Steelers Cutting Larry Foote

A league source tells us that the Steelers will be cutting linebacker Larry Foote.
More details to come after radio spot with Paul Allen of KFAN in Minnesota.
Third paragraph.

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  1. Nice! Now lets see if he comes to Detroit like he was rumored to a few months ago. If so Detroit could win 4 games instead of 3, oh yea!

  2. If it is true, that really sucks. On the bright side, he has been overshadowed by Farrior, maybe he can make a name for himself since he will almost certainly be starting wherever he goes.
    Thanks for the memories and for helping the Steelers to two Superbowls.

  3. … I see him as in inside linebacker, quite possibly signing with Titans, Bears(Briggs’ hand injury could sideline him a bit),Jaguars(Peterson has yet to be replaced), or even in Tampa as a one year player … Not sure where he is going , but he is a solid backup if not situational starter .

  4. If this is True, i would like to see Danny Boy shell out some money for Mr. Foote. That would be a great upgrade at Strong Side LB. Keep Rocky at the Will. and Orakpo could stay at DE with AH at DT. That would help sure up the Run Defense!

  5. haha, “third paragraph”. 😀
    Mike you ever watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Reminds me of the Nightman Cometh episode when they put on the play. at the end Mac yells “STAGEFREEZE!”, to which he’s corrected by Dennis “You DO it, you don’t SAY it!” rofl

  6. Wow. This surprises me for a lot of reasons … He is still signed, they didn’t do it earlier and they didn’t address that position in the draft. This is not what I would call a typical Steelers move. I’m wondering if there is more to this story than meets the eye.

  7. Making cap room for Ashley Lelie?
    Larry Foote was a vital member of the Steelers. I wish him the best. But Timmons will fit in just fine.

  8. Everyone is saying he will end up in Detroit, Tennessee, Chicago…there are 3 teams that want him: Baltimore (gotta replace Scott), New England (take a good 3-4 linebacker), Cleveland (get ex-Steelers and find out their defense). Those are the likeliest teams. Aside from them look at these new 3-4 teams like Denver and Greenbay.

  9. his friend was quoted as saying he would like to try sand help turn the lions around, and he has told detroit media in the past that his life time goal is to become the coach of his high school team.
    plus he works out in ann arbor during the off season.

  10. Good luck to Mr. Foote. I appreciate his years of quality linebacker play. Some other NFL team is going to get a good player with a few years left in the tank.

  11. He had a nice run in Pittsburgh. He was solid enough to unseat Kendrell Bell (who?) and win two Super Bowls. But Timmons was a first round pick that is ready to step up and start. I wish him luck.

  12. Foote sucks. I’m ecstatic.
    Watch for Timmons to have a monster breakout year now that the job is all his.

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