39 Million Watched The Draft

As we explore various possibilities for the future growth of the site, we’ve been trying to figure out the ceiling on our potential audience, which currently stands at more than 1.5 million visitors per month.
We think we’ve now found a reasonable ultimate goal:  39 million.
According to the NFL, a total of 39 million people watched all or part of the 2009 draft on NFL Network, ESPN, and/or ESPN2.
Since 2001, the audience has grown by 15.5 million, from 23.5 million.
So, basically, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.  And more hamsters.

27 responses to “39 Million Watched The Draft

  1. And I was one of them! NFLnetwork all the Way!!! (With the exception of the big heads and the annoying Prime U commercials).

  2. I’m partial to the “Were going to need some more F.B.I. guys, I guess” from Die Hard, the original. And any quote from Die Hard is definitely better than anything from Jaws.

  3. And if each one of those viewers gave DET a dollar they still would not cover the guaranteed money they gave stafford.

  4. you better start getting ready for next years draft now florio or better yet, Free Agency in February. There should be no more excuses.

  5. Which, coincidentally, is only 38,999,977 more than the number of people who still find Seinfeld references socially relevant.

  6. you are gonna need as much bandwith as possible to track when pat white brushes his teeth, takes a dump ETC

  7. Thank God for the NFL Network. Kiper @ company suck.Unless you agree with him and lame berman you are a fool

  8. “We think we’ve now found a reasonable ultimate goal: 39 million.”
    Only if you ditch the fat gut ads.

  9. Personally, I spent all Saturday and Sunday outdoors enjoying the great weather and didn’t watch a second of the coverage, nor did I even check the results until the thing was all over Sunday night.
    And you know what? I know as much about what happened as the guy that watched every minute of the draft. Frankly I find it a bit disturbing that 39 million people had nothing better to do.

  10. and no, I understand that wasn’t a seinfeld reference (we’re gonna need a bigger boat is from Jaws), just saying in general…..cuz…you know…..you do that alot……yeah.

  11. 39 Million? I would like to see the raw data on that as well as how they came up with that data. If it is true, there are some bored ass mofo’s out there. Maybe I am wrong but it is like watching paint dry to me. Also, the bust status of the Reggie Bush’s of the world prove to me at least that it is nothing more than a glorified crap-shoot.

  12. And if every one of those viewers gave DET $1 it still would not cover the guaranteed money in stafford’s deal.

  13. I have been watching the draft now pretty closely for nearly 20 years. The first draft that caught my attention was the one in which a too slow/small Emmitt Smith was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. This was by far the worst coverage of the draft I have ever seen. In their effort to bring the draft to prime time the NFL cut the first round to 10 minutes per pick and the second down to 7. I welcomed this change, but wasn’t so intrigued by the move to 4pm from noon for start time. None of this is the problem I have with the new format..the problem I have is that ESPN and NFL network were so busy with all their talking heads telling us why these kids who haven’t ever seen a snap were bad picks that they barely found any time between Kiper/Mayock/Gruden/Eisen/every other jackass they plastered on my screen that they forgot what’s in my opinion the greatest part of the draft: the highlight reels of these players. Seems to me they are so concerned with getting these big heads face time that they couldn’t find the time in between 10 minutes slots to shut the hell up and show some highlight reels. I really don’t care what any of these guys think. We all know that the true test for these kids will be when they put on a helmet and start playing football and that nothing Mel Jr. or any other Jackass that I had to watch saturday thinks matters. It really ruined the draft for me and I am a self admitted draft junkie. I remember seeing the clips of some guy I had never heard of years ago named Randy Moss and sitting back thinking WOW, this kid can play. Thanks to the crap coverage of this years draft I have no idea of what I think of any of these kids drafted in the first 2 rounds, and I have this strange desire to form my own opinions rather than be filled with the crap that these guys think. Over-analysis is killing football (sports in general) from any regular sunday all the way through the superbowl. I get so fed up with all these idiots opinions which change week in and week out and strangely almost always are on the same page. Aside from the draft for instance these A-holes were all actually touting a guy named Todd Collins as a good QB who would lead the Redskins deep into the playoffs a few years back. Give me a break, who comes up with this crap? and how does someone not get up and say on TV you are all full of crap? have a real opinion if you are going to take up space on the box please. I know I am rambling and that probably no one cares what I think either but I just wanted to vent and I hope that next year they can get it right or extend the minutes again so that in between all their bullshit I can see something worth the time I have spent. Shut your yap for 2 minutes guys and give me what I came to see..the players.

  14. Mike, you’re hoping for 39 million visitors per month? Ok. Maybe you could start by getting rid of the land mines that are all over the posts. Can’t move my mouse or else “BOOM!!!” … another one.
    Other than that, maybe you got a shot, but it could take awhile.

  15. I didn’t come to this site much during the draft because 1. nothing was going on here, and 2. you seem to crash everytime something big is going on in the NFL. If you can fix that problem, you could get closer to your goal.

  16. I, for one, was impressed that the site didn’t crash during the draft. Way to go PFT.

  17. I say put in on against American Idol and their supposed 34 million and let’s see what happens!

  18. All I know is, thank god for Sprint Mobile NFL network…I’ll tell you why:
    While shopping for maternity clothes for my wife ( I know)…I got to sit in the dressing room with a 5 month old pregnant woman and block out EVERYTHING she was doing. I have the Instinct with the draft on, with volume coming out of the dressing stall. Did I care? nope. Thank you Sprint, Samsung, and NFLN for making life a little bit easier

  19. I honestly don’t get it. I have no interest in collage football, beyond all the BS that the media spews about these guys, what do you have to go on? That’s why I ignore the draft, and wait and see, who gives a crap who went to which team and was which pick?

  20. well… as far as my fantasy league is concerned i hope the audience doesn’t grow. i’m the only one in my league who reads this site, and i don’t plan to advertise it. but if it makes up for the loss of 13 other viewers/readers, let me offer up my appreciation: thank you for what you do and the competitive advantage it gives me.

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