Campbell "Mobbed" By Reporters At Golf Outing

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell held a charity golf tournament on Monday.
And given his team’s ongoing efforts to trade for his replacement, Campbell was “mobbed” by reporters, a league source tells us.
Campbell spoke about the circumstances, which began with the Redskins trying to trade for former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, and which continued more recently with an effort to get in position to draft quarterback Mark Sanchez.
“It’s an awkward situation because after the Cutler deal, we did sit down and talk and then the Sanchez talk came up,” Campbell said, according to the Washington Times.  “I don’t know how much of it was true.  Through the whole thing, I didn’t know what was going on and what wasn’t going on.  My mindset was to be prepared for both scenarios.”
So how much of the Sanchez talk was true?  How about all of it?  Per David Elfin of the Times, V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato admitted that the Redskins tried to trade up for Sanchez.
The next question, in our view, is whether the effort to find Campbell’s replacement will continue — or whether the ‘Skins will simply decide to move forward with Campbell for at least the 2009 season.

20 responses to “Campbell "Mobbed" By Reporters At Golf Outing

  1. For those that dont know “mobbed” means:
    to crowd about and attack or annoy
    to crowd into or around

  2. Well, the good news is the things he signs for the charity could become more valuable soon…

  3. I’m not a Redskins fan or anything, but the Redskins are freakin dumb. Jason Campbell is a quality starter and they are ruining their team the more they try to trade him or replace him. QB is not their problem.

  4. The Redskins trying to find another QB would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. They’re willing to overpay for everyone else, but god forbid they get the deal done to replace the most important position on the field. Two firsts for Chad Johnson, but they won’t do the same for a QB? Priorities out of whack, they are.

  5. other than the 1st half of 08… he aint done squat. he isnt even the best qb on the skins now.
    15-20 as the main man. i dont give him credit for beating chicago in 07, collins did that.

  6. It’s a lose/lose situation for Campbell unfortunately.
    Way to go, Snyder! Too bad they can’t “upgrade” at the ownership position.

  7. Enough with Brennan already. Good grief. You idiots dont realize that when Jason gets a healthy line he is going to be fine. The addition of Dockery again and Heyer healthy at right tackle is going to make a huge difference in Jason’s ability to progress. Colt looked good against scrubs, guys that didnt even make the roster. If he was that great dont you think Zorn would have had him as the #2 qb last year. He might not even make the team this year. I am quite sure that a former pro qb and qb coach is a much better evaluator of pro talent. Let it go.

  8. Who Cares weather Campbell is here or not, Colt Brennan is better and Chase Dainels is better. Even Collins would be better than this guy. Please trade him for anything you can get, it will pay off in the long run.

  9. I’m laffing at the skins fans who are all clamoring about Colt.
    I’ll start off saying that I’m a Dallas fan, so you can take my comments below anyway you want.
    That being said, Campbell is a pretty good QB. Is he as good as Brady/Brees/Peyton? No, but last year his stats were as good as Kerry Collins, Delhomme, and Roethlisberger, all three of which made the playoffs. Check their ratings and stats against Campbell, you’ll see they are all very very similar.
    The Skins problems are that
    1) The O-line is old and aging, in fact often broken down.
    2) Their defense could not stop the run last year (35th in the league in yds/game allowed)
    3) Outside of Moss/Cooley, they don’t have any complete Wr’s, so they don’t have reliable options on a weekly basis. (Cooley is TE/H-back, but still)
    4)They effectively call two passing plays: slants across the middle, or that stupid bubble screen. Both plays have been solved by opposing defenses.
    5) They have had zero consistency in the coaching dept/play calling since Campbell has been there.
    None of these are really the fault of Campbell, unless you want to make the argument they run primarily those two passing plays bc he isn’t capable of learning the rest of the playbook.
    If the Skins are looking to get more out of the QB position, they don’t need an upgrade in player, they need an upgrade in having a consistent offensive scheme, and additional threats at WR (not just people drafted to play WR’s, but people that can actually dictate single coverage).

  10. As a Vikes fan, you Skins fans have no idea what a bad QB situation is. I’d tell Zygi to give you Rosencopter and a 2nd rounder right now.

  11. As a fan who has seen such low moments as 0-7 starts, 3-13 seasons and Super Bowl XVIII, I have never been so disappointed in this organization as I am now with the way they’ve treated Campbell. Here’s hoping he lights it up this year, tells Snyder to stick it, then win a Super Bowl someplace else. The current regime doesn’t deserve a classy guy like Campbell.

  12. Dallas fan – I hear some of your points, but don’t take away one of the actual strengths of the Redskins: 1) they were 8th in run defense (not 35th), and 2) there are only 32 teams.

  13. You undermined some good points (continuity, o-line health) by spacing that:
    1) Skins were 8th in run D and 4th overall
    2) There are only 32 teams, not 35

  14. Cambpell is used to being mobbed after the ball is snapped and he holds onto it for too long.

  15. Whoops, that was supposed to be 25th, not 35th. And I was looking at it wrong, in the way it was sorted (worst to best, and Was was ranked 25th….)
    So really, there are four things wrong, not five.
    To the guy who stated they brought in Haynesworth, noted. But he hasn’t even played a down yet for you, and you’re ready to label that problem as fixed??
    I seem to recall last year, when Jason Taylor was signed, a lot of Skins fans were telling everyone how they were going to have the best pass rush, most sacks.
    I’m not saying that Haynesworth is bad, or even that he won’t help, just that it’s too early to tell what effect he’ll have.

  16. It’s too early to tell what impact any player will have including guys that were on the roster last year. That depends on their effort, conditioning and luck with the injury bug. So your point is irrelevant.
    The point here is what they have done in the off season so far to improve their team. The GM is one issue but what the coaches have to work with on the field is completely separate. Any points about the Redskins being weak on D fall completely flat in the face of facts. They have been borderline stellar over the last decade or so if you leave out pressuring the quarterback, yet you chose their run D to pick at which has been downright dominant much of the time.
    As for Campbell:
    I’d have been satisfied to go with JC one more season and see how he fares with a possibly better/healthier O Line and a second year in the same system. If he screws the pooch then next year the QB prospects are better IMO. But that’s a tough pill for a guy like Zorn to swallow who is probably in the hot seat this year. By all insider accounts the team was more than a little unnerved by the last hal;f collapse of JC last year. He’s got a huge problem with the speed he reads a D, the consistency with which he makes his check down reads and he takes way too many sacks because of holding the ball too long. Many, many Redskins fans agree with this sentiment and have been excited by the prospects of a Jay Cutler possibly coming on board. VC and Snyder in no way deserve to be dogged for attempting to upgrade at a position that has been mediocre in its output at best and horrible at worst under JC.
    As for getting upset because the team drafts another quarterback…man up is what I say. If you’re enough of a bad ass to be a so called “elite NFL quarterback” then you should have zero problem with a little youth being brought in at QB for some healthy competition. If you’re a legit top guy then you should blow their doors off and have nothing to worry about. Luckily JC has been and not crying like all ths critics I see. When JC’s warrants the kind of consideration being asked for then and only then should he get it. But good programs don’t stop improving their teams because they get one good or “solid” guy (see Pittsburgh, Bill Walsh, Bill Belichick, Joe Gibbs/Bobby Beathard), and mediocre or bad teams trying to become good teams shouldn’t either.

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