White To Compete With Henne At Quarterback

We believed before the draft that the teams interested in former West Virginia quarterback Pat White fell into two camps:  (1) those that want him to be a Wildcat-style jack-of-all-trades; and (2) those that want him to play quarterback.
The Dolphins fell into a category we had not yet envisioned.
G.M. Jeff Ireland said Sunday that White will not only run the Wildcat offense, but also pursue playing time in base offense as a quarterback.
They’re going to be competing for the position,” Ireland said regarding the status of White and Chad Henne.
So White won’t be a receiver/kick returner/five-snaps-per-game run/throw/handoff quarterback.
He’s a quarterback who’ll replace Ronnie Brown as the guy who takes the snaps in the Wildcat formation, and who could supplant Henne on the depth chart.
Though we’re reluctant to criticize the Dolphins at a time when our blue-and-gold glasses are being partially adjusted to include shades of aqua and coral, the pick devoted to White represents the fifth second-round selection since 2004 that the Fins have used on a quarterback.
In 2004, Miami sent a second-round pick to Philly for A.J. Feeley.  In 2006, a second-round pick went to Minnesota for Daunte Culpepper.  In 2007, the team used a second-rounder on John Beck.  In 2008, Chad Henne arrived via second-round pick.
Though White might not be the best quarterback of the bunch, he’s the most dynamic athlete.
And if Parcells didn’t see in White that same kind of quiet Alabama don’t-tell-me-there’s-something-I-can’t-do attitude that pushed Bo Jackson to become a two-sport star 20 years ago, Parcells wouldn’t have drafted the kid from Daphne who landed in Morgantown only after folks in his home state thought he couldn’t play quarterback at the college level.
So keep doubting him.  He’ll just continue to keep his mouth shut and his head down and before you know it he’ll be getting it done.

53 responses to “White To Compete With Henne At Quarterback

  1. they should take tebow next year too. it would be two players on field at one time who are both decent qb’s and a decent RB/scatback matched with a FB. by de-emphasizing any one qb, a team could save a ton of money on cap space.

  2. “So keep doubting him. He’ll just continue to keep his mouth shut and his head down and before you know it he’ll be getting it done.”
    So now your on his nuts too? The guy has talent but not to play QB full time in the NFL, if you think so your a moron.

  3. If the Dolphins wanna exploit his talents this year, it might not be a wise idea to list him as a QB.
    If he can’t beat out Henne for the 2 spot on the depth chart — and there’s a very good chance he won’t — in the 3rd spot, he’ll be considered the emergency QB.
    Not positive what the exact rule is, but as the emergency QB, if he comes into the game at all, Pennington won’t be allowed to come back in.
    Giving him the 2nd spot just for this reason wouldn’t be a good idea either, seeing as he’d be next in line if Pennington goes down.
    Just list him as a WR and he can do whatever the hell they want him to.

  4. So now your on his nads too? The guy has some talent sure, but he will not be a good full time QB in the NFL. Kordell Stewart anyone?

  5. In week one of the ’09 season new Falcons DT Peria Jerry and DE Chauncey Davis are gonna make a Pat White sandwich. That wildcat won’t have nine lives.

  6. Florio, you’re such a Pat White homer that you might nactually be more supportive than his Mother.
    However, there is a line in your comment that is absolutely on target:
    “So keep doubting him. He’ll just continue to keep his mouth shut and his head down and before you know it he’ll be getting it done.
    This kid has winner written all over him. I wouldn’t ever count him out.
    Good luck Pat.

  7. You’re shameless Florio. At least when guys like Meyer or Reich are defending their guys it’s because they’re the kid’s coach.
    In this regard you’re letting your homerism show. At least you weren’t using your soap box to rip Rich Rodriguez a new one like most WVU fans. Of course, maybe you were too busy cursing him out at the airport.

  8. Or maybe, just maybe he will end up in jail….like the other recent players from WVU….Why does florio always forget to mention that when dogging on Chris Henry or Adam Jones?

