Hobbs: "We're All Dollar Signs"

In a Monday interview with our pal Monty of Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show, Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs talked about the trade that sent the veteran cornerback to Philly for two fifth-round picks and a half-eaten pack of Nutter Butters.
“Everyone is expendable,” Hobbs said.  “At the end of the day we’re all dollar signs.  Moves need to be made, things need to be done and at the end of the day that’s when you need to be professional about it and know that it’s a business and gone on.  Sometimes you don’t fit into their program any more and like I said, unfortunately it was my time, but at the same time fortunately I can go to another team that wants me.  Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
Hobbs also said that he expected that something was coming, but that he didn’t know when.
“I was definitely surprised,” Hobbs said.   “I mean like I said I knew something was going to happen, I just didn’t know when.  You never know when and how, it’s kind of like somebody that’s about to die.  You know they’re going to die eventually but when it hits you it’s kind of like a different impact.”

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  1. Yes, because being traded to the best team in the NFC is clearly a fate worse than death…

  2. yeah right Hobbs – your all dollar signs and all you were worth was two 5th. you got toasted more times last year than a package of Thomas’s english muffins.

  3. If he knew it was going to happen, and draft weekend is when most vets get traded, how could it be a surprise?

  4. mmmmm,Nutter Butters…
    I’ve always liked his name for some reason. I hope the dude can play (is Asante happy about the reunion?)
    Sit down and shut up, Sheldon…

  5. Ellis Hobbs is a very good acquisition for the Eagles. He and Asante Samuel have played together and have been successful together. Even if Sheldon Brown stays here, Hobbs can play in nickel and dime packages, provide depth and contribute on special teams and returning kicks. Good move!

  6. Boo freaking hoo. I wish I was an employer’s trash that got paid seven figures a year.
    I don’t have a problem with these athletes making more money annually than most of us will make in a lifetime, but don’t go to the general public if you want sympathy.

  7. Ellis Hobbs is gone because of his performance on the field. It’s nothing more and nothing less. There is a very good reason the Patriots went out and signed Bodden and Springs. It begins and ends with Hobbs’ performance last season. Corners make good money in the NFL and Belichick determined that he wasn’t even worth $2.5 million to keep. He’s a decent kickoff returner and that’s the best you can say about him.

  8. Ellis Hobbs had 4 years to learn from some of the best coaches in the NFL (Belichick, Mangini, Pees and Capers to name a few). He never really got to the level of some of the others who excelled in that system (i.e.Samuel). Hobbs is a serviceable CB who will be a decent nickel with the Eagles. That’s it. However, and to his credit, he is a very, very good return man. The downside: He gets nicked-up quite often. Bad shoulders. His contract is up next year and Belichick did not want to pay him, so you get what you can. If two 5th rd choices is the best you can get, so be it. Moving on….

  9. players that leave new england don’t complain about “no loyalty” and “disrespect”. this is because the patriots acquire intelligent men to play for their team. don’t get me wong these guys are not rocket scientists however there are no misconceprions they understand they have a job and they do it. this all stems from the team first culture that has been created. at the end of the day everyone is expendable.

  10. Thunderbolt says:
    April 27th, 2009 at 9:57 pm
    Yes, because being traded to the best team in the NFC is clearly a fate worse than death…
    Do you honestly believe that the Eagles are the best team in the NFC? I’m not trying to be a dick, I just want your true opinion.

  11. ellis hobbs is not a good acquisition for anyone who needs a corner. i think someone above said that he’s been toasted more times than a bag of english muffins. absolutely correct. he’s a dime back at best and a good kickoff returner. If the Eagles think that they’re getting even marginal help in the secondary, ha! There’s a few reasons the Pats have been at the bottom of the NFL in both 3rd down and red-zone defense the past two seasons and this joker was a large part of it.

  12. this puts to rest philip rivers calling hobbs the ‘worst cb in the league’ he’s obviously not the worst, the worst wouldn’t have fetched a whopping two 5th round draft picks OOO so valuable!

  13. the “we’re all dollar signs” approach will do well when dealing with Banner and Lurie.

  14. NYJets28 – do you honestly think you can ask that question obviously being a Jets fan? The Jets were the biggest joke of last year, by far, and for a Jets fan to even ask that question is ridiculous. And look at the teams, and the Eagles are by far the best team in the NFC East. So no more stupid questions from fans of teams who suck, and who have sucked the last how many years?

