Steelers Will Keep Foote For The Next Week

In his Tuesday comments to the Detroit News, linebacker Larry Foote said that the Steelers tried to trade him before deciding to cut him.
It appears that those efforts might be ongoing.
Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette confirms our report (thanks, Ed — you are a true gentleman, despite that French-sounding surname), but Bouchette writes that the Steelers will keep him on the roster through the coming weekend, during which a mandatory minicamp will be held.
Our guess is that the Steelers are still hoping to get a phone call from a team that might want to trade for Foote, and that with so many minicamps coming up this weekend, the Steelers might be thinking that a market for Foote could emerge quickly if a linebacker on another team suffers a serious injury during the coming surge of non-contact (eyeroll) helmets-and-underwear practices.
It’s also safe to assume that the Steelers dangled Foote during draft weekend, and that they likewise found no takers.
They might find a taker for Foote as quickly as the Fins did last summer for defensive end Jason Taylor, when a blown Achilles’ tendon in D.C. instantly became the second-round draft pick with which the Fins finagled Pat White.