  9. Geez Florio, Pat White is a good player and all but do have to be such an obvious ball-washer for him. You’re just like Paul Allen (KFAN in Minneapolis) is with Adrian Peterson and soon will be with Percy Harvin

  10. Are you his agent? If not, you may need to lay off the crack pipe, Florio. This kid can compete for the QB spot and he’s one helluva athlete, but don’t you dare mention his name with Bo Jackson.
    Bo was one of a kind, Pat White could just be a humble Michael Vick. Bo was hitting home runs, stealing bases and running UP THE WALL to catch fly balls, while rushing for 100+ yard games in the NFL, where he played as a hobby. I don’t even think Bill Simmons would sell his hometown players this hard…

  11. Pat white….mike florio……This has Photoshop material written all over it, SOMEONE GET TO WORK ON THIS PLEASE!!!!!

  12. Florio, I usually can’t stand you – except when you’re being a WV homer. Good luck, White.

  13. Did Pennington already get cut? With Pat White on the roster, I’m surprised Henne hasn’t demanded a trade. Miami should have packaged Chadsworth, Brown, Henne, and next year’s first to Cleveland for Edwards and a queef to be named later. Pat can take the direct snap, throw to himself, and teabag Bo Jackson on his way to the end zone. That’s what a lucky cat’s foot can do for you.

  14. “Let the boy wash your grandmother!!!” (in response to people telling Florio to stop hyping Pat White).
    I’d rather see White line up at WR in the Wildcat, on the opposite side from where Pennington/Henne lines up. With Ronnie taking the snaps there are three people on the field who could throw a pass.
    Brown could throw it himself to White or Ginn. White could come on an end around (or reverse), only to throw downfield instead of rushing. Brown could pitch to a Chad, who could pass downfield to White or Ginn. Having White and Ginn run reverses together is going to be to tough for defenders to cover. It just creates so many opportunities for offense, and so much confusion for a defense.
    I see Ronnie being better at running straight ahead from a direct snap than a QB/WR. Let’s not kid ourselves here, Brown is a powerful runner who hits defenders hard. I can’t see White pushing NFL linebackers backwards. Ronnie Brown can do that. White just might be a better decoy to pull LBs away from the play, with the threat of his speed.

  15. Florio I appreciate the ” work ” you put in around the draft. You guys keep the watercooler buzzing.. Even if it is full of grain and kool-aid.( learned about it in Morgantown ) the first time I saw pat white live was in 05 the triple overtime classic vs. Uconn. I was drunk as a skunk by kickoff and asleep at halftime but I heard it was great. Bottom line I’m excited for my dolphins and your pat white.
    Ps.. Ronnie brown for Steve slaton straight up.. Put it out there

  16. “If the Dolphins wanna exploit his talents this year, it might not be a wise idea to list him as a QB. If he can’t beat out Henne for the 2 spot on the depth chart — and there’s a very good chance he won’t — in the 3rd spot, he’ll be considered the emergency QB.”
    Certainly you can’t list him as the #3 QB, but putting him at WR will cost you a roster spot.
    I’d probably have Henne as my long-term backup (ie, if Pennington’s shoulder finally gives up the ghost), but put him at #3 on the depth chart to save the roster spot. That means if Pennington goes down in-game, I have the choice of letting White be the full-time QB for the rest of the game, or bring Henne in and bench White. Then, the next game Henne’s the starter if Pennington’s out. Or, if Pennington plays but you’re still worried about him, maybe you list Henne as #2, and just list White as a WR as you state.

  17. I’m gonna stick my neck out for you Mike, and say that form what I can tell.. you do actually know SOMETHING about the game of football.
    However, that’s a pretty bold statement.