  15. NYJets28,
    the Eagles are definitely in the discussion along with Arizona, NYG and likely Atlanta. With their acquistions this year the Eagles definitely belong there.
    1-Arizona won’t surprise anyone like they did in the playoffs last year plus if Edgerrin goes then they have an unproven Wells and Hightower as their backs. They have little or no production from TE’s and if Boldin ever got moved they’d fall back to the pack.
    2-The Giants while getting Osi back will help them immensely they have lost the potential of about 1500 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns from Plax and Toomer. They also lost a 1000 yd rusher in Ward and Pierce may be a liability at MLB especially in coverage.
    3-Atlanta should be very good but a second year QB can be hard to trust.
    The Eagles definitely belong there with adding two more weapons in Maclin and McCoy. Adding two solid tackles in Peters and Andrews. A dime back in Hobbs, a solid FB in Weaver. The Eagles question will be can they get Sheldon to play and STFU and if they can replace Dawk’s leadership. I hope to see Stewart Bradley step up. he has the chance to be very good.

  16. I know I often find myself definitely surprised by things I knew were going to happen. It’s part of the fun of being a goldfish.
    And frankly, I’m not sure Hobbs was worth two fifth-rounders. The Patriots got a steal on that one.

  17. to hobbs: so…. getting the call that you were going to philly, feels the same as if you got a call stating your mother was in a freak accident and is now dead????

  18. “Best team in the NFC”…It seems to me I attended a game, the third Sunday of this past January if I am not mistaken….That best team that went to the Super Bowl and dominated the Igles that day would ne the ARIZONA CARDINALS….Deja Vu is fixin’ to go down again this season….Deal with it tbolt

  19. spafum01….
    Did i say the Jets were the best team? No, I didn’t. And they’re not even close. Even when they were 8-3 and Mark Schlereth said that they were the “team to beat” in the AFC, I laughed at him and told myself that they would collapse. And being a fan of football, I can ask any question I want, thanks.
    And the big question I have for spafum01 is, can McNabb put together 4 games in a row when it matters most? So far, that answer is no.
    As to eagles2009SBchamps, I agree that they belong in the discussion, but lack of a Super Bowl is what is keeping me from saying they are the best. Maybe Maclin and McCoy could be key factors to making another run at it this season. If McNabb doesn’t do it in the next 2 years, then he’ll never do it.

  20. For people who say we overpaid for Hobbs with two 5th’s – we traded Greg Lewis, who would have 99% would have ended up being cut after adding two rookie WR’s, for a 5th a month ago.
    So really, in the end we traded a 5th and “I’m so f’n useless I rarely dress for games” Greg Lewis for a solid nickel, dime a ST guy.
    I love how Pats fans are just trashing him now, if he’s so bad Pats fans – why did BB make him the starter for the last 2 seasons? I mean if Hobbs sucks so bad like Pats fans say he does – does that mean BB is an idiot?
    Boom, Roasted.

  21. “I mean if Hobbs sucks so bad like Pats fans say he does – does that mean BB is an idiot?”
    No, that means BB had nobody better for the past 2 years (and it showed in passing and 3rd down stats) so he’f finally seen enough and he went out and got Springs, Bodden and Butler, and drafted two CB’s last year THEN he shit-canned Hobbs (who is up for a new contract in a year) and got what he could for him. Next year he would have gotten nothing for Hobbs, it being his contract year. BB is a genius btw.
    Hobbs has already caught the Philly CB “Get Paid Disease”. Some of the first words out of his mouth after the trade were that he’s underpaid. Hobbs never had a problem speaking his mind to the press, have fun listening to him AND Shelly bitch and moan all year about how under-appreciated (read: $$$) they are. Maybe they can both get a “Get Paid” tat like Assante has?
    BOOM, Toasted.

  22. What a freaking PANSY.
    The Patriots are in the business of WINNING Super Bowls, not competing for them, Hobbs, my boy. That, and that alone, is why we parted ways with you.
    You got paid millions of dollars for doing something you love. Get over yourself.

  23. The moment that we drafted Darius Butler, Hobbs’ Patriot tenure was OVER.
    He’d become, at best, our 4th best CB, and, more accurately, our 6th best, behind the up and coming Wihlite and Wheatley.
    I fully expected that we’d be releasing him, in August.
    Trading him on Draft Day, and actually not only avoiding the $2.5 Million Cap Burn, but actually getting 2 5ths for’m???
    Absolutely amazing. Coach Bill RULES!

