to scout and actually watch tape, talk to players and coaches.

  25. @ everyone who watched his youtube highlights…
    Yes, he has good closing speed and delivers punishing hits. But that’s it. Even in the highlight reels his “people” put together he is a one trick pony. He didn’t make any plays on the ball and was much more a hitter than a tackler. He didn’t try to wrap up anyone and make a fudamentally sound tackle. I’m not saying he isn’t going to succeed. But the guy has a ton of work ahead of him. There is much more to becoming a good NFL safety than making a big hit every now and then.

  26. what pick in the draft doesn’t have a ton of work ahead of them?
    the kid has a lot of athletic ability, and only time will tell whether that translates into success at the next level.
    anyway, the raiders didn’t deserve the bashing that they did for the pick of Mitchell, from a bunch of so-called experts that didn’t know a thing about the kid. Mayock even admitted that he didn’t watch any tape of him, but I believe he still had him down as a 7th rounder.

  27. michell who???? I also was perplexed. Well untill i saw Cable talking about the draft and him.
    So i looked on youtube for him and lo and behold… His highlight reel was there.
    How come Youtube has him yet the self named experts didn’t???
    Well maybe because they are “Football Experts” like Madeoff is an “Finance expert”
    This guys fricken SCARY!!!
    We Stole’m! They Hate it! END of Story!
    Only one Nation boys
    & that’s the GLOBAL FOOTBALL TEAM Known As… THE RAIDERS.
    Raider Nation, Using our moniker only proves everyone wants to be Raider.
    Hear that Stealer fans (No I didn’t misspell STEAL’rs)

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