  18. The most dynamic athlete – like Michael Vick? That’s the direction I’d like to go in.

  19. I love the Pat White pick. Miami runs a Wildcat formation sometimes. they drafted the best guy in the draft to run this particular formation. Can he be a full time QB? Who knows, but for sure this formation with White running it will be a nightmare to defend. If he winds up being able to competently play QB in the NFL its an added bonus. If not, just bring him in for the Wildcat. If this was any other time then Pat White is a risky pick. But for this team running this formation once in a while its brilliant.
    Stop hating the kid, he has talent and he comes off as a class act. Its a 50/50 shot when you draft a QB but at the very least he will succeed running that formation.

  20. hey florio, can we expect to get weekly updates on pat white’s grocery bagging skills back in “good ole daphne” starting sometime in the next six months? boy, can’t wait for that exciting report.

  21. excuse me for being an R-tard, but is Pennington coming back next year? He’s only one of the most accurate QB’s in league history.
    Kinda like my boy Kurt Warner, you know, the guy who must have stole the Flor-man’s middle school girlfriend.

  22. Henne is the Dolphins future and that’s pretty clear. They can say “Pat will play QB” but anyone that knows anything realizes he’s simply going to be a “wildcat” guy and trick play phenom under center every so often.

  23. Who cares if Florio is being a homer.. I’ve met Pat White a couple of times and he is one of the most nicest kids you’ll meet. Me personally I’m pulling for him. And I happen to think he is more than just a “wildcat” formation qb. He can throw the shit out of the football, and threw the best out of everyone at the combine. Light yrs ahead of Vick when it comes to pocket passing..I’ll take him on the Bucs any day

  24. The funny thing here is, Pat White is a less dynamic player then the guy Mike Florio hated so much BEFORE he went to prison.
    Yep, Florio, you raging HYPOCRITE, I’m saying it.
    Pat White is a POOR MAN’S Mike Vick.
    You know, but without the overriding need to kill dogs and commit felonies.
    So, we’re seeing a situational guy who is athletic but VASTLY overrated as a QB.
    Kinda like the guy you always used to hate on and rail against for years.

  25. When the Wildcat wins you 8 games a year, then a 2nd round pick is not that much to give up for the best player in the past 5 years to run that particular offense.

  26. White has zero chance of beating out Henne. Henne is the future in Miami. And I’ll keep doubting White until he’s 40, his career is over and I was right.

  27. “Pat white….mike florio……This has Photoshop material written all over it, SOMEONE GET TO WORK ON THIS PLEASE!!!!!”
    Where’s Taco Bill when you need him?!?!?!?!

  28. Florio, just admit that if this was some other team you were pontificating on, you would say that the GM is saying that to try and get a kick out of Henne. I want to see Pat White play as well because a lot of other “short”, non-prototypical qbs have big question marks as to what their careers would have been like had someone given them a chance in the NFL (Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia). So while it’s something i would like to see, the amount of bias in this posting is equal to the amount of crashes your site had leading up to the draft.

  29. Florio-
    I can’t believe you actually wrote this:
    “So keep doubting him. He’ll just continue to keep his mouth shut and his head down and before you know it he’ll be getting it done.”
    I’ll be honest, I love this website. I check it several times every hour to try to keep up with the NFL, but comments like this that hold the site back. Is this Profootballtalk or PeeWeefootballtalk? Because that is a comment that I imagine some 10 year old saying not someone who is as plugged into the league as you are.
    ps. Did you have tears in your eyes as you wrote that?

  30. I realize Parcells is a hell of a lot smarter than I am when it comes to player personal but Pat White?
    Come on Dolphins, get real.