  24. I kind of have mixed feelings on this one. Ellis showed flashes, but he did get burned quit a bit, and he’s so small. I’ll never forget him falling on the last touchdown to Plaxico Burress in the Super Bowl. I’ll also never forget an easy interception going right through Asante Samuels hands a few plays earlier.
    The Eagles can have them.
    If anything, this just clears out another 2.5 mil that will hopefully go towards Jason Taylor. The Pats now have some serious depth in the defensive backfield, which is refreshing for once. Terrance Wheatley was about to break out before he got hurt…

  25. Looks like Dildo hasn’t been washed off in a while, and is starting to stink it up!
    More to the point: It’s pretty obvious that you’re still bitter about our stomping your asses in Super Bowl 39!
    Maybe Donovan’ll be more effective in the future, if he carries a 6 pack of barf bags out to the huddle with’m! ;o)

  26. For the Eagles to become the best team in the NFC, they need to start playing their early season games with a sense of urgency. They always seem to put it together in December and January, but they could put themselves in a better position to win if they could not lose (or tie) crappy teams in the beginning of the year.

  27. oxnard,
    dominated? Did i miss it and was it a 20 point win for the Cards? Yes they won but I’d hardly say they dominated when the Eagles had it tied in the 4th quarter. McNabb threw for almost 400 yards. Dominated is what we did to the Cowboys to end the season.
    Just what this world doesn’t need . . . obnoxious Cardinals fans.

  28. Brewthru, I’d rather be the team that gets hot at the end of the season than the beginning.
    Unfiltered, if the Pats are in the business of winning Super Bowls, have you applied for a bailout yet? Cause business has been bad the last few years.

  29. Kevin, please don’t embarrass yourself.
    You’re an EAGLES fan.
    And you’re trying to talk Smack with a PATRIOTS fan.
    Think about that for a moment.
    Oh! Kevin…are you still there? I do apologize.
    I’d forgot all about you…
    You may go.

  30. Hobbs is a serviceable DB, nothing more,nothing less. BB wasn’t stupid for having him a starter – not all 22 of your starters are superstars.

  31. Unfiltered, (or should I call you by your previous name, Vox Veritas)
    No. I was pointing out that your team has had two disappointing years in a row. Now I will point out that you are an obnoxious idiot. Hope that Brady poster you’re whacking off to is a nice replacement for the Romo poster you trashed after the ‘boys drafted McGee.

    Why, KEVIN!
    You sound UPSET!
    Ah DO believe ah struck a NERVE…In fact, judging from your frothing, homo-erotic, snot-bubbling tirade, I think it’s safe to say that I jumped all OVER it!!! Hah!
    Yes, the decades and decades since the distant and murky past days of glory HAVE been depressing, here in New England, ever since ~ when was it? 2004??? ~ my GOD. Has it BEEN that long???
    Meanwhile, catch me up to date, if you will: HOW many Super Bowl rings have you scooped in, in Philly, over the last 4 years?
    Ok, that’s just UNFAIR…How about the last 10 years? :o)
    Uh…the last 20???
    Ok, ok…the last 40??? :o)
    ~ sound of crickets chirping ~
    OH…WELL…that’s a darn shame….Good LUCK! ;o)
    *By the way, the only thing more pathetic ~ and revealing! ~ than reducing your self to inciting homo-erotic imagery…Is allowing me to spin you into such a frantic, babbling LATHER, that you actually imagine I’m some other guy!
    Not to derail that disturbing fantasy of yours, Kevin, old sport, but I just started posting a couple days ago, and I’m sure the Admins here will be more than happy to corroborate that I’ve got nothing to do with your Fantasy Man, Vox Veritas!
    Can you say “Pathetic”??? Hah!

  33. looks like ur the one who is “spun into such a frantic babbling lather” pats fans are front runners. never hear a peap untill they got “good”, while always in a easy division
    live in the past bro. if u guys had to play in a real division u would still be a joke that u always have been.. u would have no rings at all if ur alcoholic, unintelligent owner didnt stoop to the level of hiring a classless cheater

  34. Patriot fans are funny. Bragging about past superbowls that were won by cheating as acknowledged by the league and former pat coaches. The Eagles lead at halftime only to see there offensive signals stolen for the second half. It’ll be funny to watch Brady play scared next year after he gets stuck.
    Hobbs is a decent corner not great. Any team that signs old man Springs to play in their secondary is really desperate. Good luck…

  35. Hah! Reading the squealing and lamentations of you bitter chumps makes my DAY!
    Keep wailing and gnashing your teeth, losers! Your impotent howls of bitter envy and helpless rage are VERY amusing and HIGHLY appreciated! :o)

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