Falcons Expand The Flock

The Atlanta Falcons had a solid draft.  They’ve expanded on that effort by adding ten undrafted free agents.
Most notably, the Falcons signed Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson.  He joins a depth chart that includes starter Matt Ryan and reserves Chris Redman and D.J. Shockley. 
It’s possible that Redman and Shockley will compete for one roster spot in camp, and that Wilson could secure the position as young developmental prospect.
The nine other undrafted free agents are receiver Darren Mougey (San Diego State), receiver Aaron Kelly (Clemson), defensive end Maurice Lucas (Colorado), long snapper Robert Shiver (Auburn), offensive lineman Ryan Stanchek (West Virginia . . . woo-hoo!), offensive lineman Jose Valdez (Arkansas), linebacker Derek Nicholson (Florida State), punter/kicker Robbie Dehaze (Northern Arizona), and linebacker Brock Christopher (Missouri).
The Falcons also cut defensive end Simon Fraser and defensive tackle Kindal Moorehead, waived defensive back Darius Vinnett and offensive lineman Nathan Bennett, and signed receiver Troy Bergeron, who previously starred for the Georgia Force of the temporarily defunct Arena Football League.
Meanwhile, Mike Vick technically remains on the roster.  But I’ve got a better chance of ever actually playing for the team than he does.

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  1. This is going to be one great season for The Falcons! The Gonzalez signing will ensure that Matt Ryan will not be a one season wonder (I never thought he was anyways), and give him time to develop even more. Jerious Norwood is going to have a break out year (even though he had a very good season last year). Roddy White and Michael Jenkins will each have monster years and now with the addition of Peria Jerry, we solidify our run defense immensely! I also think (getting back to the real topic) that more than half of the players we signed during and after the draft will play significant roles and at least 2 will start. It is truly an exciting time for Falcons fans!!!! I’ve been a fan for more than 20 years and never before have I looked forward to a more consistent winning Falcons team!!! GO FALCONS!!

  2. Bergeron was on & off the Falcon’s practice squad a couple of years ago and asked for his release because he was making more money in Arena at the time.
    Also I thought Shockley was the Falcon’s develepmental project at QB but WIlson could push him for the 3rd slot.

  3. They should keep Shockley. I played Madden ’08 with him and my starter got hurt. Shockley came in and won the Super Bowl and became a 98 overall. They’d be really dumb to let him go!

  4. @atlantafalCANS
    We’ll see. The Falcons have never had back-to-back winning season after all.
    I’d be VERY worried about QB depth. Ryan gets hurt or has a ‘sophomore slump’ and it’ll be a longgggg year.

  5. A group of falcons is called a cast, not a flock. I’m just sayin’…
    As for Vick, it doesn’t matter when he returns, he’ll be at best running some team’s Wildcat.

  6. PeaTear (love the Family Guy reference):
    I am confident that if Ryan goes down (knock on wood), that Chris Redman or DJ Shockley can do a good enough job until Ryan comes back or they can at least get us to the playoffs. Ryan had a great year for a rookie and a decent year by veteran standards – our running game is what won us all those games last year…

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