  31. I once felt like many of you……I didn’t want to see another running Quarterback. I was very skeptical, but this kid made a believer out of me. I am sure that he will do the same to you.
    Four years ago, the seldom-used Freshman QB Pat White was thrown into a mess of a game. The Starting QB had just went out with an injury, leaving White with his team was down 24 -7 with only a couple minutes left in the third quarter. White’s team-mates had only generated 52 yards of total offense in the first half of this game. They were being totally dominated by the opposing team’s defense. The game seemed hopeless and many of the fans left the building, fearing a blowout. Now, let it be known that White’s teammate Slaton had been in the game the whole time and thus so far was ineffective. With White in the game, the offense began to click and the once-smothering defense of the other team was being gnashed for large chunks of yardage. The game went into 3OT and White’s team won 46 – 44, with White throwing a beautiful 2-pt conversion in the third OT. His team amassed nearly 500 yards of offense. Remember, at half time they had just 52 yards.
    After that game, he went on to start the remainder of the season. His team went on to play the Sec Champion in the BCS Sugar Bowl, which had to be moved to Atlanta. Do you remember how White’s team had the SEC team down 28 – 0 in the first quarter? Yes, his team needed a trick play to seal the victory, but White doesn’t play on the defensive side of the game. Please note that White and his team-mates scored 38 points against a defense which destroyed it’s opponent in the SEC Championship game a month earlier.
    And yet he accomplished this as a Freshman?
    Now he’s a rookie in the NFL, and he’s on your team. I really hope that you as least give him a chance. He’s got a heart of a lion, and I truely believe that he’s going to surprise you like he did me.

  32. I’m not hating on Pat White, but comparing him to the legendary Bo Jackson is ridiculous. All Parcells sees is a fast guy who can throw, and that’s what you need to run the Wildcat.
    If you ARE gonna mention Bo, you should at least post some clips of him humiliating The Boz.

  33. I didn’t think Pat White would be this hot of a discussion topic…
    Pat White appears to be a real class act, and the fact that he has talent has been well documented in his NCAA career, but unless Miami is planning to run a spread option offense there is not possible way that he beats out Chad Henne for a QB job at the NFL level. Henne is already breathing down Pennington’s neck, and Pat White simply hasn’t been groomed for the NFL game the way that Henne has. I like Pat White a great deal, and in time he may develop into a legit QB, but I suspect his role in the NFL will be Slot WR or WR4 and special package QB. If he executes, then Wildcat might see more time on the field, but an every down QB he is not at this point.

  34. Pat White & Chad Henne, they can both compete and the best QB
    or the person that gives the Miami Dolphins the best chance to win
    will play. One question Mike Florio; What happened to the NFL’s
    comeback player of the year Chad Pennington? In my opinion
    when the Baltimore Ravens intercepted Pennington four times
    to beat Miami in the playoffs this regime realized that a change
    was needed. Thus you have the comeback player of the year in
    Pennington most likely placed in a mentor backup role. Chad
    Pennington @ QB means a team can play 8 in the box and the
    secondary not worry about anything other than 20 yards in front
    of them…..and so Miami will have a new Chad at QB. White will
    be given the chance @ QB because the Parcells regime loves
    competition but in reality Chad Henne will be the QB with White
    as the wildcat performer in many different roles…..you read it
    first on Florio’s PFT opinion by promichael

  35. Not sure if Pat White’s position in the future will be as a full-time quarterback or not, but having watched them both play I can say that he stands a legitimate chance at beating out Henne for the back-up job. Henne is awful. He was awful at Michigan, and he’s going to be awful in the pros.

  36. I haven’t seen enough of White to make any predictions either way. I just want to see Florio eat crow if/when White’s stock plummets. Not that I’m hoping for that..

  37. This regime knows that John Beck is a good QB. By drafting White, you are getting a QB(Btw, he threw better than all the QBs including Mark Sanchez at the combine) who will probably be Henne’s backup after this year, but you can take advantage of his versatility and playmaking skills by using him as a receiver and in the wildcat.
    Does it warrant a 2nd round pick, maybe not, but I’m willing to wait a couple of season before totally ripping the pick. All of the experts thought it was a good pick, so maybe there may be something to it.
    If Henne struggles or isn’t the QB we think he’ll be, then White can step up and give it a go. He has the skills, besides, a little competition and the QB position is a good thing.

  38. Pat White will be a better starting QB than Sanchez. Great pick for Dolphins. People will be talking about this for years, how the Jets drafted a bum and Bill landed a gem.

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