Dolphins Cut John Beck

After drafting West Virginia quarterback Pat White this weekend, the Miami Dolphins cut ties today with former second-round quarterback John Beck, the team announced.
Beck had been eclipsed on the depth chart last season by Chad Henne.
Now, Beck is no longer on the team at all after being released today. Beck failed to impress in two NFL seasons after a strong college career at Brigham Young. 
“We want to thank John for his work ethic and his professionalism,” General  Manager Jeff Ireland said in a statement. “We wish him well in the future.”

32 responses to “Dolphins Cut John Beck

  1. Childress better get on a plane and bring him in for a visit. The Vikes should be grabbing any QB possible and seeing if they can find a live one

  2. John, you’re a good man, but you were drafted by that worthless coach, Cam Cameron. Therefore, you must go, and go you shall.
    Peace out!

  3. A numbers issue for sure.
    Besides – They have the greatest QB in the history of the game on the roster – Right Florio ?
    Did you get your Pat White jersey yet ?

  4. …the Miami Dolphins cut ties from all the lies that they’ve been living in. And, if you do not want to see them again, they would understand.

  5. He was a total class act, even though the breaks didn’t fall his way. I think he still has loads of talent and work ethic, but he came into a bad football team under Cam Cameron, and then Parcells and crew came in and brought in their own guys. Sometimes the chips fall in other directions, but i think Beck will dfind playing time elsewhere.

  6. Another reject from the Cam Draft released. Hes only close to 30 yrs old after two seasons in the NFL. Ravens will quickly sign him.

  7. Would have liked to have seen some compensation for a former 2nd round pick. Oh well, at least there’s some cap space and less dead weight.

  8. Some fans thought the Fins should have taken Brady Quinn in the first.
    Some felt it was wiser for the team to use their 2nd round pick on Beck.
    Turns out they were ALL wrong!

  9. “Living in S. Florida, I am forced to watch the Dolphags play, and I have seen Beck in action. He sucks. No kidding, he is awful. ”
    Considering he took snaps with possibly the worst Dolphins team in history, you should keep some things in perspective.
    His offense line sucked, they had a rookie starting at center in Satele and Vernon Carey at left tackle… We had some no names as well. Only ONE member of the offense line from 2007 is still on the team.. Mr. Vernon Carey.
    Ronnie Brown went down with an ACL tear before Beck was given the nod. Ricky Williams made it three plays into the 2007 season before be stomped by Timmons from Pittsburgh. He was handing the ball off to Samkon freakin’ Gado.
    Chris Chambers was traded to the Chargers and Marty Booker was proving that he shouldn’t be starting anymore. Ted Ginn Jr. was inserted into the line-up as a rookie and no one could expect him to be anything remotely close to a #1 WR by this point.
    That was John Beck’s opportunity to start for the Dolphins. I don’t think even Dan Marino himself would have looked like too good of a quarterback with players like those. From that offense, only seven players are still on the team now. What does that tell you?
    Not that Beck was really given a fair shake in 2008 either, Chad Pennington came in and was crowned the starter from day one. Not that I disagree with that, but it is what it is.
    If Beck is given a shot elsewhere, he may be able to turn some heads. Until then, Beck is a 2nd round bust that was never really given a chance.

  10. I went to his 1st game he started in Philly, man was it nasty out. He handled the whole situation with class and I hope nothing but the best for him.

  11. Rumor has it, he fumbled his walking papers as he exited the facilities.
    But in all seriousness, good luck John. You said all the right things, but didn’t play well enough to keep a job.

  12. As a long time Dolphins fan I am not pleased that Beck was cut. He was screwed by Cameron as a rookie. He should of been brought up slowly with proper mentoring. Of course the previous coaching staff screwed him up. With a change of scenery I bet he will do well. However I can’t understand why the Fins didn’t trade him, and get something for him, with all of these teams needing QB’s?

  13. When was the last time Parcells drafted a franchise QB? Quincy Carter? Pennington (hardly “franchise”). Romo was undrafted and Parcells didn’t draft Bledsoe. QB evaluation is probably Parcells biggest weakness. Beck has an exciting arm, and so does Pat White. Henne too, but you woulda thought Beck has the most home run upside. He was a tough kid. I can see he is letting Ireland and Sparano build their own offense. I think Parcells is building this defense.
    It seems Miami is really trying to brand a football style here. They are now looking to change how the game is played. This could become a fun team to watch. Pat White maybe a little bit less Athletic than Vick, but he MUCH smarter. He is dangerous.
    I would bet money if I had any that Beck starts somewhere day one this year. SF, Washington, Minnesota, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Denver.

  14. Hey if he never plays again he got 2.25 million in guaranteed money. If he’s smart that will last him for a long long time.

  15. Beck got the shaft, no two ways about it. Great looking QB coming out of the draft, and the 1-15 season, Cam Cameron and the horrible things that happened that year doomed him. Too bad Parcells couldn’t give him a real chance, but thats what happens. He has loads of talent and with patience, he’ll get a shot some day and likely will be in this league for another 10 years. Keep your head up and Good luck, JB!

  16. ” would bet money if I had any that Beck starts somewhere day one this year. SF, Washington, Minnesota, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Denver. ”
    now i see why you have no money to bet

  17. The Bucs need a 6th (or would it be a 7th?) QB on their roster. And he could likely stay in his house and commute to the other side of the state.

  18. Beck never had a chance getting forced to start as a rookie on one of the most pathetic teams in NFL history… The OL couldnt block anyone (only one player remains on the roster from the starters that year), his #1 reciever was Marty Booker, he was handing the ball off to a 6th string running back, and the defense couldnt stop anyone, so he was constantly being blitzed.
    That being said he has plenty of upside, and I find it impossible to believe he needed to be cut…. No one out there was willing to give up a 2010 6th??? 7th even???

  19. “”I can’t understand why the Fins didn’t trade him, and get something for him, with all of these teams needing QB’s? “”
    They tried to trade him and there is no market out there for him, besides once Pat White was drafted teams could figure out who was on their way out.

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